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Magic Star's Story

An autobiography about me.

By Magic Star

Copyright 2000

All rights reserved

So you wanna know about me huh? Well as you know already my name is Magic Star Oriliy, but my friends just call me Star. Some of my family members call me Shrimp (I hate that name). I was born here on Earth, in a Country called Australia. Now I live in a city called Surfaces Paradise. Filled with sun, surf, and fast food. I'm leader of the Teleporters. I absolutely love going to visit the Biker Mice and Charley in Chargo. They teach me a lot on how to fight and ride my bike in a really cool way. I also love to go to Mars and see my friends there. Like Rimfire. Lynn, Rose, Cannon, Carbine, Stoker, and Smash. I'm also in my second last year in high school along with my friends. I help out at my dad's garage whenever I have spare time. I also have a tattoo of a red five-point star on my right arm. I have red and brown hair. And when I'm in mouse form I have snow-white fur. I'm 16 years old and I am the youngest in my family.

Well let me tell you about my family

My mum (Samantha). Well she's the nicest mum in the world. She's caring, friendly and has a good sense of humor. But she is always pushing me to study a lot. Since I am the only one left still in high school. She means well though.

Ok my dad (Andy). He owns the garage down the street with his brother and partner Jo. They have owned the garage ever since I was ten years old. My dad lost his Mexican accent a few years after his family came over from Mexico. They both love cars and motorbikes. Dad is always trying to get my mum and older sister into cars and stuff. But I don't think there too interested. Oh well he still has my older brothers and myself.

Speaking of brothers. I have two of them. Thornn and Snyper. They do spend some of their time at the garage but they mostly like to go surfing and to hang out at clubs with their friends. Thornn is 27 and Snyper is 25. So they have been out of school for a while now.

Snyper is the wild one. Always going out and skateboarding with his buddies. He is the one who taught me to rollerblade. He's kinda like Vinnie but not too bad. He has only got into trouble with the police a few times but he has always been let off the hook. Since one of our friends is a cop. Lets just say that Snyper is a lot more careful now. He has his own surfboard and he plays the drums. Snyper also has a tattoo if fire on his right arm. He has red and orange long hair.

Thornn is a lot more serious then Snyper is. Although he does get into trouble with dad sometimes. One time he crashed dad's car and tried to fix it himself. It turned out bad for him. He had to get a second job to pay for the repairs. Now he is a lot more careful as well. He mostly likes to surf with his group of friends. Like Snyper he had his own board and loves to play his saxophone. He is like dad and wears glasses. Long brown hair.

My uncle JoWell he is like my dad. Into cars and stuff like that. Ever since he was a kid he always wanted to own a garage, and his dream came true. He has a patch over his left eye. Jo gave me my first motorbike `Desert Rider' and taught me how to ride it. He only lives a few blocks down the rode from my house. And he comes over a lot. He still has his Mexican accent. He also has a motorbike and we always have races on the quarry. Black short hair.

My cousin Gadget. One year younger than my bro, Thornn. He is very cool. I remember when I was in primary school, I was being beaten up by group of kids, I tried to fight back but there was too many of them and I didn't get my training until a few years after. Anyway they were beating me up and Gadget came along and he kicked the guys butt's. After that I have never heard from the gang ever again. Ever since then he has been training me to fight in Kung Fu or something like that. He says it is so I can use it in self-defense only. But I also use it to kick Plutarkian butt. I know he said ONLY in self-defense but fighting Plutarkians is self-defense. If I don't do something with the Biker Mice the Plutarkians will take over Earth.

Ok last but not least my older sister, Nala. People say we look alike but we both think they need their eyes checked. She is totally different to me and looks totally different too. Like I don't have red and blue hair. She is nice and looks after me a lot. Actually I think I am closer to her than any other family member. She loves to go shopping with her friends and going out with her boyfriend. He's kinda cool too. She also has a tattoo on the left side of her face, under here eye. She also likes to go surfing but not as much as my brothers. Like all my siblings she plays and instrument. The keyboard.

I also used to have a younger cousin. But she was killed when I was ten years old. We found her murdered in the local park. And we never found the person who did it.

Well that's my family out of the way now what about my friends?

Well there are the girls first.
Bluey my best friend. We met when I first moved to this city when I was five. And we have been best friends since. She is the oldest of the Teleporters by one year. Has blonde hair. In mouse form has peach fur.

Dusty. The blonde hared girl who you can't win an argument with. She loves to go to TimeZone and collect game tokens to trade in for really cool stuff. Blonde hair. In mouse form creamy fur.

Silver. She is the youngest of the Teleporters, by one year. She loves to go to movies and to go shopping with her friends. Black hair. In mouse form gray fur.

Shadey. Loves to write stories. And has been wrighting about our adventures ever since we went on our first mission. She hopes to get them published and to get money from them. Brown hair. In mouse form brown fur.

Ok now the guys
First there is Shadow leader of the Challengers. He lives a little outside of Surfaces Paradise with his grandfather on a farm filled with animals. His parents were killed in a bank robbery. Brown short hair. In mouse form gray fur.

Ace is Shadows best friend. Always looking for fun and hates to be bored (like the rest of them). He spends most of his time with his friends and surfing with them. Brown short hair. Im mouse form black fur.

Rocky is a real ladies man. Always sucking up to them and making girls happy. But he gets his share of getting into trouble. Black hair. In mouse form brown fur.

Bandit is the one who gets into trouble with the police. Stealing wallets from people in the streets for extra cash. He always seams to get away with it though. And none of us wanna turn him in cause he's our friend. Blonde long hair. In mouse form snow-white fur.

Rebbel is the biggest of the group. Loves to go surfing and to watch the Indy every year. His dad always takes him and some of his friends to the Indy and they have the time of their lives. His dad is always able to get tickets for them. Dark brown hair. In mouse form brick red fur.

The teachers.
First there is Raven moon. A Brown mouse who with his son Rilie came up to us one day and told us about our special powers. We were kinda freaked out seeing a 6foot mouse but soon we got used to it.

Rilie is a 20-year-old mouse with brown and silver fur. Hang around with us sometimes. He transforms into a human and walks around with us on the surface and no one knows that he is really a mouse. He has a twin sister.

Autumn moon is Raven moon's wife. She has silver fur. She taught the us how to control their powers. She is nice and is always there to help out whenever she can. She is like a second mother to all of us.

Tammy is rilies twin sister. She has silver fur with a patch of brown over her right eye. She also hands around with us on the surface. She is also 20 years old.

Our equipment.
Well we have lost of lasers, and other weapons in the storage room in headquarters. We have Star Cruiser. A ship we used to travel to the moon to try and destroy Sites. And of course we have our motorbikes. We can never forget about them now can we? There is also another piece of equipment that we have. Well we don't call it equipment really it's a robot named Zool2. Zool2 was created after we built the headquarters under the city. Bluey and Rebbel created him. And now he is apart of our team.

Headquarters is under the city of Surfaces Paradise, so no human or alien will ever find it.
There are four levels in headquarters. The first one nearest to the surface streets is the Viechel Bay where we have the Starcruser tunnel and garage. Under that we have the Homeroom where we have the bunks (or quarters as some people say), the gym, the food hall and computer room. It is filled with things like a pool table, video games, a kitchen and all sorts of things. On the third level we have the Weapons storage room and the training center where we practice our fighting skills. Last but not least we have then generator room. And it has, well a generator in it. We also store other things in there like first aid and we also use it for storage of old junk. Everytime we are in headquarters we always seam to transform into our mouse forms. Don't ask us why it just happens to us. Not that were complaining.

Legend of the Teleporters and Challengers.

Five milleniums ago on two other planets named Driptor and Ziron on the other side of the universe there were 25 alien worriers helping in the fight to save the universe. There were 13 mice like creatures from Ziron and 12 other fury creatures from Driptor (e.g. Foxes, dogs, wolves, cat's etc). They were fighting against a Darkoverlord. When they were killed. The spirits of the worriers traveled through space for five milleniums and came to the planet Earth and implanted themselves in 25 human babies (us). Raven moon and his family came to Earth and stayed until we became teenagers. Then they began to teach us our powers. Strangely enough the three other spirits were never found, as they left a few years before the others. There were Teleporters and Challengers in Australia and America. The ones in America were the Driptor alien spirits (so they could transform into 6 foot creatures) and the Australian's were the ones from Ziron (transform into 6 foot mice.)

Ever since then we have been traveling to other dimensions and going on lots of adventures. Well that's how I met the Biker Mice and Charley. All of us have powers. Some are the same and some are different. We are all able to transform into some animals.

Well that's my life story up to now. Can't tell you what's gonna happen in the future cause I don't know what's gonna happen. You will just have to read my stories to find that out.