Dedicated to all of tho
se who have ever loved and lost


By Towser

Vinnie has been sent back to mars connections are kept between himself and earth but this is the result

A lone mouse sits in a room. There I no light except for what is coming from the monitor on-front of him. He stares at the names of the people he knows in frustration, waiting, hoping, prying for the name of Charlie to pop on.

His eyes grow tired, his mind casts back to days gone by when he and Charlie where together. If only she could come on, if only she would appear.

Her name flickers on screen his heart flutters and his eyes sparkle, then he realises that it was his mind playing tricks, wish-full thinking and nothing else. If only her name would appear again.

His mind again remember the conversations they had into the night and full of fun. If only he could get that time back. If only he could go back in time.

He turns the computer off and goes to bed she has forgotten bout him, found other things to interest her, the thrill of them being together gone forever. But not for him, for he still wants her, he still wishes to be with her. If wishes came true. If only.

With that thought in mind he drifts off to sleep. Only to waken and start a day of mourning again, a mourning for the love that once was.