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Note: song "How do ya feel" by 5ive

In the middle of a martin ocean lies a hidden island surrounded completely by a fierce storm. Apon the island are rivers, lakes, meadows, forests, kingdoms, towns, villages and creatures beyond imagination. Creatures like unicorns, Pegasus', water, earth, fire, and wind spirits. If you are a stranger to this island it would be wise to become friends with some of the locals. But you must beware of the evil King Jeffery who wishes to destroy and take over the island and its people The only one's that sand in his way are the Jedi Knights. Made up of the sailors that have become trapped on this island over the past years. Their leader, a young woman by the name of Dash. Who was taught the ways of the Jedi Knights wishes that one day the king will be destroyed and the sailors will be able to return to their homes. Outside the storm.


Part 1


By Magic star

Copyrighted 2000

Allrights reserved.

A young woman with golden fur and black and white hair and sits high on her white mare with the flaming main and tail. Both were overlooking the ocean. She wore brown tattered shorts and vest over a green shirt. Her hair blows around her face as the wind picks up. She suddenly feels the presence of another being behind her. She can smell him.

"Are you watching me Ajax?" she asked to the figure on the horse behind her, not bothering to turn around. The brown male mouse approaches her side on his black stallion.

"How did you know it was me?" he asked the gold furred female

"I could smell you"

"Oh. Well the answer to your question was a, no. I'm not watching you, but I came here to see if you have seen any of the kids from the village? They wandered off and I can't find them anywhere."

"Are they the same kids who keep on disappearing?"


"No I haven't seen them since this morning at my hut."

"What were they doing there?"

"They were asking if I could make them some wooden swords. So I did and they went off playing. They said they were going to the hilltop. Did you look there?"

"No but I will go there now" Ajax turned his horse around and trotted off.

"Wait!" the female turned her horse around "I'll go with you" she trotted after him and they both went to the hilltop.

They galloped across the plains and through the forest towards the hilltop where the children like to play at.

From on the hill four children were playing with the wooden swords while another two were sitting under the tree on top of the hill. One of the children looked down the hill and saw the two riders and their horses running up towards them.

"Hey guys, Ajax and Dash are coming" the little girl told the others. They stopped what they were doing and looked towards where the two riders were coming. The riders stopped their horses and dismounted.

"There you all are. I've been looking everywhere for you" said Ajax

"Hi, why do you need us?" asked a small gray boy.

"Your parents want you all back at the village" Ajax told him. The children whined.

"Come on everyone, hop to it" Dash the golden mouse smiled. The children got up and the two older mice took them back to the village.


A young male mouse walks down the bow of the ship to the nose, to see his friend. He walked up to his side and leaned on the railing.

"See anything interesting?" he asked the white furred, black haired male next to him.

"Nah, just water, water, water and even more water" the white mouse answered and turned to the gray one who asked the question.

"What about the others? Anything interesting going on below?" he asked as he put his long hair in a low ponytail.

The gray mouse thought for a moment.

"Well Gizmo got slapped by Amber from calling her doll. You know how much she hates that."

The white mouse chuckled and looked back towards the ocean, as did the gray one.

"When do you think we will reach land Brain?" asked the white mouse

"Don't know Alex, soon hopefully." Just then they saw a storm appear out of nowhere.

"I think we better get below" the two males ran to the staircase and went down to the cabins under the dock of the ship.

"Hey guys why the hurry?" asked the black male mouse sitting on his bunk.

"Were heading into a storm Gizmo, could be dangerous" answered Brian.

"We should be expecting some rock `n' roll very soon." Sure enough just after Alex said that the ship began to rock side to side violently. Sending Alex and Brain to the ground.

The storm lasted for a few minutes but all the martins on board were unconchus as their ship beached it's self on the beach of a mysterious island. Some shadowy figure in the bushes looked at the ship and went towards it to get the survivors and some supplies that might come in handy.


"Are you sure the ship crashed in the beach were going to, Ollie?" asked the golden furred mouse to the young teenager behind her on her horse.

"I'm positive Dash, the ship came out of the storm and landed on the beach. I saw it with my very own eyes." The red teenage boy answered

The party of ten martins on horse back rode quickly towards the beach. As they came out of the bush area onto the sand sure enough they saw the ship. They came to the ship and dismounted their horses.
Five of the martins went in the ship to search for survivors and fond none.

"Dash! There's no one on the ship!" yelled a mouse from up on the ship.

"Where did they go?" she asked no one in particular.

"Dash!" yelled another voice. She turned her head and saw Ajax bending over some footprints in the sand. He pointed to there the tracks lead. Right into the kingdom of King Jeffery.

Their enemy.



Alex woke up and found himself in a bed with silk sheets. The room was colorful and had silk curtains. In the middle of the room was a table fulled with fruits, vegetables and meat. He looked around and saw that everyone who was on the ship was lying in beds similar to his, in a circle around the table. He heard someone moaning and turned his head to see Brain waking up.

"Ow! My head hurts!" Brain said as he sat up rubbing his head. "Where are we?"

"I wish I knew. But they sure do know how to make good food" Alex answered pointing to the table. Brain looked at the table and his stomach growled. The two of them walked over to the table and began to eat.

Minutes passed and everyone woke up. They all had the same thing in mind when they woke up. Food.
After they all ate there full they sat back down and tried to figure out what happened? And where were they?

The doors opened and in came a man in a cloak and jeans. Three women and four men with swords followed him. All of the martins in the room stood up and looked at him. The dark gray mouse stood just a few feet from them and smiled.

"You were lucky my men found you when they did. Or you would be at the mursey of my enemy" he smiled.
"Thank you, um, where are we and who are you?" asked a light brown mouse with black hair.

"My name is King Jeffery. And you are on the island of Atlantis."

"My name is Skipper. I'm the captain of my ship and these are my crew. How did we get here?" asked the light brown mouse.

"Your ship went through a storm that surrounds this island. It was found beached and my men brought you all here. You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish."

"Thank you again. We don't know how to repay you"

"There is no need. Would you all like to follow me into my kingdom to look around?" King Jeffery turned around and walked through the doors and the crewmembers followed.


"What do you suppose he wants them for?" asked Ajax as he shoved a fork full of food into his mouth.

"Probably the same stuff he wanted when the rest of you guys same through the storm. Information. To try and destroy us." Dash looked at the fire.

"If they came from the other side of the storm Jeffy boy could get a lot of information on weapons far more advanced than swords, daggers, bows and arrows" said another voice.

"Hi Fang, where have you been?" asked Dash not looking up from the fire. Ajax turned his head and smiled at the wolf that sat beside him with his one plate of food. Fang's silver fur glowed in the moonlight. His big bushy tail lied beside his body.

"nothing much Dash, just went for a walk today looking for someone to beat up"

"Any luck?"

"nah, there was no one out today. I just heard about what happened at the beach. Tough break."

"If only we knew sooner" she sighed.

"Don't worry, we can rescue them like we did to the last group" smiled Ajax at the thought of busting into Jeffrey's castle and whipping some tail.

"Yeah I suppose. But hopefully this time no one will get killed. And we have to figure out a new way to get them out of the kingdom without ol' Jeffery boy knowing."

"Just relax ol' fearless leader. I have Sassy looking into it as we speak" smiled fang. Dash looked up at him with her red ruby eyes. "Something wrong?"

She looked back at the fire and sighed. "How did Mack handle being a leader? Its too much pressure." The two males looked at her.

"We understand. But you have been a leader ever since you were ten years old. Why now have you begun to think like this, all of a sudden?" asked Ajax. Dash laid her head back against the tree behind her and looked up into the sky.

"I don't know." The two males looked at eachother then back at her.

"Well if you ever need help being a leader. You know where here to help out" Fang smiled warmly.

"Yeah I know. Well I don't know about you two but I'm getting to bed" she stood up. "Don't you two get drunk tonight I need you tomorrow night to rescue the outsiders." She walked off towards her hut.
The two males looked sadly at eachother.



"So who exactly is your enemy?" asked a black mouse to the King.

"Her name is Dash. She wants me dead. I have no idea why" he lied

"Don't worry we will protect you, your majesty" smiled Gizmo as he played with one of his daggers.

The King smiled and nodded.

`I have already leaded them over to my side, now to get the information I need on how to make more powerful weapons. Oh Dash I'm going to enjoy killing you and the rest of your kind. I'm going to make your death slow and painful' he thought to himself, grinning.

"I must leave you all now to get some rest. Have a nice night" the King stood up and walked out of the room. Everyone got into their beds and fell asleep.

In another room the King as standing there talking to another mouse with a patch over his eye.

"Have you set the traps yet?" he asked the stranger

"Yes sire, if they do come in here to rescue the outsiders they will eventually be captured."

"Are you sure that they won't be able to escape this time?"

"I'm positive. A speck of dust could fall onto our traps and it will send them off."

"Excellent. Knowing Dash she will attack tomorrow night after everyone has gone to sleep. Be ready for her."

"Yes sire, as you wish." The stranger jogged off to tell the other guards of the plan to capture Dash.

The King sat in the room and grinned evilly.


The sun shone through the tress on a small village in the. People rushing around getting ready for the rescue that will happen late that night.

"What makes you think they will want to come with us? Sure enough Jeffery has already won them over," asked a tan mouse flowing Dash over the small footbridge that went over creak.

"We will make them listen" was her answer as she sat down at the sharpening wheel. She presses the arrowhead against the steal wheel and pushed the pedal with her foot making it turn around.

"Oh? And do you suppose that he is just going to let you walk in and save the outsiders? He's going to be waiting for you!" The tan mouse yelled over the sound of the wheel sharpening the arrowhead.

"We will manage, we have before!" she yelled over the noise "will you relax Phil. I have been doing this ever since the first ship came through the storm. I think we can handle this!"

"Alright. But don't blame me if you come back half dead" he said before walking off. Dash rolled her eyes and continues to sharpen arrowheads, daggers and swords.

"Hey Dash, who do you want to come with us tonight?" asked Ajax as the strolled over.

"Well I want you, Fang, Lead and Stele to come" came her answer

"What, just the five of us going?"

"Yeah we will only need the five of us, anyway we will be quicker and quieter than a big group." How could Ajax argue with that?

"Go now and tell them that I want to see you all in fifteen minutes" He turned around and went off in search of the other three. Dash sighed `I hope everything goes our way tonight. Also I hope that Jeffery hasn't won them over too much.'


All the crewmembers were in the room again that night. Eating, talking, play fighting, having lots of fun. Alex sat in his chair and was in deep thought. His friend saw this and sat next to him to see what was wrong with his younger friend.

"Yo Alex, you feeling alright?"

Alex looked up and at the gray mouse. "Something just doesn't feel right about the King guy."


"I heard that he was asking a lot of questions about lasers and stuff. But why would he be interested in that?"

"I don't know. But be nice, he opened his castle for us to stay. Just be happy were not all out in the cold or worse yet, with his enemy."

Alex thought for a moment and walked to the door.

"Hey where are you going?"

"I'm going for a walk to clear my head. Be back soon." And with that he walked down the long hallway. While on the way looking at the paintings and rugs on the walls.


Outside the walls to the kingdom, five figures threw grappling hooks at the top. All snagging on the bricks. First two were mice, the third a wolf, forth a fox and fifth a husky. They climbed to the top and jumped down the other side. They quickly hid behind some carts that were parked out for the night as some guards make their nightly rounds. After checking that the cost was clear they all ran to the castle.

They moved up close to the castle wall after seeing the guards at the door. They all threw the grappling hooks up again and climbed up to an open window. One by one the jumped through the window into the hallway. After hearing a gasp they turned their heads and saw a white mouse standing there. He didn't look like one of the king's men. Actually he looked like someone not from this island.

"Who are you and what are you doing sneaking through the window?" asked the shocked mouse.

"Relax, were friends. Are you one of the mice from outside the storm?" asked the female mouse calmly.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"We have our sources. Listen you are all in great danger. You must leave this place with us. If you wish to live."

"Wish to live? Were fine here, no one is trying to hurt us."

"That's where you're wrong. The king who lives here will kill you all as soon as you give him the information of your weapons. And will kill my people as well."

"So you're his enemy. Why should I believe you?"

"Because we came from beyond the storm just like you." Answered the brown mouse. "We all know that he will try and kill you because he tried to kill us as well."

"How do I know you're telling the truth?"

"You have to trust us, trust Dash. She saved all our lives." Answered the wolf. The white mouse looked at the female's eyes. She had been through a lot, and for some reason he knew they were telling the truth.

"Don't believe us?" the fox turned him to the window. He looked out and saw some steaks being planted in the ground.

They were going to be burned alive the next day.

He turned to them "alright I believe you."

The female grinned "good, now where are the others?"

"In the spare room down the end of this hall" he answered pointing south.

"Alright come on, we must hurry" the six of them ran down to the doors and into the room. All the mice stopped what they were doing and looked at them.

"Everyone! The king is going to kill us!" yelled the white mouse. The rest looked at eachother. Brain looked confused at his friend and the strangers.

"Alex don't be silly, why would he do that?" asked a brown mouse.

"Because he wants the information on your weapons. That's all he wants then he will burn you all at the steak" answered the female. All the mice began to whisper at eachother trying to figure out who the strangers were.

"Oh? And who are you to know that?" the crowd went silent.

"My name is Dash, and I am leader of the Jedi Knights. King Jeffery has been after me and my clan for the past few years. Whenever newcomers come to this island he wins them over and tricks them into giving him information on more powerful weapons. Then he kills them."

"Dash? You are his enemy. He said you wanted to kill him for no reason."

"Half of that sentence is correct. I do wish to kill him as he wishes to kill me. But I do have a very good reason to. When I first came to this island when I was five years old with my family. He got information from them and then killed them. I was rescued and brought up under the law of the Jedi knights. From then on I have rescued sailors such as yourselves and some of them are here with me now." She points to the four worriers behind her.

"Your story is a good one. But do you speak the truth?"

"Jedi knights speak the truth and only truth nothing more, nothing less." The brown mouse looked at the young leader than at his crewmember beside her.

"I believe you" he turned to his other crew members "they speak the truth, we must leave this place." He turned back to Dash. "Will you take us with you?"

Dash smiled " of course, that's what were here for." She turned to her comrades behind her. "All of you take five newcomers with you and try and get back to the clan as quick as possible. Make sure you are not flowed." The four members of her clan all took five mice with them and set off in different directions. Dash was left behind with Skipper, Brain, Ales, Gizmo and Amber.

"What now?" asked Amber

Dash looked at the window and back at them. "We get the hell out of here." She trotted down to the window in which they came in, and the five mice followed. She told them to climb down, and when they get down there they are to hide and keep quiet.

The four mice did as they were told and Dash jumped on the windowsill. With one last glance down the hall she jumped and landed safely on the ground beside the sailors. They glanced around to see if anyone was coming and they ran off.


Fang was on top of the castle with the five mice following him. They made their way carefully around the tower, holding onto the rocks for their lives. One of the mice slipped and with a quick move of his hand he grabbed her around the waist and put her back onto the wall. She was sacred so much that she couldn't move.

"Come on we have to get out of here, you have too keep climbing" he said to her.

"Ica. can't..I'm too scared" she trembled

"Yes you can, just keep yourself focused on one spot over the other side and try to reach it. Don't look at anything else."

The female mouse looked at the other side and began climbing again.

Everyone was over the other side waiting for Fang. He grabbed a stone and it moved. He heard a noise and saw arrows being fired at him. With one quick leap he grabbed hold of the other side and pulled himself up with the help from the mice. He looked behind him and saw the arrows dig themselves in the area where he was just climbing.

He looked around and saw that at the other side was a lake.

"Everyone jump!"

They all looked at him thinking `is he mad?'

"Just do it!"

With that said they all jumped into the lake and disappeared from sight.


Stele, the black and white husky and his group were having a lot of trouble. The word was out that the Jedi's were in the kingdom and the guards were after them. They were dodging arrows from every direction. They ran behind walls and stalls for cover. Some guards came running at them. The outsiders ran through a door and out towards the forest. Stele turned around just as he came to the door. The guards stood there looking at him with their swords drawn and ready to fight. Stele put his hand into his pocket and brought out some dust. He blew it at the guards and all around him became foggy. The guards couldn't see what he was doing. They coughed and tried to find him. Stele on the other hand could see well and began to kick, punch and throw the guards into walls. After noticing they were all unconchus he turned around and ran after the outsiders.


Lead the red fox and his group were cornered by guards with cross bows. There was no way to escape.

"Give up Jedi there is no escape," said one of the guards. Lead looked around and saw a tarp just above the guards.

"It seams like you got us captain. Your just too smart for me" Lead grinned slyly. With one quick move with his hand, he threw one of his daggers at the rope and it fell ontop of the guards. The six of them ran past the guards and out the kingdom gates.


Ajax's group were running in the streets when Ajax was grabbed by a guard and held back. One of the sailors stopped and looked back.

"Don't worry about me, just keep going, get out of the kingdom and look for the others!!!!" he yelled. The sailor did as he was told and ran.

"So Ajax we meet again" said the guard. As Ajax struggled to get away.

"Nice to see you too General. Cross your legs and smile" Ajax moved his leg quickly and kicked the general right in the forbidden zone. The general yelped and let go and held his groin in pain. Ajax ran a few meters and turned around.

"Man that must have felt good" he grinned sarcastically. And quickly ran out of the kingdom to find the others.


Dash and her group were doing well, no one had found them yet and they were back at the wall that led to outside the kingdom. The five mice climbed up the ropes and down the other side. Dash stood on the wall for a second and looked around to make sure she wasn't followed. She heard a noise and beside her was the man with the patch over his eye.

"Do you honestly think you can get away?" he smiled evilly.

"Dash! Jump!" came a voice below her. It was Alex.

"No, run and find the others. Go now!" she yelled. Alex and the other mice nodded and ran into the forest.

"Now it's just you and me Dash" he growled. He grabbed his sword and brought it out in front of him. Dash did the same and got ready for the attack.

The man swung his sword at her, but she jumped out of the way and swung her's up to block. He did it again and she swung her sword at him, but he blocked it with his. This kept up for a while. He slashed his sword at her legs. She jumped and dodged as he swung at her neck. As his arms were up in the air ready to attack again she slashed her sword to his side. He yelled in pain as his blood fall onto the wall. Unfortunately the cut wasn't deep enough to kill but it would be a while before he would be able to fight properly again. As he fell his sword came in contact with her upper arm. Slicing a deep cut across it. Dash knew that it was time to go and put her sword away and jumped down to the ground clutching her wound as she ran into the forest.


"Where is she?" Lead asked the rest of the group at the meeting point.

"I don't know, but I don't like it one bit" growled Stele. Fang and Ajax nodded. They all heard a noise coming from the bushes. They grabbed their swords ready to attack and the figure came out into the moonlight.

"Dash! Oh thank god your alright" smiled Fang as he and the others put their swords away. Dash stumbled towards them and collapsed onto the ground. The five followers ran up to her. Lead picked her up in his arms and they looked at the damage.

"She's got a sword cut on her armlooks deepand she has lost a lot of blood" said Fang. One of the female outsiders untied her bandanna and walked over to the wounded female.

"Here, tie this around her arm. When we get to where you live I will look at her wound more closely and mend it," she said as she tied the bandanna around the cut.

"You're a doctor?" Asked Ajax. The tan female nodded.

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets get moving" and with that the whole group ran through the forest towards the Jedi village.


"YOU LET THEM GET AWAY!!" yelled the king at the man who attacked Dash. "You said you were positive that they wouldn't escape!!"

"I'm sorry sir, I promise you they will not escape again."

The king turns from the man to the window and looks out. "For you sake Scar they better not! Now get out of my sight before I decide to hang you." Scar bows and trots out of the room. Scar stops a fair way down the hallway and looks down at his wound.

"Dash; now it's personal!!!!"


Early the next morning Dash woke up and found herself inside her hut, on her bed. She sat up and looked at her wound. It had been properly looked after and had a bandage around it stained with blood. She moved her arm a bit and winced at a sharp pain she had. `Damn that creep' she thought `who was he anyway?' Suddenly she notices a small child enter her hut. The child was a small red fox with black on the end of her tail. The child smiled as she saw her leader awake and trotted over to her. Dash sat on the edge of her bed and looked down at her young friend.

"Fweeling betta?" the girl asks as Dash picked her up. She put the young fox on her lap and looked at the bandage. She then smiled down at the child.

"To tell you the truth, I have been better."

"Boo boo hurt?" Dash nodded,

"Only a little bit, but I'll be fine." The fox grinned and hugged her around her neck. Dash returned the hug warmly.

"You gonna come outside and say hewwo?"

"Yeah I might as well" Dash picked up the young fox and walked out of her hut, to be greeted by smiling faces.

"Dash! It's good to see you up and about" smiled Lead.

"You guys should know that no body can defeat the great and powerful Dash" she chuckled. The others laughed.

Some of the outsiders heard what was going on and walked up and smiled as they saw the leader of their new rivals safe and well. The captain of the new ship walked up to her with some of his crew following. Two of them were Brian and Alex.

Dash and the other Jedi's turned to them and smiled.

"Dash, we are happy to see that you are alright. We owe you and your people a great dept in saving us" smiled Skipper as he and dash shock hands.

"Think nothing of it. I will do anything to make sure Jeffery doesn't get what he wants."

"By the way dash, my name is Skipper and this is Alex, Brain, Gizmo and Amber" Skipper pointed to his crewmembers. Who smiled in return.

"So what happens now?" asked Amber. Dash and the other Jedi's smile.

"We get ready for what we do everynight when we have a successful mission."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"WE PARTY!" the Jedi's yelled, startling the newcomers. Gizmo looked at Brian and Alex with a smile.

"You know, I think I'm gonna like it here." Brian and Alex nodded.


That night the village was filled with happy Jedi's and sailors dancing and having fun. The light from the lamps glistened in the moonlight. A great bomb fire was in the middle of the village. Around it, people were dancing, drinking, talking, and laughing. Dash and Skipper sat near the fire talking with mugs of beer in their hands. Skipper was telling her of what was happening outside the war, and why they were in this ocean in the first place.

"...So after hearing about the war starting in the East, we set off to fight. But we got caught in the storm and came here" Skipper explained as he drank some of his beer.

"Who are the martins outside fighting against?"

"They're called Plutarkians. There fish from the planet Plutark. They came to Mars to strip it of its natural resources. It used to be a lush paradise like this island, but now it's a desert, with only a little green left."

"That's bad. Is there any way to stop them?"

"Martians from all over Mars are fighting right now in the war. They need their help, that's why we have to go back."

Dash looked at the bomb fire and at the people dancing and having a good time. "I think I know of someone who knows how to get you back. And anyone else who wishes to go back to the outside are free to do so."

"You do? Man that great. Hey you know, you will be able to come back too." Dash shock her head.

"No I don't belong out there. I have lived here too long and I won't be of any use out there. Besides, someone has to fight against Jeffery. And save people from him when they come to the island." Skipper looked at her sadly.

"What makes you think they all wanna go back?"

Dash looked at him and smiled a bit "hey if you were trapped on a island away from the rest of your family, wouldn't you?" Skipper looked towards the dancing martins.

"They won't wanna leave you"

"Yes they will. I'm just a kid who leads them. There all sick of me by now. We shouldn't be sad about everything we should sing and celebrate a job well done! "

Music began to play and a lone voice began singing to the music. Stele stood with some of his friends and began to sing

"You see with positive minds

We create positive vibes

And with these positive vibes

We create positive lives

So if there's something that ya want

You know you gotta get it

Don't ever forget it

Coz some day you will regret it


So keep on pushin' for em

Cos your dreams are your dreams

And no matter what how it seams

There will always be your means

To get what you want

Yo and where you're going to

Now what ya gonna do I will leave that up to you

Another male's voice came out of the crowd Lead standing with a bunch of his female friends.

We're gonna keep it goin' now

Take it to the top now

Never gonna stop

Even if we start to drop now

Here we go again y'all

Can you get with this flow

Never wanna go slow so

The rest of the Jedi's around the bomb fire joined in. Singing with strong voices and smiles on their faces.

How D'ya feel

You wanna feel alright

Here's the deal

We got pure delight

Alllllllllright, its allllllllllllright


Wake you up until the morning light

Shake yo up before you sleep at night

You wanna feel alllllllllllright

You got pure delight

Another male's voice entered the song. It was Ajax.

They say I'm greedy but I still want more

What you don't need to know

I keep behind closed doors

Cos everything I buy can't can`t be sold

And everything I touch turns to gold

The newcomers smiled as the song filled the whole village.

You see because I'm better than the

next man

I shine above all those who try to put

Me down

And pass it to the next man

Who's the best man for keepin it tight

Next time it comes around

Make sure you do it right

Lead began singing again. With smiling faces all around him.

We're gonna keep it goin' now

Take it to the top now

Never gonna stop

Even if we start to drop now

Here we go again y'all

Can you get with this flow

Never wanna go slow so

All the Jedi's again began singing.

How D'ya feel

You wanna feel alright

Here's the deal

We got pure delight

Alllllllllright, its allllllllllllright

Lead places his arms around two of his female friends as they sang.

Wake you up until the morning light

Shake yo up before you sleep at night

You wanna feel alllllllllllright

You got pure delight


Alllllright, its alllllright

Fang danced around with a female wolf.

Wake you up until the morning light

Shake yo up before you sleep at night

You wanna feel alllllllllllright

You got pure delight

A female Jedi grabbed Brian and they began to dance.

How D'ya feel

You wanna feel alright

Here's the deal

We got pure delight

Alllllllllright, its allllllllllllright

Dash looked around at all the smiling faces and knew that all of them were her best friends. And would do anything to protect them and make sure they get what they wantTo go home.

Wake you up until the morning light

Shake yo up before you sleep at night

You wanna feel alllllllllllright

You got pure delight

They all cheered and laughed as the song ended. Dash sighed and smiled warmly at Skipper. Skipper returned the smile.

"I didn't know that Jedi's could sing so well."

"Singing is not the only thing they do well Skipp. They are all great fighters and will do well in the war outside the storm." Skipper turned back to the Jedi's and his crew with a smile.

"Where is your friend that you think knows the way home?"

"Over that mountain" she said pointing to a extremely large mountain with a strange sky over it.

"It looks like the sky over there is on fire or something," Skipper said

"Up there, there is a temple, where my teacher is trapped. A witch trapped him there, but she disappeared and no one has been able to save him. If you wanna go back you have to rescue him."

"We will do anything to get back to the outside. Do you have a map we can use to get there? We will leave in the morning."

Dash shock her head "I will not allow you and your crew to go alone. There are dangers on this island that you know nothing about. You don't know which creatures and plants are dangerous to you. We will leave the day after tomorrow. That way we can get ready and I can get a group of Jedi's ready to come along."

Skipper agreed. They were strangers to this island and knew nothing of this island.

"The journey to the mountain is a long one, do you think your crew is ready?"

"I will only take a small amount of my crew, the rest will stay here with the other Jedi's. I believe that they will have no problem traveling."

Dash smiled again at him. She turned to Ajax, Fang, lead and Stele and yelled "Don't get too drunk you four." The four of them looked at her and smiled.

"TOO LATE!" they yelled and laughed. Skipper chuckled softly at the Jedi leaders tired expression. "Boys will be boys."

She laughed "Your right there."

"Hey how's your arm?"

`It's alright, just a bit stiff but I will be ok in the morning. Your doctor was giving me a hard time today. Trying to get me to rest in bed."

"Ah well Chancy always takes care of her patients. Even if it means tying them to the bed."

"Hmmm sounds like Phil" Dash chuckled

"Phil? I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him"

"Trust me you don't wanna meet him"

"Is he as bad as Chancy?"

"Worse, he worries too much about my decisions and tries his best to look after me. I know he means well but hey it gets annoying sometimes."

"All's fair in love and war" Skipper closed his eyes and smiled.


Many of the Jedi's and crewmembers stayed up late that night, as the party got more and more exciting. As usual people got drunk. But none more than Alex, Ajax, Lead, Brian, Gizmo, Fang and Stele. Dash had grabbed Alex and was dragging him to the hut in which he was staying. Along the way he was quoting from Shakespeare's hamlet.

"To be or not to *hic * be that is the hic* question."

Although Dash had never heard of Shakespeare she thought he was just going crazy when drunk. She was only a little drunk. She was mostly talking with Skipper and became good friends with him. They came to the hut and by this time Alex was singing the song the Jedi's were singing earlier in the night. She walked in with him and lied him on the bed. She was used to the attitude of the dunk. Since she normally has to drag Ajax and the others to bed. She has heard of the strangest things from them.

She took off his boots and lied them next to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the blankets over him. Just as she was about to go, he grabbed her and pulled her down to him. He pressed his lips against hers and began to kiss her. Dash accidentally opened her mouth and Alex thought of that as an invitation and slowly darted his tongue into her mouth. Caressing his against her's.

`Oh no not again' she thought. She tried to get away but he had a strong grip on her and she didn't want to hurt him. So she waited until he ran out of air and she finally sat up. He had collapsed on the bed and was fast asleep.

`If only I had a penny for how many times that has happened to me' she thought to herself, shaking her head. "And he will forget all about it in the morning." She got up and walked out of the hut to hers. Not noticing that a figure was watching her. Brian stood on the other side of the window and watched her leave. He had seen what his best friend had done and heard what she had said. He wasn't as drunk as people thought and he does remember what happens while he's drunk. He walked down to his hut wondering what Alex is going to say when he tells him what he did in the morning.


"I DID WHAT!!" Alex was shocked at the news of what he did that past night. Brian had come in to see if he was awake, and told Alex what he had done to Dash.

"And she didn't look happy either bro. Although she didn't sound all to shocked either." Alex sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. He had a major headache and was starting to turn green under his white fur. The painkillers were doing their job extremely slowly. And now he found out that he kissed the leader of the Jedi knights.

This was not going to be a good day.

"Also I better tell ya that we have been chosen to go with Skip and Dash to the temple on the mountain, to find a way back home."

"Man I don't need this right now"

"Well tough cookies bro. We have to go to the center of the village and meet up with Dash and Skipp and the others who will be going."

Alex groaned "please don't say cockies, wait!" he lifted his head up "Dash is going to be there?"

"Well yeah bro. She and some of her followers are coming along to help out."

"Awww man I can't go out there. What will she say when she sees me? She wouldn't want anything to do with me. Not to mention she might wanna kill me for what I did last night."

"Bro. Do you have feelings for Miss Dash?" asked Brian as he sat on the side of the bed beside his friend. Alex placed his head in his hands and nodded.

"Well bro. Tell her how you feel. Maybe she won't be mad at you. Come on bro. we will be late."

The two of them got up and walked out of the hut towards the center of the village where all the martinis who were going on the journey were standing. Alex saw Dash happily talking to Skipper.

Brian pushed him a bit towards her "come on bro you gotta do it." Alex gulped and began walking towards her. He walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

"Um Dash can I talk to you for a minute?" Dash nodded and walked over with him.

"What's up?" she aked casually.

"Well I wanted to talk to you about last night, and what I did." Dash looked at him shocked. "The kiss I mean:"

"Yes I know what you're talking about, but I didn't expect you to remember it."

"Brain saw us and he told me this morning. Anyway I want to apologize for my actions last night. I hope you can forgive me." He bowed his head and looked at his feet. Dash placed her hand under his chin and moved it up so she was able to look at him in the eye.

"You are forgiven. And I was kinda expecting it."

"Expecting it?"

Dash nodded. "When you have as many drunk male mice as I do, you sometimes get a few kisses or outbursts of feelings here and there. It's just that they mostly don't remember what happens. I don't wanna worry them so I don't mention it and go on as if nothing had happen."

"Oh" was all he was able to say when Skipper called her over to start talking about getting maps and equipment ready for the journey. Alex watched as she walked away and a heavy hand was placed on his shoulder. He turned to see Brian standing there.

"Did you tell her?" he asked

"Yeah I told her about me being sorry for what I did last night."

"No I mean about your feelings for her." Alex shock his head.

"Bro you should tell her. Girls like that."

Alex gave him a small smile "maybe so but she's not like most girls. She's different somehow." Brian looked at him puzzled

"How do you know?"

"I don't know, it's just a strong feeling I have."

"Feeling you have of what?" asked a voice. They turned around to see Gizmo walking up to them.

"Nothing" and Alex walked way. Gizmo looked at Brian with the same puzzled look that he had a minute ago.

"It seams that our friend here has feelings for a lady."

"Oh yeah? Who?" Gizmo asked. Brian placed his arm around the shorter mouse's shoulders.

"Ah sorry bro, but that's classified."

"Oh man you guys never tell me anything." Brian looked down at the shorter mouse as he crosses his arms.

"Don't worry bro. I'll tell you all about it later when you get older." Brian chuckled.

End of Part 1

Will the Jedi's be able to rescue Dash's trapped teacher in the temple?

What kind of adventures will they have along the way?

Will Scar seek revenge on Dash?

Will Gizmo ever find out what Brian and Alex were talking about?

And will all the Jedi's leave Atlantis and go back to the outside world, Leaving Dash behind to continue fighting the evil king?

Stay tuned for the next part of Atlantis "The journey begins"