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Person in the Mirror

Part 1

By Minerva

October 14,1997

Copyright 1997 Minerva, all rights reserved.

At first all she could see was red. Then little by little she started to discern sky, desert, hills and canyons. Finally realization whipped over her. She was in Mars! She had seen so many pictures about this place at home that she could easily identify this planet. But how had she get here? Memories started float back to her: She had been sneaking around in a military base back home attempting to find evidence of corruption in their government. And then she had accidentally gotten in to that machine and then all went black. Suddenly she realized what her being on the Mars meant. "Oh no, now I'm dead for sure, what do I do, what do I do? Those mouse like natives are going to kill me and then they're going to eat me." She panicked. All those horror stories that she had heard about Martians came back to her.
"Ok, calm down now, this is not going to help you. You have to think straight." she managed to tell herself after a little while.
"At first I need some place to hide until I figure out how I'm going to get myself back home."
she decided and started to look around to find one. After a little while searching she found something that look like small cave but when she went in the cave she found something rather unusual. The cave was deserted Plutarkian research lab." Well, this feels more like home to me." she thought as she walked farther to the cave and looked around if she could find something useful. At first she found few Martian mouse masks, tails and a really smelly perfume. Something that plutarkian spies might had used on their missions. "Great, these could save my skin." she cheered to herself as she tried one of the masks on. With the mask she looked to mirror and saw light beige mouse with long dark brown hair and jade green eyes instead of her normal light green self. "Yeah, this will do nicely, this will keep me alive until I find a way back home." she thought happily. Then she search for place that she could sleep. It pretty late already and she figured that cave found be nicer place to sleep than desert with all it's dangers. She tucked herself in a blanket which she had found and fell in a deep sleep.


Next morning in a Martian freedom fighters base:

Vinnie, Throttle and Modo were sleeping when Stoker came in with semi-evil grin on his face. He loved it when he get to do this.He silently tiptoed next to Vinnie and yelled as hard as he could "Get up punk!". Vinnie woke startled and fell down to the floor with a loud thump. Also other mice snapped their eyes open.
"Why did you do that for?"Vinnie asked little angrily, because he felt that he had embarrassed himself and didn't really like it when that happened."Well I had to get you up somehow." said Stoker with self conscious note in his voice."What's up Stoke." Throttle asked still little sleepily. "One of my man had seen somebody moving around that old resource lab we managed to find and destroy but before he had a change to take a look on it he got in the fight with Sand Raiders. So I Would like you to go and check it. It might be nothing but I think it's best to check it anyway." Stoker told more seriously." Do you think that the Plutarkians are back?"
Modo yawned. "Anything is possible, but the reason I want you to go is that don't want Plutarkians to notice us too soon, so just keep a low profile and try not to be noticed." Stoker explained."Why all this sneaking around, I like real, honest fighting better." Vinnie asked grumpily.
"Because, we could use some information about Plutarkians right now, our sources have told us nothing new in past few weeks, so I don't want them to run away. Do you understand, Punk?"
Stoker asked slightly annoyed. "Yeah, yeah..."Vinnie murmured with some disappointment in his voice. "Ok Stoke!" other Mice said as they went to their bikes. Vinnie went after them without saying anything to Stoker


In the cave

When the mice stepped into cave the first thing they noticed was really smelly perfume. Next they noticed that somebody was sleeping in the corner of cave, but they couldn't see who it was. So they went cautiously nearer. "Time to get up you Plutarkian scum!" yelled Vinnie and was really happy that he get to do that this time. Throttle was just about to tell Vinnie something about low profile when stranger turned around with scared impression on her face. Vinnie blushed slightly when he realized that he had called Martian mouse "Plutarkian scum" and as that wouldn't be bad enough it had to be beautiful lady. This really wasn't his day was it?
" Er...I'm sorry about that, I don't usually jump into conclusions like that." Vinnie stammered little embarrassed. "Yes, you do." Throttle and Modo murmured quietly. Vinnie ignored them and continued: "I hope I didn't scare you."
Well now she was really confused, but then she remembered the mask and decided to play along. "Oh, that's all right, but who are you and why did you call me Plutarkian?" she asked from Mice. Mice introduced themselves and explained that they were checking around the place to be sure that Plutarkians weren't back. "So you thought I was Plutarkian?" the stranger retorted.
"Well, not exactly...er...yes we did. Sorry about that." Vinnie told "But now that we have told
you who we are and why are we here why wouldn't you do the same" he continued.
"Oh no now I'm in trouble I must make something up and fast!" she thought aloud she said:
"Ok I'll tell you what I remember.". "What you mean, what you remember?"Modo asked confused. "Well, I don't remember anything beyond yesterday." she explained, herself she thought "Oh great, you have watch way too many bad movies they're never going to buy this!".
"You mean, you don't remember who you are?" Throttle asked sympathetically. "Well I remember that my name is Jade but that's about all of myself." Jade told sadly and continued "I found myself from desert yesterday, I had an terrible head ache and the I came here for shelter."
All mice felt bad for Jade:" It must be terrible for her not knowing her past, she must feel so alone." they thought. Finally Throttle spoke up "I think it would be best if you came back to base with us, maybe we could help you." Little did none of the mice know that Jade felt herself trapped "My typical luck, now I'm going in a freedom fighter base and I can only imagine what they will do to me when they find out who I really am and I can't even turn down their offer without rising suspicions.". "Thanks I really appreciate your help" she said aloud. "Ok that's settled then. We'd better start heading back." Mice told her. "You can ride with me if you want sweetheart."
Vinnie told her note of egoism in his voice. "Sure" Jade said casually and hopped behind Vinnie on his bike. Mice took off towards the base.


To be continued...


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