I do not own the BMFM however Rex and Shelly are the creation of Decembergirl from the Survivors log story line. The words to this particular song needed a place to settle into and these two fit the bill. If you don't know Motown or Smokey Robinson the song will be foreign to you but if you do it will only had to the feel of the story. Some singers only get better with age. I hope you enjoy the read.

Words from the CD Smokey Robinson Intimate

Bottom Line

by Morning

Shelly had been seeing the young skywalker leader for some time now and still she wasn't quite sure where their relationship was heading. She knew her feelings were very strong for him. But he was always something of a mystery when it came to expressing any emotion.

She understood his caution considering what he'd been through in dealing with those he allowed himself to care for. She would never forget the harrowing story of what happened to his Jaunty. How he still felt responsible for her death.

Shelly finally had to admit she loved him and it was at times frightening. He was better with the deep dark moods that had plagued him when they had first met. But still he never said much about how he felt towards her. His eyes told her she was important to him. The fact that he had share very private parts of his life showed that he did trust her.

She turned to glance at him as he walked silently by her side his arm resting casually around her shoulders. Another evening with his thoughts some where else. They had been to the video center and she had borrowed one of her mother's more romantic tapes hoping it would give him some kind of idea. The movie was "Bed of Roses" one of her favorites. Obviously that idea went over like a lead balloon.

They finally got to her door. He looked at her and gave her a very small smile. Still silent he kissed her sweetly on the cheek and was gone. Shelly knew not to press him when he acted like that. She sighed and went into the apartment.

Rex sat in his quarters staring at the wall debating. It had been such a long time since he had let any one make him feel what he did for the beautiful young earth girl. She was the breath of fresh air his life so desperately needed. He knew she was unsure of him not that he blamed her. But the next step was hard, harder than he could have imagined. Admitting his feeling, telling her that he actually loved her. After an all night argument with his heart the debate was over.

The next morning Shelly was waken by her mother's knocking on the bedroom door. Charley smiled at her sleepy daughter kissing her good morning then handed her an envelope. Shelly immediately recognized Rex had penned her name. That was one of the things that amazed her about him. Not only did he have the most splendidly delicate hands of anyone she'd ever known; his handwriting was just as unique.

Charley left to give her daughter some privacy but would stay close just incase. Shelly's hand shook as she opened the letter. It was hard to know what she was about to read.
Had he decided to end their relationship? She took a long breath before unfolding the paper then began to read.

About a pound of writing paper
Is balled up and scattered all around my place
I've been tryin' to write and say what I found hard to tell you face to face
I tried to get real deep and poetic put on a little word show
I borrowed from playwrights and poets and songwriters
But I will simple tell you what I want you to know

I love you so much
I love you so much
I love you so much

I love you so much I could write
Every day and all night
But that's the bottom line

I think a million thoughts a minute
About you and believe me it never fails
There would be way too many to mention
But there's one thought that always prevails

I love you so much
I love you so much
I love you so much

I love you so much if I said
All the things in my head
That's the bottom line

Why do I do things that make me seem so unconfident?
A phrase of love has no need to be fancy
It just needs to be truly meant
Truly meant
Truly, truly, truly

I love you so much
I love you so much
I love you so much
So much, so much

I love you so much I could preach
Or say a ten-day speech
If I write every day and all night
If I said all the things in my head
No matter what I do
I just love you
That's the bottom line
I love you so much


The letter momentarily stunned Shelly. She had to read it a least two more times before it really sunk in. Then an earth-shattering scream was heard from her that caused Charley and Throttle to burst into her room thinking someone was trying to kill her.

They found Shelly lying on her bed kicking her feet wildly squealing and giggling all at the same time. She jumped up and hugged them both then bolted out of the door still in her pajamas.

She flew down the corridors bare foot she knew where he'd be waiting for her. She climbed the tunnel to the highest part of the base and just on the out side of the big metal door he stood.

She literally threw her self into his arms almost knocking him down but he maintains his balance. He looked into her crystal blue eyes and kissed her with such tenderness she cried at the feeling. After what could have been a moment or an eternity she pulled her face back just a little whispering, "And that's the bottom line."

The End