By Matrix Texa

Only Streetwise,Matrix and Jordeen are mine.Ask if you wish to use them.

Download information.Irrelevent to escape plan.Needed.

A shadow left the room.All that was left of the evidence that it was there was a hacked in console.The shadow ran along the corridors,trying to find a way out of the base.All around were Plutarkians trying to think up good plans to get the resources from mars.The shadow smiled an evil smile as it found the door,planting a bomb there then running as away as fast as it could.The bomb detonated.The shadow looked back at the destroyed Plutarkian base.And laughed.
A black martian AI bike revved it's engine to get it's owners attention.Time to head back to the base camp.The shadow mounted the bike and both revved off further into the martian desert.An hour later,the shadow reached a camp.Tents were everywhere,Martians walked around sorting out food,medical supplies and safe areas for the hospital tents.The black bike stopped outside one of the large tents.The shadow climbed off and walked into the tent and straight to the makeshift bed.Pulling off the soiled jacket from the earlier experience in the plutarkian base.Reaching into a trunk,a new jacket was pulled out.This time it was a blood-red colour leather jacket.
A larger martian walked in.A male.He walked up to the smaller martian and asked "Was the mission successful?"
The only reply he got was said in a dangerously low voice,"What do you think,Jordeen?"
The male smiled at that remark.His little sister always carried out her missions successfully.The female looked up at her brother and smiled her evil smile.Jordeen walked out of the tent followed closely by his 15 yr old sister,Matrix.

Download.Files are all sorted.Ready to transfer.Downloaded.

The camp computer held the files from the plutarkian base.Matrix unpluged the plug from the port at the back of her head.Another male martian,a technician named Streetwise,looked over the information."Matrix,go to the freedom fighter base and ask for Stoker.If they ask who you are say you are Streetwise.He'll talk to you then."So she called for her AI moterbike and headed to the FF base.Upon reaching her destination,she was stopped by a skunk haired male martian.
"Who are you?"He asked.
"I'm here to see Stoker,my name is irrelevent."
"I'll call him out here."The young FF contacted Stoker and in less than five minutes,Stoker was there.
"What do ya want kid?"Stoker asked,annoyance apparent in his voice.
"Streetwise sent me."Stoker's eyes widened at the remark.
"I have info from a plutarkian base.The base is gone now but the info is with me."
"Where is it then?Hand it over?"
"The info is stored in a computerised part of my brain."Stoker led the female to a computer room and proceeded to download the information.

TO BE CONTINUED................