** Love Potion #9 **

Copyright Throttle ,97 All Rights Reserved

(This story starts out in the Last Chance Garage. Charley is working on their TV Well Modo and Throttle just got done packing for their vacation to the beach for 7 days.)

11:53 am.

Modo: Well were all done packing and ready to leave.
Throttle: Yeah were ready. Vinnie are you sure you don't want to go.
Vinnie: No way cant leave my girl Charley here all alone. She would miss me.
Charley: One I'm not your girl. Two I wouldn't miss you. I need some peace and quiet now and then anyway.
Modo: Vinnie are ya sure you don't want to go.
Vinnie: Yup.
Modo: Then bye Charley. Bye Vinnie.
Throttle: Yeah bye guys.
Vinnie: See ya.
Charley: Bye.

(Then Throttle and Modo got on their motorcycle's and left for the beach.)

Vinnie: I guess its just you and me Charley girl.
Charley: Well that's wonderful being stuck with you for a week.
Vinnie: Whats wrong with that.
Charley: Hey just kidding Vinnie.
Vinnie: Oh. How about you and me go get a pizza at Best Pizza's OK?
Charley: Sure. As soon as I'm done with are TV All I have to do is switch this...(click) ...All right it works.
Vinnie: Then lets go. Charley hop on my motorcycle and will go.
Charley: Wow Vinnie hold on I cant go like this. First let me put on something more appropriate then this greasy, oily, clothes.
Vinnie: Oh yeah. Of course. Well when your done tell me.
Charley: Don't worry Vinnie I'll tell you.
Vinnie: Well your doing that I'll just watch some TV sense its working again.
Charley: O.K. Vinnie. I'll be right back.

(So Vinnie sat down on the couch and turned on the TV Well Charley walked in her room and shut the door. Then she opened up her closet and pulled out a red sleeved top and jeans and put a pony tail in her hair.)

Charley: All right Vinnie I'm done. Lets go.
Vinnie: Then hop on and will leave.

Limburger's Secret Hide in the Sewer.

(Grease pit is in the hide out in the sewer talking to Limburger on the phone about the Biker Mice.)

Grease pit: Ya I totally agree with you. But how? How can we get rid of them?
Limburger: I sent out one of my spy's today and he just got back. He told me that two of the Biker Mice will be gone for a week so that narrows it down to one besides the girl. I also found out that they will be at Best Pizza's in ten minutes. Now what I want you to do is scare everyone out of the place and when the rat and the girl get there get rid of the rat and capture the girl. When you have her bring her to karbunkle's Lab and he will tell you the rest of the plan and I should be there very soon. Got it?
Grease pit: Got it sir (click)

Best Pizza's.

Vinnie: Well here we are and a good thing to because I'm starved.
Charley: Hey Vinnie where is everyone? The sign said open. This place looks weird Vinnie.
Vinnie: Ya this place is packed most of the time. But lets just ring the bell at the front counter and see if someone comes. (RING, RING, RING)
Grease pit: Nice of you to join the party.
Grease pit: You don't think you can come get some pizza with out your good friend Grease pit, do ya? Now lets just make this easy. Hand me the girl and you wont get hurt.
Vinnie: Over my dead body!!
Grease pit: If you put it that way. (SMACK. He smacked Vinnie so hard he flew against the wall and got knocked out.)
Charley: Vinnie no!!!!! You little.....yaaaaaaaa (She kicked him in the chest and punched him in the eye.)
Grease pit: You will pay for that witch.
Charley: Oh really. I have to warn you I was in Marshall Arts for two years.
Grease pit: You don't scare me.
Charley: Well you should be. Yaaaaaaaa (She went to punch Grease pit but he caught her punch and smacked her so hard she flew against the wall and got knocked out too. Then he picked her up and headed toward Karbunkle's Lab.)
Grease pit: This was harder then I thought it would be. But good exercise.

Karbunkle's Lab.

Grease pit: Here she is Karbunkle.
Karbunkle: Lovely,lovely. Set her in this chair. Wait what's the matter with her?
Grease pit: Well she was causing me some trouble so now she's out cold.
Karbunkle: Oh. Well strap her down to the chair in case she wakes up.
Grease pit: O.K she's strapped down. Now Limburger said that you would tell me the rest of the plan. So what is it? Karbunkle: Well see this bottle?
Grease pit: Yes, what about it?
Karbunkle: There's a number on it. The number is nine. Now I'm almost done......
Grease pit: I don't see what this has to do with destroying the the Biker Mice.
Karbunkle: Patients Grease pit. Now let me explain. I'm almost done with the potion all I need now is a drop of blood from her,I put it in the bottle with the rest of the potion. Then I let it set for a couple of minutes and its done.
Grease pit: And what is this bottle supposed to do?
Karbunkle: It's love potion number 9 you ideate. As soon as the girl is on are side we cant be stopped. They wouldn't want to hurt their sweet little Charley.
Grease pit: Oh, now I understand.
Karbunkle: Now I have the blood and it's in the bottle.
Charley: Uuuuhhh. W...w... where am I. Huh? Grease pit, Karbunkle. Uuhhh... get... me... out of here.
Grease pit: Sorry that's not gonna happen.
Karbunkle: Excellent she awake now we can start the plan.
Grease pit: Ya but who is she going to fall in love with ?
Karbunkle: I don't care.
Grease pit: Then I guess it will be me. All right lady drink up.
Charley: No way. I can tell what that is sleaze king and you won't make me drink it.
Grease pit: Wanna bet.
Karbuncle: Stuff it down her throat if you have to but make her drink it.

Back to Vinnie.

Vinnie: But I don't want to go to school mommy ...ohhh ... what... where... where I'm I? Ohhh, I hope no one heard that. Huh Grease pit, Charley I have to save her. Now where could they have...an open sewer lid yes. The criminal mind always sets a trap for itself. Here I come ready or not.
(Vinnie searched for about 5 minutes then he came upon a door and opened it. There he saw Charley. Grease pit was trying to stuff something down her throat. He ran as fast as he could strat toward Grease pits side. But right before he hit Grease pit,Charley accidentally drank the love potion.)
Grease pit: Hey what are you....uhhh.
Vinnie: Charley are you O.K.? We have to get out of here well Grease pit's still weak.
Charley: W..w..wh..Vinnie? I..I..feel..so..weird..Vinnie. Uuuhhh.
Vinnie: Don't faint on me now Charley. Come on we have to leave. Charley,Charley.
Charley: W...what? Vinnie you are my hero. Have I ever told you that I love Vinnie? Why I can't believe I never noticed how handsome you are.
Vinnie: What?????????

To be continued...........