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A romance yes, but of a very special kind.
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By Morning


Throttle hadn't spent much time with new his daughter.
Seems like as soon as she was born he had another mission and had been so busy ever since.

But tonight he made time to get to know the new addition to their family.
Charley more than needed the break, she being the almost perfect mother and not complaining at all with him not being there.

Having the baby hadn't been real easy for her, not that having kids ever is but he never realizes how much of an ordeal it was.
Throttle chuckled as he remembers the strength his wife had when the contraction started coming closer. Man! She almost broke his hand and the rather colorful names she'd called him she's still apologizing for.
But he would never forget the moment when he first saw his beautiful daughter. The realization that his life was now everything he could have wish life could be more or less.

His thoughts were suddenly interpreted by the tiny soft cooing sounds that came from the little cradle that sat in the corner of their room.

Suddenly a kind of fear filled him. Charley wasn't there. Shelley and Paul were out for the evening as well. It was just he and little Miss Era Davidson.
He walked over to the cradle and just stared at the little bundle.

"I never realized she was so tiny before. It looks like if I don't do this just right I'll break her. What was I thinking? Charley where are you? Help!"

Throttle the unofficial leader of the Freedom Fighters, scourge of the whole Plutarkian Empire was now ready to pass out at the thought of being alone with one small baby.

"Okay Charley said if I'm nervous picking her up she'll start crying. Oh please don't let that happen."

Throttle continued to stand at the cradle afraid to do anything. Then as he looked into the eyes of her chubby sweet face and saw for the first time a smile that stole his heart. Slowly he put his hand into the cradle and she grabbed his finger.

What he felt at that moment was not something any words can describe.
He picked her up gently but firmly, then carried her over to the bed holding her in his massive muscular arms.

She didn't cry but cooed softly as tiny hands touched daddy's face.
He didn't have his specks on; he wanted to look at her through his own eyes and wanted her to see him. Throttle kissed his baby girl on the top of her head and snuggled her tummy, making Era giggle softly the way babies do when their world is safe, secure, and filled with love.

The sweet smoky voice that had made many a young female swoon was now being use to capture one very special heart.

"You know little one your daddy isn't one for too many words. I just want you to always know that as long as I can I am going to try and make your life better than mine has been. Not only you but your brother and sister too.
We are all family now and daddy is going to be here to protect his girls.
Because I love you all more than I could ever say. More than any one could."

Throttle paused as he brushed his hand ever so gently through the curly mop of brown hair.

"I don't know what I did in my life to deserve you, I probably don't, but I will be forever grateful for seeing you smile and being able to hold you close."

Throttle could feel the warm tears slowly stream down his cheeks.

"Thank you Charlene for this little part of forever you have given me. I love you."

Era now looks at her father smiling as if she could understand every word he said. He still watches her not believing completely that his life would have turned out this close to perfection. He cradles her securely in his arms and just lies there listening to her coos and giggles.

A little while later:

Out side of their quarters Charley gave Sarni and Sliverdawn a big hug of thanks for taking her out for the evening.

"How do you think he did? I remember when I left Modo alone with Ashes for the first time." Sarni teased rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

"Well I don't see the medics here and it sounds quiet enough so I guess they survived. But if I don't get in there and feed little miss freedom fighter I am going to explode." Charley chuckled as her body tells her it's Era's feeding time.

"Can I just take a quick peek I haven't seen my granddaughter for almost 3 hours?" Sliverdawn said in a pleading I'm the grandmother so you have to let me, voice.

"Sure come on in she's got to eat anyway." Charley said happy for so much love from the family she now embraces.

The ladies stayed in the living room as Charley check to make sure that it was okay for them to see the baby.

As she opened the bedroom door she stood and smiled at the sight that greeted her. Charley couldn't resist, she walked back got Sliverdawn and Sarni to share the once in a life time scene that was too precious to miss.

As the women quietly peek into the room they all smiled at the sight of Throttle lying on the bed sound asleep cradling little Era in his arms.
Era awake and playing contently.

Charley picks the baby up as says to her, "Hey sweetie pie you taking good care of daddy?"

She gives Era to her grandmother then goes back to the sleeping Throttle, pulls the covers over her husband and after brushing his hair out of his face she kisses him gentle, saying "Ride free big bad biker mouse. I love you."

The End