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Lovers and Friends

By Magic stars friend Bluey

Copyright Bluey 2000

All rights reserved

As I walked up to the garage where my best friend's family owned I could see a few cars waiting to go in. And Some cars getting fuel from the tanks. I walked inside the shop part of the garage and saw her mum standing behind a counter.
"Bluey, it's nice to see you here" the woman smiled
"hi is Star here?" I asked returning the smile
"yeah she's in the garage with her brothers your welcome to go in and see her"
"Thank you" I walked into the garage.

It was dirty and smelled like fuel and grease. I could hear the sounds of car engines running the clunk of tools being dropped. Also the sound of the radio playing. I looked around and saw Star's older brothers working on a four-wheel drive. They didn't notice me there. I looked around and saw a pair of legs coming out from under a car. I walked over to the pair of legs and bent down.
"HEY STAR WHAT'S UP??!!!!!" I yelled.
Star came out from under the car and rubbed her head. She had one of those greasy overalls on.
"What was that for?" she giggled
"just for a laugh" I giggled.
"Oh ha ha that was so amusing" Star laughed sarcastically
"well it was to me."
"So what ya doing here anyway?" Star asked as she stood up
"just came to see how my fearless leader and best friend is doing"
"well the best friend is up to her neck in fixing cars and the leader is as bored as hell" Star smiled.
I examined a toolbox "Oh I don't know, it looks like fun"
"you don't know how to fix a car"
"no but I can pretend" I giggled.
"Hey, I'm gonna get a soda you girls want one?" asked a voice, we turned around and saw Star's older brother Thornn standing nearby.
"yeah thanks bro"
"yeas thanks" Thornn walked off to get the sodas.
"So Star have you heard from Rimfire?" I asked. We all knew they liked eachother more than friends, but they were too scared to admit it. Star had never gone out with a guy in her life. I wasn't so sure about Rimfire.
"You two really suit eachother you know"
"why does everyone think that? Were just friends and everyone thinks were more than that" Star sighed and sat on the ground.
"Come on Star, we have all seen how you two look at eachother. It's like you two like eachother but are scared to admit it"
"I'm not scared of anything, especially that."
"Come on Star, we have known eachother forever and I have never seen or heard of you liking a guy in that way."
"That's because I don't like guys in that way"
"you will one day."
Star looked up at the ceiling and sighed
"yeah I know"
"come on Star admit it, you like Rimfire" I smiled. Star looked at me and smiled as well
"you know me too well B'. Ok maybe I do like him more than a friend. But not too much." I laughed and put my hands in the air
"Yes I knew it!!! I'm just too good" I laughed. Star also laughed and Thornn came and gave us our sodas. Star and I took the caps off and just as she was drinking I asked.
"So when are you gonna tell him?" Star's eyes went wide and she spat the drink out and looked at me. She sighed and leaned back on the car "I have no idea"
"I know. You will have to get him alone and when the moment is right you tell him."
"That's a lot easier said then done"
"don't worry about it, I'm a master in the love business"
Star looked at me and laughed.


On Mars in another dimension, Rimfire was sitting on his bike looking over some sand dunes. Everything was quiet, there was nothing stirring anywhere. He looked up at the sky and started to remember how it felt to hold her in his arms. He wished he could tell her how he felt but it was too hard. He sighed and heard another bike approaching. He turned around and the other biker rode up next to him.
"Yo bro what's up?" asked Cannon as he took his helmet off
"oh (sigh) nothing" Rimfire told him looking back over the landscape. Cannon noticed something was wrong and looked at Rimfire.
"What's' wrong bro?" he asked "you look like you lost a lover or something."
Rimfire giggled a little "it's something like that"
"care to share?"
Rimfire sighed and looked at him.
"Ok. Lets just say that there is this guy and he likes a girl who is a different species to himself. He loves her a lot but doesn't know how to tell her. What should he do?"
Cannon looked at him confused, but then smiled
"what?" Rimfire asked
"your talking about you and Star, huh?"
"How did you know?"
Cannon grinned wider "it's just a gift I have."
"Well what should I do?"
"first you have to get her alone and tell her"
"and how do I do that?"
"don't worry about it, I'll take care of everything"
"your not going to embrace me or anything are you?"
"Me? Embrace you? What makes you think that?"
"I don't know I just have a funny feeling"
"listen if you stick with me everything will go fine." They both revved their bikes up and rode off to the freedom fighter headquarters.


"Well is it set?"
"yeah all we need now are the two lovers"
"that's is gonna be so cool, it's about time they got together"
"yeah even the biker mice agree that they should go great together"
"I can't wait to hear what happens after."
"Yeah same here"
"Well I better go and see how he is"
"yeah same here she is very nervous about the whole thing"
"So is lover boy"
"talk to you later ok?"
"ok see ya"
I turned off the VID-com and walked into Stars room in headquarters.
"Are you ready yet? You can't be late for your first date." Star walked out from behind a wall with her black boots on, black leather shorts, a black shirt (with a small turtleneck) and a black vest on.
"Fantastic. Rimfire is gonna go crazy when he sees you" I smiled
Just then we heard a loud whistle coming from the door. We looked over there and saw Ace, Rocky and Bandit standing there with their mouths open.
"I didn't know Star was a babe" grinned Bandit
"your welcome to wrestle me anytime" Ace said bopping his eyebrows up and down.
"Where is the fire extinguisher when you kneed it. This chick is HOT HOT HOT!!! " Rocky howled.
The two of us looked at eachother and rolled our eyes. I pushed them out of the way and closed the door. I looked at my watch. It said 1: 45pm
"come on we only have fifteen minutes till the movie starts." I grabbed her arm and we both teleported to the cinemas. I took her inside and told her to wait and I will bring Rimfire. So I teleported away.


"Rimfire you looks great" smiled Cannon at his friend. He was wearing black leather jeans and a tight top, black finger-less gloves and a pair of shades.
"You think Star will like it?" He asked looking at himself in the mirror.
"Star is gonna love it" said a voice, they turned around and saw me.
"Hey Bluey time to go huh?" smiled Cannon
"yep, Star is at the cinema's waiting for her knight in shining leather" I joked.
"Well I can't keep my date waiting now can I?" smiled Rimfire. I nodded and grabbed their arms and teleported back to the cinema's where Star was.


We appeared behind a wall, and Cannon and Rimfire were both in human form. Rimfire looked behind the wall and saw Star standing there. His eyes went big and he stared at her.
"Well go on champ, don't keep her waiting" Cannon smiled elbowing him in the side. Rimfire walked behind the wall and up to Star.
Star saw him coming, `damn he's cute' she thought. At the same time Rimfire was thinking `damn I never thought she could look so damn beautiful.' Finally he was standing infront of her. They just stared at eachother.
"Come on Rim say something" Cannon said
"shhhh! We don't want them to know were following them."
"hi" Rimfire smiled
"well we better get into the movie room huh?"
"yeah I guess so." Then they walked off into the screening room.
"I guess so? Man that was a real turn on," I said sarcastically as we flowed them in.
Inside we sat five rows behind them. The movie was Mystery Men, since they both loved action. Then the movie began.
About half an hour into the movie, Rimfire got enough courage to put his arm around Star. And she snuggled into him a little. I grinned at the two of them and went back to watching the movie.
At the end they both came out with us flowing behind, far enough for them not to see us.
"So far so good Cannon" I smiled
"yeah I wonder what there gonna do now?" We followed them to a carnival and they began to have the time of their lives. Rimfire won a stuffed bear at a game and gave it to Star, she smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He blushed.
"Awww that's so cute" I smiled
"this date is going really well I think"
"yeah the best ever." Rimfire took Star home and they were outside on the doorstep, talking. We were hiding behind some bushes watching. Rimfire grabbed Star's head and bent down and kissed her on the lips. Star wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the passion.
"Glad doing business with you Cannon" I smiled as we shock hands.
"We must do this again sometime" he grinned, I nodded. Rimfire and Star hugged eachother and Rimfire left with a big grin on his face.
We walked up to him like we gust got there and I took them both home.


That night I found Star in the garage in headquarters humming happily as she fixed her bike. I walked up to her and smiled.
"So how did it go?" Star grinned wider
"it was perfect, everything went right. Thanks for talking me into it"
"No problem, what are best friends for."
"Now I have to set you up with some one" Star laughed
"oh yeah? Who?"
"oh no he's just a friend, don't do anything"
Star grinned


On Mars
"So I guess it went well huh?" asked Cannon to Rimfire. Rimfire smiled
"yeah were going on another date this Saturday"
"ooh Rimfire you're a hound dog ha ha ha"
"I think uncle Modo will be happy"
"yeah and the other biker mice."
"And I think it's your turn next bro"
"my turn?"
"yep you have to get a girl now." Rimfire grinned
"who do u have in mind?"
Rimfire chuckled.

The End

Rimfire & Star: `You were spying on us?!!!'
Bluey: `well yeah'
Cannon: `We had to make sure the date went well'
Star: `we could have told you guys afterwards'
Rimfire: `yeah and by the way, you two are going on a date together'
Bluey & Cannon: `We are?'
Rimfire & Star: [nods]
Bluey & Cannon: [looks at eachother and sighs]