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By Morning 1999

"Stop, Sammy I wanna knock down da Tower!"

"No! It's my turn. You knockeded it down two times already!"

"So, dere my blocks and my daddy is da biker mice!"

"I don't care you don't play fair! I'm not your friend and I wanna go home!"

The two little voices squabbled.

"Okay ladies that's just about enough. Zoey if you can't share with Samantha she won't want to come and play with you. Friends share, remember what Daddy told you?"

"Yes Mommy, always treat a bro right. I'm sorry Sammy. You can have a turn."

"Thanks Zoey you are my bestest best friend."

With the crisis ended Charley smiled and went back inside to finish her chores. But as the two little ones continued their playing they were unaware of the eyes of danger watching their every move.

Charley had left the garage door up thinking it would be safe with her just inside. Zoey couldn't go out much in the daytime with out all the things it took to hide her appearance. Since not many people lived in her part of town, thanks to Limburger, she was pretty confident of their safety.

Samantha was the daughter of Chase, Charlie's life long friend and the only other human she'd dare trust to tell her secret other than Jack. Having a Martian father and being part Martian herself made life lonely at times for Zoey but having Samantha as her friend helped so much.

As the two little girls played the strange eyes skulked closer to the opened doorway. Checking to make sure no adults were around he quietly slipped in and with out startling the children spoke melodiously seeking to gain their confidence.

"Hi there little ladies are we having fun." The sinister stranger asked.

The children both looked up and at first said nothing wondering who he was.

"You aren't suppose to be in here. I don't know you." Zoey said putting a hand on her tiny hips.

"But Zoey he is a mice like you and your daddy" Samantha said noticing the stranger was a Martian mouse.

He was the snow-white color of Vinnie and that's where the resemblance ended. His eyes were a cruel blood red; his smile dripped of evil intentions and long white hair hung down his back almost to his waist gathered into a long braid. He was dressed in a full-length black leather coat that practically reached the ground and this only added to his eerie appearance

But his voice was low and pleasant to a child's ears.

" That's right little one I'm a friend of your daddy's. I know you, your mommy Charley and even your uncle Throttle and Modo. In fact your daddy sent me to get you. He said that I should come and bring you to him right away." He inched closer.

"Why didn't he call my mommy on the radio?" Zoey asked suspiciously but almost believing the strangers lie.

"Well umm.because he was hurt and that's way he sent me to get you. He wanted you to come help him and not worry your mother."

He smiled knowing he was just about to win her over. Samantha back away as he got closer still not completely convinced of his lie pulling Zoey with her.

"Zoey you better call your mommy?" She whispers getting more and more frighten.

Before either child could do anything the mouse lugged and grabbed Zoey pushing Samantha down. He bolted out of the garage with the kicking struggling child in his arms.

"Auntie Charley! Auntie Charley! A big mouse just took Zoey come quick! Auntie Charley!" Samantha scrambled off the floor ran screaming for Charley.

An ice cold Panic filled Charlie's heart at the sound of the screams. She flew out only to see the white mouse pounce on his bike with her daughter struggling in his grasp.

"No! No! Not again, I won't let it happen again." Charley screamed at the kidnapper. She grabbed hold of his coat fighting savagely trying to save her child. But she was no match for the muscular mouse and he easily pushed her out of the way and took off with terrified Zoey screaming and kicking wildly.

Samantha crying went to Charlie's side seeing there was nothing she could do to help her best friend. Charley sat on the ground holding the frightened little girl watching her own baby being spirited away and not being able to stop what was happening.

At that moment Vinnie, Modo and Throttle came tearing down the street.
Vinnie jumped off his bike running to his wife. Trying to find out what had just happened.

"He's got her! That way, stop him! Vinnie he's got our baby!"

Vinnie turned to see the trail of the smoke left by the abductor. Took off after him with Modo and Throttle close behind him. They practically flew in the direction Charley had indicated and soon saw the huge black and gold bike of the strange white mouse.

Vinnie didn't know what to do, he saw Zoey's small feet kicking violently and he could her screams. How could he stop this maniac from taking his child with out getting her hurt or worst? No wild stunts for this one, nothing that might in danger his precious baby's life. He could only look to Throttle hoping he had some kind of a plan for all of this.

Throttle realized his bro was depending on him now more than any other time in his life, he had to think of a way to rescue the child and do it with out getting her killed. Braking out in a cold sweat trying to think of something, anything to rescue the life that was more precious to him than his own.

The depraved white mouse boasted loudly how he knew Limburger was going to pay him a pretty price for the return of his property. The mention of Limburger's name gripped Zoey's little heart filling her with a horror beyond words.

"No!" She wasn't going back there back to the pain, away from her mommy and daddy. She wasn't going to let this bad mouse take her there.
She had to get away. She had to stop and think, be like mommy. Then looking around she noticed he only had one hand around her and he wasn't using his tail to secure her.

The Bikermice caught up and surround the strange mouse but he knew they would do nothing as long as he had Zoey.

"Back off bros. if you don't want me to make this uglier than it has to be."
His voice letting them knows he would make true the threat. That the child 's life meant nothing to him.

Seeing her father and uncles surround them, Zoey picked just that moment to bite down hard on the hand holding her around the waist wiggling out of his grasp she jumped off the bike.

ZOEY NO!! Vinnie yelled terrified at the site of her little body hitting the street tumbling to a motionless stop.

Vinnie screeched to a halt just inch from his baby. Got off his bike and falling to his knees grabbed her up, she wasn't breathing.

Modo and Throttle chased the mysterious mouse a short distance but gave up and went back to see how badly Zoey was hurt.

The little figure lay still in her father's shaking arms. He not knowing what else to do. Modo seeing the lifeless little girl flew off his bike snatched Zoey from Vinnie and lay her on the ground. He tilled her head back, opened her mouth and began puffing small amounts of air into her lungs. Then stopping he pressed on her chest counting silently. He repeated this a number of times. Vinnie hadn't a clue to what Modo was doing but trusted the life of his daughter to the big mouse.

At first nothing, Vinnie's head fell into his hands his heart falling into a million pieces at the apparent lost of his only child. Then he heard a soft coughing sound. Zoey began breathing on her own, than slowly back to consciousness. Modo picked her up and handed her to her father.

Giving him a weak smile she said, "See Daddy I'm a bad mammy jammy too."

"Yeah baby the sweetest piece of velocity atrocity this side of Mars." Vinnie sighed as he held his daughter closer not letting her see the tears in his eyes.
He reached over took the hand of his friend and could only whisper a more than grateful, "Thanks Bro."

Back at the Garage:

Charley hadn't moved, she and Samantha sat on the curb waiting.

"Don't worry Auntie Charley you member they are the Biker Mice from Mars. They will save Zoey. Like Unca Vinnie says they're heroes"

Charley put an arm around the brave little shoulders and smiled giving Samantha a hug of thanks.

Then Chase drove up and ran out of truck knowing something was very wrong seeing them sitting there. She saw a look in Charlie's face any mother could recognize. Fear!

"What happened Charley? Where's Zoey? Chase questioned picking up her own shaken daughter.

Before Charley could begin to explain her heart stopped as she heard the sound of the guy's bikes coming back and the blessed feeling of relief at the sight of her daughter safe in her father's arms. Zoey was covered with dirt, her clothes wear torn and she was bruised from head to toe. But she was safe.

Chase being a register nurse gave Zoey a good looking over since taking her to a doctor or hospital was out of the question.

"From what I can tell she looks okay, a few bumps and bruises but I think with a little TLC and a few brightly colored bandages she will pull through."

Charley took care of hurts and bumps with Samantha helping to put on Zoey's bandages, happy to have her best friend back. Then tucking them both into Zoey's bed let the children get a much-needed rest.

They held each other's hand tightly as each little girl got a kiss of a secure promise from their mothers that they would be safe and could sleep unafraid.
Throttle stood at the door watching the women tends to their children and could only feel like his life was missing something. Man, did he miss Carbine at that moment.

"Why don't you ladies go on down to the garage I think I know a something that will help two little Bikermice settle in." He said as he put an arm around the two women and escorted them out of the room.

Then sitting on the end of the bed he gave them each an extra tuck of the covers and began singing. From the other side of the door the two women could hear a low male voice sing in a beautiful tone, in a language they had never heard. Smiling at each other they left him to continue.

"Who was that guy? How would he even know about Zoey and what could he have wanted with her." Vinnie fumed as he slammed his fist down on the table.

"Easy Love don't worry we'll find out. We are just going to have to be super careful until we know what's goin on." Charley put a supportive arm around her husband's waist.

"Yeah bro we will do what ever we have to keep our baby safe." Modo added his guarantee.

Modo walked over to Chase and put a strong arm around her. She simply smiled and allowed herself the support offered, laying her head on his chest.

"Played hero again huh Big fella? Zoey told us what you did. If it wasn't for you she would have died." Chase reaches up and kisses his cheek.

" Not really just being there for my bros. is all. If it wasn't for that stuff you taught me I couldn't have done anything." Modo gives her a gentle squeeze.

Charley walks up to both of them and gives them a joint hug.

"Thank you both for our baby's life. You know there is no way to really say how we feel. We love you both so much." Charley said knowing what a rare and precious gift she had in their friendship.

Vinnie looks into the faces of the human/ Martian couple with a look that said all he felt. It was enough.

To be continued(Maybe)