All characters in this story EXCEPT for Rimfire, Stoker, Carbine, and Harley belong to me. So please ask to use my characters. Feel free to draw the characters. NOTE: Dreamworld is a real place with real rides. I wrote this after a day there.

I hope that you will enjoy this story.


A Fun Day Out (Well it was)

By Magic Star

Copyright 2000

All rights reserved

It was a hot and sunny morning. A day you would love to spend outside in the sun just having fun. Unfortunately there was nothing for me to do on this day. I heard noises coming from the food hall and computer room, in out headquarters under the city. I walked in and saw a black furred mouse with brown short hair, and a brown furred mouse with black hair wrestling on the ground. Just then a hotdog flu at me and I caught it. I haven't had breakfast yet so I ate it. The two mice looked up at me and whined.
"Star that was mine" whined the black mouse
"sorry Ace but I didn't have breakfast this morning" I grinned. He looked at me and growled. So I gust poked my tongue out at him.
"Hey Star there is a envelope on the table for you from Rebbel" the brown mouse told me
"cool thanks Rocky." I walked over to the table and opened the envelope. Four tickets fell onto the table.
"YES!! He is a angel" I grinned looking at the tickets
"what are they for?" Ace asked as they walked over to me
"There tickets to go into Dreamworld. I told Rimfire, Cannon and Flare that I would take them one day. I have to go and call them." I trotted over to the Vid com and dilled the number for Mars.
"Hello?" said a voice
"Rimie, guess what"
"oh it's you Star, what?" he smiled
"I got tickets for Dreamworld" I grinned
"Dreamworld? What's that?" he asked
"it's the themepark over here on Earth that I told u about, remember?"
"Oh yeah I remember now. COOL! I'll ask Stoker if the three of us can have the day off" he said before leaving the Vid-com.
Rimfire walked over to the table where Stoker, Fare (a light brown female mouse with blonde short hair), Cannon, Carbine and Harley sat.
"Hey guys Star got the tickets to go to Dreamworld. Can we go Stoke?" he asked as he reached the table. The three teenagers looked at Stoker with little kid grins, pleading him to let them go. Stoker looked at them, as he was about to put a fork full of food into his mouth.
"Ok you can go, but I want you all back when the day is over, ok?" The three teens nodded and walked over to the Vid COM again.
"Yep Star we can go" Rimfire smiled
"Oh cool! Get ready I'll be there in a few minutes to teleport you three to my dimension."
"Ok Star I can't wait" Rimfire smiled then the Vid COM turned off. Rimfire turned around to come face to face with Cannon and Flare. They were grinning at him for some reason.
"What?" he asked
"we saw you" smiled Cannon
"yeah we know what your thinking" agreed Flare.
"What are you two talking about?"
"admit it. You like Star" smiled Cannon
"yeah I like Star"
"not like that, I mean, more than a friend" he winked.
Rimfire giggled "You two are nuts" then they walked off to get into some suitable clothes.
Meanwhile I was in my quarters putting on some clothes. My swimmers were under a pair of cargo shorts, a black shirt, my bandanna around my neck and my baseball cap I got from Vinnie. Just then Sliver and Dusty walked in.
"Why so dressed up?" asked the gray furred and black hared moue
"Im going to Dreamworld"
"cool! Who with?" asked the peach furred, and blonde hared mouse.
"Im taking Cannon, Flare and Rimfire with me" I answered
"typical" the gray mouse smiled
"and what is that supposed to mean Silver?"
"Rimfire will be there" Silver smiled
"you like him don't you?" asked Dusty
"as a friend yes."
"No you like him more than a friend" she grinned
"no I don't he's just a friend"
"yeah sure" they both said. I rolled my eyes and walked out. They followed.
"So what about them being mice? How are you gonna let them go around looking that that?" asked Dusty.
"I'll change them into humans outside the entrance" I answered "now if you two excuse me I have to teleport to Mars and get them". I turned around to them and I disappeared.
"She likes him, she just doesn't know it yet" smiled Silver
"no kidding?" giggles Dusty and they walked off.

I opened my eyes and came face to face with Rimfire. We both jumped back a bit. Rimfire was wearing short jeans, and a tight white T-shirt. I looked at the others behind him. Cannon was wearing black cargo pants and a blue shirt. Flare was wearing shorts that go just below her knees and a pink shirt. They didn't look too bad. Especially Rimfire.
"Ready to go?" I asked them. They all grinned. I grabbed them and teleported them to my world.

We were all outside the entrance to the themepark. I looked at them and they were now human. I knew that I would automatically turn human. They were all checking themselves and eachother out.
"Are we going to go in or are we just gonna look at eachother?" I grinned. They looked at me strangely.
"What?" I asked
"you look so different when your human" Rimfire told me, the others nodded.
"well so do you guys" I smiled
"well lets get in I wanna go on the rides" said Flare. And we all ran into the themepark.

"What is with the dudes in the animal costumes?" asked Flare
"there just here to entertain the tourists and little kids I explained "well what do you want to go on first?" They all looked at the map.
"What is that big thing?" asked Cannon pointing to the big tower on the page.
"There are two rides on that. One is called the Tower of Terror, which begins at the other end of the park and it rolls up the tower really fast and just goes down again backwards. The other is called the Giant Drop it goes up for a few seconds then it drops down. They're both really cool." I told them.
"I say we go on the Giant Drop first" suggested Rimfire. We all nodded and headed towards the ride.
We were in the line waiting to go in. Finally the last group went on and now it was our turn. We walked up to it and sat down in the seats. There was no bottom so our feet just dangle below us. The conductor put the harnesses over our shoulders and made sure we were strapped in all right.
"This is gonna be so cool. It's been a long time since we have had fun like this" Cannon smiled
"you guys will have to come again to another themepark one time." Then the woman with the Dreamworld uniform walked behind a table with buttons on it.
"Hello everyone and welcome to Dreamworld. Please when you come down put your heads back and hold on. Thank you for riding the Giant drop" she said into the microphone. Then we felt the ride move and we began to go up.
"Hey Star how tall is this thing anyway?" asked Rimfire
"umm I don't know exactly, but it's over seven stories high." They looked at me with their mouths open.
"Your not scared of hights are ya? Cause if you are I wouldn't look down" I grinned. And of course they looked down. We were nearly up the top.
"HOLY!!!!!!!!" they all said as we stopped at the top.
"I told you guys not to look." I was enterupted by the screaming and the force as we dropped all the way down.
"...down" I smiled as we came to a stop. Then we slowly went back down to ground level. The harnesses went up and we walked off.
"That was so COOL!!!" Flare smiled.
"Yeah lets do it again" Cannon agreed
"Maybe later, right now we have the whole park to look at." And we walked off to the next ride.

"What is this called?" asked Flare
"this is called the Tower of Terror" I smiled as we came up to a big entrance with a white face at the front.
"Well then lets go!" The three of them ran into the entrance while I just walked in. Rimfire came back and grabbed my arm and dragged me in.
Inside we were all standing in a line with other tourists waiting to go on. Then the doors opened and we climbed into the seats on the ride. The conductors checked to make sure we were all strapped in and they walked back to their tables with bottons.
"Please keep your head back and enjoy the ride" one of the women said then the ride jerked off at high speeds towards the tower that also had the Giant Drop attached to it.
Everyone was yelling and hooting because of the speed we were going at. We came to the tower and we went strait up. When we got to the top we free fall backwoods at a higher speed. Then we came to a stop back where we got on. We got up and walked out.
"That was COOL!!!!" smiled Rimfire
"Who's up for another one?" I asked them.
"HELL YEAH!!" then we al ran over to the next ride.
There were two giant surfboards on either side of it and between them were seats all attached together. Under it was a pool filled with water and a mechanical shark swimming in it
They dragged me into the entrance and we sat down in the seats on the ride. A harness came down over us and so did a bar. It squeezed us in tight so we wouldn't come out.
"Have you been on this one before Star?" Flare asked
"I've been on all these rides" I smiled Then the ride began.
It lifted us up into the air then did a series of turns, twists and went upside down a couple of times. It stopped in the middle of the air and swing a bit. Then it turned us upside down and it stayed there meters from the water. Then swing us around and finally came to a stop.
"I thought the ride was broken just then" smiled Cannon. Rimfire and Flare agreed.
After that we went on the rollercoaster, the rapid ride and many others and we were finally having lunch.
"This was a great idea Star. It's been a few years since we have been to a themepark"Cannon said munching on a bit of his hotdog.
"Yeah all the themeparks on Mars were distroyed when the Plutarkians attacked" agreed Flare.
"One day we are going to get rid of the Plutarkians and everything will be back to normal" Rimfire said taking a drink of Coke.
"You guys do know that my friends and I are always willing to help out whenever we can. Just give a whistle" I smiled.
"Yeah we know Star and thanks." Then we heard gunshots. We looked around and saw four men with guns shooting at people. A boy was running for his life and one of the men shit him in the side and he fall lifeless.
"What's going on here?" asked Cannon
"I don't know but we better get out of here" we ran off and hid behind a cafe.
"What are they? Tourists?"
"probly. But around here we have some people that would kill just for the fun of it" I glared around the corner at the four men.
"What kind of people would do that?" asked Rimfire
"people with cold hearts" Flare answered. Just then four more people came and they too had guns and were shooting people. One of them shot an elderly lady and she fell.
"I can't take this anymore. Here call my friends on this tell them what's happening. I'll stall the shooters" I said as I gave flare my communicator.
"No wait you will be killed!!!" Rimfire said as he grabbed my wrist. I turned myself into my mouse form. My white fur grew, my ears got bigger, and my tail grew.
"I'll be fine trust me" I smiled then I ran out with my lasers drawn.
"Hello? Hello? Is anyone there please come in" Flare said into the communicator
"hello? Who is this?" asked a voice
"this is Flare calling the TC's"
"Flare? Oh this is Rocky, what's up?" he asked
"we have a problem at Dreamworld. There are eight armed men with guns killing people."
"Why isn't Star giving me this message?"
"she is off stalling the fighters. She gave me the communicator to contact you. Please hurry."
"No problem we will be there in two shakes of a monkeys tail"
"be in mouse transformation" then Flare turned it off.
I was knocked back and I landed with a thump next to them.
"Star are u ok?" asked Rimfire helping me up
"yeah I'm fine. I better turn you guys back to normal." I touched their arms and they magically turned back to their mouse forms. We grabbed our lasers and fired at the armed men. They did the same back at us. Just then four beams of light appeared next to us. We looked again and there was Rocky, Silver, Ace and Dusty.
"Thanks for coming" I smiled
"we aim to please" Ace grinned and fired his laser at the men.
We all ran out and started attacking the men. We had gotten rid of most of them and only three stood there still firing at us.
Ace and Cannon threw grenades over at them and they were all killed.
"Wow some humans are just too stupid huh?" smiled Flare
"you got that right" laughed Silver as she picked up a gun. They all hooted and cheered in our victory. While I looked around at the dead bodies with a sad look on my face. I walked away from them and up to a body that lay still on the ground. It was a girl about five years old. Her eyes were looking straight up not blinking. She was going pale the bullet wound in her head and chest still had blood trickling out.
I felt tears coming out of my eyes and going down my cheeks. I bent down next to her.
Over where the others were Rimfire saw me and walked over.
I put my hand over her eyes and closed her eyelids and I stood up to come face to face with Rimfire. He looked sadly at me, like he knew what I was thinking. Then he hugged me. I hugged back. I whiped my tears away as we heard the sounds of sirens coming. The others all teleported away back to headquarters while we stayed just a little while longer. Neither of us wanted to let go but we had to. The cops would catch us if we stayed. So we put our arms around eachother and I teleported us away with the others.

We both had our eyes closed when we appeared back at headquarters. We heard people giggling and we opened our eyes. We were still holding eachother and our friends were looking at us with big grins on their faces.
"What??" we both asked
"you two are so good for eachother" smiled Dusty. The others agreed. We smiled and rolled our eyes as we let go. After a while I took them back to Mars.

Later that night
"also the death count at Dreamworld that day was 32 that was including the people who worked there and the men, women and children that were going there for the day. Although known knew who killed the group of men" the news woman said as I entered the lounge room in my home.
"This is horrible" said my mum as she looked at the TV
"yeah I know"
"what I wanna know is how did they get in the first place?" wondered Nala as she sat down in the middle of Snyper and Thornn..
"This planet is getting screwed" Snyper told us as he drank some of his soda
"Snyper watch your mouth!" my mother yelled at him
"He's right mum, some people on this planet are going crazy" agreed Thornn. I nodded.
"I just hope that one day people will come to their senses" my dad sighed as he cleaned his glasses with the edge of his shirt.

The End