Okay here we go you already know I don't own the BMFM. You also know I am not getting on red cent for writing this. Hey if I get anyone to read it I'll be happy.
It's just a fun fic nothing deep or angst filled. It came about after I listened to a wonderful song by Christopher Cross from his "Walking in Avalon" CD. Of course he might be a bit before your time but he is a fabulous singer and song writer. And if by some strange quirk in the space time continuum his get to see this please don't sue me Mr. Cross for using your song without your permission. I'm only a lowly middle age woman having a little fun. One more thing if I have made any typing, grammatical, or spelling blunders I do apologize. ****My Bad****

Kind of I Love You

Yes it's a romance but it's what I love writing

By Morning

Vinnie cruised over toward the garage not thinking of much except spending time with Charlene Davidson the young beautiful earth woman who had turns his world upside down. He tried for a year to convince himself that what he felt for her was no different from the number of other women he dealt with in the past. Well all except Harley but after losing her he wasn't about to risk that kind of heartache ever happening again. He made up excuses and attempted to lie to his heart trying desperately not to think or even imagine Charley could mean anything more than a simple fling. But there was one thing about the heart whether Martian or Terran it can't be lied to or run away from.

As his bike pulled up closer to the garage a familiar unwanted sight caught his attention. The high tech cycle of Asphalt Jack McCyber was park right out side of Charlie's place.
He turned off his motor and coasted closer to the side of the garage deciding to see what was going on by looking through the window. Even as he quietly stole closer to peek inside he couldn't believe he was doing something so childish even for him.

As he looked in and could see Charley was standing with her arms around the neck of the tall red haired bane of his existence and Jack was holding her just as affectionately. Not that it meant anything but still it made him feel kind of nervous every time he saw them having too much body contact. Besides Charley was a grown woman and entitled to hug any one she wanted but if he really felt that way then why did he have the overwhelming urge to give Mc Cyber a one way trip through Limburgers transport machine to universes unknown.

"Your gonna lose her bro!" Came an unexpected voice that practically made Vinnie's heart skip a couple of beats. He whirled around ready to put who ever it was through the nearest wall but stopped short looking at his tan furred bro. "Man, Throttle you just about gave me a heart attack." He fumed trying to not show just how embarrassed he was.

"The heart attack you got comin' bro isn't gonna to come from me. You keep pussy-footin' around and Mc Cyber is going to sweep Charley girl off her feet and right outta your life." Throttle said smirking slightly at Vinnie's guilt ridden expression.

Even if Vinnie won't admit it Throttle knew he was head over heels in love with Charley and that she would be the best thing for his reluctant friend. But just as Vinnie always did when any woman got to close he was going to miss out, scared that it will be a repeat of Harley.

"Whatcha talkin' about Man? Charley is crazy about me and she'll be there when ever I want her that is if I actually wanted her that way." The white mouse boosted unconvincingly.

"Okay Vin if you say so." Throttle shook his head as he looked back into the window and then at his younger bro. "You just keep thinking that. Charley is one fabulous wonderful girl and if you think she's gonna wait around until you make up your mind, my brother you have another think comin'."

Vinnie stood looking at the ground and Throttle left him to join the others in the garage.
The white mouse suddenly felt the need to get on his bike and get out of there. He hopped back on his cycle and tore off back to the scoreboard.

Modo hadn't left yet and saw Vinnie had come back much too soon. "What happen Vin Charley wasn't there?"

"Yeah she was there alright. Her and that pain Mc Cyber." Vinnie lamented.

"OOOH." Modo smiled as he ready himself to go to Charlie's.

"OH WHAT?" Vinnie glared at him.

"Nothin." The gray mouse snickered as he put his helmet on and began to leave. "Nothin except if you don't watch out Mc Cyber will be movin' his bike into Charlie's garage permanently." Before Vinnie could react Modo was out the door.

Vinnie fumed kicking the nearest piece of furniture, which happened to be a table on which sat a picture of Charley that went flying to the floor. He breathed a sadden sigh and went to pick it up staring at her face and those mesmerizing green eyes. Holding the picture he walked over and clicks on the radio not really paying attention to the station and flopped onto his hammock.

Music came out that he would have under any other circumstances changed in a blink but for some reason he just let it play.

I've been thinkin' how to say
What I think I'm suppose to say
To make you sure that I am worth your time
Your friends all tell you it's not true
I've got no business here with you
I'm just not the man they had in mind

"Yeah so what else is new." He grumbled answering back at the song not taking his eyes off Charlie's picture.

They maybe right but it's too late now
I want you but I don't know how
And I want you to see the best in me
So baby turn the lights down low
Won't you hold me, kiss me, love me, please me
Tell me I'm the prefect man
But if you ask me how I feel about you
It's kind of hard to understand

It's kind of I love you-It's kind of I need you
It's kind of I want you - It's kind of I don't know what I want
It's kind of I love you- It's kind of I need you
It's kind of I want you-It's kind of I don't know who I am

"Exactly bro. Man! Have you hit the nail on the head." Vinnie chuckled actually starting to enjoy the music well the words anyhow.

All my life I've spent my time
Falling in and out of love
And I always run when I find me one
I'm supposed to see the meaning of
While I'm trying to fill a grown man's shoes
I hope I don't turn away from you
But if I screw this up forgive me
It's really the best I can do.

Vinnie wondered what Charlie's reaction would be if he said those words to her. "She'd probably laugh right in my face." He sulked turning over burying his face in the pillow and letting his arms drop to the floor while still holding Charlie's picture.

It's kind of I love you - it's kind of I need you
It's kind of I want you - It's kind of I don't know what I want
It's kind of I love you - It's kind of I need you
It's kind of I want you - it's kind of I don't know who I am

"This guy must have read my mind!" Vinnie sighed as he sat up looking again towards the radio and then seriously at the picture in his hand. Could trust those enchanting emeralds to accept how he felt? But the next verses hit him like a laser blast to the chest or maybe it was directly to the heart.

The laughter and the lace
The kindness in your face
The scent in my arms when you've gone
But I'm still on this fence
And I know it makes no sense
And I'm lookin' to find the answer before the dawn.

"I don't even have that long." Vinnie thought aloud jumping to his feet.

Only a fool would let you go baby
And I've been a fool to long

Yeah way too long I just hope I'm not too late."

It's kind of I love you - It's kind of I need you
It's kind of I want you - And I care a lot more that I say
And I'm gonna love you - I know that I need you
I know that I want you - I'm tired of runnin' away

"Yeah I am tired and if I don't stop being such a stupid jerk I'm going to blow the best thing I've found since" He stopped and smiled sadly but kept making his way to his bike musing the last words of the song.

It's kind of I love you "And I do"
It's kind of I need you "That's an understatement"
It's kind of I want "More than I could tell you"
And I feel a lot more than I show "Not any more"

And I'm gonna love you "As much as I can"
I know that I need you "Like the air I breathe"
I know that I want you "For the rest of my life"
Some how I'm gonna let you know

"Thanks for the verses bro but I think I know just how to do that." Vinnie called back at the radio his mind now focused on what he finally made up in his mind and heart to do.
He had to get back to the garage ASAP before Jack could score any more points with Charley.

Pulling into the garage he saw Throttle and Modo congratulating Jack slapping him on the back. Was he too late?

"We hope the best for you both." Vinnie could hear Modo saying.

"Well Ace am I going to get your best wishes for my lady and me?" Jack smiled looking triumphantly at Vinnie

Vinnie knew he could make a big scene but what was the point he'd missed out again. If he is what would make Charley happy then that's what she deserved. Very seriously Vinnie extended his hand out. "I really wish the best for both of you bro treat her right she more than deserves it."

Charley came out into the garage smiling brighter than Vinnie had ever seen her. Vinnie walked over to her and took her hand. "Big congrads Charley girl I hope you'll be very happy." Vinnie couldn't help but pull her into one last hug.

"Um-- thanks Vinnie but what are you congratulating me for?" Charley looked at him puzzled.

"Yeah I thought I was the one that should get all the well wishes?" Said a beguiling female voice. Vinnie jerk his head around and looked at the young woman that had just walked down the stairs and over into Jack's arms.

Modo and Throttle barely able to keep a straight face loved every minute of what was happening. They knew Vinnie deserved the scare he'd just gotten.

"Yeah Ace this is my lady and the woman I'm gonna marry. Christian, this is the last of the three and by no means the least. The biggest walking ego this side of three galaxies"

Still dumbfounded Vinnie let go of Charley and walked over to take the young woman's hand his face turning so red it shown right through the fur on his face. "Oh um well congratulations ma'am you're getting a great guys."

"Ma'am? Hey what's the matter with you Ace that's all you gotta say. No boost about how she would have done better if she had met you first." Jack said releasing this was not the Vinnie he knew.

"No, bro not any more. Charley can I talk to ya?"

"Sure Vinnie what is it?" She said also bewildered by his behavior.

"Not here." Vinnie grabbed her and pulled her on to his bike.

"But Vinnie I can't just leav"

"They'll understand. Won't you understand see I told you they understand." Vinne said as he tore off with a still confused Charley hanging on for dear life as he flew out of the garage.

"Does he always act like that?" The young women asked looking to his bros. for an answer.

"Yeah pretty much but this time I think I know why?" Throttle smiled as he looked to Modo who had a similar smile on his face.

The End