I do not own the Biker Mice from Mars and write this for my own entertainment and for those incurable romantics out there. I will gain no profit from writing it.
The song from Celine Dion's "All The Way..A Decade of Song" CD.
The Character of Karn belongs to Gabrielle from her story "Beginnings" and this scenario takes place in that story line. My humble thanks to her for allowing me this bit of poetic license.

If Walls Could Talk

By Morning

Karn stormed into the garage and walked right up to the tan mouse ready for a no holds barred, face to face, confrontation. He having condemned her just one time too many this was going to be the show down.

"Okay Rodent, what is your problem? Every time I have something to say, do anything trying to help this crazy situation you've got something to complain about." Karn stood nose to nose with her finger pointing directly up in the Martian's face.

Throttle looked at her for a second then walked past her moving the hand out of his way. "I don't have a problem with you wolf lady except you act with out thinking. Put yourself in unnecessary danger. What are you trying to do, kill yourself?"

"And just what business is that of yours? Who made you my keeper?" she hissed vehemently stepping around in front of him once more blocking his path.

"I make it my business to care about any one who is in a situation that I have anything to do with. You get your crazy self wasted, it will throw a wrench into everything." Throttle stood arms crossed giving her a calm stare and cool voice.

"Well I'm just so sorry that my death would some how hurt your precious plan. Tell you what, why don't I just go blow my brains out now and then you won't have to worry any more?" She sneered.

"I didn't mean it that way. It's just I still don't know where you and your boy friend are coming from. What do you really want here? All I get is a lot of doubletalk."

"First thing Mouse, Traynor is not my anything, other than commanding officer. And we told you everything you needed to know and if that's not good enough than that's your problem." She growled her anger swelling more by the second.

Throttle smirked as he slowly pulled his speck down from his eyes slightly making eye to eye contact with the fuming Lupercanian female. In that split second the enraged Karn swings her hand around to try and wipe the apparent smug look off his face but he caught it in mid motion.

"Let go of me, Mouse!" She demanded trying to pull her hand free.

"Now now if we don't know what to do with this wolf lady, maybe I should keep it a while," He taunted as he held her hand just tight enough to control it.

Karn seething attempts another blow with her free hand, which is also captured before it can connect with the intended target. Realising her mistake Karn stops her struggling and stands breathing heavily waiting to see what he was going to do with her. She stares defiantly at him as he can now completely controls her movements.

Throttle slowly lowers her hands down holding them close to her sides, bringing her closer to him. Close enough to be captured by her cool blue gray eyes and hypnotized by their extrinsic beauty. Karn could only stand mesmerized as the small space between them seem to dissolved until she could feel his heart beat and the passion of the conflict taking on a whole different feeling.

A woman's voice whispers: "Can you keep a Secret?"
Softly a slow silky beat starts in the background
The same soft voice again whispers:
"OOO come on."

Throttle's hand gradually moves up her shoulder until it held her face. Gently the other slipped around her waist pulling her even closer to him. Her arms at first hung limp at her sides she trembling slightly at the feel of his touch. Every instinct was telling her to run, push him away, but it was as if his touch had completely paralyzed any movement except for the pounding of her heart.

The sweet tone from that voice starts to sing:

These walls keep a secret
That only we know
But how long can they keep it
Cause we're two lovers who lose control
We're two shadows chasing rainbows
Behind closed windows
Behind close doors

If walls could talk OOOOO
They would say, "I want you more"
They would say "hey - never felt like this before"
And that you would always be
The one for me

Throttle could hear the voice of danger ringing in his ears while her exotic fragrance clouded all his other senses, "You are stepping into the red zone mouse," the voice cautioned?"

But reason and caution where ignored as each fell deeper into the glorious well of emotion drowning them at that moment. A flash of time that seems to erase the years of loneliness and hurt that each had endured.

Her petite frame cradled delicately in his massive arms, a flawless kiss that engulfed them offering salvation, comfort, love or maybe just a temporary sanctuary for two tired hearts.

Just two people making memories
Just too good to tell
And these arms are never empty
Knowing loneliness too well
We're painting pictures, making magic,
Taking chances
Lost in love

If wall could talk OOOOO
They would say, " I want you more"
They would say " hey - never felt like this before."
And that you would always be
The one for me

If walls had eyes -my
They would see the love in side
They would see -me
In your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know
I love you so

Why was it that the impossible always felt so much better than the practical? But practicality would be pushed aside for now, everything that would possibly stop
the feeling that had taken control of two lost souls who dare steal the tiny piece of paradise in one another's arms.

When I'm feeling weak
You'll give me wings
When the fire has no heat
You'll light it up again
When I hear no violins
You'll play my heartstrings

So stop the press
Hold the news
The secret's safe between me and you
Walls - can you keep a secret?

Charley walked into the garage; stopping short shocked at the scene of the two standing locked in the loving embrace, completely oblivious to the world beyond them.
She silently backed out of the door. Hearing Modo and Vinnie coming up behind her she putting her finger to her mouth, tilting her head in the direction of the couple signaling their silence as she cracked the door showing them the reason.

A hushed "Oh Momma" was heard from Modo.

"The brother has lost his mind." Vinnie whispered in disbelief.

If walls could talk -OOOO
They would say, "I want you more."
They would say "hey - never felt like this before"
And that you would always be
The one for me

If walls had eyes - my
They would see the love inside
They would see - me
In your arms in ecstasy
And with every move they'd know
I love you so

Said in a breathless whisper:
I love you so

The voice softly whispers:
OOOO I love you so baby
Love Ya love ya love ya so Honey

Love ya love ya love ya so
In your arms in ecstasy
Just you and me baby

The voice fading in the background:

Journey's Beginning