Love of my Life (verson 1)

By Racergirl

A sort romance

Disclaimer- I do not own the BMFM nor will i ever. This story is simply
for the entertament of it's veiwers. I have always loved the show, So i
wanted to write stories about such characters. Please forgive any miss
spelled words
or the way i form my words. Note: This is a sort romantic peice i came up
with. If you can not handle romantic stuff, Please do not turn to walk
away, It is a clean story.


The candles shimmered, Casting shadows on the walls. Ever since the war began
Carbine has never felt like a woman. She always had to be tough and manlike,
But tonight was special. The table was set on the blacany of the StarNight
Brim Cafe'. Carbine was dressed in a dress she has saved for years, But never
got the chance to wear it, Because of the war. The dress was made of satin and
silk. It flowed down to here knees with a short slit on the side. The
satin was purple/w' white a white silk ruffled blowse. Her heels were
purple that
matched here purple dress. She looked beautiful in every way.

Meanwhile on the stairs.........


Throttle was dress for the occasion. He wore a black tux. His shoes were
polished and shinny to match his tux. He wore special contacts, So he
could leave his shades at home. He wanted this night the most perfect
night of his life. As he walked up to the balcany where he was to meet
Carbine, He began to go over his plain before making his move. He said to
himself over and over again it is time, I can do it, But Throttle's hands
were sweaty. He was nervous. He took deep breaths... That helped alittle,
But he still felt like
he was about to faint. Finally he made it to the door. It took a few seconds,
But he finally got hisself togeter and opened the door to the balcany.


There sat Carbine.She looks so beautiful in candlelight" he thought to
himself as he walked up to her. Carbine saw him and smiled warmly.
"Hello Throttle. What took you so long?" She said as she approched him. After
a kiss and a wram hug, He replied " I could not tie my tie." Carbine giggled.
"Oh, I see" Throttle could not take his eyes off her. "You look fantastic
Carbine. I have never seen that dress before. Is it new??" He asked.
"If you call 7 years new?, Then yes it is" Both laughed then sat down to
eat dinner. After 3 wonderful hours of talking and falling in love all
over again,
Throttle knew it was time. He said in a nervous, But comfedent voice, He
said "Carbine, We have been dating for 9 years almost this October." He
sttod her up and looked deep into her eyesl. Getting down on one knee,
Carbine's grew
wide, He asked " Carbine.... Will you marry me??" It took Carbine's breath
away. Throttle stood and opened the little box with the ring in it and
placed it on carbine's fingure. "I will Throttle" Was all she said before
they exchanged passionate kisses. "I love you Carbine" as she and him danced
in each others arms. "I love you too Throttle".


The End or is it???