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Short Description: Little violence, mostly humor and adventure. It's the first Halloween for Midnight and the bros. The usual Limburger attacks on the Biker Mice. A couple swearwords like damn or hell. Nothing bad. Story takes place about 5 years after the mouse androids attacked, since the fan fic Forever in Darkness. (That should be up soon)

Apology: sorry I made Vinnie sound like a cranky crybaby. I thought it would be funnier this way lol (poor Vincent)


Biker Mice and Their First Halloween
By Midnight (Lisa)



It was almost morning. The sun poured through the window, blinding my eyes. I sat up in bed, stretching and yawning. My husband, Throttle, slept peacefully beside me. I smiled, thinking how lucky I am. The universe is now safe from the Plutarkians and the Mouse Androids' evil attacks, and the Martian Mice of Mars were busy rebuilding their cities and multiplying in population. Now that the horror is behind me, I can actually concentrate on normal aspects of life, like buying a house or thinking about having children. I shivered. It was rather cold for October 31.
I smelled bacon and eggs cooking downstairs, in the kitchen. I got out of bed and walked down, and decided to help Charley with the meal. Feeding 6 mice must be hard for her to accomplish, especially with their big appetites. Charley carried a large pile of plates in her right hand, including the silverware and the glasses. She looked like she was about to drop them. I decided to offer her my help.
"Can I help you Charley?"
"Yes Midnight. Grab these plates and stuff, would you?"
"Just don't drop them. They're from my great aunt Hilda."
"Okay Charley."
I set them down on the table. Ignoring the growls of hunger in my stomach, I helped her with the food. I noticed something strange in every room of the house. Strange decorations consisting of orange and black, green humans, skeletons, bats and other stuff.
"Charley, what's with the weird décor?" I asked.
"Don't you know, Midnight?" It's Halloween!"
I wrinkled my nose. "What's Halloween?"
"It's an American Holiday held October 31. It's a day where children and adults get to wear costumes and eat candy. The kids go Trick or Treating. It's just a fun, stupid holiday with spooky décor. "
"You humans sure have a lot of holidays."
"Didn't you have any on Mars?"
"We have a Holiday similar to Christmas. And we have a holiday in which we honor our king and queen." I said.
"Cool. I wonder why the bros never tell me this stuff." Charley sighed.
"Men will be men," I said, rolling my eyes. Charley laughed.
"Speaking of costumes, do you have one?" Charley asked.
I blinked. "What's a costume?"
"Did you ever want to be something you're not?"
"No. I only wanted to be myself. However, I did wish I was the queen because she is so rich and powerful."
Well, a costume is a type of clothing that people dress up in. They all look different. Some are pretty, others are spooky and weird. People will have a chance to dress up like their heros."
"Cool! I'll dress up as Fish Face to freak the bros out." I said.
"Yuck. Limburger type of costume is not right for you. Let's go to Target to pick something out."
"Okay Charley," I said, putting on my helmet to disguise myself from humans.
Looking around at Target, there were all kinds of weird decorations and costumes. Charley's right, this could be fun. I just hoped Limburger wasn't there to ruin it. I smiled. There were rows of spooky costumes like vampires and zombies. There was an aisle filled with Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon costumes. I wouldn't be caught dead in a sailor scout outfit. Too girlie for me. I laughed at the Cell costume from Dragonball Z. Modo would look hilarious in it. I shook my head at the thought. I sighed with frustration. None of these costumes aren't my type. I wondered if Charley had found anything.
"Have you found anything, Charley?" I asked.
"Yeah. I found this cool witch costume. And check out these Biker Mice costumes. Aren't they cool?"
"Poor Vinnie will freak if he sees his face on this mask," I said, holding it up.
"Ha, ha. Look at Throttle's costume. It doesn't look at all like him. Hey, check out the goons!"
"Ugh, this looks like Grease Pit," I said, shaking.
"EEK! The mouse androids!" cried Charley.
"Where?" I asked, preparing to attack. If they try to take over Earth again, I'd blow their heads off, showing no mercy.
"Pipe down, it's only a costume."
"You scared me half to death, Charley. You know how much I hated those monsters and what they did."
"Oops. Sorry, Midnight. I'm ready to check out. You will probably find something in my attic. My grandmother was big into costumes. But this year, I came here to get a new one."
"Okay. Thanks Charley."
When we got home, we went to the attic. There were all sorts of weird clothing and costumes up here. Charley was right- her granny was big into costumes. A beautiful bridal dress caught my eye. I went over there to look at it. It was old, but it was still in very good condition.
"That belonged to my great grandmother, Merlin."
"It's beautiful…"
"Thanks. It's over a hundred years old. Pretty good condition for that dress, huh?"
"Yeah. I can't believe its that old."
"Mother wanted me to wear it whenever I get married. I want to wear a new dress though."
"Charley, do you think I could wear this tonight for Halloween?"
"Go ahead. You'd look great in it," she smiled.
"Wow, thank you!" I said.
"You're welcome."
I put it on after Charley left the room. It fit me perfectly, showing off every curve of my body. It was a two layered dress, with a pretty bow in the back. Its train dragged behind my back. I dug into the costume storage boxes to look for something else. An idea popped into my mind. I'll be Princess Serenity, or whoever she is from that show, Sailor Moon. However, I'm going to twist the look a bit to make it my own.
My hand touched something cold and hard. I took it out from there. It was a beautiful tiara filled with jewels and real diamonds. I decided to put it on my head, looking into the mirror behind me. Wow, I look so stunning, I thought. I found some rings and bracelets and decided to borrow those for the night. In the corner of the room, I found a tall rod. It was painted gold with a huge blue jewel on the top of it. I decided to borrow that too. Princesses often carry that type of rod around back on Mars.
I went back downstairs to ask Charley if I could borrow a pair of earrings and makeup. She turned around and smiled at me. She stared at me with awe.
"You look beautiful! Where did you find that tiara? I was looking for that!"
"I found it buried deep in the accessory chest."
"Well, want me to do your hair?" she asked.
"Sure, what the heck." I said.
Charley took her time curling my hair into tight ringlets, sort of like Kate Winslet's curly hair on the movie Titanic. She took hair glitter and smoothed it on my hair and some fur. Then she took some body glitter, the kind with those glitter chunks, and put that on my eyelids, cheeks and neck.
"Now for the earrings." She said.
I looked at her stash. Some were long and others were short. I spotted a pretty pair of moon earrings on the bottom of the box. I held them up.
"Perfect." Charley said as I put them in.
I walked into the living room where the guys were. Charley must have told them the Halloween story too because they were busy trying on costumes. Modo dressed up as Goku from that show, Dragonball Z. Throttle decided to go as Tuxedo Mask, and Vinnie went with the capped phantom look. I laughed hysterically. They all looked funny in their costumes, but Throttle looked rather handsome. I blushed at the thought. What was I thinking? He's my husband!


We all decided to go Trick or Treating with Charlie's 4-year-old twin cousins, Aaron and Courtney. Aaron dressed up as a Power Ranger and Courtney went as Bulma, another character from Dragonball Z. To tell you the truth, I kind of like that show.
"Nice Costume, uncle Vinnie," laughed Aaron.
"Thanks, I think." Vinnie said.
Throttle was whispering something in my ear. I giggled. Modo trailed behind us with a mad look on his face.
"Come on, Modo, we only get to do this once a year. I think this is fun," Throttle said, grinning.
"Whatever. I'd rather go as myself than dressing up in some stupid costume."
"Aw, Modo, what's the matter? You look good in that Goku costume. Just lose the wig."
Modo took it off and tossed it in the garbage can. He thought it looked stupid on him too. He shivered. The air suddenly became much colder.
"Is it me, or is it getting colder out?" I asked, as the kids went up to several houses, asking for treats. I clung onto Throttle's arm to get warmer. Throttle noticed, and offered me his jacket.
"Thanks Throttle," I said. Boy, we should be getting home soon. It's almost 11:00.
"Yeah, I know. It's way past Aaron and Courtney's bedtime."
"Speaking of which, I better get them home. Can I borrow your bike, Vinnie?" Charley asked.
"Yeah, sure. Just have it come back to me, okay?"
"Okay, Vinnie. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine."
"We should be getting home too," I said. "It's getting too cold."
We all rode home. I was riding behind Throttle, while Vinnie rode behind Modo on his bike. By the time we got home, I had that awful feeling in my stomach that something bad happened.
"Hey…. What the hell happened in here?" I asked.
"Ssshh. I hear crying. It's coming from the bedroom," replied Throttle.
"Look a broken window!" Modo shrieked.
"Vinnie, what the heck happened?" I asked.
"I don't got much time to explain. Limburger and his goons were in here and they kidnapped the kids! I tried to stop him, but there were too many for me to handle alone. Poor Charley, she just wouldn't stop crying."
"Then what are you waiting for? Who knows what Cheese Face is doing to those poor little kids? He's a sick man!"

Limburger's tower was dark and creepy. The bare trees and brown grass made it look even creepier. I took out my sword, a gift from my sister 5 years ago. I scowled. I didn't even want to know what Limburger was doing to Aaron and Courtney. To tell you the truth, I might have nightmares about it for the rest of the night, if there's going to be one.
"Quiet, bros, don't make a sound," whispered Throttle.
"I'll sneak into the tower to find Limburger and fight him. Vinnie, Modo, you get the kids. Throttle will take care of the other goons in there. Got it?" I spoke just above a whisper.
"Okay. I'm surprised that Throttle didn't give us orders this time." Modo whispered.
"Yeah, really. Vinnie replied.
The tower was creepier inside than out. I have to admit I was scared. I'm not as macho compared to the bros. They are just over muscled ego craving, arrogant punks. Ahead, there were long tunnels. It was like being in a maze. I wasn't even sure if I was headed in the right direction. Then the lights went off. I banged into one of the bros, when it became pitch dark.
"Hey, watch it!" Vinnie cried.
"Sorry, bro." I said. "Men are such babies."
"I heard that." Vinnie growled.
"Throttle, do you have any clue where Karbunkle's lab is?"
"Yeah. Next two tunnels and turn left."
I turned on a flashlight I found in my pocket.
"OW! MY FOOT!" Screamed Vinnie.
"SSSHH! Keep it down! We don't want Karbunkle to hear us or we're cat food! By the way, I thought you were tough and macho. Guess not. You're just a baby."
"Stop calling me that!"
"Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby…" I sang, just to annoy him.
"SHUT UP!" he screamed.
"Guys, cool it. Quit bickering and help me find Limburger." Throttle said.
"Yeah, Vinnie," I taunted, sticking out my tongue. Vinnie gave me the finger.
"Pipe down you two. We got serious business here," Modo said.
After walking for a while, we made it to Limburger's main chamber. I poked my head into the door to see what he was up to. I was in for a shock.


I couldn't stop staring into the room. Inside, three men were dressed up as witches, cooking something in a huge black iron pot, like the type witches use to boil their poison. I swear, I smelled chicken broth cooking inside it, along with some vegetables.
"Smells like chicken noodle soup," I whispered.
"Just add fish. It smells fishy in there too." Modo whispered back.
"I smell fish period." Throttle replied.
"I wonder what Stink Cheese is doing now?" Vinnie said in a quiet voice.
"I don't want to know." I said. I was glad Charley wanted to stay home this time. Something was wrong here and I don't like it.
Throttle, Vinnie, Modo and I all heard screaming floating from the far corner of Limburger's lab. Childish cries coming from Aaron and Courtney. I turned my head to look for them. I found them, locked away in a small prison cell, locked up in chains. Both were pale from fear and both struggled to get out. I felt sorry for them. It was the worst Halloween ever.
"Let's see… after adding in the onions, add two screaming children. Stir briskly." Limburger said, reading off some recipe. "Grease pit, get those brats and bring them to me."
"Yes, boss." Said Grease Pit. He left a disgusting trail of oil behind him as he walked towards the cell. I was going to be sick.
"Child noodle soup? Gross!" I said.
"Remind me not to eat soup." Throttle said, turning green in the face.
"Want me to bring you anything your creaminess?" Karbunkle asked.
"Yeah. Get me those spices from the drawer. We're going to have Child Noodle Soup for dinner tonight. Witches' special recipe."
"Yum! Can I get the cheese?" Karbunkle asked.
"Yeah. Get 2 cups of bleu cheese."
"Okay your cheesy goodness."
"Bleu cheese? Disgusting," Whispered Modo. He almost puked.
"Ugh, I won't be able to eat a hot dog or drink root beer in a week." Vinnie said.
"Time to attack yet?" I asked.
"No. Wait until when he puts the kids in. then we'll take him by surprise." Throttle answered.
Grease pit came back, carrying Aaron and Courtney in his arms. He was happy as some guy who won the lottery, and had a dumb look on his face. Their companion, Fred the Mutant, watched eagerly for his meal.
"Time to dump these brats in yet?" Grease pit asked.
"Yes. The water has been brought to a boil." The children screamed at Limburger's remark.
"Now can we attack?" I asked.
"Yes. Let's do it bros!" Throttle smirked.


We all jumped in at the scene. I took out my sword, preparing to attack. The bros did the same, pulling out their guns and are in their fighting positions.
"Stop right there!" I yelled.
"Well, well. Look what we have here. it's that bitch who destroyed our mouse androids. You will pay for that." Karbunkle said.
"Try to kill me." I said. "Common. I know you want to."
"Can I kill her?" Begged Grease pit.
"No stupid, you'll only mess it up. You take care of those pesky rodents over there. Limburger, you know the drill."
"Bring it on. Show me what you've got!" I smirked.
"All right you little punk, you ask for it!" Limburger shouted, firing his gun at me. I caught the bullet and crushed it to bits with my hand.
"Is that the best you can do? God, what a wimp," I said.
"You arrogant rodent! I hate you!" Karbunkle fired his laser gun at me. I batted it away with my hand, the laser had no effect on me. I turned my head. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo were busy fighting off other guards and freeing the kids. Well, they're certainly doing their job, I thought.
"Aaaawwwooo! This is the most fun in my life!" Vinnie screeched.
"Hey bro, let's play volleyball. We'll use the goon as a volleyball." Throttle shouted, looking quite amused with the idea.
"Okay, serving zero to zero," shouted Vinnie.
Throttle whipped the goon back at him. Vinnie purpose missed the goon, and the goon flew right through the glass window. Throttle and Vinnie both smirked at each other.
"Oops, didn't mean to miss." Vinnie said. Throttle laughed.
The continued to fight the goons until each one was defeated. I took care of the rest of them. Limburger was mine. I sighed with relief when Modo left with the children to get them to safety. I was proud of him.
"Alright pal. One on one."
"You're dead, Midnight."
"I'm really scared." I made my first attack with a small power bast. I knew it wouldn't be much of a fight.
"You punk!" He screamed, firing a bazooka at me. I swatted it away with my hand.
"Is that all you got, Limburger? What a shame. You're so weak and a coward. In my eyes, that's the most pathetic thing I ever saw. You're not worthy enough to live. I will punish you forever by sending you to hell, where you have Halloween every day, full of hate and torture." I fired up a bigger power blast, and shot it directly at Limburger at alarming speed.
"SPIRIT BOMB!" I screamed my attack. "Die, Limburger! Go to Hell!"
The huge ball of fire shot right through Limburger's chest. His body crumpled to dust. He died instantly. His goons were defeated too by the bros. It was time to blow this joint and get out of here.
"Guys, let's blow this joint!" I yelled.
"Can you do the honors, Midnight? You're the only one with super powers. We only have muscles, brains, guns and our bikes." Modo said.
"With pleasure," I said. "THUNDER BOMB CRASH!" I yelled. This attack is a new one I recently discovered. It's a huge fireball with thunderbolts inside. Its powerful impact will destroy anything in its way. It's a very handy attack, and my second favorite, next to the Spirit bomb attack.
The building exploded, leaving a small pile of debris. We got on our bikes, with Aaron and Courtney riding behind us and went home. It was really late. Charley was extremely happy that we got her cousins back. They were happily eating their Halloween candy on the couch, and soon went to bed. We all did the same, worn out from tonight's long adventure. With the city safe, and Throttle beside me, I was happy.
Morning came again, November 1st. I stretched and yawned, rubbing sleep from my eyes. Throttle was still asleep as usual. But I found something unusual on my night-stand this morning. It was a note, folded neatly in half. Without really thinking about it, I opened it up to read what was inside. I gasped in horror. I started to shake after reading the note. It said:

-Immortal Limburger


A sequel? I'll think about it. 