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I heard the song and it just sounded like it needed a Charley, Vinnie story to go with it. (This is not related to any other story)

More than Meets the Eye

By Morning


Song by Cline Dion

The words poured loud and clear into Charlene Davidson's mind. They were saying just what she was feeling and it was as if someone understood what she was going through.
The strong female voice pounded out what she wish she could say to all that had decided to try and run her life

People are sayin'
That boy is gonna hurt you
His kind of love is not for real
He's only playin'
Foolin' with your heart girl
But I know how he makes me feel
And I don't need any other proof
They just don't understand
They don't know the truth

Even her best friend was giving her grief. Chase and Charley had been friends since fourth grade. They had shared everything from their first steps into womanhood at 14 to their first kiss and everything in between.

Charley could still remember the look on her best friend's face and the time it took to revive her when she was first introduced the guys, without helmets. But as usual Chase took it all in stride. In fact she even had an attraction for Modo, so the whole alien thing wasn't the problem.

Momma says he's bad for me
Poppa says I'll be sorry
Everybody's talkin' my baby down
And all my friends doubt him
Tell me I should live without him
Everybody is talkin my baby down

The week old argument was still fresh in her mind. Charley let her best friend know she and Vinnie were getting seriously involved.


"You just don't see the part of Vinnie I do, Chase."

"Oh and just which part is that? The part that flirts with every female in the known universe, mouse or not. The part that can't see anything past that monster size ego or the part that tries to kill himself at any given moment just for the thrill of it. Exactly which part do I fail to see."

"I know, I know, but he's more than those things, he can be sweet, caring, and loving. I have never felt this much for anyone in my life and he feels the same"

"Yeah right Charley, until he has to take his tail back to Mars and you're just another notch on his belt. The stupid little grease monkey who he killed some time with. "

Chase saw the hurt look on Charley face and felt like she'd said too much

"Don't get me wrong I do like the guy. I think he's is fun in a crazy sort of way but, he is no one to get serious about. Look, you are as close to a sister as I am going to get and I just don't want you to be hurt. Let him go Charley. He just isn't right for you."

Charley sighed as she stares at the picture of Vinnie sitting on the dresser, her mind slipping back to the present. It seemed like no one was on her side on this, even Modo and Throttle sort of warned her about Vinnie's unstable personality and his reputation with women all over the galaxy.

He's not like all the others
Nobody wants to see it
They don't even wanna try
Judge a book by its cover
And you'll never know the story
There's so much more than
Meets the eye
Oh and I know his heart is true
I don't need anyone
To tell me what to do

What about her family? Never mind the fact that his wasn't quiet human and not exactly from this area or even this planet. They weren't that crazy about interracial couples when they were both human. No, this they would never understand little more accept.

My sisters and my brothers
Tell me I should find another
Everybody's talkin my baby down

She picks up the picture of Vinnie, traces the face with one finger and smiles warmly.

Oh but they can't feel his touch
They can't feel his kiss
They don't know what it's like
To be loved like this
I don't care about their point of view
Cause it's understood
When the love is good
Nothin' else is gonna do.

Nothing else was gonna do, she loved him, crazy, ego, macho and all. The portions of Vinnie's soul he shared with her, was her reason to get up in the morning and sleep at night.

No they don't know what
He's all about
Everybody just wants to talk
My baby down
No they can't see that his
Heart is gold
Everybody wants to treat my baby
so cold, so cold.

Still was following her hearts guidance, trusting in all the things that he said going to make her the world's biggest fool? She heard the sound of his bike pull up. Charley flips off the CD player, puts the picture back in its place and walked down to meet him.

"Ready to go Sweet Thing. Your chariot awaits." Vinnie at first was all smiles then notices the sorrow in her face behind her forced smile.

"You okay babe?" His voice concerned.

"Yeah I guess I'm okay really, I just need to get out of here, get some air."

Charley sat in her usual place behind him but he could feel her hug him just a little tighter. Like she needed to hold on to him for more than the security of not being tossed off. They rode silently throughout the warm night air. After a bit he stopped in a special place he was saving to show her on a different occasion but he felt she needed to be there now.

Charley slowly gets off the bike and smiles as she gazes at the beauty that her city still had and the fact that he could find it. She walks a small distance and stands watching the lights. Vinnie steps up behind her just close enough to let her know he was there. She leans back resting herself against him and he embraces her.

"Charlene, I'm no good at saying the right things like Throttle or showing my feeling like Modo. But you know I'll never hurt you. I act a little crazy sometimes, well most of the time but don't be afraid. I know it's hard but trust how I feel about you, please." His voice tender and imploring her faith in him.

Charley whispers a small thank you. It was what she needed to hear. Just the way only he could say it. She turns facing him with tears, lovingly gazing into the alien face of the one whom now completely possesses her heart. Losing herself in his cherishing pink eyes she feels safe, happy and complete.

The End