Hiya I'm gonna try something new! _ This is gonna be an advertisement for a story I haven't created yet. Kinda like the movie ads that you see before a movie. You know they only show bits of it and it has the narator telling you stuff about it. Sounds cool huh? Remember this will be my first time trying to figure this thing out so bare with me a while. I do not own the bikermice and etc but I do own all others so don't use them without my permission k?! Okay now on with the show. If you wish to draw my characters then by all means do so. I don't mind!

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Nightmare in Chargo

(Cinema advertisement)

Created by: Magic star

Copyrighted: 2001 (all rights reserved)

Red words flash up on a black background

Narrator: reads the words as they appear: GET READY FOR THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME

Fade to Charago streets, four bikes ride down it.

Vinnie: Hey sweetheart last one to the Last Chance is a dung beatle.

Magic star:* laughs* Yeah? First one has to eat it

Narrator: Good times never seam to last very long when they do end, nightmares come alive.

Fade to a dark room the bikermice and charley are in clear cages with their eyes closed, the bikes are turned off. Magic star is talking to someone under a cape.

Man in cape: it's up to you, travel to the other bikermice demention where they have given up on the planet earth.

Magic star: and if I don't?

Man in Cape (points to the sleeping bikermice and charley): then this world will seace to exist

Narrator: . Join the young leader of the Teleporters on an adventure into a parallel dimention. Where Plutarkians rule. And Justice seams to no longer exist on the planet called Earth.

Fade to a new chargo, all buildings distroyed, Limburger goons riding down streets with no worries. Smoke is seen from facteries and new buildings are built not from thie planet.

Medium close up on Magic star standing next to her bike talking to three humans in ragged clothing. They are all infront of where the Last Chance used to be. But now all there is, is rubble.

Magic star (looking at the humans with a shocked look on her face): What do you mean the giant mice just left the planet!?!

Man with bandage over his eye: As soon as the Plutarkians left their planet they went home. Earth then was taken over completely. There was nothing we could do.

Womman (shock shakes her head): We didn't stand a chance.

Close up on Magic star's face (anger takes over her facal features): How could they? It doesn't sound like the Biker Mice I knew.

Narrator: There the young fighter must perswade the Bikermice and freedom fighters to pick up their weapons once again, to get rid of the Plutarkian threat.

Shot of Star infront of Freedom Fighers in a bar. In the croud the BikerMice stand just looking at her.

Magic star: (slams her fist onto a table making it break in half and yelling at the bikermice and freedom fighters); BUT YOU HAVE TO GO BACK! THEY NEED YOU!

Throttle (calmly): It's not our fight, let them fight their own battles.


Camera panns from a door where Cherley walks in with Carbine and Harley. They watch Magic star from a distance.

Shot on Magic star's shocked face as she sees Charley.

Magic star thinking: she left her planet. She just left

(Closes her eyes tight trying to force tears back. Looks up suddently with anger eyes glowing): fine! You wannna be wannabe's I'll go fight the war myself.

(Magic star pushes her way through the croud and gets on her bike and rides off. With freedom fighters looking at her back.)

Various shots of battle back on earth all including the young fighter against the Plutarkians.

Close up on Star's dirty face, Blood trickles down her face as well as sweat. She looks worn down and very tired. She closes her eyes and the screne goes black.

Words appear on black background and Narrator reads them out : FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!

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`Nightmare in Chargo'

Camera shows a beach and the bikermice, charley are sitting downnon the sand.

Magic star (jumps out with a scary troll mask on and yells): That's it your wearing ties till I turn 40!!!!!! ROOOOAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!

The Bikermice (yell and fall over eachother as they scamper over a sand dune.): AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Charley and Magic star (laugh as Magic star takes off the Mask)

The biker mice sees this and runs at them causing a `laugh-a-lot' wrestling match.

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