I do not own the BMFM and I use them without permission. Not for profit of any kind except in the hope that some one will in joy the fruits of my labor. This is a music fic so the part where music appears out of thin air and people start singing is to be expected. Yes I took poetic license in giving Throttle a good singing voice but that is what's so good about fiction. The songs are also not my property and I use them without permission. Two songs ( I'm The One and Love Love Again) are from Smokey Robinson's "Intimate" CD and the other (I don't know the official name) is from the Robotech CD.
So now that is done, may you enjoy my little musical. Oh one more thing it's not from or to any particular story line just one of those things that sort of floats on it's own.

By Morning

The vanilla colored furred Martian female sung happily along with the sweet music that was coming from the speakers in her helmet. Being on earth was a unique experience for the young freedom fighter. Not only the music, everything about the strange planet seemed to captivate her.

Stoker had told her, even though she was the best computer expert that Mars had, she was sorely in need of off world field experience, so he'd sent her to earth to work with the three most famous freedom fighters her planet had produced. She'd heard a lot about them and had to admit there was a little hero worship mixed in with the emotions of meeting them for the first time. The last thing she expected was any romantic involvement but, weird as it was, it happened.

Out of the three he seemed the most standoffish at first. But some where along the way they became close friends. He said she knew how to listen and he felt more comfortable talking with her than any other woman he'd ever known, other than Charley that is.
He had recently been, unceremoniously, dumped by his childhood sweetheart and all Christa wanted to do was offer a shoulder to lean on. Then it happened one unsuspecting night, he had dared to kiss her and heavenly as it was she tried to tell him it was too soon. He was probably just looking for someone to help smooth over the hurt. She argued and resisted until he had finally convinced her that his feelings were genuine and she had to admit she'd fallen for him like Limburger Tower after a nice trashing.

So now she was on her way over to the scoreboard to meet him and her bike just didn't seem to move fast enough. Pulling up on the secret ramp they used to bring the bikes up to their hideout she jumped off pulling the helmet from her head shaking out her yard long, brown, gold, and white braids and knocking on the door. Modo opened it with the oddest look on his face. Vinnie smiled sheepishly and they both almost knocked her down trying to leave with only a quick good bye.

Throttle sat at the table fumbling with his field speck. He'd taken them off some thing he rarely did, she could feel the tension in the air and knew he had something to tell her as she sat in the chair directly across from him placing her helmet in front of her.

"Okay out with it. What ever it is tell me quick and straight." Christa said trying to sound like she could handle what ever he said, automatically grabbing the sapphire beads that hung from the braid that laid on her shoulder.

Throttle looked into her big beautiful fuchsia eyes that were surrounded by those incredibly long lashes and took a deep breath before speaking. He was going to be honest with her she deserved nothing less. "Carbine called a little while ago and we talked for a long time. She said a lot of stuff that kind of made sense."

"Oh, what kind of stuff?" Christa could feel her throat tighten but some how she maintained an even voice.

"Things like, we had put a lot of time in the relationship we had. That she was wrong and only reacted out of anger. That she still loved me and she wanted me to think about giving us another chance." His eyes dropped to the table and his voice was hardly a whisper. He tossed the shades a little distance from him on the table.

"In us, may I assume you mean she and you." She questioned quietly.


"So where does that leave you and I?"

"I don't know. I still love you but I can't say I don't love her too." He looked up at her not knowing what she was going to say or do. Not really knowing what he was going to do himself.

Music starts in the background

Christa watched him for a moment rubbing the blue beads on her braid along the side of her face as she began singing:

You were trapped in a room of doubt
You had no way out
You were fightin' to make it work
But you lost that bout

You fell in my arms all broken hearted
Making me feel our time had started
I know
You never thought that I'd come through
I did what anyone who loved somebody would do

I'm the one who pulled you from the fire
I'm the one who saved you from the fall
I'm the one who risked her heart
To be your all and all
I'm the one who came to the rescue

She leaned back and closed her eyes. She wasn't going to cry, she wouldn't let tears get in the way of the decision he had to make.

You were drowning your life away
In a sea of tears
Always searching for happiness
In the eyes of your peers
So I through out my heart like a cowgirl rope
You told me that I was your one last hope
I know
You think I'm just a fantasy
But please don't forget about me baby.

Opening her eyes she focused her attention back to him. Standing slowly, wrapping her arms around her waist she walked toward him. Throttle stood and walked to meet her half way stopping inches in front of her but not daring to touch her.

I'm the one who pulled you from the fire
I'm the one who saved you from the fall
I'm the one who risked her heart
To be your all in all
I'm the one who came to the rescue

Christa reached up to puts her hand softly on his chest just over his heart still not taking her eyes from his.

You let your heart be lead
Way out there on a limb
You never thought I'd be your hero
A hero I am not
But I gave you all the love I've got
So if the choice is her or me
Think about it carefully

She balls her fist up and softly taps on his chest.

I'm the one
Boy I pulled you from the fire
I'm the one
Yes, that saved you from the fall
I'm the one who risked her heart
To be your all in all
I'm the one who came to the rescue.

I'm the one who pulled you from the fire
I'm the one who saved you from the fall
I'm the one who risked her heart
To be your all and all

Christa takes hold his chin.
Look at me good

I'm the one who came to the rescue.

The music dies slowly and she leans up to kiss him slow and tender. Ending the kiss she looks at him one more time, reaches over to pick up her helmet and walks out of the door leaving the ball in his court.

On the way home Christa remained calm, she didn't really feel anything just a strange numbness. She got to the garage and didn't stop to see if any one was around. Dismounting her bike and dropping her helmet to the floor she retreated up to Charley's spare room that was now her bedroom.

Charley, Vinnie, and Modo had been talking about what had transpired between Throttle and Carbine and what Christa must be feeling as they watched her come in and dash up the stairs.

"You better go I think we need a little girl time and the last thing she needs is seeing you guys right now."

"But we didn't dump her, fearless leader was the jerk that made that stupid move. To toss off a gorgeous babe like that for General "Steal Girdle" has to be the stupidest thing that guy has ever done." Vinnie blurted out.

"Shut up Vinnie, you don't know what happened." Modo scolded swatting at Vinnie's head. "But you're probably right Charley ma'am she looked like she could use a little TLC. We'll get outta your way."

Thanks Modo and Vincent you have as much sensitivity as a piece of concrete." Charley shook her head hopelessly at Vinnie.

"What I do?" Man you try to be nice and nobody appreciates it."

"Come on Mr. Sensitive let's get outta here and leave the ladies to their business." Modo said as he tugged on Vinnie's ear pulling him toward the bikes.

"Okay, okay I'm comin." Vinnie followed not having much choice.

Before leaving the white Martian looked over at Charley and walked back to where she stood. He held her chin and got very serious. " I may not say the right stuff but you know I would never hurt you like that, Don't cha?"

She could only smile and hug his neck. " Yes, I know sweet cheeks, I know." Charley looked at the sincere worried expression on his face and knew why she loved him.
"Now go and let me help Christa I'll get back with you guys later."

"You got it, Doll face anything for you." Vinnie smile and was back to his normal boisterous self, hopping on his bike, and racing Modo out of the door.

Charley sighed and looked in the direction Christa had fled. She walked up the stairs and softly knocked but listening more carefully she could her gentle sobs coming from the room. Opening the door cautiously she debated before walking in but, decided to take the chance and stepped in sitting down next to the crying young Martian.

"I'm not going to pry Christa but I'm here if you need me." The compassionate earth woman offered.

Christa lifted her head flipping one of her long braids away from her tear stained face then wiping her eyes with her gloved hand. " Thanks Cee but I just need a good,long, hard, cry. It's practically my fault any way. I knew it was too soon I should have stayed my ground and left what we had at a good friendship kiss or no kiss."

"But once you get a kiss from one of those Martian hunks it's kind of hard to think real straight." Charley dared to tease a little.

Christa chuckled and sat up holding her knees leaning her chin on top of them. " Tell me about it but I left him with something to think about, we woman of Mars ain't too bad in the kissing department either. Besides I don't want him on the rebound if he truly does loves her more, than he should be with her. I just hope she's not jerking him around again.

"Well with Carbine there is no real way of telling but her track record isn't the best. She has caused him lot of grief in the few years I've known them. Don't get me wrong I really like Carbine I just hate what she does to Throttle and I hate that he lets her. I was just hoping he would be smart enough to see when he had it good." Charley held on to her knee giving it a comforting squeeze.

Thanks Cee you have been a real friend but if you don't mind, I'd like to be alone for a little while I still need that cry."

"Sure take all the time you want. I'll be just down stairs." Charley stood and left her closing the door behind her. She could hear Christa begin to cry again and steamed down the stairs wanting to take Throttle by the neck and shake some sense into him.

Back at the scoreboard a few hours later:

Vinnie and Modo had popped their heads in to see if Throttle wanted to join them in a late night Alien movie feast the local theater was having. They got the biggest charge out of how wrong the Earthlings were about theirs and other planets in the galaxy. But the troubled tan Martian wasn't in the mood for much of anything so they left him brooding trying to sort out his emotions.

He sat in the dark with his feet crossed on the table playing with a sapphire bead that was left there a short time ago. Funny, she was always losing the silly things but he loved the soft clicking sound they make when Christa moved her head or flipped back one of those thick locks of hair the beads adorned.

The silence of the moment was broken by the sound of the radio alarming that someone was trying to put a call through. He really didn't want to talk to anyone but it might be an emergency of some kind so he waited until the automatic message clicked in to see if it was necessary for him to answer.

"Hi Throttle I guess you and the terrible twosome are out on one of those fruitless Limburger bashings that you seem to enjoy so much." Carbine's aggravated voice wasn't something he needed to hear at that moment but he continued to listen.

"Have you thought about what we discussed earlier? I was thinking that some of our problems come from you insisting on staying there with those ungrateful Earthlings.
You know how much I need you here to help me get Mars back to what she once was."

He couldn't believe it. They had only talked about getting back together, rather she talked about it and already she was starting. Throttle shook his head in frustration as he continued to stare at the shiny blue bauble he was rolling around in his hand.

"If you really wanted this to work you would have stayed the last time you were here. I've waited a long time and the least you could do is be here for me. I'm never going to understand why you insist on being so foolish."

"Here we go with the same old conflict raising it's ugly head. She's never going to forgive you for that you know. She'll never really understand." He lamented sadly.

Music starts in the background slowly drowning out Carbine's nagging voice. Throttle starts singing while seeing Christa's face smiles at him from within the small sparkling trinket.

In my life I've tried to make it on my own
Some times it's hard to be alone
In my mind my loneliness would never seem to end
Some thing is happening that I don't understand

In my heart
I feel the heat
With something burning deep inside of me
I'll be the man that I could never be
Now that I've found you

In my heart
I realize
You are the light that opened up my eyes
You are the answer and the reason why
Livin' my life for you

He looks at the radio with the bead held tightly in his fist running his other hand through his hair. He slams his feet down on the floor and walks over to look out of the window in the direction of the Last Chance garage.

Through my eyes
I've seen a world that no one's ever seen
Seems like I've lived inside a dream
In my dreams
I never thought I'd have some one who cared
Then you walked in my life and made me so aware

In my heart
I feel the heat
Of something burning deep inside of me
I'll be the man that I could never be
Now that I've found you

In my heart
I realize
You are the love that opened up my eyes
And if my world should fall apart
I know that you will be there
In my heart

Guitars play wildly in the background. A decided smiled crosses Throttle's face as he turns to the radio and shuts off the condemning voice. He leaps on his bike roaring towards the garage with the tiny bead still held securely in his hand determined to ri
ght the foolish wrong he has caused. He rides around to the back of the garage and scales the fire escape that leads to Christa's room. Looking inside he sees her laying on the bed sadly looking out into space, her eyes still wet with tears.

In my heart
I feel the heat
Of something burning deep inside of me
I'll be the man that I could never be
Now that I've found you
In my heart

I'll be the man that I'd never be
You' re in my life
You are the one girl

Music dies

He taps on the window to get her attention but not loud enough to frighten her as he gently lifts it up. Christa raises her head then turns away embarrassed that he has caught her crying.

Throttle slowly entered the room and walks around to the side of the bed Christa was facing kneeling down on one knee to be eye level with her. She starts to turn again but realizes he's already seen her face so why bother to pretend.

"I really messed up big time, didn't I? I don't expect you to trust me again, not right away but I will earn your trust back. That's if you'll give me a chance?" He lifted one of her soft silky braids and fondled it lovingly.

He reached over and gently kissed her forehead then opening her hand he slipped the blue bead into it. "You really need to get these things homing devices?"

Christa remained silent watching his every move, sniffing softly every once in awhile. She wanted to throw her arms around him, hold on to him for dear life but something wouldn't let her. Even for the short amount of time she thought she might lose him it was enough to scare her into being very cautious.

"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me and like the galaxy's biggest idiot, I hurt you. It will never happen again if you'll only give me another chance to prove it."
His voice was pleading and if one listened very closely a bit teary.

Still she wouldn't say anything just continued to look at him with those hot pink laser beams she called eyes.

Music again. Slow and soothing.

Throttle runs his hand down her face as he starts to seek her forgiveness and lost trust.

I want to love you
Teach me how
Re-open your heart to me some how
Some how, right now, right now

Cause I want to show you
What real loves like
What ever was wrong
I'll make it right
I will
I will
I will

Christa shakes her head in the negative at first. She doesn't want to hurt him but she was too close to a heart brake and the fear of that was stronger her love for him at the moment. But Throttle wasn't going to give up so easily. He continues now on both knees taking her hands in his trembling ones

And darlin' don't be afraid
Of the feelins you keep deep inside
I'll make you love love again
Show you that we'll never end
Swear I can dry, every tear you've cry
I'll make you love love again
Gonna love love again

I'll always want you
You know I will
And I'll keep your heart
From standing still
I will
I will

The desperation in his voice, the pleading expression on his face was more than Christa could bear, her heart began to give in.

Baby I'll make you see
You're a woman who wants
To be love by me
I'll make you love love again
Show you that we'll never end
Swear I can dry
Every tear you've cried
I'll make you love love again

Throttle could see in her eyes she was beginning to believe him. He gently pulled her up as he stood. He rocked her lovingly in his arms and singing softly next to her ear. Her last resolve melting away to the warm promises his voice filled her with.

And this time
I'll take it slow
Til we find a place
That we both wanna go
And baby I'll never stop
Til you can feel this love
Is filling up your heart

She for the first time looked up into his face reaching up to removing the dark shades, needed to look directly into is eyes. If as they say, "the eyes are the mirror to the soul," then his showed more love and remorse than his voice. She was sure it was her love that he wanted.

I'll make you love love again
Show you that we'll never end
Swear I can dry
Every tear you've cried
I'll make you love love again
I'll make you love love again

Music slowly dies

Throttle takes her face full in both hands slowly rubbing his thumbs down the side of her cheeks then wiping the tears from her eyes as he guides her mouth to his. The moment turned into the most incredible kiss in recorded history. Not wild or passionate but soft and gentle.

It ended and Christa slid the glasses back on his face with a contented sigh. Throttle let his arms hang loosely around her neck resting his forehead on hers.

"So where do we go from here pretty lady?" His voice inquired huskier than usual.

Christa pushed his hair from in front of the shades smiling up at him. "How about we go for a ride and do some serious talking?"

"Sounds like a good plan. Besides if Charley-girl catches me in here she'll skin me alive." Christa had to giggle in agreement.

Just as the two were descending the steel ladder Vinnie and Modo pull up. They silently watched as the two got on Throttle's bike and with Christa holding on tightly around his waist they were gone in a happy blaze of smoke.

"Well I guess he made his choice I'm glad she was the one." Modo smiled happy in the wise decision made by his bro.

"Yeah me too, but if he plans on living long enough to have grandkids that better be the first and last time he comes out of that room. Charley girl don't play that." Vinnie chuckled.

Modo smiled and giving Vinnie an affirmative high five the two left for home.

The End