I do not own the Biker Mice from Mars. I only write this for the shear enjoyment of writing and hopefully sharing with others.
I do not own Zoey she is the creation of Hayden from her Bloodties story lines. If you have had a three-year-old or have been around one for more than five minutes you will be familiar with this little scenario.

How Come ?

By Morning

Vinnie tinkered with the motor of his bike trying to stop the odd sound it had been making. Since Zoey had come on the scene Charley just didn't have the time she use to so he and his bros. had decided to try and take care of any minor repairs themselves.

Charley was taking time for her self. She and Gates having gone shopping while Vinnie kept an eye on Zoey. The adorable little girl, still in her pajamas, sat on some crates that were covered by her favorite Blues Clues comforter, swing her feet, humming, and playing with Freddie her favorite toy.

"Daddy is Sweethote sick?" She said as she leaned her chin on the top of Freddie's head.

"Yes Baby she's got a funny noise and daddy is trying to find it." Vinnie answered not looking up from his work.


"Yes precious."

How come Mommy's not making hur feel bedda?" She had laid back with her leg straight up, balancing the toy on her bare feet tickling his soft fur between her cubby little toes.

"Because mommy had to go out and daddy can fix Sweetheart just fine." He said just a bit annoyed knowing that Charley would have found the noise and fixed it by now.


"Yes baby."

"How come Mommy can fix stuff bedda dan you and Unca Trottle and Unca Moda?" Her voice slightly muffled she having let the teddy bear fall across her face. Her arms and legs hung limp at her sides as if she were a little rag doll.

"She just smarter than us I guess." Vinnie had to admit, not taking his attention from the bike his ego just a little bruised.


"Yes Pumpkin"

"How come we got tails and Mommy don't?" Zoey pulled the bear in front of her, sitting up flopping forward, to resting on him like a pillow looking up at her father. Her own tail wrapping around her ankle playfully.

"It's because I am from Mars and Mommy is from Earth and you are a little of both of us." Vinnie answered with a slight sigh.


"Yes angel."

"How come Mars people got tails?" Her tail now coming from behind her touching her nose as she looked cross-eyed at it.

"Umm.umm because they help us. ride better." Vinnie began to realize why Charley needed to take a break.


"Yes babygirl."

"How come Mommy rides good and she don't got no tail."

"Because um because.she's mommy and she can do a lot of things better than most people." The answer seemed to satisfy Zoey her attention now focused on a loose string
she was determine to remove from Freddie's foot, Vinnie breathed a sigh of relief thinking the inquisition was over but then.


"What is it Zoey?" Vinnie's voice filled with that, "I love her madly but if she asks me one more question I'll put a muzzle on her," tone.

"How come my tennas are teeny tiny?" Her hands pulling on the fur at the top of the bear's head where her own small antenna where located.

"It's because you are just a little biker mouse, they will grow in time." Vinnie answered as the wrench he was pushing on slipped off the bolt making him slam his knuckles against the side of the bike.

"Owww.Son of agun! Vinnie caught himself remembering his three-year-old daughter was with in repeating range. He leaned his head against the bike and took a few deep breaths


" Yes darlin"

"How come you facth is tho red?"

" Zoey Honey?"

"Yes Daddy"

"Wouldn't you like to go inside and watch one of your nice tapes?" Vinnie asked counting to himself and slowly tapping his forehead on the bike with each count.

"No Daddy I wanna stay here and keep you company." Her small voice turning very serious not even imagining leaving her father out in the big scary garage all by himself.

"Okay Sweetie but why don't you talk with Freddie for a while. Let daddy finish fixing Sweetheart, Please!"

"Yes Daddy?" Zoey sat up and crossed her legs pulling Freddie nose to nose, smiling as if they were sharing some special secret. Vinnie breathed a sigh of relief and thought that he could finish what he was doing in silence. (Yeah right!)

"Daddy?" The little voice again fell in his ears.

"What is it Zoey? Vinnie dropped the wrench sat back and looked at his daughter tired and a little frustrated.

"How come you wove me?" Her big green eyes looked at him melting away the aggravated look on his face and replacing it with a smile. A smile that he saved only for her. He shook his head knowing the bike wasn't going to get fix at that moment any way.

Vinnie stood up walked over to his daughter and pick her up high in the air whirled her around finally settling her on his lap as he sat on the crates. He cradled her in his arms and kissed the top of her head. "I love you because you are my little girl."

"I wove you too.


"Yes Sweetheart"

"Will you come watch Beauty and Beath wif me, pwease?" Zoey cooed giving him her cutest smile curling his bandana around her tiny finger.

"Okay but then you sit quiet while daddy works, deal?"

"Yes daddy"

Vinnie could have sworn there was the slight glimmer of cunning in that sweet smile.

The End