Mirror, Mirror

by: JBJ

Copyright 10-21-97, JBJ

An almost pitch black darkness, and a silence greets Vikki as she opens her eyes. Vikki's first thought, is to jump from the cot she was sleeping on, but her eyes quickly focus to the dark and her ears pick up the sounds of soft breathing close by. Vikki finally realizes where she is and who is breathing. Vinnie would love to see me so scared, thinks Vikki as she stretches and releases the breathe she was holding in a sigh. Vikki gets out of the cot, slips on the worn-out sneakers Charley gave her, and goes downstairs.
It is almost as dark downstairs as upstairs, but thanks to some Plutarkian tinkering, Vikki can see better than most Martians. She easily makes her way to the refrigerator. The light blinds her for a second, when she opens the door and gets a root beer. Vikki walks towards the garage section but stops in the door frame. As she drinks the root beer, Vikki watches her brother and her best friends sleep. For a second time Vikki is blinded for a second, as a car's headlights shine through a window. The light is reflected off Vinnie's mask and Modo's arm. Vikki smiles as she remembers how shy Modo was about his arm when she first got there; and how that seemed to disappear when she 'fried' that hot dog with what her brother lovingly called 'The Eye Thing.' Vikki's mind continues to wander and goes to memories of more happy, peaceful times. Images of camp-outs, barbecues, and road trips run together in her mind.
Charley rouses Vikki awake by gently tapping her shoulder. Vikki awakens to find herself still standing, only now an early morning sun is shining its light brightly through the windows. She stretches and yawns.
"What were you doing getting up so early?" Charley is genuinely surprised Vikki was up so early, considering how lazy Vinnie could be sometimes. "A forced force-of-habit," answers Vikki. Vikki starts to move away from the door frame when her foot pushes her root beer can laying on the floor, causing it to spill more of the liquid out. Sorry. I'll get it."
As Vikki wipes up the spilt root beer, Charley goes to the closet and pulls out a large plastic bag. "I got you some more clothes yesterday while the guys left for an hour or so." Vikki looks at her puzzled, "Why did you go and get me clothes when the guys left when you didn't even know hardly anything fit me?" Charley smiles, "I'm talking about the yesterday you slept through!" She hands a wide-eyed Vikki the bag. Vikki annoyedly pushes her hair out of her face. "That's it!" She scrounges in the drawers in the kitchen until she finds what she is looking for. Vikki takes the bag and a pair of scissors upstairs.
Charley is finished fixing breakfast when she hears Vikki coming down the stairs. She is wearing black biker pants, black boots, and a white denim work shirt. The sleeves on the shirt are rolled up and Vikki has tied her bandanna around her right wrist. She is still wearing her necklace. Charley notices Vikki has cut her bangs to just above her eyes. The rest of her hair is pulled back into a ponytail.
"I guess we need to wake the guys." Charley smiles, "I practically had to keep a rifle trained on them so they wouldn't wake you!" Vikki smiles mischievously, in a way similar to Vinnie. "Waking up Vinnie, number three on my list of ways to annoy my brother. Watch this."
Vikki sneaks over to the cot Vinnie is sleeping on. She kneels down and starts softly stroking his forehead. Charley nearly bursts out laughing as Vikki leans close to Vinnie's ear, and in a very deep, sultry voice whispers, "Vinnie? Vinnie, my stud of a Macho Mouse hero." Vinnie smiles and mumbles something in his sleep. Charley again has to hold back laughter. Suddenly, in a very shrill voice, Vikki yells, "VINCENT! If you don't get out of that bed, I'll drag you out by your tail!" Vinnie jumps out of the cot yelling, 'Yes Mom!' and starts making his bed. When he finally realizes what has happened, he sees Vikki rolling on the floor and Charley on her knees, both laughing hysterically. "VIKKI?" By this time Modo and Throttle are awake and standing. Vikki runs and hides behind them just in case her brother tries to commit the threats he is thinking of. She yells from behind her furry barricade, "You wouldn't hurt your little sister, would you?" Vinnie replies, "Only by one minute!"


Limburger is standing in his makeshift office with Karbunkle. "Karbunkle, do you know why those repugnant rodents work so well together?" Asks Limburger while watching some footage of the Biker Mice fighting his goons on a television screen, suspended from the ceiling. Karbunkle stammers, "I... I don't...."
"Because they trust each other so much! So how do we destroy that trust?" Limburger paces the floor while waiting for an answer. "Well?!"
"I... think I have an idea." Karbunkle programs the Plutarkian Transporter and activates it. When the flash dissipates, a humanoid creature stands in the transporter. It has lime green skin with three fingers on each hand, and two toes on each foot. It has no facial features except to yellow eyes and a thin slit representing a mouth. "Sir, this is Keg, a shape shifter. He can duplicate anything or anyone. All he needs is an image of what you need duplicated, say a video recording for example.
"Are you sure he is what we need?" Keg's body shifts into a perfect likeness of Limburger, and in a exact duplication of Limburger's voice answers, "Yes. I am."


"Vinnie, don't even think about it." Vinnie looks over at his sister innocently, "What?"
"You were planning to use the leftover scrambled eggs as ammo for a food fight." Vikki grins as Charley quickly takes the bowl of scrambled eggs away from Vinnie and sets it on the counter.
Throttle decides to change the subject. "Bros. What about...," he nods his head in the direction of the garage section. "Oh yeah!" Modo smiles and gets out of his chair. "Vinnie?" Vinnie is contemplating ways to repay his sister and isn't paying attention. Modo brings him back to reality by picking up Vinnie's chair, with Vinnie in it, and setting it down with it pointing towards the garage section. "All Right! All Right!" yells Vinnie as he gets out of his chair and walks into the garage. Throttle and Modo follow, bringing Charley and Vikki with them.
When they get there, Vinnie pulls a metallic trunk-like box out from under his cot. Modo guides Vikki to the box as Vinnie unlocks it. Vikki kneels down beside it and lifts the lid. Suddenly she looks up at her brother. "What are you doing with my stuff?"
"Vin forced us to bring it with us." Vikki doesn't hear Modo's answer, she is busy sifting through her belongings. There are two Freedom Fighter uniforms, some personal items, a leather jacket, and a helmet in the trunk. Vikki quickly puts on the jacket and helmet. The jacket is black with the Biker Mice insignia drawn in red on the back, and the helmet is identical to Vinnie's, except where the three red stripes meet in the back, there is a 'V' drawn in two res lighting bolts. Vikki stands and strokes the leather. She seems to remember something and reaches into the left pocket. "They're still here," remarks Vikki, somewhat surprised. She smiles as she pulls out a pair of black biker gloves and puts them on. "Wait a minute." Vikki starts patting the jacket, then she searches through her trunk. "Vincent," she calls while holding out her hand. Vinnie sighs and reaches under his pillow. He pulls out a pair of sunglasses with black frames and red lenses. There is a silhouette in silver of a motorcycle on each of the ear pieces. Modo and Throttle laugh at Vinnie's pitiful expression and the fact that Vinnie always wanted those glasses. Vikki just shakes her head again. She raises the visor on her helmet and slips on the shades.
"I hate to break up this... tender moment," an overacting Vinnie tries to change the subject, "but how 'bout a tour of Chitown?" Vikki grins and answers, " 'Kay." As the guys get on their bikes, Charley and Vikki both start towards Vinnie's bike. Vinnie hands Charley her helmet but Charley stops and looks at Vikki. Vikki looks at her brother and a suspecting smile spreads across her face. "That's O.K. I can ride with Modo. She slips in behind Modo and everyone rides out.
It is late afternoon when they return, except for Throttle, who stayed at the scoreboard. Vikki gets off Modo's bike saying, "I can't believe you guys took me to a junkyard. Wait. Actually, I can." Vinnie, Modo, and Vikki go into the kitchen while Charley heads for the stairs. She stops as Throttle walks in. "Throttle, I'm going upstairs for a nap, so don't wake unless Vinnie catches the garage on fire, again!" Throttle just looks at her somewhat puzzled. "Listen. After touring the entire city twice, then watching and being forced into participating in three football games, not to mention eating enough hot dogs to fill an elephant, I need some sleep!" Charley trudges up the stairs. After Charley leaves, Throttle's eyes glow yellow behind his field specs, and his body shifts into a replica of Charley. She grins and says, "Sure thing."
" 'Sure thing' what, Sweetheart?" Vinnie asks while walking towards her. She smiles at him seductively. "You are a sure thing to beat the blues, Handsome."
"What!" Vinnie is in shock as 'Charley' places her hands an his chest and looks into his face. "I'm going upstairs and I wondered if you'd like to join me." She turns and climbs halfway up the stairs. "But, I won't wait to long." 'Charley' climbs the rest of the stairs and disappears in the shadows. Vinnie climbs the stairs while repeating to himself, I'm only going up there to see what's WRONG with Charley. He doesn't notice a lime green liquid running down the side of the stairs. The liquid drains into a puddle that conforms itself into Vinnie.
"Hey, Bro, where's Charley?" 'Vinnie' turns to Modo with a very angry look on his face. "Bro, what's wrong?"
"Don't give me that innocent act! You... you... RAT!" A look of confusion and shock covers Modo's face, but before he can retaliate 'Vinnie' continues. "You just stay away from my sister, ya hear! OHH! I saw you with her today, always standing sooo close to her. Always finding a way to brush up against her!" Anger is shining in Modo's eye, but he remains calm. "Vin, I wasn't..."
"Don't give me any of your lame excuses! Just stay away from Vikki, or you'll have to deal with me!" 'Vinnie' braces himself for a fight, but Modo calmly says, "Bro, I'm not going to fight with you," and storms out of the garage. "Vinnie' yells after him, "She's too good for you! You know that, don't you?"
Vikki enters the garage section to find 'Throttle' standing there, looking out a door with a puzzled expression on his face. "What's up?"
"Is there something going on between you and Modo?" Vikki freezes with surprise while 'Throttle' continues. " 'Cause he just came out here laughing and joking about you thinking he has feelings for you. He said you needed to grow up and stop following him around like a lost puppy." Vikki has an almost heartbroken expression on her face. As 'Throttle' walks into the kitchen, Modo returns, cautiously, to the garage.
"Charley! I only did what you told me to do!" Vinnie runs down the stairs with his head ducked. Charley follows with a baseball bat in her hand. When Vinnie reaches the bottom, he sees Vikki and Modo yelling at each other, and tries to break it up, but soon, he and Charley get drawn into the argument. Throttle rides in and stops. He can't understand a word until Vikki yells above the others, "Well, Throttle told me everything you said!"
"QUIET! What is going on here!" Everyone starts yelling at once. Suddenly Throttle waves his hand for silence as he focuses his hearing in the radio of his bike.
"Listen up, my mammajammin' buds. This is Sweet Georgie Brown and I repeat, there is one bodaciously bad beastie bustin' up Downtown! I am talkin' complete annihilation here! Now, back to the jams." Throttle looks at the others. Without one word Modo and Vinnie get in their bikes. Vikki and Charley look at each other, then Charley gets on Modo's bike While Vikki gets on her brother's. Throttle confused expression deepens, but there's no time for explanations. "Let's Rock..." No one makes any attempt to finish. Throttle shakes his head and they ride out.
When they reach downtown Chicago, they don't see anyone or anything, other than the usual half demolished buildings. Throtte suddenly sees Limburger walk out from an alley. "Limburger. Big surprise." The Biker Mice train their weapons on Limburger. Limburger smiles, maniacally, and says, "Are you sure I am Limburger?" He looks across the street. A second Limburger comes out from behind a building. "Or am I Limburger?"
"Didn't he already try this once?" Asks a baffled Vinnie, sarcastically. Before the Biker Mice can react, the first Limburger pulls out a remote control and pushes a red button. Four machines, disguised as fire hydrants and signs, emanate an electrical charge that knocks out the guys, Charley and Vikki, and the bikes the second it hits them.


Charley wakes up strapped to a metal bed. To her left is Throttle, and to her right are Modo, Vinnie, and Vikki. Past Vikki, there is a metal table. Karbunkle is working at the table When he moves to one side, Charley can five submission collars lying on the table.
"Anybody get the number of that spaceship?" Asks a groggy Vinnie as his eyes blink open,as does Modo's and Throttle's. Vikki is awake, but can't seem to focus her eyes. Soon Limburger walks in. "Ahh, my ridiculous rodents, it is very good to finally see you at my mercy." He looks at Vikki. "Especially the one who led the slave rebellion aboard Lord Cammenber's cruiser. I am happy to announce that you five will spend the rest of your lives in the service of Plutark." Limburger walks towards Charley and leans over to her, with his hands behind his back, and looks at her face to mask. "Don't worry my dear, Ms. Davidson. Your garage will be taken good care of."
IF HE SO MUCH AS TOUCHES HER, I'LL...., Vinnie's thoughts are interrupted by Vikki's. Bro. You remember the toaster? Vinnie's mind rushes back to when he and his sister were four. He had decided to test what his father had told him about what happens when someone puts metal in an electrical outlet. The second Vinnie put a knife in the outlet, Vikki, who was in the kitchen on the other side of their house, touched the toaster. Neither of the twins were electrocuted, but the toaster exploded. Yeah. So?
Just leave it to me. Vikki starts to concentrate, and merbes her psychic energy with Vinnie's. Together they merge with Throttle, Modo, and Charley. Vikki combines the engery into one beam and focuses it on the computerized locks on the shackles that have chained them to the beds. The locks are forced open and the Biker Mice jump from the beds. Vikki's blast the chains holding the bikes. The guys jump on their bikes with Vikki behind Modo and Charley behind Vinnie. Goons swarm into the room. A missile explodes near Modo's bike, causing Vikki to fall off. She rolls to safety. Suddenly a shadow falls over her. Vikki looks up to see her owm face looking back. Vikki rises to her feet with an unbelieving expression on her face. Slowly the expression changes from unbelief to understanding and then to anger as she realizes what has been happening. "YOU!" The other Vikki's eyes glow yellow behind the duplicated shades, and with an evil smile replies, "Me."
Modo hadn't noticed Vikki was missing until he had dispatched with the goons that had came towards him. When he does, he looks around and sees Vikki standing beside an unconscious, lime green creature that was starting to look less and less like Vikki. Vikki runs over to Modo and gets on his bike. As she wraps her arms around him, she jokes, "I can even whip my owm tail!" Modo laughs and points Lil' Hoss in the direction of the door. outside Modo and Vikki meet Throttle, Vinnie, and Charley coming from the basement. They leave as Limburger's makeshift office building falls to the ground. Vikki looks over to her brother, who just shrugs his shoulders. On the way back to the garage, Charley asks Vinnie, "Vin, why do I have this feeling that I should never let you near a toaster ever again?" Vinnie though very surprised, starts laughing.


"Vikki, can I talk to you?" Asks Modo when they reach 'The Last Chance'. He looks at her sheepishly. She stops, as the others go into the kitchen, and walks over to Modo and Lil' Hoss. "Yeah, of course."
"I mean, in private" Modo pats the seat. Vikki is somewhat puzzled, but she gets on. Modo and Vikki ride out of 'The Last Chance' and through the city. They have ridden for almost an hour. The scenery has changed from office buildings and skyscrapers, to houses and then to a road in bad need of repaving. The road climbs a hill, thick with trees. Soon the road leads them to a clearing. The crumbling remains of a once large building surround them. The sun has started to set, and that gves everything a red-orange tint. If Vikki hadn't known better, she would have sworn she was on Mars. She gets off the bike and removes her helmet and shades.
"This place used to be an observatory, before Limburger blew it up," explains Modo while removing his own helmet. "That was before we crashed here." He notices that Vikki has taken her hair down from the ponytail she had had it in and that a light breeze is moving it. Modo swallows hard and moves towards Vikki. Vikki had her back facing him, but she turns when she hears his footsteps. She looks up into Modo's face. Even in the fading light, Vikki can see an uncomfortable expression on his face.
"Vikki. There were some things that shape shifter said that got me thinkin'." Modo places his hands on her shoulders. "I don't know how to say this. I... I... still lo-" He isn't able to finish his sentence, because Vikki wraps her arms around his neck and replies, "I still love you too." A smile of pure joy spreads over Modo's face as he wraps his arms around Vikki's waist and pulls her close so that he can kiss her.

The End?