I am in no way at all making any profit off of this story. This story is only written for the reading pleasure of The Biker Mice From Mars fans such as myself.

(By: N-E-K Givan, Jan. 21, 1998)

Mask Off, My Love

By: N-E-K Givan

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

10:05 am

scene 1: Zooming in on the garage with the bright sun in the background

(As Charley,Throttle, Vinnie and Modo wake up to the bright and warm rays of the morning sun stretching and yawning, they all have the same thing on their minds, food. They all come out of their rooms at the same time. As they start down the hallway, Vinnie accidentally bumps into Charley causing her to loose her balance and fall.)

Vinnie(Helping the fallen Charley from the floor): Hey, sorry about that Charley girl, still got the morning clumsiness in me. (He then gave Charley a warm smile then started to rub his stomach) So, whatcha cookin' this grand morning huh?
Modo and Throttle: Hey guys, whats for breakfast?
Charley(Wondering whether to hit Vinnie or to decide what she was going to cook since she was hungry herself): Well, how about some scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, waffles with fried apples, grits and........
Vinnie(cutting her off): What are grits?
Modo: Yeah, we never heard of you bringing that up before for breakfast.
Throttle: Is it something that gets stuck in your teeth?
Charley: No. I can't explain to you what a grit is, I can only tell you that they are good. (Thinking to herself) They never asked me what anything was before that was in the food catagory. Trust me guys, have I failed you before when it came down to cooking?
Modo: Well bros, the lady has a point there.
(Throttle and Vinnie both agreed and all started their way downstairs to the kitchen.)

11:30 am

scene 2: At the breakfast table in the kitchen

(As they all finished their breakfast, the three thanked Charley for the delicious breakfast. They now know that grits are good. As the guys go back to their rooms to get dressed Charley remains in the kitchen. She is sitting at the table thinking about how she feels for a certain person. That person is Vinnie. Charley had liked Vinnie from the start, but she was scared to admit her feelings because she didn't want to get her heart broken like it was many of times in the past before the mice came. Throttle was the first done from getting dressed. he started his way back to the kitchen for a drink and noticed Charley sitting at the table in deep thought.)

Throttle(Tapping Charley on the shoulder to ensure that his frined were ok): Hey there Charley, are you okay? (His touch caught her off guard and she gasped for air out of shock.) Sorry Charley, didn't mean to scare you. I noticed you were thinking about somethin', wanna share?
Charley(trying to regain her composure): No Throttle I'm fine.
Throttle: Are you sure Charley, you look like something is really bothering you, are you sure I can't help in any way?
Charley(rubbing Throttle's left ear out of kindness): No, but thanks for being concerned. I am fine, really. Nothing that I can't handle.
Throttle: Alright, but just remember, when you need someone to talk to, I am here, and so are the others.
Charley: Thanks Throttle, your the greatest.
(The others start their way towards the kitchen. They then notice Charley and Throttle talking.)
Modo: Hey guys, what are you talking about?
Vinnie(Seeing the look on Charley's face. It instintly told him that something was on her mind) Hey Charley, what's wrong? You have me to look at, that should bring a smile to your face instintly! (Vinnie stands there holding his chest in admiration, and then starts to flex) What do you think of these Charley, will these cheer you up? ( he starts to flex even harder)
Charley(Now forgetting that the guys were in the room comes back to conciousness) Huh? What did you say? Oh, I'm sorry, I have to go for a walk.
(Charley then heads to her room and leaves the guys. They are in the kitchen trying to figure out what is wrong with her. A few minutes later, Charley comes out of the room wearing a pair of casual baggy jeans and a tang top, not her usual wear. She then grabs for her jacket and heads out the door without a word to the guys. The three of them stand there in awe.)
Modo(confused like the others): Did you see that? Oh, something is wrong bors, she never leaves without at least saying good-bye or the trusty "I'll be back".
Vinnie: I say we follow her.
Throttle: No Vinnie, lets give her some space. Maybe that will help her clear her mind. But if she is not back in an hour, then we'll go looking for her.
Vinnie: Yeah, that sounds good. (Vinnie stares at the clock on the microwave in the kitchen while the others head into the livingroom. He makes a seat at the table and continues to eye the clock.)
Modo: Hey Vinnie, aren't you coming, there's a great movie on, something to do with a killer alien and a cop.
Vinnie: I'll pass Modo. I'll pass. (He continues to watch the clock on the microwave and think about Charley. Nothing else or no one else, except her)
(Modo stands in the doorway for awhile looking at Vinnie stare at the clock. He now thinks that he may know what is wrong with Charley, just by looking at the expression on his face. He and Charley are both in love with each other , and he noticed how it was eating the both of them inside.)

12:25 P.M

scene 3: Around the corner from the Limburger Tower

(Charley continues to walk with no destination in mind. When she decided to stop she realized where she was. Around the corner from the Limburger Tower. She knew she was in danger if one of his goons spotted her, and for sure, one of them that were on patrol did. Charley realized that she had a goon on her back so she started to run. The goon being a lot faster since on a vehicle grabbed her and took her to the tower.)

Goon: Hey there girlie, you have a date with Mr. Limburger.
Charley: Get your hands off of me you... you...no good low life punk!!!!!!
Goon(Feeling nothing but rage): Oh, you did it now girlie. You really did it!!! You made me mad!!(He took Charley to an alley and beat her to the point where she almost couldn't walk.) Whatcha got to say now girlie? (yelling) Huh?
Charley(very weak from the pain that she endured from the goon): GET OFF OF ME!!!(She then kicked the goon in the leg and pushed him to the ground and hobbled out of the alley and into the street.)

(Back at the garage, at exactly 12:30 P.M.)

Vinnie: Okay guys, lets go.
Modo: Hey, hey, hold on now Vinnie, calm down, we'll find her.
Throttle: Yeah, ease up bro, I'll bet she's fine.
Vinnie(needing more insurence than that): Well I'm going to look for her now! I'll be back.
(Before the guys could stop him Vinnie was already gone)

12:40 P.M

Scene 4: Riding around near the Limburger Tower

(As Vinnie rides around looking for Charley, he starts thinking about how he feels her. He knows that he is in love with her, but he is just too head strong to admit it, just as Charley.)

Vinnie(Thinking to himself): If anyone hurts her, or even pull a strand of hair , they'll pay.
(As he turned the corner, Vinnie spotted Charley lying in an abandoned alley. Hr drove up towards her and noticed that someone had beaten her really good. She had a black eye, a brused rib, and a deep gash in her forearm. Vinnie knew that whoever did this would pay with their life.)
Vinnie(Trying to raise Charley as gently as possible): Charley, what happened? Who did this? Are you ok?(He strokes her hair and face to assure her that she is out of harms way. That she is in the safest place in the world, in the arms of the one she loves, Vinnie.)
Charley(Weak from the beating): One of Limburger's goons beat me when I tried to fight my way away from him. (Looking Vinnie in the face, stroking it while she gazed into his eyes.) Take me home Vinnie, please. I need to take a nap.
(Vinnie immediately did what Charley asked, he drove her back to the garage. When he drove up, Modo and Throttle were waiting. When they seen Charley's face, they instintly broke out of the shop in a fit of rage. They were so angry, that they both punched the wall and knocked the entire thing down. They both then looked at Vinnie and looked at how mad he was, but he couldn't take out his agression because he still held Charley in his arms. Just looking at her made him calm down and focus on making her feel better. He took Charley to her room and layed her on the bed. He sat down by her side and stroked her hair. He watched her fall fast asleep, as he was about to leave, he gave her a long kiss on her cheek and then on the lips and walked out of the room. As soon as he closed the door, Charley smiled and went back to sleep.
Modo: Vinnie, why don't you stay here with Charley just in case Limburger tries to finish the job.
Throttle: Yeah, she needs you right now.
Vinnie: I can't stay, I have to pay the fool back that did this to Charley!!(In yelling rage) I have to!!!!(He then slams down his fist on the table and breaks it. He then takes off his mask and throws it across the room. All of a sudden, Charley walks slowly out of her room. She looks at the guys and realized that Vinnie isn't wearing his mask. He says out of surprise) Charley!!! I thought you were sleeping, I didn't know you were up!!( Vinnie went to find his mask because he didn't want Charley to see his face)
Charley: Vinnie, please stay with me. I don't feel safe here alone, please?(She looked at Vinnie with the innocence of a 4 yr. old child) Please don't leave me here.
Vinnie(looking at the guys): Hey I'll stay here. Oh, and guys, get that punk that did this to Charley.
Modo and Throttle: Will do Vinnie, take care of her.
Vinnie: No problem guys, just remember, get that guy.
Modo: No problem Vinnie, lets rock n ride!
Charley: Vinnie, are you hungry? I am going to fix something to eat.
Vinnie: No no, Charley girl. Your going to rest, you are in no position to be doing anything. Go on and lay back down. (He then carries Charley back to the room and layed her down on the bed. He looked down at her ) Charley? There is something that I have to tell you.
Charley: What is it Vinnie?
Vinnie(Looking at her): There has been something that I wanted to tell you.( Before she could interuppt, he put his finger over her mouth) I love you Charlene. I have for a long time, I was too proud to admit it until now.
Charley(looking at Vinnie with the same expression that he has on his face) I love you too Vinnie.
(They both hugged each other very tightly for a long time. After all that time of keeping their true feelings inside , they finally lash out for the better. While they were hugging, Throttle and Modo had just arrived back to the garage with the person that beat Charley. Vinnie and Charley stepped out of the room and saw that their bro's were back. When Charley seen the guy, she immediately got angry.)
Charley: Thats the jerk that beat me in the alley.
Modo: Yeah, we heard him bragging on the street on how he did a woman good with his fist. We just wanted to make sure that it was the right guy. Well, lets go Throttle.
Throttle: I'm right with ya buddy. Let's ride!!
Vinnie: You have nothing worry about anymore love. I'll be right back. (He ran after the guys and got the revenge that he wanted. He was now face to face with the goon) This is for Charley!!
(With all of his strength, he knocks the guy out and then some. He went back inside to see that Charley was holding his mask)
Charley: You were looking for this? (she hands him the mask) I noticed you were having a fit when I stepped out of the room when you had it off.
Vinnie: That is a rare sight to see Charley girl, cause I only take it off when I am really mad. When I saw you in that alley, that did it.
Charley: Well, I know now that I have nothing to worry about anymore, now that I have you by my side.

The End