I wrote this story. So you have to ask to use my characters. Vinnie, Charley, Modo, Throttle and Rimfire belong to their creators.

A New Generation is born Within Both Worlds

By Magic star

Copyright 2000

All rights reserved

"Hey Charley-babe, are you alright?" Star asked from the other side of the bathroom door.

"Yes Star-babe I'm fine," she said as she opened the door. She looked horrible, her hair was messed up, she was a little pale and she was getting a bit big around the stomach area.

"I think you have a date with the doctor's office." She nodded. They walked into the garage where the truck was. The bro.'s wouldn't be up for the next hour so Star left a note for them on the door saying that she went with Charley to the doctors for support. Since Charley wasn't feeling very well she drived for her. And they set off to the doctor's office.

About one hour later Charley and Star were sitting at the doctor's desk after Charley went undergo tests to see what was wrong with her. Finally the doctor entered the office and sat at the desk with a notebook.

"Well what's wrong with her?" Star asked the doctor. She looked up at her and then to Charley.

"Miss Charlene Davidson I have wonderful news. You are pregnet." They both sat there in shock.

"Doc, are you sure?" Star asked

"Extremely positive" came her answer. The two of them looked at eachother.

"But who is the father?" Star asked her


Her mouth dropped and she looked at her shocked

"You're kidding, right?" Charley shock her head

"You remember the night you spent at the hideout with Modo and Throttle"

"Stop, stop please I don't need any visuals in my mind right now." Charley giggled. They left the doctor's office and drove down the street in the truck.

"Oh Charley I can't wait to see the guy's faces when you tell them your pregnet with Vinnie's baby" Star chuckled.

"They sure are going to be shocked." Star nodded my head in agreement.

"I wonder what a half martin half human baby would look like?"

"Don't know, this is probably the first ever cross breading ever in history"

"Well this is sure something for the world record book." Star smiled not looking off the rode infront of me.

Minutes passed and they arrived back at the Last Chance. Star parked the truck and they both walked into the home part of the garage. Inside the kitchen were the three-biker mice sitting at the table with one extra mouse.

They all turned around and Star saw who the extra one was.

"RIMFIRE!!!" she yelled as I ran into his arms. His arms closed around her waist and they hugged. "What are you doing here?"

"I came here to visit uncle Modo and you" he smiled.

Modo looked at them and smiled, then he turned to Charley "Charley ma'am what happened at the doctor's office? Are you going to be all right?"

Vinnie walked up to Charley and held her hands in his. "Sweetheart if there is anything wrong we are all here to help you."

Charley looked at Star and they both smiled at eachother.

"There is nothing wrong with me Vincent." All the male mice sighed.

"But. I'm kinda pregnet." The biker mice looked at Charley and their mouths' dropped. They turned to Star and she nodded.

"CharleyI. I. I" was all that Vinnie could say. Once in his lifetime, he was speechless. (Amazing isn't it?) Charley just looked at him and chuckled softly. Vinnie smiled wide and picked her up over his head and laughed. The other mice smiled and walked over to Charley and each gave her a hug.

"Charley-girl this is great. And Vinnie, your going to become a dad" smiled Throttle as he slapped Vinnie on the back. Vinnie's smile only got bigger.

"Watch it Vin-man if you keep that up your smile will be as big as your ego" Star laughed. Modo, Rimfire, Charley and Throttle laughed along with her while Vinnie just poked his tongue out.


Days passed since that day and Magic star was back in her own world. In her human form and with her human family. She was in the garage with her brothers, uncle and father. Her mother was in the shop part of the survice station and her sisterwell she was off doing something.

"Anyone seen Gadget?" asked her uncle from under a ford. They all shock their heads.

"I haven't seen him since yesterday morning, said something about talking Blain to the doctors. She is sick or something." Thornn wiped his hands on a dirty cloth and looked over at his uncle. Just then a man in his late twenties, with long black hair in a pony tail, and the same build as Vinnie came running into the garage with a big grin on his face.

"She's pregnet!" he yelled happily.

"Huh? Who's pregnet?" asked Snyper looking up from the floor at his older cousin. As she heard the yell Magic star's mother (Samantha) came into the garage.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothings wrong Aunt Sam. This is the happiest day of my life! Blain is pregnet!" Magic star's mouth dropped and watched as the rest of her family walked over to congratulate the new daddy-to-be.

`First Vinnie and Charley now Gadget and Blain. Who's gonna be next. Well I know I'm not pregnet. And Snyper and Thornn can't be having babies, HA there not even going out with anyone. Butwhat about Nala? Nah she's sensible. I mean she's only 24, way to early to be having kids.' She thought. And got up to congratulate Gadget.


That next day, she was sitting in head quarters in the little food hall. Two figures came walking in the door and up to the table, which she was sitting in.

"Yo Boss, what ya doing?" asked the red furred brown haired teenage male. He was wearing his torn black shirt, blue torn jeans and boots, with a light blue bandanna backwds around his neck. The other was female. Short brown fur, dark brown hair in a low plat down her back. She was wearing, black cargo shorts, a yellow shirt, and black boots. Her necklace with the cross on it and the gold stone in it hung outside her shirt. Shining in the light.

"Oh nothing Rebbel, just thinking" Star answered looking up at them.

"Oh? And what about?" asked the female as she and Rebbel sat across from her.

"About how strange it is that Gadget and Blain are having a baby around the same time Vinnie and Charley are. It just seams weird."

"Yes well maybe it's just a coincidence. People have babies the same day as others everyday. It's not rare" the female told her, Rebbel nodded, agreeing.

"I know, but Shady, what are the odds of two of your friends having a baby around the same time?" The two looked at Star puzzled.

"The doctors in both worlds predicted that they will have the babies on the same day. How often does that happen?"

"Don't know. Maybe it's just a once in a lifetime thing. Don't worry about it Boss. Just go with the flow and do what you can." Smiled Rebbel. Shadey and Star smiled as well.

"Ok ok I will." Star put her finger-less gloves on and turned her head as she heard the sound of the VID-COM beeping. She walked over to it and saw the `incoming message' button flashing. She pressed it and Charlie's face appeared on the screen.

"Charley" she said surprised "what's up?"

Charley smiled at Star's surprised face and at what she was going to say next.

"Hello Star, I called up to ask you for a favor"

"Sure thing Charley-girl, what's the favor?"

"Well Vinnie and I were thinking just now"

"Wow that's a first, for Vinnie I mean" Star chuckled.

Vinnie yelled from somewhere behind Charley "Hey I heard that!" Charley and Star chuckled.

"Well anyway, we were wondering if you would be our baby's god-mother. We asked Throttle and Modo to be the god-fathers so now we are asking you." Magic star became speechless. No one had ever asked her to become someone's godmother before. And to her, this was a honor.

"CharleyI would love to be the baby's god-mother, it would be an honor." Star smiled. Charley smiled back. They talked for a while and Star turned off the VID-COM and walked back to the table with a big grin on her face. By now some more of her friends had arrived.

"Hey Star what was that all about?" asked Bandit. Magic star sat down on a seat.

"I was just asked to become Vinnie and Charlie's baby's god-mother" she answered. The rest looked at her and smiled.

"Wow. You're the first one of us to become a god-mother" smiled Silver. Magic star's smile only got wider.


Many months passed. Magic star was back with the biker mice. Charley was lying on the couch with a big T-shirt on and the biker mice were working around the garage. They didn't let Charley do anything. If they heard that she was trying to get up, they would run to her and help her. Magic star looked at Charley and smiled from her desk. She was gonna get a cousin and a godchild at the same time. And she couldn't wait.

Magic star turned back to the paper and took the pen in her hand. And began to write:

14th September, 2000
Dear Nova,
How are you and the gang? Many things have
been happening over here. First, we had a giant
surf contest back home. My brothers entered, but
didn't win. Someone sawed their surfboards in half.
The person who did it was never found. Oh well,
better luck next time.

Also it's not long until Charley and Blain have their
babies. Only a few weeks left to go. I'm really excited.
I haven't witnessed a birth. Because I am the
youngest in my family. So this is a big thing. My
friend Vinnie and Gadget are even more excited
than I am. Hey I don't blame them; they are going to
become dads after all

Star then heard strange noises. She turned her head and saw that Charley was in great pain. Star got up quickly and ran to Charlie's side.

"Charley-babe, what's wrong?" she asked. Charley grabbed onto Star's hand tightly as another contraction came. Magic star gritted her teeth and immanently knew what was happening. Magic star yelled loudly for the biker Mice with help from the pain in her hand. All three mice ran into the room and gasped when they saw both girls in pain. They ran quickly over to them. Modo carefully made Charley let go of Star's hand. Once her hand was released she rubbed it.

"We have to get her to the hospital, and fast. I can tell from how had she was squeezing my hand that the baby isn't too far away." Vinnie picked Charley up and put her into the van. Modo, Throttle and Star mounted their motorbikes and they all rode off to the hospital as fast as they could.

When getting there Vinnie picked Charley up and they all ran into the hospital. Vinnie found a doctor and he went off with the doctor with Charley. Modo, Throttle and Star's job was to wait.

The three of them sat in some chairs and started waiting. Magic star looked down at her now aching hand and rubbed it. Modo looked down at her and placed his hand on her's''.

Magic star looked up at him.

"Hey are you alright?" he asked

"Yeah I think so, although my hand hurts." She chuckled "Charley has strong grip." Modo stood up and lifted Star up as well.

"We better get that hand looked at. Bro we will be right back." Throttle nodded. The two of them walked over to a nurse to get her hand looked at.


2 hour's passed. Modo and Throttle were sitting next to eachother reading the hundredth magazine they could find. Magic star was curled up on Modo's lap, with her head on his shoulder, fast asleep. Throttle looked at Star and smiled. Her hand was now wrapped up on a clean bandage. A doctor walked into the waiting room and up to them. Modo shock Star awake and she and the two older mice stood up as the doctor came closer.

"Did you three come in with Miss Charlene Davidson?" the doctor asked. They nodded.

"She is fine, there were no complications in the birth and she is resting with her new family. You are welcome to go in and see her." With that the doctor showed them the way to Charlie's room. As they walked in they saw Charley in a bed and Vinnie sitting next to her. They smiled as they saw the others approach.

"Hey Charley-girl are you ok?" asked Throttle, Charley nodded weakly.

"I'm better than alright." Three nurses walked in holding three bundles. They each gave a bundle to Throttle, Modo, and Star. Then walked out. The tree of them looked at the bundles and saw that they were each holding a tiny baby.

Magic star looked up from the baby to Charley and Vinnie. "Triplets?" they nodded. Star smiled and looked down at the baby in her arms.

The baby was a mouse and had white fur, and short reddish-brown hair like Charlie's, and she also had Charlie's green eyes. But had no antennas.

The baby in Throttle's arms was a male human. Light skin, white hair with hints of reddish-brown and he had a small tail. Also he had the red martian eyes.

The third baby that Modo was holding was a mouse, reddish-brown fur, and white hair. And had the strangest eyes. One was red and the other was green.

"There so cute, and tiny" Magic star smiled, "What are their names?"

"We want you guys to name them, you are their godparents after all" smiled Vinnie. The three now godparents looked up at them.

"Are you sure bro? I mean that is ment to be the parent's job." Asked throttle. Charley and Vinnie nodded.

"Well okay." Throttle looked down at the baby boy and thought. "Hmmm how about Chip, named after our friend who died saving our lives as kids?"

Charley and Vinnie nodded

"I think he will be honored, where ever he is" Charley smiled.

They all looked to Modo and the reddish-brown baby boy he was holding.

"Hmmm well I'm not really good at this kind of stuff. Well how about Noble?"

"That's a wonderful name, Modo" Charley smiled. Modo blushed.

They looked to Star who was looking down at the baby. She looked up and around the room. She saw some flowers on a table in a vase and smiled at her friends.

"Flora." She told them.

"Flora, Chip and Noble. They are fantastic names."

Magic star looked back down at Flora. The young baby opened her eyes and looked up. Star smiled at the baby as she tickled her under her chin. Flora smiled and cooed. Flora then grabbed- star's finger and stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it. The four adults and the baby boy stood, watching as Star let out a soft chuckle.

"I think they're creating a bond" smiled Modo

"and I have a feeling it is going to be a strong one" added Charley. Vinnie turned to his friends and lover.

"You know I just realized something" the other three looked at him

"what?" asked Throttle

"Flora looks very similar to Star. I mean she has white fur, similar hair and no antenna's." Suddenly Magic star heard a beep from her pocket. She handed Flora to Charley and pulled a beeper out of her pocket. Her mouth dropped when she saw what was up.

"Sorry guys and girls I have to go. I will be back." She started walking towards the door

"What's going on?" asked Vinnie. Magic star turned slightly and smiled.

"Another baby is on the way" then she disappeared as she walked though the doorway.


Magic star appeared back in her world, as a human. She was in an alleyway outside a hospital. She ran into the hospital and into the waiting room. There she saw her mum, dad, sister, brothers and uncle talking to a doctor. Nala turned and saw her and waved her over. When she approached, she found out that Blain had her baby and everyone walked into the room where a 28-year-old woman, with had long hair, tanned skin and blue eyes sat in the bed holding a small baby. Gadget was standing next to the bed looking at the other baby in his arms. Magic star's mouth dropped. Twins. Blain and Gadget had twins.

Gadget looked up at his family and smiled.

"Everyone, this is Voodoo" he said as he looked down at the bundle in his arms.

"And this is Alpha-James" added Blain. Everyone walked up to them, looking at the babies, but not too close.

Voodoo was a little girl, she had short blonde hair with bits of brown in it, and she also had pink eyes. Alpha-James was Voodoo's brother. He had red short hair, and gray eyes.

`Wow, five babies and before lunchtime too' Magic star thought. She watched as her uncle picked up young Alpha and cradled him in his arms. A proud grandfather smile was planted on his lips. Everyone in Magic star's family knew that she hadn't had someone younger than her ever since Gadget's younger sister was murdered. Gadget brought Voodoo over to Star and placed her in her arms, and smiled.

"I have a feeling little cuz that she is gonna be just like you" he smiled. Magic star chuckled as she turned her head up from looking at the baby, who was about the same size as Flora.

"Is that a good, or a bad thing?" Gadget thought for a moment.

"It's a good thing. Cause I would rather want her to act like you instead of acting like the Sny-man" he pointed his thumb lazily to Snyper and chuckled.

"Hey!" Snyper said irritated. Everyone in the room laughed. Snyper crossed his arms and pouted.


At the Scoreboard Vinnie, Modo, Throttle and Charley waited for the martian spacecraft to land. After it did four figures walked out.

"Hey little bro" smiled Smash as he punched Vinnie on the arm. Which Vinnie returned happily.

"Hiya big bro. About time you got here." The other three figures turned out to be Stoker, Carbine, Rimfire and Cannon.

"Hey bro.'s, Charley" Stoker hugged Charley and she kissed his cheek

"Hello Stoker, it's good to see you again." Stoker smiled and nodded.

"Where's Star?" asked Rimfire after hugging his uncle.

"She's back at the garage with the triplets." Answered Throttle.

"Well lets get going, I wanna see my niece and nephews" smiled Smash. They all mounted the bikes and rode to the garage.

After they entered the garage they walked into the kitchen where they saw the babies sitting in high chairs. Chip in the middle, Nova to the left and Flora to the right. Magic star was sitting on the table in front of them, holding up a book with motorbikes and talking to them about the bikes in the book.

"See? This is a dirt bike. This is what Desert Rider used to look like before I added a lot of stuff to him and now he is a street's bike."

Magic star told them pointing to the picture in the book.

She looked up from the book and sighed when she saw what they were doing. Chip was busy-blowing bubbles out of his mouth, Nobel had his head leaning on the side of the high chair fast asleep. But Flora was smiling and bopping up and down in the high chair. While hitting the small table infront of her with her hands as she came down.

"Why do I bother?" Magic star asked herself. "Well at least you're paying attention to me Flora" She heard chuckles coming from behind her and turned and smiled at her friends.

"Hey guys about time you got here." They all walked in and up to Star and the babies. Rimfire walked up behind Star and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. The other's walked in front of them to the babies. Stoker, Carbine and Smash each picked one up and smiled.

"There adorable" Carbine smiled as she held Noble. Throttle walked up behind her and whispered in her ear.

"You know, we could probably have some of our own" he winked.

Carbine chuckled. "Maybe later muscle mouse" Throttle smiled.

Cannon walked over next to Star and Rimfire, just as Rimfire lifted her head and kissed her. Cannon looked at them and rolled his eyes.

"Give me a break. Go get a room you two" Star and Rimfire laughed and broke the kiss.


Magic star awoke in the middle of the night, not able to sleep. She was in her room in the garage, which became her second home. Throttle, Modo, Carbine, Stoker and Cannon were at the scoreboard. Vinnie and Charley were up stairs with the babies and Smash was in the other bedroom. She could feel an arm around her waist. She turned around and saw that Rimfire had wrapped his arm around her while sleeping. A small smile planted on his lips.

Magic star got up quietly and placed his arm back on the bed. Before leaving the room she pushed some stray hairs out of Rimfire's eyes and kissed his lips gently, careful not to wake him. He moved a bit, an even bigger smile formed.

She smiled and walked out of the room and into the lounge room to her desk. She switched the small lamp on and sat down. On the desk was the letter that she didn't get to finish. She took the pen and began writing again

Nova. Both Charley and Blain had
their children. Charley had triplets and
Blain had twins. I think everyone
was surprised.

Vinnie and Charlie's babies are named
Noble, Flora and Chip. Blain and Gadget's
Babies are Voodoo and Alpha-James (AJ).
I know what it is like being an older
sister. Even though they are not my siblings.
But they are like younger siblings to me and
I will protect them for as long as I'm alive.
That's a promise.

Your Pal
--Magic star

P.S. And remember this

"United we stand, divided we fall!"

The End