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Music Note: `It's all over' preformed by 5ive

Closing Theme

By Magic star

Copyright 2000

All rights reserved

Closing Credits to Teleporter and Challenger stories/episodes
Credits appear as the song begins.

Girl it's all over [It's all over]

Ten figures all darken by a shadow appear still in a arrow shape at the camera. Their eyes are glowing different collours. Red and Orange in the middle, then purple and Brown, then light and dark green, then blue and light blue, then black and yellow.

[I swear it's all over] on my name [it's all over]

Believe that baby it's all over now

Shadow disappears and there stand the ten TC's. Star and Shadow in the middle (back to back), Dusty next to star, then Silver, Bluey and Shadey. Next to Shadow stands, Rocky, Ace, Rebbel and Bandit.

[It's all over, this time]


Thought I was made for you and you believed in me

I thought this was how love was ment to be

I didn't know it, but you were foolin' me around

Shot of Rocky, Ace and Bandit wrestling on the ground playfully. In background
others are laughing, while Shadow and Rebbel give eachother a high five.

You had a hold on me I was too blind to see

I could have been yours for eternity

I didn't see it `til it was all up in my face

Bandit accidentally bumps the table and a bottle of ketchup fly's at Rebel and Shadow and it's them in the face.

Close up on Shadow and Rebbel as ketchup is dripping down their faces onto the floor.

Close up on Ace, Rocky and Bandits faces as they all gulps.

Do you recall, the times that we shared

Moments alone and promices but now the days are gone

Now you're on your own tonight never again cos

Rebbel and Shadow run in to join in the wrestling while girls stay at the back.

Buley playing her drum kit and Star sitting in a chair playing her guitar.

Others are laughing at the guys.


Girl [it's all over] this time [it's all over]

I swear [it's all over] on my name [it's all over]

Believe [it's all over] that baby it's all over now

[It's all over this time]

A bright light appears and all of them stop and look up

Now I know the truth it really hurts inside

Cos every lie just twists the knife

The way 'I'm feelin' theres just no remedy

Out of light comes Raven moon, Autumn moon, Tammy and Rilie.

Close up on Bluey and Star smiling at eachother.

Do you regret the things you said

Every word broken promices but now the days are gone

Now your on your own tonight never again cos

Seen fades off to a battlefield. Smoke, dust and sand are going everywhere.

Repeat chorus

High angle shot showing all ten of them fighting Plutarkians


Ya hit me with the truth hit me with the raw fact

Put me on my back what you gotta say to that

Bandit flipping in the air throwing grenades at two Plutarkians.

You got me with you lies I was thinking we were set

Counting every second every day since we met

Bluey using her whip to trip some Plutarkians

Remember the times when we used to have it all

But then came the fall feeling like we hit a brick wall

Plutarkian runs at camera with angry face then shrieks and falls.

Close up on Rebbel as he fips the two lasers around his fingers and into their holsters on his legs.

You can keep it the lies in my ears your gonna shed

Tears as your man disappears

A little girl runs away from two Plutarkians and comes up to a dead end. Close up on both Plutarkians faces as they growl at the girl.

Behind them, two hands go up to their shoulders and taps them. They turn around and sees two fists slam into their faces.

Silver and Dusty look at the girl and smiles.

Sit back and let me do my thing laced with the click and

Put me on the swing I'm not the one who's gonna be plagued

Bandit, Rocky, Shadey, Ace (are back to back) and are surrounded by a circle of Plutarkians.

They grin at eachother and they all begin to glow.

The ground shakes and trees fall down.

The ground opens under the Plutarkians and they fall.

By your kind 24-7 girl it's time to rewind it's over just

Like a wack track you can't get with this so you gotta get

Star and Shadow ride their bikes over their friends and shoots Plutarkians coming to attack.

With that no doubt in my mind the base so pnatt baby let

Me bring it on winggy wack

All their bikes ride up to them and they all get on.

Then ride into the sunset.


Girl [it's all over] this time [it's all over]

I swear [it's all over] on my name [it's all over]

All back in arrow positions. Above them two planets are seen. (One is Earth the other is red, blue and green [Ziron].)

They both explode and the words T&C appear.

Believe that baby it's all over now

[It's all over, this time]

[Repeat till fade]