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Note from Decembergirl;
I was looking through my CDs, and found a song I hadn´t played for a long time, so I put it on. And then I got this vision of the bros dancing (!). And that vision ended up as a fanfic.
I had plenty of fun writing this, - hope you´ll enjoy!
....Oh yeah,...DON´T take this seriously!

- Hey, Macarena!

By Decembergirl


Copyrighted Decembergirl 1997, all rights reserved.

Charley stood and watched as the deliveryman unloaded his cargo outside her garage.
"That´s all, miss." The man said and brushed off some dust from his sleeve.
After excepting his payment, the man stepped in his truck and drove off. Charley scratched her head, and sighed when she looked at all the boxes on the floor. Well, I´d better get started, she thought.
After almost two hours of job, were only the food boxes left to unpack. At least they don´t weigh as much as tools and spare tires! She began with a box that held fast food, such as hamburgers and hotdogs. I can´t belive how much those three guys eat! Then she went to unpack all the boxes of soft drinks, some for the guys and her, and some for selling. The first box held Coca Cola, the second some sort of orange soda, and the third she didn´t even recognize. Huh? What´s this? Charley held it up and examined it. What?!? It´s alcohol in this! It must be wrong, I didn´t order this! Ah well, I´ll take care of that some other time. I´d better finish first.
She put the box on the table, and proceeded with the unpacking.

A little later.
Charley looked up from sweaping the floor, only to see three motorcycles coming in through the garagedoor, and ruin her cleaned floor.
"Hello guys." She answered and tried not to smash them with the broom.
" Mmmm! What do I smell? - Hotdogs!" Modo jumped off his bike and headed for the kitchen. And the others followed his example.

In the kitchen.
" Okay, I´ll be back in about three hours or so guys, can you keep yourself from crashing the place while I´m gone?"
" Certainly babe!"
" Don´t talk with your mouth full, Vinny!"
Charley walked out of the kitchen, and got her jacket. On her way out she heard someone put on the radio, and soon the Last Cance Garage was filled with the sound of Rock n' roll.
As she started her car, she shook her head and smiled.

" Hey Throttle, pass the mustard!"
"Commin Modo, here you are!"
" Oops, he he, sorry..."
" Why you... Want some ketchup, Throttle?"
" Uh.."
::DONK!:: ::SPLASH!!!::
" Aaargh!"
Vinny grinned as he watched Modo and Throttle´s little "food fight". One second he thought about joining, but changed his mind when he come to think of how Charly would react on this mess. So he went and searched for something to drink instead.
"Take that!!!"
" Uhgh! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....."
" Hey guys! Look what I found!"
Vinny re-entered the room just as Modo was going to rearrange Throttle´s hairstyle with a half litre of mustard.
" What?" asked Throttle who suddenly seemed very intrested.
" Brother, let Throttle go and taste this!"
Vinny tossed Modo a small bottle. He opened it and tasted.
" Mm, what is it?"
" Beats me, but it´s GOOD!"
After he cleand himself up, Throttle joined his brothers.

Two hours and 42 minutes later...
Charley stepped out of the car with a bag in one hand, and closed the cardoor. She was just about to open the door that connected the garage to the house, when she heard strange noices coming from inside. First of all she heard disco music instead of the rock n'roll tunes she was used to hear, and then she heard a strange sounding voice talking inside.
Charley opened the door and walked inside. She took off her jacket and put down the bag, and then she walked towards the kitchen. Slowly she opened the door and peered inside, only to see that the floor were covered with mustard and ketchup, and the rest of the kitchen didn´t look much better. When she was about to walk out again, she heard that voice again, from underneath the table! Charley bent down only to come face to face with Modo. Who was laying there reading her old copy of Shakespeare´s Hamlet. And he was reading out loud too.
Charley stood up again, blinked a few times, and shook her head. Someone must have hit me on the head or something, - I´m hallucinating!
As she stood there, she heard the radio crackle, and a new beat went on. She recognized the song, but couldn´t remember the name. When Charley entered the livingroom she got the chock of her life.
In the middle of the room, stood Vinny and Throttle swaying, and doing The Macarena.
At first Charley thought she was going to faint, but she just stood there.

" HEY, MACARENA!!!!" Both Vinny and Throttle shouted.
By now Charley had enough. She went over to Throttle and tapped him on his shoulder.
" Hrm.. What are you two doing?"
Throttle turned around and gave her a big smile.
" Ssharley! Sweety wanna dan..ssche too?"
" Uh..?"
Before she could react Throttle had grabbed her waist and whirled her around. And he did so several times before she got free. When she did, her head spinned quite well.
" HEY, MACARENA!!!" Vinny shouted once more and swayed his hips.
Oh dear... Charley thought, and retreated to the kitchen. There Modo still were under the table reading Hamlet.
" To be, or not to be. That´s the quesc...quest..hioon....::hich::"
Charley rubbed her temples, and tried to think strait. When she stood so, she noticed an object lying on the floor near the fridge. That´s one of those bottles that were delivered to me by mistake!!! When she looked around the room she noticed more of those small bottles. - All opened and empty. Oh dear, Oh dear...!
When she heard Vinny and Throttle shout "Hey, Macarena" for the tvelveth time, she had had enough. First they ruin my kitchen, then they drink up a whole box of alcoholic soda that´s not even mine and gets drunk, and then they do the Macarena! Suddenly an evil thought popped up in Charleys mind.
" He He... Oh, what they´re gonna hate me in the morning......"
When Modo changed book from Hamlet to Romeo and Juliet, and when Throttle and Vinny shouted "HEY, MACARENA!!!" for the 15´th time, Charley went to get the camera.


- Crazy, huh?