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This is for you Mom


By Morning

September 22, 1998

They had stalled long enough they had to go through the remains of their old space and see what if anything could be done about getting it air worthy again.
What a mess, not only was the outside a wreck but inside things where tossed everywhere.
"Well Bros. we better get to it, this stuff isn't going to clean itself up."
Throttle had to practically threaten them with death to get Modo and Vinnie to finally agree to take care of this.
It wasn't a case of their being lazy, neither of them wanted to deal with the memories that haunted the ship.
But this was a job that had to be done so they might as well get it over with.
Charley, as always, was ready to help and be there for moral support as well as anything else.
Going through the debris most of which was of no real importance, but then Charley found buried in a corner, almost hidden under a burned out computer casing was a small gray bag. It was just a bit scorched but it had something in it.
"Hey guys is this anything important," she said holding the bag in the air.
The look on Modo's face was one that she'd never seen before. He looked at the small parcel and gently took it from Charlie's hand.
Then leaving out of the ship sat on his bike and emptied the contents into his hand.
It was a small gold earring. A hoop about the size of a dime.
Charley wanted to go to him but Throttle stopped her," Leave him alone for a bit. I know you want to help but he needs to spend time with someone else now.
Charley could see that both Vinnie and Throttle had that same hurt expression.
She didn't ask any questions. She touched each on the shoulder and went back to work, as did the both of them.
Modo sat looking at the small piece of jewelry and felt all the hurt he thought was finally gone. Some hurts never really go you just store them away until something as small as this drags them out again.
As he fingers the object his mind is filled with memories that bring him untold joy and pain that may break his heart.

She had always been there for him no matter how bad things had gotten.
There were so many times she had worked what would be small miracles to keep him and her whole family safe and well cared for under the circumstances.
Times did get very bad during the years of the Plutarkinan occupation.
The bombing never stop and everything was in very short supply. Every day someone they knew was either killed or taken captive.
But throughout the whole time he never felt one bit of fear because she was there.
No ordinary lady by any means, she was strong, intelligent and had plenty of street smarts. Long before the war she was taking care of her family on her own.
He could remember thinking she was not only beautiful but could take on any man her size and large. But her kindness and compassion to those she cared for was what he remembered most.
Many came to her for that always-ready shoulder to cry on or word of encouragement when they were at the end of their endurance.
She was Mama to everyone and it was more than just a name. She was that to many a lost and lonely freedom fighter.
During his life he had seen grown men and women cry as she comforted them. "Mama, you were some great lady."
The last time he saw her she was as she had always been. Doing what she could to ease the suffering of others.
If he had only known that would be the last time he would feel her arms around him he would have taken just a little longer to say good-bye.

Hey Mama! How's the prettiest freedom fighter this side of Mon Olympus.
Modo comes into the cave of his mother and grabs her giving her one of his famous bear hugs.
Boy! Put me down don't you see I am trying to cook here," she says as she is lifted off her feet.
Modo ignores her complaining and continues to give his Mother a big juicy kiss on the cheek. She can't help but to wrap her arms around her son's large neck and give him a squeeze.
"Now if you don't mind putting me down so I can say hi to my other sons" That's what Vinnie and Throttle were to her. Having lost most of their family they found a lot of joy in her company and always felt like this was their home too.
As Modo finally put her down she walked to Throttle and gave him a big hug and kiss.
"You been keep these guys out of trouble for me sweetie."
"It's hard Mama, but I do what I can." Throttle said that as he wrapped his arms around her and enjoyed the mother love she offers.
As he released her she walked over to Vinnie. "So Wild Child, have you left any Plutarkians for anyone else or have you still been acting like a one man army?"
Vinnie grinned from ear to ear as the older mouse gently took his face in her hands and kissed him with the love and warmth any mother would give her own child.
Vinnie hugged her for all he was worth she being one of the few people, out side of his bros, that knew what he was all about.
Vinnie said nothing just held on to her for dear life. His bros knew he needs this so they let him have this special moment.
"Okay heroes to what do I owe this visit?" She said letting Vinnie go and lightening the mood.
"Well one thing is we are tired of the food at the base and we know you can take a dead sandsquid and make it taste like heaven."
"The other is we have a mission that might take us away for a couple of days and we didn't want you to worry if you don't hear from us for awhile." Modo said that as he picked up the pot top smelling the wonderful fare his Mother was whipping up.
Suddenly she had a strange look on her face and they could all feel the fear that was filling the air.
"Mama what's wrong?" Modo said as he turned to look into his Mother's eyes.
"I just got the feeling likeoh don't mind me just a mother's worry that's all."
Hey don't worry, they haven't taken down the Biker Mice from Mars yet and they never will." Modo said as he gave her another reassuring hug.
I know son just be real careful this time." She looked at her son's face once more than smiled. "Okay you rough necks, let's get some real food into you."

"That was the last time I held you Mama. Why is it like that you never have enough time to say everything you need to those you love most in the world."
By this time his face was wet with tears and Throttle, Vinnie and Charley had walked over.
"You okay Big Fella?" Throttle said putting a hand on Modo's shoulder.
"Yeah, but you know bro. I still miss her something awful."
"We all do and you don't know for sure what happen. All we can do is hope that she is okay. You know her Modo, she's not one to give up easy and she won't want you to give up either."
"You know she can kick butt with the best of them so I won't write her off," Vinnie said in his way of trying to offer comfort.
Charley didn't understand all of what had happen and this wasn't a time to ask, she just
gave her big teddybear a sweet kiss and let him know she was there for him.
You know Charley girl I think she would have wanted you to have this as he handed her the small bit of gold.
"But Modo you should keep it or give it to someone that is very special to you."
Throttle turning Charley towards him said, "He just did."
Charley took the earring and put it on her own ear. "Thank you so very much but I will just keep it safe for you. I think your Mama will want it back when you see her again and Modo, I know you will.
Nothing else needed to be said. They stood for a moment and enjoyed the feeling that being with people who made life so important gave them.

The End