This is kind of a "what if" story, but a message I'd seen on the message board compelled me to write it. Just a little something to ponder. As usual I do not own the BMFM and only write this for entertainment purposes only. If I have made any spelling, typing, or grammatical errors I do apologize and ask your kind indulgence.


By Morning

Vinnie sat staring out of the window at nothing in particular. He'd run this moment through his mind a thousand times trying to prepare for it. But you can never really prepare for the feeling of hopelessness that wraps its cold hands around your heart and squeezes the life out of it.

They thought that maybe if they got her back to Mars something could be done. That maybe they could at least buy her some time, but all they could do was make her last moments a bit easier.

"Hey Vin she's calling for ya." Throttle spoke softly as he put a supportive arm on his bros. shoulder.

"Why Bro? Just tell me why? I'd just told her how much I loved her. We were just starting to have time together. Why?" Vinnie's head fell lost in his hands.

Throttle held his long time friend in an embrace of comfort," It just happens Vincent. We all do stupid stuff and we don't think it will ever happen to us. She was hooked on those little pieces of burning death. I've seen young and old Earthers do it all the time. I could never figure out why anyone would put that poison into their bodies"

"I begged her to quit. She would laugh and say she's young she had her whole life to worry about it " Vinnie lamented.

"I know bro, I know. You better come on the doc said it won't be too much longer. She's asking for ya."

Vinnie felt Throttle words tear into his heart but he would not let Charley see the pain. He would hold it in make her last moments as peaceful as he could. He steadied himself and went to her.

Walking into Charlie's room he saw her mother sitting by her bed holding on to the hand of her only child. Mrs. Davidson had been like a Mother to all of them since Charley told her of their existence. She had come with them to Mars hoping they could save her daughter. But now she sat and could only watch as her precious baby's life drifted away.

Modo had sat on Charlie's bed and cradled her head in his lap. He made no pretense and let the tears fall freely down his gray cheeks. His beautiful Charley girl now a small fragile shell of her once vibrant self looked like a tiny child in his enormous arms.

Throttle walked over to Mrs. Davidson putting his hands on her shoulders rubbing them gently. He watched helpless at the tragedy that was taking place. Tragic because it didn't have to be if only Charley had taken the warning more seriously. But all that was unimportant now.

Charlene Davidson, because of Martian medicine, was spared the pain and suffering that would normal follow this kind of death. Her lungs almost none functional she had been kept alive by the energy field that surrounded her bed. But it could only sustain her life for a limited amount of time, that time now coming to an end.

Vinnie looked to his large gray brother and with out a word Modo allowed Vinnie to take his place. But before giving up his precious package he pulled her close to him and touched her fore head with his lips. " Good-bye Charley Darlin'." He whispered and was rewarded by her sweet smile.

Throttle knelt by her bed reaching over to stroke her face. He removed the specks from his eyes and leans over to kiss his dear friend a loving farewell. Carbine, Stoker and Rimfire walked in and approached the stricken human. She had meant so much to each of them and they had come to say their good-byes.

Charley felt Vinnie arms around her and she opened her eyes briefly to see her family around her. Speaking was very difficult taking every bit of her ebbing strength but she had to tell them how much she loved them.

In a small breathless voice she whispered," Stay with-- them-- Momma. They'll take good care of you. Modo she's your-- Mom now. I-- love-- you all so much but please-- go now. I'm very tired-- want to sleep--- only-- Vinnie--- please.

Modo walked Charlie's mother out of her room the other's followed them out. Alone Vinnie pulled his beloved Charley completely in his arms. She snuggled close to him with the little strength she had left closing her eyes and smiling.

They didn't need any long speeches they'd said everything they'd need to say. He lifted her chin kissing her pale lips and in one small breath she was gone. Vinnie moved is head back to look at his now serenely peaceful Charlene. He sat quietly holding her the tears he'd cried a million times paled in comparison to what fell from his eyes at that moment.

"No Charley please don't die please I need you please don't!!!" Vinnie could hear himself pleading, feel someone was shaking his shoulder.

Vinnie! Yo Vinnie! Vinnie what's the matter? Wake up bro." Throttle was trying to wake his crying friend.

The white mouse sat up shaking all over. He was covered with sweat and his face was wet with tears. "Charley! Where's Charley?!!?" Vinnie grabbed Throttle by the shoulders so hard he practically broke them.

"S-s-s -she's at the garage where else would she be?"

With out another word the terrified Martian snatching his pants trying to dress and run all at the same time hopped on his bike bear chest and bare foot barley getting his helmet on straight, tore off toward the Last Chance Garage.

"What was that all about?" Modo asked still half asleep himself.

"You got me? What ever it was he dreamed it made him need to see Charley girl real bad." Throttle shrugged.

"Think we should follow him" Modo yawned.

"Nah, If Charley doesn't kill him first, maybe he'll tell her how he feels. I think what ever it was scared him enough too finally tell her" Throttle chuckled as he went back to bed.

Vinnie pulled up to the garage and frantically banged on the door. Charley shot straight up out of bed falling half the way trying to answer the banging thinking the whole planet of Plutark had decided to invade. Once she opened the door Vinnie flew in and jumping off the bike began looking around the room.

"Vincent have you lost what little mind you do have!!?" Charley scolded not understanding what he was doing there or what he was looking for.

Vinnie spied the package of cigarettes on her kitchen table. He walked up to them grabbed the entire pack and tore them in half throwing them into the trash. Then turning to the startled Mechanic he pulled her into his arms and kissed he firmly on the mouth.

After kissing her rather passionately he looked into her puzzled eyes and told her, "First, I love you okay? I finally said it! I love you more than anything and I don't ever want to lose you. As of this moment no more of those things. I'm the only bad habit you need to have. You're my girl and I won't share you, understand?"

Charley stood for a minute still trying to catch her breath contemplating whether to punch him out or kiss him back. She studied his face looking into his frightened love filled eyes then smiling simply replied, "Okay."

"Really?" Vinnie answered more surprised then she was.

"Yeah really!" She smiled lovingly "What ever you say Mighty Mouse no more cancer sticks and by the way I love you too." She once more pulled him close to her and showed him how much she meant it.

The End