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Lost Loves Reunited

Part One

written by Blaze


Copyright 1998 Blaze all rights reserved

Throttle sat in his room and sighed to himself. He replayed the scene that happened two edays ago. The others went out when a trnasmission came over the traido. Throttle got up and answered. It was frrom Mars. It was from Carbine. The girl he loves. Carbine said that they needed to talk. So they did. They talked about the Freedom Fighters to Mars and then the topic turned to their relationship. He winced as the scene played out.


"Carbine, what's wrong. You sound upset?" asked Throttle concerned.

"Throttle, we need to talk about us." replied Carbine.

"What do you mean us? Carbine what's goiing on?" asked Throttle.

"STOP INTERUPTING ME!" hollered Carbine. "Let me finish okay."

"All right sweetie. I'm sorry." replied Throttle a little shaken up.

"Thank you. First of all don't call me sweetie again. It's Carbine. Secondly it's over. I don't want to see you ever again. The distance is unbearable. I can't take it. We can't keep going. I can't wait for ou to come back to Mars forever. Plus, I've met someone else. Someone more like me. He's in the military. I'm sorry. I'm not in love with you. I hope you understand." said Carbine softly.

Throttle sat there in complete silence and in total shock. He went numb when Carbine told him it was over. He felt the tears fell from his eyes. He was dumped for another guy. He was deeply crushed. He loved her.

"I'm sorry Throttle." said Carbine softly.

"Don't talk to me." whispered Throttle.

"Can't we be friends?" asked Carbine.

"for the first time in awhile Throttle wasn't so quiet. He was hurt and he was angry. Very angry. When he felt life was getting a little better something always goes wrong. "Shut up and Listen! It's my turn to speak."yelled Throttle. "First of all how dare you! How can you do this to me? I loved you! I loved you damnit! Don't tell me what we had in the past five years don't mean a thing toou!"

Carbine was silent. She was shocked but said nothing at all.

Throttle was furious. The silence confirmed his answer. "You know I've had it! I had to put up with you're bossing me around, smacking me in public, humilating me, and treating me like I was worthless! Why did I put up with that? Because I was stupid that's why! Thinking about it I'm glad we've broken up! I don't have to put with you anymore! Good Ridence! Goodbye Carbine! One more thing! Go to hell!"

With that Throttle cut off the transmission before Carbine had a chance to reply . He got up. Throttle was extremely ticked and he was hurting. Very badly. He kicked the chair. He let his temper get the best of him.


Just then Vinnie and Modo along with Charley pulled into the garage. They shut the bikes off and got off. They were about to go in when they heard a window break.

"What the heck?" asked Vinnie. "What's going on?"

"I don't know Vinnie." replied Charley. "But there goes my window."

"Maybe Throttle's in trouble." replied Modo.

"let's go and help him." replied Vinnie.

The three rushed in and saw Throttle stumbling around the room. In his anger Throttle rammed his fist throught the window and his specs fell off. Now without those specs Throttle could hardly see. He was tripping all over the place. Vinnie and Modo ran to help Throttle. When Vinnie grabbed Throttle he was punched hard in the jaw. Throttle thought he was being attacked.

"OWW!" replied Vinnie rubbing his chin. "That hurt."

"Calm down bro." replied Modo in shocked. He rarely sees Throttle like this. "It's Charley, Vinnie, and myself."

Throttle finally did settle down. Modo helped him to the couch. VInnie found Throttle's specs and gave it back to him. Charley grabbed a first aid kit and tended to Throttle's fist. Throttle looked at everyone.

"Sorry about the window Charley girl." replied Throttle embarrased.

"Don't worry about it. Something ticked you off. What happened?" asked Charley.

"Yeah. We hardly see this side of you." replied Modo.

"Sorry about the jaw Vinnie." replied Throttle looking at Vinnie and saw that he was still rubbing it.

"It's nothing. I can take anything. After all I am the greatest mamajamma to date." smirked Vinnie.

"Please, you're not all that Vinnie." moaned Charley. She was used to Vinnie's bragging but still it got on her nerves. "So what set you off Throttle?"

"Carbine." whispered Throttle. He went on to tell them what happened between himself and Carbine. The others couldn't believe that Carbine could be so cruel and dumped him the way she did. Throttle couldn't hold it in any longer. He put his head on Charley's shoulder and cried.

Charley held Throttle. "Everything's going to be okay in awhile. Just take it one day at a time."

Vinnie and Modo sat there taking in their bro's pain. They couldn't believe Carbine just totally dumped him coldy and expected them to be friends. It jsut wasn't right.


During the two days Throttle kept to himself. He was depressed and he cried alot. He was hurting. He loved her very much. Why did she do it? Carbine gave her reasns but Throttle will never know the real reason. Vinnie and Modo did everything they could to bring their bro out of such a bad funk. They tried to take him to the movies or get a couple of dogs and rootbeer. To their surprised that didn't even work. Charley was concerned along with Vinnie and Modo. But hey all knew what Throttle need was time by himself. So they let him be.


Throttle pulled out from his thoughts and smiled. He was grateful for his friends. He thought it was time to move on. True he's going to hurt for a long time but in time he's going to get better and he'll find someone to love again. Right now it was time to get out of this funk. He wanted to have some fun. He grabbed his jacked and headed out the door.


Vinnie, Modo, and Charley was watching the news. Limburger was making an annoncement that he plans to build an park near some abdaoned neighborhood. They knew it was just an excuse to strip the place and send it back to Plutark.

"Man, we have to do something." complained Vinnie.

"Yeah. But we need Throttle. Besides he's our bro. He's not in good shape to go into battle Vinnie." replied Modo.

"Who's going to tell Throttle?" asked Charley.

Throttle was standing in the doorway and saw the news report. He knew going into battle will make him feel better. "I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to kick some Plutarkin butt."

They turned and saw Throttle heading towards the garage with a smile on their faces. They turned the tv off and joined him. They were glad Throttle was feeling like his old self again. At least for now.

"All Right!" exclaimed Vinnie. "It's time to whip some butt! Glad to see ya bro!"

"We've missed you. You gonna be okay?" asked Modo as they got on their bikes with Charley sitting behind Vinnie.

"In time but for now." stated Throttle as the revved their engines. Let's Rock!"

"And Ride!" they all exclaimed as they headed to stop Limburger.


In an abadoned neighborhood Limburger watched as they set up a trap for the Biker Mice. "Karbunkle, is everything ready?"

"Everything's ready you're swiss cheesineess." wheezed the scientist. "Once those pesky rodents get here the goons will attack placing some distance between the three. Then when one of those mice comes near the land mine I buried the mine will explode immediatly after it's been in contact. Then before the smoke clears we grab the mouse and his bike and take them away."

"Perfect. So tell me about this enhancer." laughed Limburger.

"My latest invention will gaureentee the destruction of those mice once and for all. My enhancer can give the subject anything I desire by changing the cell structure in the body. There is no need for bionics. Thus if the other two realize that their friend is alive they won't suspect a thing. The mind bender is more powerful than before. The control will be hard to break." laughed Karbunkle.

"Good. Let's go. Here comes those pesky rodents now." laughed Limburger as he and Karbunkle disappear.


The Biker Mice arrived on the scene with a flare. Vinnie was on a pure high, Modo wanted to pound some Plutarkin scum, and Throttle wanted to get his thrills in. They pulled up and stopped.

"Careful bro's. This could be a trap." warned Throttle.

"When are they not." smirked Vinnie.

"Let's play it on the safe side Vincent." remarked Throttle. "Remember ride in slowly they may be anywhere."

"Yeah and their gonna get blasted by yours truly."boasted Vinnie.

Just then hundreds of goons appeared out of nowhere. They started to attack the Biker Mice. The mice scattered and started to fight.

"Had to open you're big mouth didn't you" complained Charley. "When are you going to learn to keep it shut."

Limburger smiled as he watched his plan start to take place.

Vinnie and Charley took out ten goons at once by leading them on a goose chase. When the goons came at Vinnie in opposite directions he fired up his jets and flew in the air. The goons crashed into each other.

"And another one bites the dust!" laughed Vinnie as he and Charley headed towards the others.

Modo used his cannons and started to blast every goonthat came near him. He used his arm to either clothesline or punched them off their bikes. He was having a blast. He finished and drove up to Vinnie and Charley. They watched Throttle while they finished off the goons that were around them.

Throttle decided to play a game of tag. He sped towardsa goon ands using his power glove hit him. "Tag you're it." he laughed. He continue to do this for a few minutes. He then eyed Greasepit and started to chase him. Greasepit jumped over the landmine to make sure he didn't hit it. Meanwhile throttle didn't pay any attention. He kept chasing the big slippery goon. He thought he was going to catch up to him when his bike rolled over a landmine and then KABOOM! The land mine went off knocking off Throttle off his bike and into unconciousness.

Modo, Charley, and Vinnie saw the whole scene unfold to thier horror.

"THROTTLE!" screamed Charley. "No!

"BRO!" hollored Vinnie to his complete horror.

"NO!" yelled Modo with his eye starting to glow red.

During the confusion most of the goons drove off. Whenit was still smoking after the blast Greasepit took the injured Throttle and bike away to the Tower to Karbunkle's lab.

Modo and Vinnie with Chraley crying drove to the scene. When the smoke cleared there was no Throttleor his bike."He was blown to bits!" growled Vinnie as his eyes were glowing redas Modo's was. "Limburger killed him! When I get my hands around that stinkin no good smelly fish's neck I'm going to kill him!"

"That's not the worst part!" growled Modo. He saw what triggered the explosion that killed his best friend. "Look!"

Modo held a peice from the landmine. "It was a trap! All along this was a trap! I'm going to ring his neck for Killing Throttle!" growled Modo.

"What do we do now!" sobbed Charley as Vinnie held her.

"We go home sweetheart. We have to call Stoker and tell him the bad news. He's going to have to tell Tredz." replied Vinnie trying his best not to cry in front of Charley.

"Tredz isn't going to be too happy." said Modo wiping his good eye. "Not at all."

Modo, Vinnie, and Charley headed back to the Last Chance Garage in silence and in tears. They dreaded telling the news to Stoker.


Limburger was with Karbunkle as they placed Throttle on a table and strapped down his arms and legs. Throttle's bike was chained up. It's been two hours and Throttle was coming to.

"How's our patient?" asked Limburger.

"He's slightly damaged. A few broken ribs and a mild concussion. Nothing to serious. We still can preform the operations." smiled Karbunkle.

"Good. I want him wide awake so when you start I can hear him scream." Laughed Limburger. His attentioned was drawn to the table when he heard Throttle moaned. He came up to Throttle.

"Oh my aching head." moaned Throttle. "What happened?"

We did!" laughed Limburger.

"Why you!" exclaimed Throttle. He tried to break free but stopped when the pain shot through his ribs. "Oww! Why am I here?"

Limburger laughed. "My dear boy. You are going to serve me and destroy you're friends."

"You've got to be kidding me!" replied Throttle dryly. "I wont'serve you!"

"In due time my boy! In due time!" laughed Limburger. "if you are ready doctor then procede."

"With pleasure you're cheesiness." laughed Karbunkle. "This is really going to hurt." Then Karbunkle turned on the machine.

Throttle was horrified. He didn't know what they were going to do to him. "Damn you." he breathed. A second later Throttle began to scream.

End of Part One

Lost Loves Reunited

Part Two

Written by Blaze


Copyright 1998 Blaze all rights reserved

Vinnie and Modo rode in the Last Channce quietly. They hopped off their bikes and went to where the radio is. They were still in shock. They still couldn't believe that Throttle was gone. Charely was still on Vinnie's bike when Vinnie and Modo left in a hurry. She took her helmet off and slowly gotoff the bike. As she was walking towards the house she spotted one of Throttle's spare jackets. She picked the jacked up and held it in her arms. Tears spilled from her cheeks. Thid shouldn't be happening. They should be having fun not morning Throttle's death. She brought the jacket to her face and started to sob into it. She could still smell the cologne he wars. She took the tear stained jacket and went into the house.


Modo was on the radio trying to connect to Stoker. Vinnie sat in the chair looking pale. Charley came in holding Throttle's jacket. Vinnie looked at her.

"Hey sweetheart." said Vinnie sadly.

Charely detected no brightness in Vinnie's voice. She didn't blame him. She sat next to him.

"Where did you find that?" asked Vinnie trying to keep his voice even.

"In the garage." sniffed Charely.

"This isn't fair." whispered Vinnie. "Throttle should be here. What are we going to do?"

"I don't know Vinnie."whispered Charley. She put her hand on Vinnie's arm drawing for strength.

Vinnie responded by doing the same.

"We'll get by. I know we will." said Charley.

Vinnie said nothing and both turned their attention to Modo.

"Stoker come in. This is Modo. I's an emergency." replied Modo.

He listened. Then repeated the message. First the radio static and then pop. Then he heard an answer.

"Stoker here. What's up Modo? What's the emergency?" replied Stoker who was concerned by the sudden message by Modo.

"Stoke. We need you down here on earth. We also need you to get Tredz, Silverdawn, and Torque." replied Modo.

Stoker was silent. He didn't understand why Modo was requesting that he come down to earth alng with Throttle's family. Unless. -No!-

"Modo, what's happening?" croaked Stoker. "Where's Throttle?"

"That's what I need to talk to you about?" whispered Modo. "It started when Limburger made an announcement stating that he plans to build an park near an old neigborhood. Well we didn't believe it. So we went to stop him. Well everything was fine. We were kicking butt as usual. Then when Throttle went after Greasepit he must of....of...of."

"Of what Modo." asked Stoker dreading the news.

"He must of rolled over a land mine because it went off and Throttle was killed." stated Modo with his voice shaking.

Stoker felt really sick at the moment. Throttle dead. That was impossible. One of his best freedom fighters was killed "Are you serious?"

"yes. Throttle's dead. There was no trace of his body and his bike. They were blown to bits." sobbed Modo. "We need you to contact his family."

Stoker shut his eyes. He couldn't believe it. He was shaking. He knew Throttle ever since he was born. His best friend and bro was Tredz. He was Tredz's best man when he got married. He was there when Throttle was born. Cute little tike. He was also there when Torque was born. He was there when Throttle lost his father and the found him again. He was in Throttle's life. And now life without Thorttle wasn't going to be easy Worst of all telling Tredz was going to be hard.

"Stoker, are you okay." replied Modo.

"Huh, what. Oh I'll be fine. Thanks for the message Modo. Give my regards to Charley and Vinnie. I'll be down on earth as soon as I talk to Tredz. That's going to be hard." whispered Stoker.

"Thanks." replied Modo.

Stoker cut off the transmission with Modo. He felt numb inside. Throttle was gone. It couldn't be. He couldn't hold the tears. He condsidered Throttle a son. He got up and left the communications room. He numbly walked around thinking things through. The freedom fighters were looking at him wondering what is wrong. He walked past Carbine. She noticed Stoker's behavior.

"Stoker?" asked Carbine.

He stopped. He knew what Carbine did to Throttle. He wasn't sure if he wanted to say anything.

"Hi Carbine." said Stoker solemnly.

"What's wrong? You look upset?" asked Carbine concerned.

"I got a transmission from earth." replied Stoker.

"Something happened didn't it?" asked Carbine.

"Yes. I got a call from Modo. Throttle was killed. His bike rolled over a landmine and it exploded. Throttle and his bike was blown up." whispered Stoker.

"No!"replied Carbine bringing her hand to her mouth. Tears starting to build in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Carbine. I'm going to earth." replied Stoker.

"I want to come." said Carbine.

"I'm sorry Cabine but I can't allow that." said Stoker.

"Why?" asked Carbine upset.

"Because of what happened. Carbine I was there when you broke up with Throttle. You won't be welcomed there. Stay here. That's an order. I'm leaving you in charge while I take care of things on Earth. But I have to go talk to Tredz." replied Stoker. "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry to." said Carbine coldly. "I loved him."

"I know you did. But now is different. Stay here and if you disobey me than I will put you somehwere else that you won't like. Got that." replied Stoker harshly. He didn't mean to sound harsh it just htat he didn't want to deal with everyone bickering at Carbine for the way she treated Throttle.

"Got that." sulked Carbine and she left.

Stoker shook his head and left for his bike. "Stacks"

"Yeah boss." said a mouse of Throttle's age named Stacks.

"I'm going out. I'll be back tomorrow." replied Stoker.

"Yes sir!" replied Stacks.

"Keep an eye on Carbine. Keep me posted what she does. Oh keep tracks on how many ships leave If one leaves recently tell me. I'll be at Tredz" said Stoker.

"I will sire. Have a safe journery." smiled Stacks and he went back to work.

Stoker smiled and got on his bike. He then zoomed off.


Stoker arrived at Tredz's home. He felt sick. He didn't want to tell him. Tredz knew the risks of being a freedom fighter and still took them. Throttle inherited that from his father. Like father like son. He knew how Throttle went through when everyone thought Tredz was killed. But it turned out that Tredz was alive and he was more robot than mouse. He hurt Throttle and when Tredz came out of the control he left. Now he came back awhile ago and he was back to normal. Well he's more mouse than he was robot after Stoker made the adjustments. He was living agian. How is Tredz going to deal with his son's death. He sighed to himself. He turned off his bike and got off.

He walked up to the door and before he knocked the door opened revealing his bro.

"Stoker!" exclaimed Tredz pulling Stoker into a bear hug. "IT's been awhile bro!"

Stoker smiled. He returned the hug."Yes it has bro."

Tredz let Stoker go. He knew something was wrong. The way Stoker said it and the way he walked. "I'm being rude. Come in. Silverdawn and Torque would love to see you again."

"Thanks." replied Stoker. He should be happy in seeing Tredz agian but he couldn't. He just couldn't. He walked in and saw Silverdawn and Torque. Torque was sixteen years old. They were at a table and they were doing homework.

Tredz shut the door behind them. Both looked up.

"I thought I recongize the bike." smiled Silverdawn.

"Hey Silverdawn. Torque you're getting big." smiled Stoker.

"Yep. Dad said I should be as tall as Throttle." smiled Torque.

Stoker almost choked when Torque mentioned Throttle. He did not want to tell this family the bad news.

Tredz saw his best friend's reaction. A bad feeling was starting to raise in his gut. "So Stoke what brought you here?"

"Tredz, does Stoker have to have a reason to visit us?" reprimanded Silverdawn.

"But." started Tredz but Stoker interrupted him.

"It's okay Silverdawn. Tredz is right. I have come for a reason. Can you and Torque come and sit. You to Tredz." replied Stoker.

Everyone looked at him with concern. So they sat on the couch. They waited for Stoekr to speak.

"Trez, Silverdawn, Torque, I have some bad news for you." replied Stoker sadly.

Tredz's stomach tightened. He didn't like this one bit. He looked to his wife. She looked pale. It seem they both knew the bad news. He didn'twant it to be true. He felt his wife's hand on his bionic arm.

"What's happened?" asked Tredz. "What's wrong?"

"Please Stoker tell us." begged Silverdawn. "What's going on?"

"I gotten a transmission from earth. Something happened. Something bad. Modo called me. He said that Throttle and th others went to stop Limburger. They were fighting the goons. Everything was going the guy's way. Soon Throttle went to cahse Greasepit. This was a trap. Anyway Throttle was chasing Greasepit when his bike rolled over a land mine. The land mine was activated and it went off." whispered Stoker.

"NO!" cried Silverdawn.

Tredz immediatley pulled Silverdawn into a hug. TO embrace her from the pain. Tredz was shaking with hurt, pain, and agner, lots of anger. Hs eyes were glowing. "Is he...Is he dead?"

"I'm so sorry Tredz. You to Silverdawn. I'm sorry Torque. Throttle was killed instantly." said Stoker sadly.

Silverdawn was crying at the lost of her first born. Torque was stunned at the revelation of his brother's death. Throttle was always careful. But sometimes being careful wasn't enough. He started to cry as well. Tredz pulled Torque intohis arms. He ws holding on to what family he had left.

"He had to go didn't he." whispered Tredz.

"He knew the risks Tredz. I'm not trying to make excuses to take you away from the pain. But it's the truth." said Stoker.

"He's my son Stoker! He shouldn't be dead! Father's aren't supposed to bury their sons! I've should have gone first not the other away around! Iknow he knew the risks. But it hurts! Oh god why! My son is gone! I'm going to kill that son of a bitch!" cried Tredz.

"Tredz, I'm going to earth. Modo asked for you guys to come with me." replied Stoker.

"We're coming. Let us gather our things." whispered Silverdawn. "Torque, go pack you're things."

"Are you sure you want him to come?" asked Tredz.

"Of course. Torque is Throttle's brother. He deserves to go." cried Silverdawn.

"Stoker give us a couple of minutes to get ready." replied Tredz.

"Take all the time you need." said Stoker.

fifteen minutes later Stoker, Tredz, Torque, and Silverdawn headed out back to the freedom fighters base.


She listened to the conversation between Stoker and Throttle's family. She knew both. A tear trickled down from her face. She followed them. She had to make sure that Throttle was dead. She had to be sure.


Throttle was screaming in intense pain. He felt his body was on fire. He also felt it was splitting in two. He felt that his body was changing. He felt something happening. But the pain was so great. He couldn't stop screaming. It hurt so much.

Karbunkle watched in glee as he saw his machine was working. Every cell in Throttle's body was rearranging according to his instructions. He went to the keyboard and started programming what he wanted in his latest killing machine. He typed the instructions that he wanted excess strength. He wanted ten times the strength that Throttle has. He saw the DNA congigurations computing on the screen. He saw the enhancer taking the codes and transmitting and then the beam shot through to Throttle's body. He heard.Throttle's scream take on intensity. He laughed. He took pleasure in Throttle's screaming. Then he looked at the keyboard again. He saw that it was waiting for his next instruction. He typed in that he wanted Thorttle to control electricity and fire blasts. He saw the DNA configurations computing through the screen. Little did people know that by rearranging a person's DNA structure and adding powers or longevity. He typed in more codes. He was making his killing machine.

Throttle almost blacked out. He couldn't stand it. But Karbunkle kept checking and making him stay awake. He didn't know ow long he can stand the pain.

Karbunkle went back to his computer. He looked at the screen and started the mind bender. It was time to start the control. He pushed the button. He saw the beam forced his way into Throttle's mind. He heard the scream intense so much He heard Limburger call him. He pushed the button on his screen.

"yes, you're cheesiness." wheezed Karbunkle.

"How's our patient? I can hear him screaming. I like it." chuckled Limburger.

"Our patient is reacting nicely to our operations. His body has changed Dramatically. He is stronger. A lot stronger. More than Modo. I've created a killing machine who's capable of destroying this town with one blast from his finger. Now as you hear the screaming the mind bender is working. When he passes out he should be ours." replied Karbunkle.

Just then the screaming stopped. Karbunkle looked up. He got off and checked on his patient. He saw that Throttle was out cold. He smiled evilly. The operaton was a success. He went back to tell Limburger the great news.

"Your chessiness. Our patient is ready." replied Karbunkle. "he's out cold."

"How long before he is operational?" smiled Limburger.

"In a couple of hours. He should be awake and under our contorl." chuckled Karbunkle.

"What about his bike?" asked Limburger.

"His bike should respond to him. Besides I made adjustments on it as well. The bike has more firepower and it is a whole lot faster." replied Karbunkle.

"Good. Soon Chicago will be mine and the Biker Mice will be destroyed by their own beloved Throttle." laughed Limburger.

Lost Loves Reunited

Part 3

Written by Blaze

Edited by Danya

October 1, 1998

Copyright 1998 by Blaze

Disclaimer: Biker Mice From Mars do not belong to me and is being used without permission. Jason Lee Scott belongs to Saban and are being used without permission. Tredz, Silverdawn, Torque belongs to Leanne and are being used with permission. Thanks sis. Danya of course belongs to Danya and she has given me permission to torture her. Heh.heh And any other character belongs to me but of course. If the story has similar plots to other stories out there it's purely concendental. Angel Standing By is written and preformed by Jewel and is being used without her permission. I thought the song fits in with the story read on and see why. Oh I want to THANK DANYA for helping me with the story. If it wasn't for her constant nagging and threats I wouldn't have finished this story. Oh she did have add ins in the story. Thanks for the help sis. But feel free to read and enjoy. One more thing I know this disclaimer is getting longer. Probably no one is going to read it. Danya has become my editor and has corrected or added things in like most editor. Thank you for listening.

Limburger looked over his new killing machine. He laughed with glee. Soon Chicago will be Plutark's and those blasted Mice will be destroyed. He felt like a child on Christmas morning who had just opened a brand new toy. He couldn't wait to try his new killing machine.

"So Karbuncle, when can I try out my latest weapon?" chuckled Limburger.

Karbuncle was running some test on a fully awakened Throttle. "Soon my smelly cheesiness, I want nothing to go wrong."

"Well Hurry up!! I want those blasted MICE DESTROYED!!" roared Limburger.

"Yes, your Swiss over ripenedness" obeyed Karbuncle as he hurried with his tests. "Only an hour before he's ready."

"Good. I'll start making plans" chuckled Limburger as he left the doctor to his patient.


Back on Mars Stoker, Tredz, Silverdawn and Torque arrived at Freedom Fighters Headquarters in silence. They lost a member of their family. They came and went to a room to talk. Little did they know that they were followed by a mysterious biker.

"I want to know why. Why was he killed? And by whom?" responded the voice. "I will avenge you my love, by your soul I will AVENGE YOU!!!"

The mysterious biker shot an eavesdropping device on one of the sides of the wall. She turned the radio on and started to listen to the conversation.

"Stoker, when will we be able to go to earth?" whispered Tredz.

"Soon. A ship is being prepared as we speak, and in thirty minutes we'll be on our way to earth" replied Stoker.

"Come on, where's the launch pad?" whispered the mysterious voice.

"Tredz, I'm sorry" replied Stoker sadly.

"Don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault. You trained Throttle to be the best damn freedom fighter there was and I couldn't be more proud of him. He gave his life to free Mars from those egg-sucking Plutarkians." replied Tredz.

"I know, but I still feel responsible" sighed Stoker.

"I'm hurting because I lost a son. It isn't easy losing a child. You always think that you're going to outlive your children." whispered Tredz.

"I know what you mean" replied Stoker to no one in particular. He felt a pain of sadness in his heart. "I wished so many times it was me."

"Wait a minute! Stoker has kids?" Tredz asked, forcing a grin to lighten the mood.

"Yes, I had a daughter." smiled Stoker sadly. "Her name was Danya."

"I'm sorry bro. I didn't mean to intrude. I didn't mean to joke like that" replied Tredz apologetically.

"It's okay, I never told anyone about her. She was outgoing, had a temper like dear old dad, very sweet and had a great sense of humor. She was very pretty, with my fur color, her mothers brown eyes and white and black hair. She would be about Throttle's age now." whispered Stoker.

"What happened to her?" asked Tredz.

"Danya and her mother were killed by Plutarkian scum bags. They shot my family in cold blood! This was after I started the freedom fighters." growled Stoker.

"I'm sorry bro" whispered Tredz trying to comfort Stoker.

"I always swore that I'd make them pay for murdering my family, and that I would never let it happen again. Sure I saw death but I mean I wouldn't have that kind of pain in my heart. But losing Throttle brings back that pain and much more. I think of Throttle as my son, and now I've lost both my children. Sometimes I wonder when will it all stop!!" replied Stoker hoarsely.

"Don't know bro, I don't know" whispered Tredz.

"Come on Tredz. It's time to go. The ship's getting ready to leave. Let's go to the pad 4-E." said Stoker.

Both left and met up with Silverdawn and Torque. They headed for pad 4-E.

The mysterious biker gathered her things and managed to beat Stoker and the others on board. She found a good hiding spot and prepared for the journey. Stoker and the others came on. He told Carbine to stay and take care of things while he was away, and soon the ship took off and headed for earth.


Modo, Vinnie, and Charley waited patiently for the ship to land. They received a call from Stoker that they should be landing shortly. They saw the ship coming in for the landing.

"They should be landing soon" whispered Vinnie.

"Throttle's family is on that ship" replied Modo.

"I never met Throttle's family. I hope there not mad at me" Charley said with a touch of sadness.

"Awe Charley-girl don't worry about that. It wasn't your fault" replied Vinnie. Then he got serious. "We all know who to blame for Throttle's death."

"I know. But hehehe died on Earth. I don't want Throttle's parents to have the wrong impression about earth" replied Charley.

"Charley-ma'am Tredz, Silverdawn, and Torque aren't like that. They knew that Limburger was the one who murdered Throttle. They won't think less of Earth. I think they might like it" replied Modo.

Just then the ship landed. Vinnie, Modo, and Charley went to the door as it opened and out came Stoker followed by Tredz, Silverdawn and Torque.

"Stoke!!" replied Vinnie as he tried his best to sound happy.

"Hey Vinnie" replied Stoker solemnly. He didn't even say his usual `Hi punk'. He wasn't really in the mood. Then he grinned slightly. "It's okay. You don't have to keep that macho image up. You can cry and Uncle Stoker will make it all better."

"FU-NNIE Stoke" gruffed Vinnie. "Seriously, it's good to see you."

"Lookin' sharp Modo" said Stoker.

"It's good to see you again" whispered Modo.

"Oh Charley I want you to me Throttle's family. This is Tredz, his father and my best friend and bro. This is Silverdawn, his lovely mother, and his younger but annoying brother Torque" grinned Stoker. "Tredz, Silverdawn, Torque this is Charlene Davidson we call her Charley. She helped Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo when they crashed here and has helped them ever since."

"Nice to meet you" replied Charley in awe as she saw the resemblance between Throttle and his father.

"You too Charley" said Tredz. "Don't mind Stoker, he has a way with words."

"So I've notice" smiled Charley.

"Let's go in and discuss what happened" replied Tredz.

Everyone nodded as they headed inside to discuss the events of the past week. Little did they realize that a stowaway made her way out of the ship with her bike She walked a little way out of earshot and sat on her bike. Then she switched on her radio. "Day, come in. Repeat, come in" said the mysterious biker as she waited for a minute before a response came over the radio.

"I'm here, I'm here. What's up? Did you find out who we have to kill yet?" asked a female voice.

"Nope, I just arrived on Earth. What are your coordinates?" asked the biker.

"Should arrive on Earth in two hours. Where do you want to meet?" asked `Day'.

"In the mountains. Coordinates 24 degrees west and 80 degrees east of Chicago. You know where Chicago is don't you" grinned the biker.

"HaHaha.. FU-NNIE!! You're a real comedian Blaze, you know that!" mocked the second female. "Of course I know where Chicago is. It's not like we haven't been on earth before."

Blaze laughed. "I'm not going to comment on that Danya. I'll meet you there when I find out more information on who killed Throttle."

"You know I hate to miss out on all the action" grin Danya. "You know how good I am."

"You're such an egomaniac" laughed Blaze. "But get to the mountains when you can okay."

"Understood. I'll contact you when I get there" responded Danya.

"Good. Hopefully they'll have answers. If not then I'm going to find out. I'm going to watch over Stoke and them. Blaze out" answered Blaze as she broke contact with her best friend.

Blaze started her bike and drove away.


Karbuncle was doing a few tests to see if DNA interaction works. During the process of turning Throttle into a killing machine, Karbuncle decided to rewrite the mouse's DNA structure by combining it with the worst Martian serial killer's DNA to be dated in Martian History. His name was Switch Blade. He had no emotion, no feelings, no remorse. He would stalk his victim, brutally attack him or her, viciously rape them no matter the gender. Then Switch Blade would decapitate his victims making sure they were unrecognizable. The killer was caught and then executed for his five year crime spree, a total number of 100 victims falling under his hands. Karbuncle had gotten his DNA through a certain rat named Mace.

Karbuncle also messed with Throttle's mind, twisting his thoughts to Limburger's pleasing. The doctor told the mouse that everyone was out to get him, then placed homicidal suggestions into Throttle's subconscious.

Karbuncle finished his test and called a goon to wait in an empty chamber. Just then Throttle turned to Karbuncle.

"Where am I?" asked a confused Throttle.

"With friends" replied the high pitched doctor.

"What happened, andwho am I?" replied Throttle.

"You're Throttle" answered Karbuncle. "I am Karbuncle. I found you in an alley beaten viciously by your own kind. They messed you up pretty good, and I had to do some minor surgery but you're better now.

Karbuncle stepped back to watch Throttle's reaction. He smiled as the tan mouse's eyes glowed beneath his shades.

"Those bastards!" growled Throttle. "When I get my hands on them then I WILL KILL THEM!!"

"Excellent" chuckled Karbuncle to himself. -Now to test our protege- "In that room is one of those who beat you. We caught him when he was still on you."

"LET ME AT HIM!!" growled Throttle viciously. "He'll pay for hurting me!!"

Karbuncle led Throttle to the room where the goon was. He let Throttle in and closed the door. Then he stepped over to the glass where Limburger was waiting and observing his latest weapon.

"This better work Karbuncle or I'll have your hide for wasting my time and resources!!" hissed Limburger.

"Oh it will work your over-ripened Swiss chessiness! Not only has my enhancer enhanced Throttle's physical form, increasing his body mass and strength, but it has rearranged Throttle's DNA with Switch Blade's. The instincts of a serial killer has merged with Throttle's making him the perfect killing machine!!" laughed Karbuncle.

"Don't get me wrong doctor, but what does DNA have to do with the instincts of a serial killer. I thought that dealt with your conscience of what is right and wrong?" asked Limburger.

"That's part of it, but is has been discovered that when a person commits a crime is also biological. Earth scientists don't have the technology like Plutark. Just watch and see the results" chuckled Karbuncle.

"I hope so. For your sake this better work" replied Limburger coldly as he and Karbuncle turn to watch the scene that was about to be played out.


Just then Throttle leapt at the goon. Filled with rage he punched the goon hard sending the goon into the wall knocking the wind out of him. Throttle didn't let the goon up. He was merciless. He wanted vengeance for what was done to him and he was the avenger. He beat the goon to a bloody pulp ignoring the goon's cries and plea's for mercy. He pulled the half dead goon to his face and sneered to him. "NO ONE HURTS ME AND LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT!!!!!"

Before the goon could mumble, Throttle broke his neck and dropped him to the ground. He smiled coldly as he admired his work.


Limburger could have shouted with glee. It worked! His killing machine was ready. He watched as Throttle viciously manhandled his victim. Cold-bloodedness ran through Throttle's veins. Limburger couldn't wait to try out his new toy.

"Karbuncle, you're a genius!!" laughed Limburger.

"But of course, your cheesiness" chuckled Karbuncle. "Nothing can save him, nothing.

"Perfect" hissed Limburger. "Prepare him for battle. We attack in two days."

"Of course" replied Karbuncle as he left to prepare Throttle for the battle.


Silverdawn watched the sun rise, brightening the sky and telling Chicago it was the start of the new day. She sighed to herself as a tear fell from her eye. She didn't bother to wipe her tear streaked face. She lost something that was dear to her, a part of her. She lost her first born son, her baby. Tears started falling harder. She couldn't comprehend the life without Throttle.

"Oh my poor boy" sobbed Silverdawn.

She started crying when someone approached her. She didn't notice until a hand came on her shoulder. She looked up and blinked. She wiped her eyes. "Hi Charley."

Charley sat next to her. "How are you holding up Silverdawn?"

"Not good. It isn't easy losing your son. It's so hard to deal with. Losing a child whom you gave birth and watching him grow up then ripped away from you" sobbed Silverdawn.

"It isn't fair to lose a child" sighed Charley. "Tell me what Throttle was like when he was little."

"Oh he was adorable" smiled Silverdawn as she started to remember Throttle when he was only a mouseling. "A wild child I know. You won't think that when you saw him today quiet and in deep thought. But when he was younger he was a terror. You could say he was worse than Vinnie. He would always get into trouble. It seemed to Tredz and I that he was a kamikaze mouse! He would jump from the roof or the tree or do something incredibly dangerous. Tredz would catch him but it never failed to scare us."

Silverdawn continued to talk about Throttle, and an hour later she felt better. "Thank you Charley I needed that."

"You know as long as we remember the good times with Throttle, he'll never be dead. He'll always be in our heartsalways." replied Charley as she touched her heart.

"But it hurts so much." Silverdawn said, hugging herself.

"I know" whispered Charley sadly. "The pain is so deep that you can't explain it. You feel empty inside and it seems that no amount of healing can get rid of it."

Silverdawn looked at Charley with a confused look. That's exactly how she feels, but how can Charley know this unless... "Charley, how do you know this awful feeling?"

Charley got up and walked to the window extreme sadness filled her face and heart. "I lost my son, Silverdawn."

"Oh Charley, I'm sorry. I didn't know you had any children" replied Silverdawn sadly.

"It's okay, I never told anyone. But it's worse when your son is alive and you're not allowed to see him" replied Charley as tears fell from her eyes.

"Why can't you see your son? I hope you don't mind me asking." asked Silverdawn.

"No, I don't mind." She said with a sad smile. "Actually, I think it would help. I married my ex-husband Daniel Scott at seventeen years old. Well, a year later I gave birth to my son, Jason Lee Scott. At first it was perfect, we were happy, but it changed when Jason was around five. Me and Daniel would get into horrible fights, and it scared Jason badly. After a few months of screaming at each other, I called the marriage off and got a divorce. I thought that would be the end of it; just sign the papers and Jason and I could go on with our lives somewhere else. But I was wrong." Charley whispered, angry tears clouding her eyes again. "Daniel was furious at me for leaving him, and he was determined not to let me keep Jason. During the custody battle he insisted that I was an unfit mother, telling the judge that I neglected my son. The bastard even brought in his mother, and she told them I beat Jason. They turned me into a monster and the judge believed them! Daniel got all visitation rights taken away from me. It was the worst day of my life. They literally tore Jason out of my arms, and all I could do was stand there and cry, listening to my baby screaming for me as they took him away. They moved the next day, and no one bothered to let me know where."

"Charley, I'm so sorry." Silverdawn whispered, putting her arm around Charley's shoulder.

"I just wanted to kill him! For days, all I could think about was how to get my son back. Then, after a few weeks had gone by, I got a letter from my sister, Lacey, telling me she had seen Jason. I'm telling you Silverdawn, I just fell to the floor and thanked every star in the sky that Daniel had never met Lacey! Through the years, I would sneak into her town so I could visit Jason without my ex-husband finding out. It's been a year since I last saw him."

"How old is he?" Silverdawn asked.

"He's 15 years old." Sighed Charley. "I miss him so much, but with the guys here and Limburger terrorizing everything, I haven't gotten a chance to visit him as much as I'd like."

"Don't worry, you'll see him soon. Just be happy he's safe somewhere away from that murdering asshole Limburger!" Silverdawn said furiously.

Little did the two women realize that they were being listened to by the mysterious biker.

"Oh, by Mars NO!!" Blaze whispered in shock. "Not that murderous bastard, I should have killed him when I had the chance! Oh, my poor loveI will avenge you, I swear it. I'll have Limburger's head on a platter!!"

Blinded by fury, she sped off to find Danya without retrieving her listening device or thinking about where she was. At the sound of her bike, Charley and Silverdawn froze in surprise and looked at each other.

"Charley, did you hear that?" Silverdawn asked.

"Sure did." Charley replied. "Someone was here and spying on us. Let's tell the others."

Both women got up and walked over to the guys.


Blaze drove up to the mountains where the ship had landed over two days ago. She stalked inside and punched the wall, sending a shower of sparks from an instrument panel to the left of her.

"Woah girl!" Danya shouted, concerned. "What's eating you so bad that it's got you pummeling the ship to pieces? Take a pill and fill me in."

"I've found out who killed Throttle." Growled Blaze, ripping off her helmet to reveal her brightly glowing eyes.

"Who?" Danya asked immediately. "Then we can go kick his ass! And preserve the ship"

"Limburger!" Blaze growled with hatred and disgust.

"What?!" Danya shouted, her eyes beginning to glow. "THAT MURDERING, BALL-SUCKING SCUM IS HERE?!?!?! That does it, I'm not letting that ass-faced bottom-feeder and his boot-licking lackey get out of this one alive! Look what he's done to us already; he's turned me into a pet science project, giving me wings and a damn bushy tail, not to mention the tests, shock treatments, and beatings on both of us!"

"You're right, sis. This time it ends. He took my family and now he's taken my only love! He is DEAD!!!" Blaze screamed.

"Let's go fry some fish, my sister!" Danya said, grabbing her helmet and jumping on her bike. "But how do we find him?"

"Easy, just follow the stench." Blaze replied, getting back on her bike.

"Eeich! I'll flip ya for the, uh, privilege."

"Smart Ass."

With vengeance on their minds they headed back towards the city.


Throttle paced in Limburger's office. He wanted action and he wanted it now. "So where can I find these mice so I can make them suffer before I destroy them."

Limburger smiled "On the west side of Chicago. 70 degrees east and 39 degrees south. You'll find an old abandon neighborhood. Actually it's not far from here. Here take a look."

Limburger flashed a hologram map and showed Throttle the coordinates. "They're staying at the Last Chance Garage."

"Fine. They will be destroyed!! When can I go?" asked an impatient Throttle.

"As soon as the good doctor finishes your bike and gives the okay, then you can leave" chuckled Limburger.

"I wish soon was now!!" growled Throttle.

"Your wish is my command!" chuckled a raspy voice. "The bike is ready and waiting."

"Good. It is time my boy. Go and have fun!!" laughed Limburger.

Throttle gave a cold smile as he left. He got on his bike and left Limburger's Tower to find the ones who hurt him.


Two boys were playing ball when Throttle drove through. He gave a cold smile as he pulled out his gun. Target practice- he thought coldly. He aimed his gun at the ball and fired. It was the perfect shot. It blew the ball into ashes.

The boys started to run and scream, afraid that they would be next. Coldness entered Throttle's eyes. He aimed his gun as he drove onward. He fired and hit one of the boys in the chest. The child fell to the ground not knowing what hit him. The other boy saw his brother killed in cold blood, and he screamed in fear and anguish. Tears fell from his eyes as he started to run for his life. Throttle gave a chill startling laugh as he prepared to shoot his next victim.


Everyone was talking in the Last Chance Garage. They stopped when they heard a gunshot and then screaming.

"What's going on?" asked Stoker.

"I don't know but those are screams of children!!" replied Charley with fear.

"Let's go! They must need our help!" replied Tredz.

The group ran out of the garage. They saw a biker chasing the boy, and before they had a chance to do anything the biker fired. The laser hit the child in the back, and the boy gave a scream of pain before he fell to the ground lifeless.

"NOOOOOOO!!!" screamed Silverdawn in shock as she and the group watched in terror as the biker murdered an innocent boy in cold blood.

"MONSTER!!!" growled Vinnie in disgust.

The biker stopped and turned to the group. These were the one's whom Limburger wanted destroyed. The looks on their faces were worth those two children. He gave a cold startling laugh.

Modo was furious beyond belief. He loved children and to see them gunned down made his blood boil. "How can you laugh when you just murdered two innocent children!! You took their chances to grow up and have a happy life."

"Because they don't deserve it!!" came the harsh reply. "They were weak and had to be eliminated."

"YOU EMOTIONLESS BASTARD!!!!" growl Modo with his eye glowing brightly. "They were only children!"

"Care to take me on rat boy?" laughed Throttle.

Modo was filled with rage, his anger beyond control. "No one calls me a rat!! NO ONE!!!"

"Take it easy big guy" replied Tredz. "We all want to hurt him for killing those kids, but you have to calm down."

Throttle laughed. "You're weak hiding behind an old man!!"

"I'm sorry Tredz, but that low life needs to be taught some manners!!!" roared Modo as he tore from the group and headed for the biker.

Throttle sat there and laughed "Oooooohhhh I'm so scared!" He didn't move or flinch from his bike. He sat there laughing as Modo came up standing face to face.

"You're such a jerk! Don't you have any emotions to what you just did!!" growled Modo.

"Actually no. It was fun" replied Throttle casually.

Modo couldn't handle it anymore. He grabbed the biker from his bike and threw him to the ground roughly. The helmet came off revealing to the group who he really was. The group stood there in complete and utter shock.

"No.." whispered Silverdawn.

"It can't be.Impossible" stuttered Vinnie.

"I can't believe it" cried Charley.

"NO! BY MARS NO!!!" choked Tredz staring at the biker who killed two boys in cold blood.

"NO! ANYONE BUT YOU!!!!" replied Modo hurt. "I could handle anyone but not you!!"

"This isn't good" replied a pale and confused Stoker.

"Throttle? My brother's alive" whispered Torque.

"Do I shock you?" sneered Throttle. "Good it'll make my job a lot easier."

"What happened to you?" asked Silverdawn in tears to see her son like this. "You couldn't and wouldn't gun down children!!! What happened to my son!?!?!?!?!"

"I have no family!!" replied Throttle coldly. "And as for those kids. HehHehIt was fun listening to them scream in fear and for their lives. And then killing them was quite entertaining."

"THROTTLE!!! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!!!!" replied Vinnie in horror. He couldn't believe that his bro was saying such cruel words.

"Throttle, please listen you're my son I can help you" begged Tredz.

"I have no father" replied Throttle coldly. He then grinned as he aimed and fired his gun and missed on purpose.

Tredz pushed Charley out of the way before she was shot. The group looked at Throttle with such disbelief that he changed so much.

Modo had enough of Throttle's behavior. He went up to him. "Bro, I don't know why you're acting like this or why but enough is enough!!"

"Than you shall be the first to die!" sneered Throttle. "You'll pay for hurting me RAT BOY!!"

"I'm sorry to do this but I have to" replied Modo grimly.

"Go ahead and take your best shot" laughed Throttle. "You'll only end up dead like those two boys. I enjoyed killing them. Hearing their screams were a pure high!! Watching their blood flow was pure ecstasy!!"

Modo's eye burned a frightening red. He never felt this anger before. Hearing those words come from Throttle sounded like he was getting a thrill from what he did! Modo threw a punch at Throttle's jaw.

The group and Modo were completely stunned when Throttle caught Modo's fist and twisted his arm. Modo felt pain and was brought down to his knees. Throttle grinned evilly as he let go and then picked Modo up by his neck and raised him in the air. "No one tries to hurt this handsome face!! NO ONE!!

Throttle threw Modo into the ground hard and painful like he was some doll. The group looked at each other with uneasy looks.

"No way" whispered Torque.

"No one can do that to Modo" whispered Stoker. "I didn't think anyone was physically stronger than Modo until now."

"Throttle picked him up and threw him like he was a 90lbs weakling" whispered Charley.

Tredz's eyes began to glow. It all made sense now, everything added up. He berated himself for not thinking of it earlier, but the shock of seeing Throttle alive had taken over his rationality. His son had been physically and mentally altered, given a killers instincts and thirst for carnage. This was not the Throttle he had raised and loved, this was a completely different mouse; a mouse under evil control. He was going to rip Limburger's lungs out and shove them down his throat!

"Why is he like this?!" Sobbed Charley.

"He's got to be under some kind of control." Growled Vinnie. "I'm going to kill Limburger!!"

"He altered my son completely." Replied Tredz flatly. "The strength, instincts, and mind. He may have achieved his goal; the perfect killing machine."

"We have to stop him." Whispered Stoker as Modo joined them. "How you doin' big guy?"

"If you're talkin' physically, just a few bumps and bruises, but emotionally I'm not too good. I can't believe Throttle is like this!" Said a hurt Modo.

"Limburger!!!" Growled Tredz. "First it was me, then MY SON!! I don't think so! I'm gonna rearrange that fish's internal organs permanently!"

"Only if you get to him first." Vinnie hissed.

"What are we gonna do?!" Cried Silverdawn. She couldn't stand seeing her son like this. "We can't leave him like this!!"

"We'll help him, love." Tredz said, pulling her into a hug. "We'll get him back."

"And if we can't?" Sobbed Silverdawn.

"Then we'll have to stop himany way we can." Stoker said numbly.

The group nodded and turned their attention back to Throttle. He was leaning on his bike casually, waiting for them with a grim smile on his face. "Awe, isn't this a touching scene."

"We're going to help you." Modo said. "You need help."

"Yeah right!" Throttle sneered. "Like you `helped' me before? By beating me up and leaving me to die?!"

"What?!" Everyone shouted, shocked and confused.

"We'd never hurt you!" Charley insisted. "It was Limburger, he's the one who did this to you!!"

"LIARS!! Karbuncle said he found me after you guys messed me up, and even had to perform surgery to keep me alive!!" Roared Throttle.

"He's the one lying to you! He's the one who messed you up!" Vinnie shouted desperately.

"There's no reasoning with him when he's like this." Tredz said sadly, remembering what it was like when he had been under control.

"What are we gonna do Dad?" Asked Torque. "I can't stand seeing my bro like this."

"I know son, neither can I." Tredz replied. "We're gonna have to knock him out."

"I agree" Stoker replied. "Then we'll have a better chance to get Throttle back."

"Enough of this!" Throttle bellowed. "I'm tired of waiting, now YOU ALL SHALL DIE!!! And you're first." He said, aiming his gun at his mother.

"NO!! Don't do this!" Begged Charley as she and the rest of the group looked on in complete horror.

A dark grin slowly spread across Throttle's face as he ignored the pleas coming from the others. "I will show no mercy!!"

Torque looked on, shocked as his older brother prepared to pull the trigger. He couldn't believe Throttle was going to kill his own mother! He was the closest one to her, and when he heard his brother pull the trigger, he knew what he had to do. He pushed his mother aside and fell back as the laser hit him in the chest. As he fell to the ground, his final thoughts were about his brother. He didn't hate or blame Throttle, Torque knew his brother wasn't himself. I love you, Throttle. And with that thought, he died.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" Screamed Silverdawn as she watched her son give his life for her. She ran and drew Torque into her arms, crying into his lifeless body. "No, not my baby boy!!"

"Oh mama!!" Whispered Modo, tears streaming down his cheeks as he watched the heartbreaking scene.

Tredz fell next to his wife and his youngest son's body, tears evident on his face. "He held his son's hand. "My boyoh, my boy!!"

Charley felt her hear break. Tears fell from her eyes as she stared at Throttle, confused with disbelief and anger. She was at a complete loss for words.

"Tredz" Stoker said softly as he came to his friend and bro. "Hewas a brave kid."

"I can'tcan'tbelieve hekilled" Silverdawn cried, unable to finish the sentence. "He wasn't supposed to die!! I'M supposed to go first, not my baby!!!"

Tredz couldn't say anything, he didn't know how to feel or react. His youngest son had just been killed by his own brother. But as furious as he was, he couldn't hate his only surviving son. Throttle wasn't himself, he was under Limburger's control.

Throttle looked at the scene proudly. The mice were easier targets than he had been led to believe. "That was so much fun." He laughed. "You're going down, one by one."

"THROTTLE, HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!?!?!?! HE'S YOUR BROTHER!!!!" Exclaimed Vinnie in pure rage.

"Awwe, is the wittle mousie upset cause I got rid of his rat friend?" Throttle chuckled coldly.

Silverdawn had had enough of Throttle's callous remarks. She loved both of her boys, no matter what. Gently, she laid Torque's body down and kissed his forehead. She got up, walked up to Throttle, and looked him in the eyes.

"SILVERDAWN, COME BACK!!!" Hollered Tredz, reaching out to his wife. "HE'S DANGEROUS IN THIS STATE!!!"

Silverdawn ignored him and spoke to Throttle. "I don't know what's happened to you, but YOU ARE STILL MY SON!! I spent nine months carrying you, and 27 torturous hours in labor trying to give birth to you! You are the most stubborn mouse I've ever known, and I know you're in there Throttle! So please, fight this demon!!"

"My, aren't we feisty." Chuckled Throttle. "Such spirit in a beautiful lady is rare. I'm glad that kid died first, I think I'll save you for---"

Silverdawn cut Throttle off with a slap across his face. He reeled back for a second, then turned back to her angrily, grabbing her by the throat. "You just made the worst mistake of your life, you bitch!! Now you'll have to pay for it!"

Not far from the action sat two female bikers, shocked beyond belief.

"II can't believe he's still alive!!" Whispered one in a shaky voice.

The other female put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Umthat's great and all, and I'm real happy for you, but he doesn't exactly seem like the guy you told me about."

"I know Danya, he's changed and I'll give you one guess who did it." Replied Blaze with her eyes glowing.

"Hmmmnow who could it be"

"You are such a smart ass!"

"Stars above, when ISN'T Mr. Stinkface up to something?! Now, how do we help him? That group ain't fairin' too well."

"Hmm" Replied Blaze, lost in thought.

"Earth to Blaze! Hello? They don't have much time left, so if you're going to do something, you better do it now while we still have people to save!"

"What am I supposed to do?! He's twice my size and evil as all Hell now!"

"Family tree check, friend-o-mineyou're a Mystican, use your powers or something."

"Okay, okay! Boy, you're pushy." Replied Blaze. "I've got it! THROTTLE!!"

"And exactly HOW is directing his attention toward us going to help??" Danya asked, her sarcasm tinged with nervousness as the group turned to them.

"Trust me."

"Ummcan I think about that?"

"I am gonna kick your tail when I get back" Blaze growled, standing up and beginning to walk over to Throttle.

"Well, well, well." Throttle said smugly, looking at the two strange females. "So, do you lovelies want a piece of me too? There's enough for everyone."

"Not a word!" Blaze hissed telepathically to Danya, throwing a glare over her shoulder.

With extreme effort, Danya kept her mouth shut. Blaze continued to walk up to Throttle, hoping with all her might that her plan would work.

"Throttle?" She said softly, taking off her helmet. "Please, you must remember me."

Throttle stared in open shock at the white-furred, black-haired mouse standing in front of him with alluring blue eyes. He didn't know why, but somehow he knew her. He remembered her, and only her. They were best friends and lovers long ago.

"Blaze?" Throttle whispered.

"He remembers." Smiled Danya, whispering telepathically.

"Yes and no. For some reason he knows me, but no one else. I don't know why. Not until I scan his memories." Replied Blaze.

"So hurry up and scan him, I've got a funny feeling about those mice over there." Danya said.

"He isn't a package of frozen peas, I can't just scan him like a checkout girl! We have to kidnap him." replied Blaze.

"Excuse me?? I'm not sure I heard you right, did you say `kidnap him'?!" Danya demanded.

"Yes, it's the only way."

"You're certifiable."
Danya said.

"You're funny"
Blaze said sarcastically.

"You're gonna get yourself killed!"

"I'll be fine!"

"Uh-huh, just like you were `fine' on Copper Ridge??"

Blaze ignored her friend and continued her way towards Throttle. "I know you remember me Throttle, please let her go. You must stop the bloodshed."

Throttle was confused. His thoughts going in different directions, making it hard to think. He let Silverdawn go and she coughed for air as she made her way back to the others.

Tredz ran up to her and hugged her. "You okay?"

"I-I'll.befine" rasped Silverdawn.

"Who is she?" asked Charley.

"Beats me, I never met her." responded Vinnie as Modo nodded in agreement.

"Whoever she is she's making more progress with Throttle than we did." Modo said with a touch of hope.

"Then there's a chance of getting Throttle back." replied Charley her spirits brightening.

"Let's hope so" answered Modo.

"I can't believe it's her" whispered Silverdawn as she and Tredz made it back to the group.

"You know who she is?" asked Vinnie.

"You're right, it is her." Tredz said, smiling at his wife.

"WHO!?" asked Charley, Vinnie, and Modo in suspense

"Her name is Blaze. Her parents, Axle and Sky, were our best friends when we lived in Brimstone. Throttle grew up with Blaze, they did everything together. We'd call them the Kamikaze twins because they were so wild. But most of all, they were there for each other through all the teasing and bad times we had in Brimstone." Replied Tredz. Then his smile grew wider. "Blaze was Throttle's first love. When they were older they dated and the only reason they broke up was because we had to move. Throttle hated us for that."

"Childhood sweethearts, how romantic" sighed Charley. "Now that Blaze is here do you think there's a chance we get Throttle back?"

"I know we'll get Throttle back." Replied Silverdawn. "True love can break any control. Throttle's always loved Blaze, Carbine was just a replacement. I just hate to think what he'll go through when he realizes what he's done."

"We'll help him get through it." Stoker said. "It wasn't truly his fault, he's under someone else's control."

"We know." Tredz said. "He's my son, and I'll always love him."


Throttle continued to stare at Blaze, he didn't know how to react. He reached out and touched her face, closing his eyes as his heart beat faster with a hidden memory and a desperate hope. She was real! He opened his eyes slowly, afraid that any quick or sudden movement might cause her to disappear.

"You're alive?!" Throttle whispered.

Blaze wanted to fly into his arms and hug him as tight as she could, but she didn't dare. "I was about to say the same thing."

"Why are you here?" Asked Throttle in a quiet voice.

"To help you." Replied Blaze.

"I don't need any help!" Throttle said, pulling away suddenly.

"Yes you do, you're not yourself." Replied Blaze, panic raising in her voice.

"I AM MYSELF!!" Throttle replied harshly.

"YOU'RE NOT!! You've been changed. Please listen to me, you need help. Let me help you." Whispered Blaze.

Throttle felt his rage rising in his blood. He wanted to hit her, to make her pay for angering him, but he resisted. He actually cared for this woman, and he didn't want to hurt her.

"Go now! Leave before I have to hurt you. Please, just go." Throttle said.

"Listen to yourself, you can't fight your heart! You know that what you're doing is wrong!!" Cried Blaze.

Throttle was completely confused, conflicting thoughts running rampant through his mind and making his head hurt terribly. "II What is wrong with me!?!? Why does my head hurt?!"

"I can help you if you let me. Limburger did this to you, please let me help you." Blaze soothed.

"No." Whispered Throttle as he frantically tried to make his head stop hurting. His mind had become a place of utter pain, and he didn't know how much more he could take it. "Hehelped me. Why is itso hardtoremember!"

"Because Limburger and Karbuncle told you lies, they're causing you this pain right now. Look within your heart, not your mind." Blaze said softly.

Throttle put his hands to his head. The pain was unbearable and he fell to his knees, screaming in agony as he clutched his pounding skull. Trembling, he looked up at Blaze and suddenly wished he were somewhere else. He didn't want her to see him like this.

"G-go away" Throttle gasped.

"No, I'm never going to leave you again." Blaze whispered, kneeling beside him.

"Painp-please, makeitgo away." Shuddered Throttle.

"I will, I promise." Blaze said, embracing him. "DANYA!!!"

The other biker tore off her helmet immediately, revealing a dark brown furred mouse and brown eyes. The ends of her short white hair were tipped in black, just like the tufts of fur along her tail were, except the blue fur ball on the very end of her tail. She flipped her wings back as she ran to her friend.


Stoker stiffened when he heard Danya's name being called out. No, itit can't be! She's dead, my baby girl is dead! When the second biker revealed herself, he could've fainted. There she stoodalive! Danya was alive! He tried to call out to her, to scream in joy, but he couldn't find his voice. Then he noticed the wings, and his happiness turned to rage. He closed his eyes. His daughter had been `experimented' on, and he didn't have to guess who did it. Fury burned through his veins and he began to shake in his effort to contain his emotions.

Tredz saw his bro's reaction, and his face filled with concern. "Stoke? Hey, you okay bro?"

"You know bro," Stoker said through clenched teeth. "This day has just been pack-full of surprises."

"Uh, Stoke? What's wrong?" Asked Vinnie.

"Oh let's seeeverything maybe?!" Stoker snapped. "Everything Throttle's done, and now I find out my daughter is alive!"

"YOUR DAUGHTER?!?!?!" Shouted everyone but Tredz.

"Yes, I had a daughter." Replied Stoker. "Yeesh, why is it so difficult for anyone to believe I had a child?"

"Well, it's hard to explain" Vinnie said.

"Well I did have a family once." Replied Stoker, tossing a glare at Vinnie. "Before I joined the freedom fighters. A wife and a daughter, whom I named Danya, but I thought they had been killed."

"I'm sorry Stoke." Whispered Silverdawn. Then it hit her. "Wait, that young lady standing next to Blaze is your daughter??"

"Yeah, I can't believe she's still alive!" Stoker said softly.

The others stared at Throttle, Blaze, and Danya in shock, not knowing what to expect next.


"Help me with him, he's too heavy for me." Blaze said.

"Yessssss maaassssster!" Danya said, crouching down.

"What is WITH you today??? You have been all mouth!"

"Better than all--"

"SHUT IT!!" Blaze said before Danya could finish her sentence.

"Pleasepleasemake its-stop. The pain" Throttle begged, fighting the urge to scream.

Blaze pulled Throttle into her arms. "It's going to be okay, I'm going to help you through this."

Blaze brushed Throttle's hair out of his eyes. She's going to hurt Limburger for this. She touched his forehead and closed her eyes, concentrating her powers. She focused on Throttle's pain and gently eased it out of his mind, then put him to sleep. She opened her eyes.

"Well?" Danya asked, her voice tinged with concern.

"Throttle's sleeping, and he needs it. I'm fine, but we have to go." Blaze replied.

Just then, Stoker and the group came up to the two female Martians.

"Thanks for helping us." Said Modo gratefully.

"We'll take it from here." Vinnie said, reaching for Throttle.

"Hands off!!" Growled Blaze. "You're not going to take him!!"

"Why? He needs our help." Replied Charley.

"You can't give it to him! He's mine!!" Blaze shouted.

"Blaze, this isn't like you. We can help him. If you care for him then you'll let us help him." Silverdawn said softly.

"I'm the only one who can help him!" Blaze said insistently.

Without saying another word, Blaze and Danya carried Throttle to their bikes and took off, leaving the group stunned.

"Let's go follow her!!" Vinnie said anxiously. "She's getting away!"

"No." Replied Tredz.

"What?!" Echoed Modo in disbelief. "She has Throttle and won't give him back so we can help him!!"

"Easy Modo." Replied Silverdawn. "She's going to help him. She may be right, he recognized her and not us. So, there's no telling what would've happened if we'd helped."

"So what do we do?" Asked Charley.

"We wait." Replied Stoker.

"Bummer." Said Vinnie.

"Come we have more urgent business to attend to" replied Tredz sadly.

The group nodded sadly as they went to prepare Torque for burial.


Blaze and Danya reached the cabin that they were staying at. They placed Throttle on a bed and covered him up.

"Well folks, it's time to ask the million dollar question." Danya said dramatically. "How will Blaze break the control?"

"I'm going to use my powers to scan his memories. Then when I find the root of the problem I can fix it" replied Blaze. "Keep a watch out this is going to be awhile."

"Just don't get lost okay?" smirked Danya.

"Boy, your being such a smart ass today you know that" replied Blaze.

"Oh you know you love my endearing charm and winning personality." grinned Danya.

"Oh I forgot. You're a smart ass 24-7" replied Blaze. "Just watch for trouble."

Danya nodded as Blaze touched Throttle's forehead. She concentrated on his thoughts and soon found herself in his sub-conscious. She looked down and found that she was dressed in a gold evening gown and that her hair was styled. Odd- she thought to herself. Why am I dressed up?-

"I can answer that" replied the husky voice.

Blaze turned to the voice and her breath was taken away when she saw Throttle dressed in a black tux with a gold tie and cumber bun. "You look handsome."

"And you look radiant" replied Throttle as he walked up to her.

"But how did you know what I thought?" asked Blaze.

"This is my sub conscious. Anything is possible" smiled Throttle as he kissed Blaze's hand.

"I have to help you" replied Blaze.

"I know. I need your help. Karbuncle did some altering. Some, actually a lot the scum bucket. I'm trapped in my own body. Please help. If I go back then I'll go back to the world of pain. Please help me" begged Throttle.

"Of course I'll help you. You have to show me what happened to you. Please it's important. I need to see your memories?" asked Blaze.

"I don't know. They're pretty gruesome. I don't want you to see them" replied Throttle hesitantly.

"I've seen some ugly things" answered Blaze as she touched his cheek. "PLEASE!! I want to help you."

Throttle sighed "Alright but you have to dance with me."

"But of course" Blaze said with a smile.

Throttle took Blaze's hand as they walked through Throttle's head. It was weird considering what you've learned in science. Soon Throttle stopped. Blaze ran into him.

"Whoops!" smiled Throttle as he caught her. "Careful."

"This isn't what I expected" Blaze replied in awe.

"Nope. Most people expect nothing but gray matter with neurons running rampant" Throttle grinned. "Well it's true in a sense but this is the subconscious. Here the imagination runs amuck."

"So where are we?" asked Blaze.

"This is a Hall of Memories" replied Throttle. "This is where the memories are kept and stored. Go ahead and peek."

Blaze went to one of the doors. She looked up and saw the one that said First Day of School age 5. She smiled and opened the door. She looked in and expected to find a five year old Throttle clinging on his mother. But all she saw was a thick cloud around the memory. What's going on?- she thought. She went to another door that said First Kiss and opened it, it was also surrounded by a thick cloud. She went to Throttle. "What's going on? Why are so many of your memories suppressed?"

"I don't know" replied Throttle. "Maybe when you find the one that you're seeking you'll find your answer."

"Are you being invasive?" asked Blaze sarcastically.

"I'm just the sub-conscious" responded Throttle with an innocent look.

"Sure, let's go find that memory" said Blaze with determination.

"I would love to go with you but I can't. The rest is up to you" replied Throttle.

"I figured as much" moaned Blaze. "Wait for me."

"I'll be here. After all, you promise you'll dance with me" grinned Throttle.

"I know" smiled Blaze. "I'll be back."

"Good Luck" replied Throttle.

"Thanks. I'm going to need it." replied Blaze as she started to walk down the long hall of memories.

After an hour of walking Blaze finally found the door she was seeking. Taking a deep breath she opened it and went in. She focused her eyes and saw what was going on. She saw what Throttle went though. She saw the blast that supposedly killed him. Then the scene changed to the lab where Karbuncle was starting the experiment. Limburger was there talking to the doctor.

"So my dear doctor nothing will go wrong" chuckled Limburger.

"Of course you're Swiss puffiness. Nothing will go wrong" replied Karbuncle.

"But what happens when the mice break the control. You know it's not impossible for them to get Throttle back and they always do at the end" sighed Limburger.

"Well if that happens then let me say this the mice will still lose. What I've done is I erased his memories and if they do break the control than Throttle won't remember who he is or who the Biker Mice are" replied the raspy doctor.

"Excellent" chuckled Limburger. "If those mice find away to break the control than Throttle will have no memory. It's a lose, lose situation."

Blaze found herself watching the memory played out. She saw Karbuncle perform his experiments and soon she can hear Throttle scream and she felt the pain. She fell to her knees, watching as tears fell and pain swept through her body. She watched the doctor taunt and continue with the torture.

Soon Blaze started to shake and closed her eyes against the unspeakable pain. -No wonder Throttle passed out!- She knew how to break the control but trying to retrieve most of Throttle's memories was next to impossible. She stopped shaking and looked up, determination glinting in her bright blue eyes. She opened her heart and let the power of love and healing flow through. She found herself in a golden glow and that the glow spread from her to Throttle. She continued to use her power, fighting exhaustion until she felt Throttle was free. Then with a gasp, she let herself be swallowed by darkness.

Slowly she awoke to find Throttle kneeling beside her, still looking terribly sexy in his tux. "Hey."

"Welcome back to the world of the subconscious" smiled Throttle as he helped her up.

"Did it work?" asked Blaze, smoothing out her evening gown.

"I'm free" smiled Throttle. "But not completely."

"I know" whispered Blaze. "We'll take it one day at a time. But you know who you are, and that's what counts."

"You know you're my angel. Thanks for saving me. Thank you for being my friend" whispered Throttle in Blaze's ear.

She felt her cheeks heat up "How about that dance?"

"You're on" smiled Throttle as he took Blaze in his arm and started to dance. She lay her head down. He sighed in content. The music came on. It was "Angel Standing By", by Jewel. They danced to the slow song.

All through the night I'll be watching over you
All through the night I'll be standing over you
And through the bad dreams I'll be right there baby
Telling you everything is going to be all right
And when you cry I'll be right there
Telling you, you were nothing less than beautiful
So don't you worry
I'm your Angel Standing By

Throttle held her and sang the words softly to her as they danced. Yes she was his angel. She saved him from Limburger and himself. He knew she'd be there when he needed her. Now he doesn't have to worry about anything with Blaze around.

Blaze looked at Throttle as his smooth voice whispered the words to her heart. She'll be there for him. She wants Throttle to be happy and safe. She'll give her life for his.

Suddenly as the song ended Blaze found herself being drawn into reality. She didn't want it to end.

"I love you" replied Throttle as Blaze was leaving.

"And I love you!!!" shouted Blaze.


Blaze woke to the sounds of Danya calling her name. "Mmmmm..what?"

"It's alive!" smiled Danya. "Hey, what took you so long? I was just about to get worried."

"How long was I out?" asked Blaze.

"Oh, not longabout 24 hours. How did it go? You were quiet. Did you save him?" asked Danya.

"Yes and no" sighed Blaze as she got up and went to Throttle and brushed a lock of hair out of his eyes. "Did he wake up?"

"Not yet. He looks peaceful. But what do you mean yes and no" replied Danya.

"He'll be up in another day or two. Well, I found out that if we break the control than Throttle will lose his memories. The control was broken. He'll know who he is but the past is a blank. He won't know his friends" Blaze said sadly.

"This isn't good. But how did he remember you?" asked Danya.

"I'm not to sure. It could be love but I really don't know" shrugged Blaze.

"Can we help him regain his memories?" asked Danya.

"I don't know. I really don't know." Replied Blaze. "Come, I'll fill you in."


Two days have past since Blaze broke Throttle from the control. She was watching Throttle for signs of waking up. She got up and walked up to him when she saw his head start to move.

"Come on Throttle, you can wake up" whispered Blaze.

Throttle's eyes fluttered and then opened "Oh man I feel like hell" moaned Throttle rubbing his head and sitting up.

"Hey, you're finally awake" smiled Blaze.

Throttle turned "Blaze? What are you doing here? And where are we?"

"We're on Earth. It's a long story. Do you remember anything" asked Blaze.

"No, I don't. What's going on?" asked a confused Throttle.

Blaze filled Throttle in about what happened, leaving out the part about him killing his brother and two innocent children. She figured he wasn't ready. Throttle said he still didn't remember any of it. Blaze told him that it might take time to remember these events. Danya came in and Blaze introduced her to Throttle. All three talked and became great friends.


Three days have past since Throttle gained consciousness. He was sitting on the hill that over looked the lake. He didn't know anyone but Blaze and Danya. His memories were gone and it left him with a feeling of emptiness.

"Hi" said Blaze as she sat next to him. He looked up and smiled at her. Being near her the emptiness was gone.

"Hey" smiled Throttle.

"I won't ask you how you feel because I sort of know the answer. But how are you holding up?" asked Blaze.

"Okay I guess. But I have an emptiness in my heart because I can't remember" sighed Throttle.

"I don't know if you'll remember but don't give up hope" smiled Blaze. "I saw your memories, they were only suppressed. They might come back but I wouldn't get discouraged if they don't."

"I won't. I do remember some though. Some of them are hazy but there's a distinct memory I do remember" smiled Throttle.

"What's that?" asked Blaze.

"I remember dancing with you in my head" Throttle chuckled.

"Umm.that was nice. I remember I told you that I love you. Always have and always will" blushed Blaze.

Throttle blushed. "I remember. But I said I loved you and I do. For reasons unknown I remember you and how we used to be best friends and lovers."

Both blushed as they stared silently at the lake.

"Gorgeous view" replied Blaze as she looked at the calmness of the waters.

"Yep gorgeous view" smiled Throttle as he was watching Blaze. "You know it's weird not knowing who you are or who your family and friends are. It's going to be hard getting used to it. But I'll live. You can say I'm going to start over with my new life and I'm not going to screw it up."

"You won't be alone. You'll have Danya and I as friends" replied Blaze.

Throttle took Blaze's hand in his. "Yes friends and a lover."

Before Blaze could comment Throttle pulled her in a passionate kiss and there they stayed until the sun came down.

The End