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Metamorphose the End of the Circle

By Morning

September 5, 1998

Time was passing and Jack was still searching for an answer then it happened. He found out exactly what chemicals were used, if only he could find out how that they were combined together he might be able to get the guys back. But as he was testing more of their blood samples he made another horrible discovery their blood was breaking down, they were dying.
In a short amount of time Throttle and Ai Esha had become good friends. She was easy to talk to and seem to understand so many of his feelings. It's funny he always was attracted to the strong independent woman. She definitely was that and a little more.
He had introduced her to his bros, Charley, and Jack. They all seemed to like her and the feeling was mutual. Of course Vinnie tried to put the moves on her, big mistake. Ai Esha properly put him in his place so smoothly that his head spin. Charley thought with admiration, " My kind of girl, Vinnie you'll never learn."
Throttle cared a great deal for Ai Esha even though he wasn't sure just how, but if they were going to continue with any kind of relationship he felt he had to be honest about whom he was and what he was. Which wasn't going to be the easiest thing to explain.
But he wasn't going to put it off any longer. He called her and she agreed to meet him at what they affectionately called their place.
Where they had first met was kind of special place, the river was quiet during the evening and they could and did talk there a lot.

The River:

He arrived first and soon he could hear Ai Esha's big machine.
"So what's up?" she said after pulling up next to him and taking her helmet off shaking her hair free.
Throttle loved to watch this and it amazed him how she could mange to do any thing with those long wildly colored nails she sported. But that was all part of AiEsha's charm.
"Hey Toadie" he said nervously. This was a nickname very few had the privilege to call her but she had given that privilege to him.
"So what is this earth shattering all important news you just had to tell me?" she smiled that beautiful smile at him.
He got off his bike and found a comfortable spot to sit and asked that she joined him. "So what is it?" she was starting to get just a little uneasy.
"Don't tell me your some kind of an axe murderer, or alien or something." She laughed.
Throttle smiled and answered, "Well I am not an axe murderer." AiEsha paused for a second.
"I knew it, you were just too sweet and looked too good not to have something wrong with you. You're crazy." Ai Esha said as she got up and started to walk away.
"No just let me try and explain" Throttle told her everything that had happened up to that point. She listened still giving him an odd look.
"Throttle, you want me to believe that you and those other two guys are giant Martian mice. "Yea right, come on you really don't except me to believe this?" Ai Esha trying to see if he were really serious.
"And the reason you wear those glasses is because some deranged mad scientist took your eyes and replaced them with bionic eyes, this happened on Mars during this War with the fish people. "That's it I'm leaving, you are a nice guy but you need serious therapy." Ai Esha shook her head and walked toward her bike, " Why are all the fine guys one taco short of a combination plate."
Throttle grabbed her arm not to hurt her but to try and get her to stop and listen. He found out why this lady had the confidence she did.
Before he knew it he was flying and hit the ground so hard it knocked the wind out of him. He lies there unmoving and Ai Esha thought she had really hurt him.
"Throttle.. Throttle.." She said cautiously as she bend down to see if he were still breathing.
He still didn't move. She shook his shoulder and tried to get him to come around.
Suddenly Throttle grabbed her by both arms and flipped her on her back and pinned her down straddling her waist and pinning her hands over her head.
She struggled but he had her down and there was nothing she could do, he was a lot stronger then he looked.
Now being more hurt than angry he said, " I thought I could trust you to believe me. Why would I make up something like that? But if you want to just walk away hey, "I'm use to it, go ahead!" With that he stood up and went to get on his bike to leave.
Ai Esha heard the incredible hurt in his voice, " Throttle wait!" she got herself up and ran to him.
"Well you have to admit it isn't every day a guy tells you he's a mouse from another planet." She said putting her hands on his back. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you. Besides if you are crazy you are cute enough to get away with it. Oh come on Lighten up"
He looked at her with half a smile.
"Besides you would have to be someone out of the ordinary to be able to pin me down like that and still be able to walk away," She wasn't bragging just stating a fact.
He laughed slightly but then he realized that she was right. Maybe Charley was right too. They still did have the skill and they just need to rethink their moves.
He turned to Ai Esha held her chin and gave her a sweet kiss, " Thanks" he said.
She didn't try to stop him but said, "What was that for?"
"For being beautiful, smart and helping me to find myself," he said as he climbed on his bike.
"That's what I'm here for a friend in need and all that. So what do you do now?" Ai Esha got herself ready to go.
As they sat a few more minutes Throttle told her about Stoker and the rest, how they were coming to earth to try and help them. He also told her about Carbine and how he still though he loved her.
Ai Esha smiled and told him, " Look if she has a brain in her head she won't let some one like you get away. Don't be surprised if she is on the ship when it lands. If was me I'd being there." "Keep in touch which ever way it goes and call if you need me you've got my number." With that she started her bike and left.
He watched her until she was out of sight thinking, "I sure do pretty lady."
He thought about her a second more than got himself back home. Stoker would be calling to tell them what time they would be arriving and where, this time they wouldn't be crashing into the scoreboard.
Jack was already there when Throttle arrived as he walked into the room the he saw Charley being cradled in Modo's arms and he was trying to console her.
Vinnie was standing with his arms folded not really looking at anything and Jack looked like someone just told him his sister was marrying a Plutarkian.
"What's going on bros?" he asked not sure he was ready for the answer.
Modo spoke, "Jack just let us know that if we don't find a way to reverse the transformation soon, we're dead."
Throttle breath a heavy sigh, " So what's soon."
Jack answered, " One week maybe but it isn't as hopeless as it sounds. I did find out all the chemicals that where used, now if I can figure out how they were combined together inject you with those chemicals, then put you through one of Limburger's transporters I think it will do the trick.
"You think?" Vinnie interrupted
" Yo Man, you need to be a bit more specific. You are talking about our hides here."
"Well Ace that's all I got, if it's not good enough for you figure out something your self!" Jack was tired and frustrated. Vinnie for all his posturing was scared and neither knew how to let the other know what he was feeling except through anger.
Charley pulled away from Modo and stared screaming at them both, "What's the matter with you two? Aren't things bad enough without you too fools attacking each other"
This was all Charley needed to push her over the edge. She wanted to be strong for Modo but it was just all too horrible. She broke down in a fit of hysterical tears.
Modo tried to calm her down but she was going to have her cry. "Just leave me alone everybody!" she found the furthest part of the room and sat down on the floor and cried until she got it all out.
They were at a lose, never seeing her like this they didn't know what to do.
Throttle just said, " Leave her she'll be okay." And they gave her the needed space.
After awhile Throttle walked over to Charley and handed her some tissue to clean her face. "You okay now?" he said in that big brother way he had of talking to her.
Charley smiled a weak little smile and nodded her head yes. "Why don't you and the big fella go out and get some air we'll let you know everything later. You guys need time to be alone." Throttle helped her off of the floor.
Charley walked over to Modo and slipped her hand in his and they walked out.
Jack and Vinnie knew it was the right thing to do and looked at each other then got back to work.
They had pretty much figured out that it was the work of Karbunkle who, even though was deranged, demented and just plain insane was still a genius a hundred fold.
Only his mind could come up with anything like this and with Limburger backing him up he had everything to be able to make it work.
In fact the whole situation had the stench of Limburger all over it.
"So all we have to do is break into Limburger Tower, find the formula, and then ask Limburger to use his transporter. No that's not hopeless." Vinnie added that with his special brand of sarcasm he couldn't help it.
"Don't start Vincent we do what ever we have to. Stoker will be here tomorrow night with his help we are going to have to try." Throttle said not ready to give up on life now.

Part 2

In an out of the way area some miles outside of the city Throttle, Modo, Vinnie, Charley, and Jack waited for the Martian spacecraft to arrive.
Jack had just gotten use to the guys and now not only was he going to see more of these remarkable beings but one of their spaceships.
Each had their own moments of deep thought before they saw the ship make its entry into earth's atmosphere. The small streak of light soon grows into the ship they had been waiting for and it landed smoothly not far from where they stood.
In the dark not far off sat a lone rider waiting to see the out come of just one small part of this drama she was now a part of.
Stoker was the first to emerge out of the ship with Rimfire close behind him they were greeted by hardy hugs and handshakes.
" Charley you are as beautiful as ever." Stoker said as he took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss. He was surprised to see Modo react instead of Vinnie. "Oh I see more has changed than I thought." He joked eyeing Modo's expression.
Charley blushed a beet red then trying to take the focus off she and Modo introduced Jack to both mice.
"Jack so you are the Genius that's going to save our boys," Stoker said hoping that would be the cast.
Jack shook his hand; "With your help I hope so".
"The ship will take care of itself it will keep a orbit right outside of earth's atmosphere far enough not to be detected but we can call it to pick us up when we need it.
Once we get back to your place Charley we work out what ever details we need to," Stoker orders. He had been watching Throttle as they got off the ship and as everyone started to leave Stoker walked up to Throttle and told him, "Look kid I know you where hoping she'd change her mind but you know Carbine. All you can do now is mark it up to experience and move on besides we have bigger fish to fry. I'll ride back with Jack."
They all left and Throttle sat there getting his feelings and thoughts together. Stoker was right he need to concentrate on saving his life and he would get over this just like he always has gotten over other hard times in his life.
Then he heard a familiar sound coming toward him, one that put a smile on his face and in his heart.
As she pulled up beside him, she pulled off the helmet, shook out that head of long auburn hair and smiled that incredible smile. "Hey handsome how's it hangin? I just thought you might need some company."
"Friend in need again?" He said realizing just how truly beautiful she was and it had nothing to do with her looks.
"Something like that so where do you go from here." She said concerned about his frame of mind.
Well things have gotten more complicated." Throttle went on to explain what Jack had told them and what they planned to do.
"Well I don't intend to stand around and let that happen. A good man is hard to find, even if he's a mouse from Mars. Why don't we catch up with the others."
"This lady was worth living for," he thinks to himself and what ever it took he was going to survive.
Ai Esha followed him to the Last Chance and she was introduced to Stoker and Rimfire.
Stoker pulls Throttle away from earshot and whispers, " It doesn't take you long to recoup does it. And with a beauty like that I think you are going to be just fine."
"So what the pl" before he could get all the words out Vinne grabbed his head and fell to his knees. The pain was so intense he cried out.
Jack examined him and realized the worst. We have less time then I thought, we have to get that formula and you guy's into a transporter tomorrow night the latest."
"But you said that we had a least a week," said Charley holding tightly to Modo's hand.
" Sorry kid I wish you had." Jack knew that it was breaking Charlie's heart but there was nothing he could do to change what was happening.
Jack was able to give Vinnie something to diminish to pain a little but that was it.
" Well people looks like we do it tomorrow let's get started we have a lot of work ahead of us." Stoker said trying to keep his emotions in check.
They worked through the night getting all the details worked out, nothing could go wrong. If they made one mistake the guys would pay with their lives.
There wasn't much time to talk or spend last moments together but Modo took the time anyway. " Charley there are never the right words for this kind thing," He paused. " Jack told us that if we are able to pull this off and get to the transporter it's a 50/50 chance we will survive. And even if we do, it's a good chance we won't remember anything that happen after the initial injections.
Well just in case I want you to have this. He handed her a small black box.
Charley open it and inside was a small delicate silver locket and when it was opened it played the song they had danced and fallen in love to.
Jack helped me with the music I just wanted you to have something to, well you know.
"Modo it's the most precious thing I have ever seen thank you, I will cherish it always." Then she wrap her arms around his waist and let herself enjoy the little time they may have left.
Not meaning to pry Ai Esha over heard what Modo had said. But didn't say anything to Throttle. "If he wants me to know he will tell Me." she thought to herself and continued on with what she was doing.

The next day at Limburger Tower:

Ai Esha in a very flattering black dress, hair up in a business like manner, and horn rim glasses, she was ready to play her part.
As she approached the entrance of the building the large pompous Plutarkian, a strange creepy little creature in a white lab coat, and two well-armed guards greeted her.
The next thing she notices was the fowl smell that emitted from Limburger. They had warned her about it but she couldn't imagine it being this bad, but she still smiled.
"Good afternoon my dear you are the reporter from Eloquent magazine." Limburger said as he looked admiringly at her.
"Yes Mr. Limburger. My name is Ai Esha Sojay and I am thrilled to meet you.
We at Eloquent have admired your philanthropic work for a long time. And it is an honor for me personally to be able to interview you." Ai Esha had called in a few favors and the editor of the magazine had set it up.
"Miss Sojay you flatter me with your kind words." With that he picked up her hand and kissed it. Ai Esha was glad she had skipped lunch.
"I hope you don't mind but I brought my camera crew we have got to get this on tape not only for the magazine but for my personal records as well." She said in a perfect smile that gave Limburger a tingle he hadn't felt for years.
Ai Esha wasn't sure she could get through this with out throwing up but then she remembers this was for Throttle and the rest of her friends she had to.
"But of course, please all of you do come in to my humble abode." As they brought the equipment in Karbunkle was staring at them as if he recognized something about them. Ai Esha saw this, turn to him and said, " You must be the famous Dr. Karbunkle. I just don't think my day could be any more perfect having met two such distinguished people."
Karbunkle was completely off guard not getting recognition often. "Well uh thank you my dear I don't get many admirers."
As they settled in Limburger's main office and the interview was started. The cameraman sporting the black shades said, "Miss Sojay we need the other camera from the truck. We can't seem to get Mr. Limburger's full figure with this one."
"Do you mind Mr. Limburger it will only take a second and I do want the best picture I can get of that manly physique of yours," Ai Esha said with honey dripping off every word.
"No problem would one of you fine gentlemen please escort them to their vehicle we wouldn't want them to get lost coming back," Limburger says to one of his goons.
The two men leave the office closely followed by Limburger's thug. Then one of the cameramen takes a small capsule and drops it on the floor.
Smoke raises as they cover their faces and the goon falls unconscious. Pulling him out of sight the two makes their way toward Karbunkles computer.
"This way Jack," Throttle had trashed the building so many times he could easily find the lab where the computer and the need information were.
Not being spotted and after Jack did a little of his special kind of magic on the lock they were in. Jack gain access to the computer and searched frantically through Karbunkles files to find the formula.
Just then Throttle fell to the floor grabbing his head. Jack started towards him but Throttle stopped him, "I'll be okay just get the info and let's blow."
Finally Jack found it, downloaded to his portable computer, and was ready to get out of there.
Throttle was in visible pain by this time and Jack had to help him up and out the door but not before leaving a little gift.
"Which way Throttle!" Jack shouted having no idea where they were going.
Throttle trying to think past the pain looked up and showed Jack the door to their escape.
Jack half-carrying Throttle finally got them out and into the truck.
While still in Limburger's office Ai Esha glanced at her watch, all of a sudden an explosion rocked the building signaling them that Jack had done his job.
Limburger and Karbunkle screamed like schoolgirls and sought protection under the desk. Just then Greasepit runs into the office and in a panic says. " Duh Mr. Limboiga somebody just blew up da main compuda in da Doc's lab.
Karbunkle jumped up and screamed " I thought I recognized you. He's that bionic armed rat we turned human."
That did it, on top of everything else this slimy degenerate had a nerve to call him a rat. With that Modo snatched off the sleeve that concealed his arm, aimed it directly at the three and fired blowing the desk into a million pieces not to mention disarming the guard at the same time.
Greasepit beat a hasty retreat not forgetting the many times he'd tasted the sting of Modo's weapon.
Ai Esha saw that Modo intended to pay these creatures backs for all the pain and sorrow they had caused the ones he loved.
"Don't Modo you can't be like them. One day they will have to pay for what they've done. Come on Charlie's waiting for you." Ai Esha said praying it was enough to stop him.
Shaking from anger he lowered his weapon and looked at Ai Esha's pleading face.
She sighed in relief as Modo grabbed her hand and they made their way out of the building and into the waiting truck.
Ai Esha lay Throttle's head on her lap trying to make more comfortable he was getting weaker by the minute. "Stay with me good looking it won't be much longer." she encouraged him. Throttle held her hand thinking that if he were going to die he won't be alone and her face would be in his last thoughts.
They got back to the garage and while Stoker and Rimfire helped get Throttle out Jack got right to work getting their injections ready with the equipment he'd brought from his lab.
Again Modo was the last to be affected but he was showing signs that he would soon be in the same conditions as his bros.
Jack deleted the chips he had installed in the bikes so if by some miracle this craziness worked and they weren't all killed the bikes would accept their riders once again.
As the bikes allowed, Charley on Vinnie's, Rimfire on Modo's Little darlin and Stoker rode Throttle's Lady, they follow the truck back to Limburger Tower. As Jack drove the truck that carried the barely conscious Throttle, Vinnie and weakening Modo, Ai Esha followed on Beauty.
Knowing that Limburger was going to be on his guard some one was going to have to cause a pretty big diversion to keep everyone at the tower busy enough so that they could get the guys to the transporter. Stoker and Rimfire would gladly provide that.
As they got pulled up in an alley behind the tower everyone made ready to do the job they had to do.
"Charley do you know exactly where the Transporter is located?" Jack asked checking every last detail.
She snapped at him, "Of course I do. Let's just get this over with." Her voice filled with more pain than anyone's should be.
As the two mice began their assault on the Tower Charley showed Jack the hidden entrance she had found into the lower part of the building.
It wasn't easy trying to get all three down to the needed level where a freight elevator would take them the rest of the way to the transporters. But some how they were able to get them there.
Modo was still able to walk even though he was in a great amount of pain he helped Jack carry Throttle. Charley and Ai Esha some how supported Vinnie in a half walk and half drag thing but it worked?
Finally they made it there all they needed to do now was give the guys the injections and put them in the transporter and set it for the Scoreboard.
Jack gave each the right dose of chemical and just as they were going to put them in the machine they hear the maniacal laughter of Limburger.
"Well now isn't this just perfect. Oh and my dear Miss Sojay I see you have changed careers. Too bad you weren't more selective in your choices."
"And whom do we have here, our egghead computer nerd Mr. Mc Cyber and a hardy welcome to you too."
"Well now that we have our entire party guest we can see our three heroes off in a big way."
"But don't worry you will all be joining them soon after. I just want to watch you watch them die."
Limburger held a very large laser weapon on all of them. But then Modo fell to the floor mooning in pain. Charley attempted to go to him but Limburger was going to see them all suffer as much as possible.
"Now now Miss Davidson you must not stop our little drama, don't move." Limburger chuckled sadistically.
"You're going to kill us anyway and I'm not going to let him just lie there and die!" Charley told Limburger defiantly. She started towards Modo.
Limburger raised his weapon to fire when Stoker and Rimfire came crashing through the wall and blow the fat Plutarkian into the next room.
They got the guys into the transporter set the proper controls. They could hear Limburger's hoodlum was coming but they couldn't leave until they were sure the transport was complete.
"Done" Jack shouted they were out of there. Stoker grabbed Charley and seated her behind him. Ai Esha jumped behind Rimfire and they were out the way they came in. And with all the confusion Jack was able to make his way out on foot.
On the way back no one said a word. What would be there when they arrived?
As soon as they pulled up everyone ran inside. They saw Modo, Throttle, and Vinnie as they had always been but they lay motionless on the floor.
Charley and Ai Esha stood not daring to move as Jack checked to if they had survived the transformation.
He breathed easy as he saw they had. "They will probably sleep through the rest of the night they've been through a lot. I'll come back and check them in the morning.
Stoker and Rimfire helped to get them settle in.
Charley noticed Ai Esha starting to leave she stopped her, "Aren't you going to wait and see well...if? "
" No Charley I'm not. If he does remember me, he'll know where to find me. And he looks good even for a mouse." Ai Esha got on Beauty and left.

The next morning:

Stoker had fallen asleep after reporting all that happen back to Mars. Carbine was thrilled Throttle was back to normal and he wouldn't remember anything that had gone between them. She couldn't wait to speak with him. Rimfire had stay close to his uncle sleeping on the floor right next to Modo's bed.
Charley had balled up on the couch and had gotten a little sleep.
This time Modo was the first to awaken. Rimfire, "What are you doin here? The sound of Modo's voice woke him up. " Uncle Modo, you alright?" Rimfire wasn't sure.
"Of course, I'm fine I just feel like some one used me as a crash dummy. Charley knew as soon as she heard his voice that it was all gone. She put her hand around the little locket that hung from her neck and refused to let her cry.
Soon Throttle and Vinnie where both up and both feeling just about as bad as Modo.
Hey Rookies, you guys gave us some scare. Why don't you rest a little more and I will fill you in later.
Later no way, too much rest dulls the scenes. Hey Charley-girl couldn't stay away for my obvious charm, huh? "Vinnie said as he jumped out of bed.
She cleared her throat and tried to sound as normal as possible, "Yea Vinnie you know how I live for your approval"
"Good Morning Miss Charley Ma'am," Modo said the way he always had every morning that he'd seen Charley. Why didn't it sound right this morning?
Charley couldn't stand it any longer she made up an excuse; she just had to get out of there.
"I'll see you guys later okay? I've got some stuff to do. Stoker will fill you in like he said on just about every thing that happened." Charley had made Stoker and Rimfire promise that if Modo didn't remember on his own they couldn't say a word. Ai Esha held them to a similar promise.
"Hey Charley you want me to go with ya I can"
"Leave her alone Vincent, she said she has things to do." Vinnie backed way off. Stoker rarely use his name so he knew what ever it was he'd back off.
The guys weren't complete blanks little bits and pieces filtered into their minds but still Stoker had to fill them in on most of what had taken place the past almost month of their lives.
Throttle wondered why Carbine hadn't come with them if it was as bad as Stoker had said. "You are going to have to talk to her Kid I stay out of other folks romances."
Throttle knew that there was something Stoker wasn't saying but he would take it up with Carbine A.S.A.P.
Before long Jack came by to check on his patiences. " Well you guys are in pretty good shape to have been through what you have. You may be a little weak and sore for a couple of days but that should pass."
"Will we ever remember what happened." Modo said seemingly searching for something.
There's no way of telling. As time goes by things may pop up but if it was important to you then it will be now.

The Circle Ends:

Stoker and Rimfire had returned home leaving the three Biker Mice from Mars to finish the job that they started on earth.
Jack had gone back to his work for the government. He was still trying to grasp what he had seen and done the past weeks.
Limburger reluctantly reported another failure to Plutark. Every one from the highest to the lowest verbally assaulted him.
He in turn let go a verbal assaulted of his own on the mad scientist who in turn let his anger on his strange masochistic lab experiment. All in all things were back to abnormal.
Throttle did try and talk with Carbine but one thing lead to another. Before long they were at each other, going at it like cats and dogs.
She again stormed away but finally Throttle realized that he deserved to be treated better then that.
He found himself sitting alone at the river gazing at the still peaceful water. It was pretty dark other than the lights from the city and one lone street light. He still wore his helmet just in case there were any late walking citizens.
After a while he heard the sound of another bike pulling up not far from where he had stopped.
The rider was definitely female and he watched her wondering why any women would be out this late alone.
As she sat straddling the big machine she pulled off her helmet and long auburn hair flowed out and she gave it a careless shake. For some reason he found himself smiling from ear to ear as he watched her.
She turned acknowledged his attentions and smiled. Throttle thought she had the most incredible smile he'd ever seen.
"Come here often?" She said flashing her piercing brown eyes at him.
"No I am sorta from out of town," he said wondering why his heart was beating double time.
"Do you mind if I ask you something that's probably none of my business." He asked cautiously.
"No go right ahead it may just be your business?"
"Do you always start conversations with total strangers? A beautiful women like you should be a lot more careful." Throttle thought, " I can't believe I just said."
"Well it depends not everybody is a stranger," she said again with that smile.
Then not knowing why Throttle removed his helmet, his specks slid a bit down his nose.
She didn't even blink seeing his face. She merely walked over towards him; surprisingly he wasn't at all worried that she was going to harm him.
Once she was close enough for him to look into her eyes she reached up and pushed the specks back on his face.
"You better be careful handsome you know you are blind as a bat without these."
As he studied her face he was puzzled only for a second. Then a jumble of wonderful, familiar feelings rushed in on him.

The Last Chance Garage:

Charley stayed at home not wanting to see anyone, especially Modo.
She would probably get over all this some time before the next millennium but for now she sat holding a delicate silver locket. The melody playing as she tried to figure out how she was going to get her life back to make some kind of sense.
There was a knock on the door and reluctantly she went to answer it. Jack and Vinnie were standing there and invited themselves in.
You look a mess you need to get out of here for awhile," Vinnie said looking at her with a sour expression.
"Well it's nice to see you to Vincent." Charley said rolling her eyes at him.
"Come on we are taking you out tonight. Go make yourself beautiful and no is not an option."
Jack parked himself on the couch and Vinnie pushed her toward the stairs.
Charley was not in the mood for an argument and getting out probably wasn't such a bad idea. "Okay you guys but don't except too much," Charley said as she dragged herself upstairs.
After awhile she came back down and their eyes brighten seeing the once again beautiful Charley.
"Now that is more like it. We are going to take you for the best time of your life. Hey, you are going out with the studliest male on the planet," Vinnie was back to his old form all right.
Yea, so how do you plan on not causing a riot Mr. Studly." Charley laughed she was glad to hear the ego with legs.
I got the idea from a friend, with the helmet on, long trench who's gonna know.
"It's a plan, but don't excepted too much from me okay." Charley said as she recognized the trench coat.
Jack in a mock show of hurt feeling said. "Well thanks a lot maybe we should just leave you here to pout."
Charley realizing how ungrateful she was acting apologized. " Oh guys I am sorry, you are right we are going to have a great time."
"Okay then folks let's hit the road," Vinnie cuffed her softly under the chin
"So where we going?" Charley said at least trying to so enthusiastic.
Charley hopped behind Vinnie as she had a hundred times before, gladden that she had both he and Jack's friendship.
" Don't ask so many questions just enjoy the ride Sweetheart"
Finally they stopped in front of the Blue Note. Charlie's heart was beating out of her chest. "Of all the place they would have to choose, why here? But I have already made them feel bad once. I am just going to have to grin and bare It." she sighed to herself.
As they walked inside she did smile at the memories that surface then a sudden sadness enveloped. And she wanted more than anything to ask about Modo, but she won't let herself. It was long to be a long night.
"Charlene you have got to stop this. Your life isn't over, be thankful that you were able to share the moments you did. Some people don't even get that." Charley told herself.
The lighting was as subdued as it had been as they entered into the club. This just added to Vinnie blending in with the rest of the crowd.
But it didn't stop the ladies from wanting to know whom the fine male body belongs to hiding behind the bike helmet.
Charley smiled to herself thinking, " Mouse or man you've got what they want Vinnie."
Then Jack disappeared for a second while Vinnie took Charley by the arm to a quite corner.
Jack then reappeared with the smile of a Cheshire cat. "Okay Jack, what are you two up too." Charley was really getting suspicious.
Hey chill Charley, come on I have something to show you upstairs," Vinnie said pulling her toward the stair in the back of the club.
"Wait one minute VanWham what are you trying to pull!"
"Go ahead Charlene he's pretty harmless." Jack laughed.
"Excuse me, look Jack -Be- Nimble the Vinnie charm is anything but harmless..
And Miss Davidson I don't have to trick a women to be alone with me so relax."
I am sorry Vinnie what do you want to show me? How did you know they had an upstairs anyway?"
"You'd be surprise at what I know Charley-girl." He said as he escorted her up the stairs.
They entered into a beautifully charming room with candle light, soft music the works.
"Just a quite place to talk, have a seat I'll be right back." Vinnie disappeared this time.
"Well what ever you guys are up too I have to admit it's kind of sweet for you to go through all this trouble." Charley said as she made herself comfortable.
Then it she heard it, the song that gave hers as much joy as it did sorrow.
As she listens to the music she remembered how it felt to be in his arms.
The beautiful music blended into by the sound of male voices in prefect harmony.
She bowed her head and held tight to the small keepsake around her neck.
As she felt the tears begin to flow down her face a deep male voice came from behind her. "May I have this dance Miss Davidson?"
As she turned she focused on a tall gray figure extending a gallant mechanical hand toward her. She placed her hand in his and rose to his embrace.
She rested her head on his chest and listen to him breathing. He gently lay his head on her soft mound of chestnut hair.
Before long they were lost in the words, music and each other.

Could you be the one for me?
Could we dance the night away?
I want to give you everything
Thought I don't have much.
Could you fall in love with me?
Could you love me the rest of my life?
Could you forever be the one for me this time?
Could you forever be the one for me this time?

Vinnie and Jack standing at the doorway for a second smiled giving each other a soft high five left them alone.

The End