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Mars 2020 (part 1 of 2)

By Eric the Pretender

Copyright 1999 by Eric the Pretender. All Rights Reserved

Mars 2020. The Plutarkian War was over; a new hope was born in the red planet. But in the middle of this new hope, a group of NASA's and Russian MIR's astronauts began their work for the construction of Mars' first Earth or Human Base, 10 km. away east of Alba Patera. For this kind of project, they'll continue their exploration of Mars for the last five years as well as the first landing of human colony on the red planet. While located in the south of the Earth's Base about a few kilometers away from distance, a new nation was born in the north of Tharsis Ridge. This is also the first country in the red planet after the long years of Plutarkian War. The name of it is Tharsia where the Martian Mice and the Martian Rat people came together in peace for the first time. For them, their country is their last hope for the remaining 7,000 Martians. Tharsia is three times the size of Vatican City, the world's smallest state. This area is only about 1.32 square km or 0.51 square miles and there are only three cities were found on this small state.

Scene I: Complex I of the Earth's Base

While the other two complexes of the Earth's Bases are under construction, the first complex, Complex I, is already finished. This first complex is housed by scientists and engineers from two countries are also the first human colony to land on Mars. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art facilities like electricities, communications, food and water supplies which came from underground and from the Martian Ice Cap and it is also equipped with high-tech securities like radar and surface-to-air missiles when there's a possibility of Plutarikians or Martian invasion to their base. There's also the office of Earth's Ambassador located inside the Earth's Base where the first human ambassador in Mars are working on the Mars Project and to negotiate the first Tharsian leader, ambassador and the hero of Biker Mice, Throttle.

Adviser: "Mr. Osborne, there will be a video conference by noon tomorrow from the United Nation."
Amb: "Please, Roger, just call me Ares, the Greek God of Battle."
Adviser: "Oh, sorry. I forgot, Mr. OsI mean, Mr. Ares."
Amb: "That's right, Roger, just call me Mr. Ares as of now, `cause I'm now living in Mars."
Adviser: "O.K., sir. Well, about that on tomorrow's conference, sir, will that Martian ambassador by the name of"
Amb: "Throttle."
Adviser: "Yes, Mr. Throttle."
Amb: "Well, yes, Roger! He'll be in the conference tomorrow if he'll like our project."
Adviser: "Like what, sir?"
Amb: "Like the greening of this planet or so called terraformation and searching for oils, water and minerals on this planet which I forgot to tell him about this project yesterday."
Adviser: "O.K., sir, but you should ask him right now from your videocom."
Amb: "No, Roger. Maybe I'll ask him tomorrow. He said last time that I should talk to him about this project two hours before this type of conference."
Adviser: "Wellok, sir, as you wish. But did you calculate our next year's budget for the Martian Project?"
Amb: "Well, yes, Roger. It will be half a trillion dollars for the next twenty years, including labor, fuel and food costs."
Adviser: "Half a trillion dollars! That's too expensive, sir! And besides, sir, our planet is now under this great war and this could cause a worldwide economic hunger."
Amb: "Well, yes, I know what's going on to our planet as of now, Roger. But think about this. Right now, this war which we encounter it today is just like in the days of the Thirty Years War. At that time, many Europeans wants to migrate to the New World or American continent, a century and a half after Christopher Columbus discovered that continent. And for the last three hundred years, almost half of the European population as well as her economy were placed there in the New World. They really want to escape the Old World to America for reason. The reason is they want their land or their country more peace and prosperity and free from politics, wars, revolutions and well as overpopulation. And that event will happen again between our planet, which we live in it, and this planet as our future home. And yes, Roger. As of now, there is a war between the rich and the developing countries ravaged in our planet. And I tell you this, this cost of the project will help the humanity to live and survive, to search for peace and prosperity for the last time and to answer our age old question on this universe."
Amb: "Well you're right, sir. History as we all know it repeats itself. This will happened again to so called space colonization."
Adviser: "Yes, Roger. And like Mr. Tsiolkovsky1( said that our world is the cradle of mind, but we cannot live in the cradle forever."
Adviser: "Yes, I believe in you, sir."
Amb: "O.K., Roger, just go back to your work now, andas you live on this room, could you contact to Mr. Throttle, by now? `Cause I like to talk to him right now."
Adviser: "But, sir! I thought you'll talk to him by tomorrow."
Amb: "Just do it, Roger, before I'll forgot something."
Adviser: "[ooh.] Well, all right, sir. I'll just contact him as soon as possible. [Maybe]"
Amb: "What did you say, Roger?"
Adviser: "Nothing, sir! I'll just live this room and contact him as just what you said. (Then he leaves the room.)"

Scene II: Tharsia

In a small country in Tharsia, people are preparing for the upcoming election. This is also their first national election after the Plutarkian War. Two Martian mice and a Martian rat are competing for Tharsian ambassador including the leader of Biker Mice team, Throttle. But there are mix reactions to his people about his political side. Some of the Martians didn't like his leadership, because of their worries about his agreement on the Human colonization to their planet as what happened since the Plutarkian occupation and some of them do like him, because of his heroic effort on his home planet.

Meanwhile at the Mars' Club in Tharsia City, Throttle's two sons, Rider and Reve and their friend, Vinnie, Jr. is on their night hangout and listens to the music inside the bar.

Vinnie, Jr: "Hey, Rider! What's up you two?"
Rider: "Well, sitting here and waiting for you. Hey would you like to order some beer, tonight?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Wooow, guys! Do you think its too early to drink a beer for us?"
Rider: "Hey c'mon Vince! Where in the legal age right now and besides, where not in the school canteen right now, where now in our favorite night club."
Vinnie, Jr: "Well, yeah, I forgot. You let me go here on this club for the boys."
Chance: "And also for the girls, too. I hope you'll like this place, bro!"
Vinnie, Jr: "OK, OK, then, could we just order a beer right now?"
Rider: "OK, Vince. We'll order our beer, right now."
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, do you two know your parents"
Rider: "Hey, waiter!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Ow, forget it!"
Waiter: "Yes, and what can I do for the three of you."
Rider: "Could you bring us a large cold pitcher of beer for the three of us?"
Waiter: "Wait? Are you three are legal age?"
Rider: "Well, yes! Vince and I we're high school graduate and my brother Chance is 18 years old. And don't you recognize us?"
Waiter: "Oh, yes! You two are the siblings of Amb. Throttle and I can tell you this, you three should never come in here."
Rider: "Why?"
Waiter: "Well, take a look in here around. They don't like you, because as you know"
Rider: "Yeah, you're right. That's because of our father."
Chance: "They'll look like strangers to us."
Waiter: "See? Um, wellI'll say to you guys that don't make here in trouble, tonight andbe careful."
Rider: "Yeah, right. Just bring us our order here."
Waiter (in thought): "Yeah! I'll make these guys here in trouble, heh, heh."
Vinnie, Jr: "Hey, guys! Take a look at that lady who entered here."
Chance: "Whooow! See bro! I told you that you'll like this place, `cause this is the best place for us and especially for girls."
Vinnie, Jr: "Yeah! Whooow, she's sitting behind us! Maybe we should move to that table, bro!"
Rider: "WellOK, bro! We should move there. Hope you'll like her."
Vinnie, Jr: "Ooh, just shut up, Rider!"

While they move to the next table, a mouse shouted them from behind.

Mouse: "Hey, Rider! You're father is a rat b*%(#^;! He can only spoil our country."
Fat mouse: "Yeah! He's a rat b*%(#^;! He's stink like a"
Rider: "What did you say, rat face?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Stop it, bro! You're just messing up our night."
Rider: "Yeah, you're right, bro! We'll just move to that table and let be our night."
Vinnie, Jr: "That's good, bro! Let be this night ours."
Fat mouse: "Those, b*%(#^;%! They don't know how to fight like a man!"
Mouse: "Hey, bro! Take a look what they're doing."
Vinnie, Jr: "Umm, hi, miss! You're look so lovely tonight!"
Venus: "Well, yes and I know that you're looking for a date and that is I."
Vinnie, Jr: "Well, yeah! Actually we're hanging out here and"
Rider: "No, he just finding a girl like you!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, shut up, bro!"
Venus: "Well, actually he's right. I'm just doing it in here, too."
Chance: "Woooow, bro! She's really likes you!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, just shut up! You're messing up my night, I mean ours."
Venus: "OK, guys! So, what are you three doing here? Do you want me to take me a date or what?"
Chance (in whisper): "C'mon, bro! Tell her the truth!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Well, OK, OK. Umm, you know lady; I just want to ask you a question, dear lady. Are you still single or not?"
Venus: "Well, yes, umm"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, I forgot to introduce to myself. My name is Vinnie and these are my two friends, Chance and Rider."
Venus: "Hi, Rider and Chance!"
Rider: "Hello! And what's your name, ma'am."
Venus: "My name is Venus. Venus Hamburg. And you two looks familiar."
Rider: "Well, yes! We're the two sons of Amb. Throttle."
Venus: "I see. So, what's your father doing it right now?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Umm, forget about that politics, Venus. Let me ask you a question, are you still a single, ummfinding a guy like me?"
Venus: "Well, yes, Vinnie. But rather, I like to speak politics."
Vinnie: "Umm, wellthat should be later, Venus. Anyway, I like you, Venus. You're so pretty. You're blonde. You have long hair, andhey!"
Venus: "What the! Let me go off with my hand you, son of th@#*&%^#."
Fat mouse: "Hey, bro! It's that two Throttle's son and that pale mouse sitting on this stinky table! C'mon lady, you don't want to go to those stinky mice!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Why you! Ooofff!"
Rider: "Hey, let go off that lady!"
Mouse: "Hey, do you want more trouble, you &&%$&! Then, let's have a fight!"

Suddenly, she grabbed her stunt gun from her bag and stunned it to two troublemakers.

Fat Mouse: "Aaaghhh!"
Mouse: "What theaaagghhh!"

They both fell down to the floor.

Venus: "There, this will keep your mouth shut up!"
Rider: "Hey thanks, Venus!"
Chance: "Hey, guys! I don't like about this place!"
Rider: "You're right, Chance! Those guys around us give us more trouble."
Vinnie, Jr: "And they're all rat people! C'mon guys, let's give them a big lesson."
Venus: "Ah, guys! Do you think"
Rider: " Hey, bro! Did you bring you're super punching gloves which our father gave us last Christmas?"
Chance: "Yeah, bro! And what about you Vinnie?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Yeah, I'm ready!"
Venus: "C'mon guys! Let's get outagh here!"
Rat: "Let's kill those guys!"
All: "Aaaaggggghhhhhh!"
Rider: "Escape plan No. 9, now!"

While Rider and Chance punches more rat people with their powerful wrist gloves, Vinnie, Jr. grabbed Venus' right arm and dropped it with a smoke bomb inside the bar for there escape. And lastly, they rode their bike for safety.

Vinnie, Jr (laugh): "Hey, we did it, bro!"
Rider: "Yeah, finally. Those guys wants to kill us!"
Venus: "Hey, guys. Thanks for saving my life!"
Vinnie, Jr: "It was nothing, sweetheart! Oh by the way, do you like to walk to the park instead?"
Venus: "No thanks, Vinnie. It'll cause another trouble, but if you could take me home instead?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Well, yeah, Venus. Where did you live?"
Chance: "Ohhhooow, Vince! I think she likes you!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, c'mon, Reve."
Rider (laugh): "Ha, ha, ha! That's what you called a blind date."

Scene III: Earth's base, 1805 hrs

An hour before Rider, Reve and Vinnie, Jr. went to their favorite hangout, the Earth's ambassador watches the news from his living room and suddenly, his adviser called from his videocom.

Adviser: "Oh, there you are, sir! Mr. Throttle is now on the line."
Amb: "Oh, good! Send it to my TV, while I'm watching this news. Ah, good evening, Mr. Throttle."
Throttle: "You too, Mr. Osborne."
Amb: "Please, just call me Mr. Ares."
Throttle: "I heard that to your adviser."
Amb: "Good."
Throttle: "Whatever. Well, Mr. Ares, what do you want for me?"
Amb: "Well, Mr. Throttleas you know, we'll talk about this our new project before we should talk to the UN General Secretary, tomorrow."
Throttle: Well, yes, Mr. Ares. But why we should talk to that tonight? We should talk about that tomorrow before we should"
Amb: "Yes, yes, I know that. But as you know, Mr. Throttle, we should talk that right now about these project as to inform you for tomorrow's meeting with UN Secretary General."
Throttle: "Wellas what you said. So, what's you proposal?"
Amb: "Since it's almost complete our first Earth's Base, my next project will be the terraformation process of your red planet."
Throttle: "What's that?"
Amb: "Well, it is this kind of method that we will warm this planet, reducing the percentage of Carbon dioxide gas on the Martian atmosphere and finding of underground Martian water to support the Earth's life which we will colonize your planet, well for the next ten years."
Throttle: "Well, I like that kind of project, Mr. Ares. But there's one problem."
Amb: "What was that again, Mr. Throttle?"
Throttle: "My people don't like your idea about colonizing our planet."
Amb: "But"
Throttle: "Look, Mr. Ares or whatever is your name. My planet was suffered from the Plutark's invasion for the last hundreds of years and now you want your people to colonize my planet."
Amb: "Umlook, Mr. Throttle. My planet are now in the middle of this savage war, the United Nation is now on crisis and the people from my planet are now dying. And you want us humans to get out of this place? Who save your people from this century-old Plutarkian and Martian War? Who's discovered your people?"
Throttle: "But, we stop that war."
Amb: "Yes, I know that but let me tell you, Mr. Throttle. Even though there is such thing as war both on our planet, it is important that life must go on. The humans cannot discover your planet and your people, if there is no humanity on my planet. And without us, your people will be extinct by now and we cannot help together and survive together from those evil Plutarks or whatever you call them. So, are you willing to accept to colonize your planet? But I promise to you, Mr. Throttle. Since you'd created your first Martian country in the universe, we will respect and honor to your people as for peace and preservation of your people."
Throttle: "WellOK, Mr. Ares. That's what you said."
Amb: "Good. Then, are you ready to talk to the Secretary General, tomorrow?"
Throttle: "I'm ready for that."
Amb: "OK, then. We'll continue about this tomorrow."

*Click! *

Scene IV: Mars' Ambassador Building, 1820 hrs

Ten minutes after Throttle talk to the Earth's ambassador, he watched it to the window looking at the moonrise from the east. Then seconds later, Carbine entered into his office.

Carbine: "Good evening, honey." (She kisses it onto his left cheek.)
Throttle: "Oh, good evening, Carbine. So, are two boys already home yet?"
Carbine: "No, Throttle. By the way, do you agree about his work?"
Throttle: "Well, yes. Actually he just talked to me, few minutes ago and sometimes I don't like him."
Carbine: "And why did you say that?"
Throttle: "Because I'm fear that our planet will invade again by those humans, just like what the Plutarkians did to us."
Carbine: "I think those humans are friendly enough, hon. And besides, you'd been there on their planet and save them from that Limburger's plan stealing the Earth's resources."
Throttle: "But what about our resources. And they even killed our people by half of Martian's population. Look, Carbine. We're both soldiers. We save our planet. But now, we're too old to be a soldier, we're married fifteen years ago, had three children and there are only seven thousand Martians are now in this planet, both mice and rat populations."
Carbine: "I remember about my father when he died on the battle of Mt. Olympus and the Plutarkians almost destroyed our last city there."
Throttle: "Yeah, I remember that. It was an Olympus City there near of that extinct volcano. There are few houses and we have a large headquarters there with many high tech defense weaponry, defending our last city. And when the humans came here five years ago, they dispersed us there and we'd move here together on this land populated by the Sand Raiders clans."
Carbine: "Not only that, hon. I remember that before you, Vinnie and Modo created your team, I was only ten years old when that battle happened. Many old and male freedom fighters, including my father died on that mountain to prevent those Plutarkian troops and Sand Raiders attacked our city. Inside the Freedom Fighters' Headquarters and where many mice hiding on the basement of that building, my mother hold my arms to go inside there, but I said that I should help my father in battle."
Throttle: "Yes, and then the control tower was partly destroyed and no one will switched the defense mode on our city."
Carbine: "And you're busy on that battle, yes."
Throttle: "Why did you do that, Carbine? Why did you go to the control room, while those computers was destroyed?"
Carbine: "I have a reason to save our planet, that's why. Your phone rang, honey."
Throttle: "Thanks, Carbine. Hello. Yeah, this is Throttle, speaking What?"
Bartender (on the phone): "You should pay attention to your two boys, sir. You're two sons made their troubles here"
Throttle: "Alrightthank you, then. Rider and Chance entered the Mars' Club, an hour ago and they'd started their troubles there."
Carbine: "What! Rider and Chance entered on that nightclub? How'd did they entered thatyou should tell those boys when they get home here."
Throttle: "C'mon, Carbine. They should not treat them bad, and besides, they're old right now." (And laughing hidely.)
Carbine: "Yeah, just like what you did in your Biker Mice days."
Throttle: "Yeah, we did that a long time ago in Earth."
Carbine: "And also here, Throttle, remember?"
Throttle: "Yeah. I'm hungry, what's our dinner, Carbine?"
Carbine: "Glad to ask, but should you wait with our three children?"
Throttle: "Yeah. Where's Reve, anyway?"
Carbine: "Oh, she's on the living room, hon. She's waiting for us."
Throttle: "Well, I don't want to wait for long time, waiting for Rider and Chance. I'll just talk to them, later. And besides, that's what kids todaylook, I'm sorry what was happened today, Carbine. It's just"
Carbine: "Yeah, I know, hon. Time is the enemy, that's why. C'mon, let's go downstairs and I'd just cooked with your favorite meal."

Scene V: Vinnie's House, the next day

While Vincent's son is waiting for his soul rider, Venus, he and his father cleaning their own bike at there open garage.

Vinnie, Jr: "Hey, dad! Do you think that Venus loves me?"
Vinnie: "What did you say, my son?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, I forgot to tell you about last night, dad. I met that girl by the name, Venus last night at the club."
Vinnie: "You tell me that you met that girl at that place during the trouble that you made there last night?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Wellyes, dad. Will you get mad at me, today for what I'd done it last night?"
Vinnie: "Ha, ha, ha! Are you kidding, my son? Heck, no! I won't be mad at you, right now. And besides you didn't hurt yourself last night by those Martian Rats or someone."
Vinnie, Jr: "Except on my left hand."
Vinnie: "No, no, no. Ummyou see, Vince, since when I'm at you're age, I'd also made trouble at myself since the war."
Vinnie, Jr: "Really, dad? NoI don't think so, dad. You should never do that to me then."
Vinnie: "No, Vince. We should do that, my son. And besides, just like humans, we should also make our mistakes and sometimes, we make our apologies to ourselves."
Vinnie, Jr: "Wellalright, dad. I should follow your example since we're Martians." (Then he felt guilt.)
Vinnie: "That's my boy! Oh, I think that's Venus right now!"
Venus: "Oh, hi Vince!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Oh, hi Venus!"
Venus: "So, this is your dad, right?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Yeah, Venus. This is my dad, Vincent van Wham. Dad, this is Venus what I tell you about."
Vinnie: "So, this is your girl what you told me about. So, ummwhat will you two do right now?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Well, we're going to the volcanoes for the whole day, dad."
Vinnie: "And also at the Earth's Base, maybe?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Wellyeah, dad! We're also going there in the Earth's Base. And dad?"
Vinnie: "Yes?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Could I borrow it again your money today, dad? I'd spend all of my money this week."
Vinnie: "Again?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Yeah! C'mon, dad. This is only for this week, and besides, we do have our auto repair business here in Tharsia and today is Saturday, dad."
Vinnie: "Wellalright, son. So, here's $20 for the two of you and don't get late in our dinner."
Vinnie, Jr: "Yes, dad. I'll be here at six, tonight. SoVenus, is your helmet ready?"
Venus: "Sure, Vinnie. I'm ready when you are."
Vinnie, Jr: "OK, then. Hold to my body andlet's rock and ride! Goodbye, dad! I'll be here, right on time."
Vinnie: "Ride free, my son!"

Scene VI: Ascraeus Mons

Vinnie, Jr: "So here we are, Venus. Ascraeus Mons, the third largest volcano in Mars. Sooner or later, the humans will flock here to start their new life."
Venus: "Yes, I see. Anyway, I forgot to ask you a question an hour ago."
Vinnie, Jr: "OK, then. Since where herewhat is your question, girly?"
Venus: "I heard that you two have your own auto business, so what's the name of your dad's business?"
Vinnie, Jr: "It's Hotrod Auto repair shop, located at downtown city of Tharsia. We repair bikes and air scooters, Venus."
Venus: "I see. So, why did you borrowed your dad's money before we left there, Vinnie?"
Vinnie, Jr: "Wellit's some kind of my business, girly. And also, for my emergency purpose."
Venus: "Do you really do that, Vinnie? Well, I'd rather leave you now and walk away from here."
Vinnie, Jr: "Wooow, take it easy, girly! Do you want me to leave here and stay here alone?"
Venus: "Yeah, and don't call me girly, `cause I'm not you're type. What kind of a person like you don't have enough money to carry your pocket."
Vinnie, Jr: "Hey, My father and I have our own business and I'd help him a lot."
Venus: "And you spend your money from going to that nightclub, last night and now"
Vinnie, Jr (wrapping his tails to Venus' body and rides her on his bike): "And now, we're going to the Earth's Base, Venus!"
Venus: "Hey! Let me go Vinnie! I don't want you to go with me, right now."
Vinnie, Jr: "Hey, just shut up, Venus. Our party is just getting started."
Venus: "Oh, yeah! Well, I could wrap my tail on that big rock behind me, just like your tails, Vinnie."
Vinnie, Jr: "What the?"

Then as Venus tail wrapped her tail to the rock to free her, the rock moves downward and earthquake felt into the ground.

Venus: "Hey! What's going on here? Vince! This ground is sinking!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Yeah! C'mon, Venus. Let's get outagh here."
Venus: "Too late, Vinnie. We're sinking too fast!"
Vinnie, Jr: "Hang on! I'm throwing my rope on my bike!"

Finally, they fell into the large pit hole.


1 ( father of Russian astronautics