Military Experience

By Jewel Harley

Copyright 1998 Jewel Harley

All original BMFM characters mentioned (c) to the people who created Biker Mice From Mars.
Jewel Harley (c) me.
Tanker (c) me.
Motor (c) me.
Doctor (c) me.

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As Jewel adjusted her silver-coloured sunglasses she sighed. Her golden hair danced with the wind as her blue eyes scanned the plains. She shifted uneasily under the Martian Bazooka's strap. She had only been able to practise with the weapon for a month or so.
"I should be the one handling the shotguns," she thought as she glanced to where Tanker was hiding.
"He's the stronger one..., he should have to carry this!" She growled inside her mind. She bit her lip at the thought of Tanker - he reminded her so much of Modo - Modo Maverick that is. He was sweet, muscular, cute and she absolutely adored his humour.
Tanker peered up above the sand dune and smiled. "She's so pretty - I wonder if she'll goto the dance with me this Saturday?" He wondered to himself.
"ALRIGHT! READY? SET! GO!" Motor screamed from a hiding place. He was one of the military's top leaders. This was a test - to see who would be able to fight in the upcoming war.
The thought of war always made Jewel queasy. Why did so many people have to die over a childish dispute? She always asked herself that - though she knew Mars could not just "discuss" this war with the Plutarkians - it would be impossible. She sighed and adjusted the strap and got into position.
Tanker's red hair bristled in the breeze. His green eyes narrowed and watched Jewel carefully.
"ATTACK!" A hoarse voice cried. Jewel's fur bristled at the sound of that word. She had been through many practises before and never had she heard such a cold, cruel sounding voice.
"This isn't a test anymore...." She thought. She squinted her eyes into the bright sun and saw about ten or fifteen dark figures walking towards the base.
"TANKER!!!" She screamed in terror as she realized that about five of them were starting to approach him.
"Wha?" He looked surprised for a minute - but then when he realized that this wasn't part of the test anymore his face turned to utter terror. Jewel swung around the bazooka and loaded it as fast as she possibly could. She pulled back the clutch - it stuck.
"Don't do this to me now!" She nervously yelped.
She pulled on the clutch. It didn't move. She pulled harder and harder. Trying over and over again. Finally the bazooka "clicked" a sigh of relief. She balanced it upon her shoulder and aimed at the Plutarkians.
"BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!" Had she loaded the bazooka three times? Or did the other two come from other Martian mice? She shivered in fear as she loaded another and fired - again and again and again. One by one - as if only cardboard figures the Plutarkians fell down. She showed no mercy to the catfish of the universe.
She shivered in fear as she loaded her last one. She looked up and saw nothing on the horizon. Did she get them all? Or did she just scare them away? Maybe it was just the test?
No. NO. NO! "NOOOO!!" She screamed as she saw Tanker's body lying limply on the sand dune. She flew up the dune in record time and felt his warm body for any wounds. None. This was not a test anymore - this was real. The Plutarkians had strangled Tanker to death - bodies lied across the sand dunes. Half Plutarkian - half Martian.
She trembled nervously and hugged her knees. The world darkened before her as she quivered.


"Such a beautiful young lady - destroyed by the cursed war!" The doctor clenched his fist.
Jewel's eyes fluttered open as she lay there sorely. "What..., what happened?" She groaned.
"There was a small battle - no survivors except you."
"Not even..., Tanker?"
"No, I'm sorry."
Jewel screamed and started to cry as she beat her pillow. The doctor put his head down as he started to walk out of the room. "I don't know if this will make you feel any better - but the military wants to transfer you to a more established base - Base #4576. Also, in your honour they are naming that battle after you - The battle of Jewel Harley - since you were the only one to-"
"I KNOW!!" Jewel growled in half anger half tears.
"Base 4576...4576...4576... wait... that's back at Sandy Palace! I'll get to see Carbine and Harley again!"
"Not so fast - you will have to heal before you go ANYWHERE!"
Jewel grumbled under her breath. "What a surprise they will have when I appear at their base," Jewel giggled.
The doctor casually walked out of the room. As soon as Jewel was out of ear-shot he whispered into his watch. "Plan 1 going smoothly sir - she doesn't suspect a thing!"
A hoarse voice replied, "Good - keep it that way and you just might get a promotion!"

End of Part 1