Authors note: I don't own the BMFM or The Mighty Ducks (Who are only mentioned in this story. It is not a cross-over.), but I do own every character in this story that does not appear in the show. I wrote this story for other fans to read and give my permission to everyone to do whatever they want with this document as long as I get the credit for writing it. Thanx! (Oh ya! And I don't own Tony the Tiger, either!)


The Biker Mice from Mars


"A Friend in Wulf's Clothing"

Part One- Loss.

By Skylark

Copyright Skylark Dec. 26, '97

The Biker Mice were fighting a bunch of Limburgers goons. Silver Wulf, hiding in the brush, watched the fight. " Things aren't going good," He thought, "There's only 7 of them and things are still going bad for us."

He picked up his bow and readied it with an arrow. "If only one would hold still for a minute." Wulf got his wish when Throttle stopped by a goon and disarmed him. Wulf aimed, pulled back and let fly.

* * *

"All right," Exclaimed Castano, as she chased the last goon out of the forest, "Saved the city again!" Her new boyfriend, Gyro, pulled up beside her. "Gimmie five!" He exclaimed, and the two high-fived each other.

Vinnie, Modo, Estrella and Flor all rolled up next. "Well, were we good, or were we good?" Asked Vinnie. "We weren't good," Said Modo, "We were grrrreat!" He imitated Tony the Tiger. Estrella spoke up. "Guys," She said, "I have this funny feeling something ain't right." Flor looked around. You're right," She said, "Where's Throttle?"

"GUYS," Came Charley's voice, "COME QUICK!" The group exchanged uneasy glances, and drove to where Charley's voice had come from. The scene caused a major shock to the whole group.

Charley was kneeling by Throttle, who was only partially aware of what was happening around him, for he had been hit by Wulf's arrow. His shades had been knocked off, and lay a few feet away, allowing the group to see the pain on his face.

"Does anyone have anything I can use to stop the bleeding if I pull this arrow out?" Asked Charley, worriedly. Estrella grabbed the first aid kit out of her bike's travel case. Out of this she pulled a big wade of gauze and handed it to Charley without word or hesitation. "Thanks," Said Charley absently, and turned to Throttle, "O.K., this may hurt a bit." She grabbed the arrow as close to the end as she could, and yanked carefully. The arrow was quite close to Throttle's heart, and one mistake would spell his doom. Modo noticed this and asked, "Are we gonna be able to save him?"

Charley gave the arrow another careful yank and it popped out, causing a rush of blood. Throttle winced in pain. As Charley tried to stop the blood flow, she answered Modo, "I don't know. I honestly don't know." "Charley," Throttle managed to say, "Could you sit me up so I can talk to the group?" "O.K." Answered Charley, a little unsure.

She hefted him up so he could look at the group, who had formed a small circle kneeling around him. "Guys," He started, "We all know I'm gonna die." "No, you're not, Throttle! Don't talk like that! We can still save you!" Exclaimed Modo. "Modo," Said Throttle, "Charley said she didn't know if I was gonna live or not. But I think you DO know, Charley." He said, looking her in the eye. Charley nodded, and closed her eyes, which were welling up with tears. Throttle turned back to the group. "You see? But before I go, I just want to say a couple of things. Take care of my bike, take care of yourselves and," He said, starting to slip away, "Tell...Carbine that...that I...loved her..." He went limp in Charley's arms.

"Dang..." Was all Vinnie could say. Charley laid Throttle's body back onto the ground, picked up his shades and put them back on his face. She ruffled his hair sadly, then buried her face in his fur and cried. Throttle's bike rolled over to it's fallen rider and made a couple sad beeping noises. Castano was crying on Gyro's shoulder, as he tried to comfort her. Estrella and Flor had their heads bowed in a respectful silence. Vinnie walked over to Throttle's bike as Modo gave Charley a hand getting up. "Thanks Modo," Said Charley, then she glanced at Throttle, "I still can't believe this is happening." "It's O.K., Charley Ma'am," Said Modo, "Neither can we."

Vinnie gave a yelp when Throttle's bike attacked him. "Hey, easy, girl!" Exclaimed Modo, trying to calm the bike down. The bike didn't retract its weapons, but it did stop attacking Vinnie. "What's the matter with it?" Asked Charley. "Well, you know how our bikes have artificial intelligence and take after their rider?" Asked Modo. "Ya, so?" Asked Charley. "Well, the bike becomes so much like its rider, that it usually won't accept another one after the first is gone," Picked up Vinnie, "That's Throttle's bike acting like Throttle."

The bike had rolled into a position to protect its fallen rider. Charley tried to approach the bike and Throttle's body, but the bike wouldn't let her. "I wouldn't mess with her at this point, Charley," Warned Gyro, "She's still protecting him. She's won't accept that he's gone." "She's taking this as hard as we are." Said Castano.

"But we have to leave," Reasoned Charley, "And we can't just leave those two here." Estrella shook her head. "We'll have to give Throttle's bike time to get used to this fact. It'll take a while, but she'll eventually accept it." "I guess we'll be here for a while," Said Charley, "But what's gonna become of his bike?" Modo dropped his head. "I don't know," He said, "She MAY accept a new rider, but if she doesn't..." He trailed off. "Uh huh," Said Vinnie, "But if she does, it doesn't mean she's gonna change her personality. She'll still be Throttle's bike."

Charley watched Throttle's bike drive around him, keeping him safe from whatever danger she was wary of. "You know," She said, "It does act like I would expect Throttle to act if he lost one of ya." The whole group stood silently still shocked from what had happened. Gyro couldn't help but remember back to a few weeks before this catastrophe.

* * *

The day was quiet. Limburger hadn't tried anything since his last foiled plot. Everyone was just sitting back and being lazy. It's not to often that the mice got time off!

Throttle had been sitting in a chair with his feet resting on the table, lost in thought; (It was unfamiliar territory! (Just joking!)-Scout;), when he sighed deeply, got up and walked outside. Charley cocked her head quizzically. "What's with him?" She asked. "Don't know," Answered Gyro, "I'll go talk to him."

Gyro walked out after Throttle. "Hey, Throttle," He said coming up behind him, "Whasthamatter?" "Oh, hey, Gyro," Said Throttle, "I was just thinkin' 'bout all my friends and family on Mars." He gazed up to the sky. "Ya, I know what ya mean. I'm homesick, too," Gyro said, also turning his eyes skyward, "Only I don't have much of a home to go back to."

Gyro's parents had been killed in the Plutarkian war. He didn't know what had become of his little sister, Blaze, or his twin brother, Gizmo.

"Did you come out here for a reason?" Asked Throttle. "Well, now that you bring it up," Said Gyro, "I was kinda wondering if you could help me out." "What's the problem?" Asked Throttle. "Well," Started Gyro, grinning like a buffoon, "I kinda have a crush on Castano. I was thinking, since you have a girlfriend, you could give me pointers on how to tell her?" Throttle grinned. "Gyro, the easiest way to tell a girl that you like her is to go up to her and just say it." Throttle was sure that if Gyro weren't black, he'd be blushing. "Maybe I will," Said Gyro, "But it'll take me a while to work up the courage."

Throttle figured that this was because if Castano didn't like you, she fought with you all the time. And she usually won. Gyro grinned foolishly. "I'll just head back inside now. See ya." He said, and went in the door of The Last Chance Garage just as Castano walked out. He turned to Charley. "Where's she going?" He asked.

"She said something about whippin' Throttle's tail again, but I don't think so. She didn't sound angry." Answered Charley. Gyro shrugged, and plunked down into a chair. Vinnie and Modo were watching sports, fighting over the Baseball and Football games. Flor and Estrella were working on their bikes, as was Charley. It was about 15 minutes after Gyro had come back in, when everyone heard a roaring sound coming from behind the garage.

"We've got company." Said Throttle, re-entering the garage with Castano. Everyone headed outside to watch the Martian craft land. The ship's door opened to reveal Carbine, Rimfire and Stoker.

"Carbine!" Exclaimed Throttle, happily surprised. As she walked down to him, he ran to her to hug her, but she pushed him away. "What's the matter, babe?" He asked, surprised by her reaction. "Throttle, we need to talk." Said Carbine, leading him away from the group.

Modo had Rimfire in a bear hug. " Modo?" Rimfire managed to wheeze. "Oh, sorry." Said Modo, letting Rimfire go.

"So," Asked Vinnie, "What're ya here for?" "Hey, punk," Said Stoker, "Can't we ever come to earth to visit without a reason?" "You mean you got time off?" Questioned Charley. "Uh huh." Answered Stoker. He hated lying, but he had his orders.

At that moment, Carbine rejoined the group, after Throttle had brushed past sadly, and entered the garage. "What'd ya tell him, Carbine?" Asked Estrella. Carbine wasn't happy either. "We...just...broke up." She said sadly.

"WHAT!?" Exclaimed Vinnie and Modo simultaneously. "Why?" Asked Charley, "I thought that you two would never break up!" Carbine sighed. "I figured we couldn't keep this up, so I broke it off." She said. "Keep what up?" Asked Vinnie. "This long distance relationship," Answered Carbine, "It was just to difficult." "That's a stupid reason to break up." Commented Vinnie. "Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?!" Snapped Carbine, before she realized what she was saying a to whom. Vinnie lowered his head and stared at the ground. "Sorry, Vinnie." Apologized Carbine. "And how are things with you, Gyro?" Asked Stoker. . .

* * *

"Gyro? GYRO!" The voice came again, interrupting Gyro's thoughts. He looked up to see Charley. "Ya?" He asked. "Ya alright? You seemed a little spaced out." Said Charley. "I was just thinking." Said Gyro. "'Bout what, honey?" Asked Castano, walking over and hugging Gyro from behind. "Just the events of the last few weeks." He answered, hugging her back. "You alright," Asked Castano, "I mean, with all that's happened?" "I'll get used to it." Answered Gyro.

* * *

Silver Wulf was watching the group with interest. After he had reported back to Limburger, he had been told to bring the body and the bike to Karbunkle's lab. After watching the group for a few minutes, he pulled the pin on the sleep gas canister he had been given, and threw it into the middle of the group. Being caught off guard, the group was soon sleeping peacefully. Wulf walked over to Throttle's body, but the bike stopped him. Dodging laser fire, Wulf said, "I was warned about you," He uttered some magic words, and the bike stopped, "Frozen in time. Good thing Sky and Ace taught me some magic." He put Throttle's body on the bike, said some more magic words, and disappeared.

* * *

The group awoke slowly. Darkness had fallen. They'd been asleep for almost 3 hours. Once everyone had regained their bearings, they realized that Throttle's body and bike were missing. "Who would have taken them?" Questioned Estrella. Castano was a bit shocked at this. "It figures," She thought, "Just when we start getting along, this happens..."

* * *

Castano brushed past Gyro on her way out of The Last Chance Garage. "Hey Throttle." She said, walking up behind him. "Hum?" Came the reply. "Nice day, isn't it?" Asked Castano. "What are you getting at?" Throttle asked coldly.

"Listen," Started Castano, "I was kinda wondering if we could, you know, bury the hatchet?"

Throttle was a little shocked by this. "Why?" He asked, still a little stunned. "The reason I was mean to ya all the time has nothing to do with the fact that you pronounce my name wrong, as I had said. It still has a little to do with what happened on Mars, though." Said Castano.

Throttle cringed at the mentioning of their past. He was still trying to forget it.

"So what's the main reason?" Asked Throttle. "Jealousy," Said Castano, "Plain and simple." "Jealousy?" Was all Throttle could say. "Well, kinda," Said Castano, "Throttle, I've always liked you. But when you met Carbine, I always figured that you would push me away to be with her all the time." "You would still be my friend, Chestnut." Throttle said, saying her name in English. (He still couldn't pronounce it in Spanish!) "Just because I got a girlfriend didn't mean I was going to forget you." "I guess I knew that, but I still pushed you away. I figured that , because I figured you wouldn't want to be my friend anymore, that I would push you away before you could me." Said Castano. "I can see where you were coming from," Said Throttle, "But that's in the past. Friends?" "Friends!" Agreed Castano.

At the moment, a roaring noise filled the air. Castano looked up to see a Martian ship coming in for a landing. It was so close, she could feel the heat of the jets on her cheeks...

* * *

Castano popped out of La-La-Land to find Gyro holding her head in his hands. "Kay, sweetheart?" He asked. She nodded. "I was just thinking." She said. "'Bout?" Prompted Gyro. "The last few weeks." Answered Castano. "Well," Said Charley, "We're gonna leave." "Ya," Said Modo. "There's nothing more we can do here, anyway." Castano nodded. The whole group got on their bikes and drove silently back to The Last Chance Garage.

* * *

A high-pitched, wheezy voice suddenly roused a creature on a table out of a dreamless, asleep, yet not truly sleeping, state.

"I see you're awake, now." Wheezed the owner of the voice.

"No kidding." Thought the creature. For the last few hours, his world had been nothing but bright colours, soft music and gentle voices. Now he found himself in a strange looking room, with a strange looking man.

"Ohhhh..." Moaned the creature as he tried to get up, making his world spin. "Oh, don't try to get up yet. You are still weak. Give yourself some time." Wheezed the strange looking man. To the creature, he appeared to be a scientist.

Another man entered the room. "How's it going, doctor?" He asked. "He's alive," Said the man called Doctor, "But I haven't done any test's yet. He just woke up, and is still a little disoriented." " Continue then, good doctor." Said the other man. To the creature he appeared to be some sort of businessman.

Doctor turned to the creature. "What's the last thing you remember?" He wheezed in question. "Umm," Said the creature thoughtfully, "Bright colours, soft music and gentle voices." "Do you remember your name or where you are from?" Asked Doctor. "No." Answered the creature. "What DO you remember?" Asked Doctor. "I seem to remember having a motorcycle and," Answered the creature, the memories seemingly coming from nowhere, "That I'm part of a group of funny looking creatures called Plutarkians." "Good," Said Doctor, and turned to the businessman, "My experiments were successful."

"Just how successful?" Questioned the businessman. "Let's step outside, and I'll tell you." Answered Doctor with a wheeze. As the two men headed for the door, the creature spoke up. "Hey," He exclaimed, "Aren't you going to tell me my name?!" "Oh, I almost forgot," Said the businessman, "It's Throttle."

* * *

"Good news, your Swiss cheesiness," Said Doctor, "The Memory Changer worked." "So now the rodent thinks he's on our side, Karbunckle?" Asked the businessman. "Yes, Mr. Limburger." Answered Karbunckle. "Good," Answered Limburger, "But just HOW did you manage to bring the rodent back to life?"

"He never died," Answered Karbunckle, "He lost a lot of blood, but he never died." "And just how did the rodent survive?" Questioned Limburger. "It seems his body slowed itself down to heal, making it appear that he had died." Answered Karbunckle. "So when will he be strong enough to be useful to us?" Questioned Limburger. "I'd give him a couple days, just to be on the safe side." Answered Karbunckle.

* * *

Karbunckle was wrong. Throttle HAD died. Throttle was sure of that, although he didn't know how he had been brought back to life. His head started to spin again as he attempted once more at getting up. Sighing, he lay back down and soon fell asleep.

* * *

"Throttle, we need to talk." Said Carbine, leading him away from the group. "What's the matter, sweetheart?" He asked once they were out of earshot. "Throttle, we can't keep going on like this." Said Carbine. "What are you trying to say?" Throttle asked, worried and confused.

"What I'm trying to say, Throttle, is good-bye." Answer Carbine. Her words hit Throttle like a ton of bricks. His ears drooped. "Good-bye," He barely whispered, "Why?"

Carbine sighed. "This long distance relationship is just too hard to keep up. I mean, we're 35 million miles apart, we can't exactly phone each other up to talk, let alone see each other. It's too stressful for me to have to worry about you everyday, hoping that you haven't gotten hurt or even killed," Her voice quavered as she spoke, "So I think it would be better if we broke it off. Maybe, if you ever return to Mars for good, we can get back together, but I think it would be better this way for now." "I...I understand." Throttle answered shakily.

"Throttle," Pleaded Carbine, "I'm trying to let you down easy. This is hard for me too, ya know. So please don't hate me. We can still be friends." "Ya, sure, whatever you want." Whispered Throttle, as he turned around, brushed by the group, and entered The Last Chance Garage....

* * *

Throttle awoke with a start. "That girl in my dream seemed so familiar, yet I don't seem to remember ever seeing her before." He thought, but then an old memory (although altered by Karbunckle) popped into his head.

He saw himself, with a small army of Plutarkians behind him, facing the girl from his dream. She had a small army of Martians behind her. He heard her say, "You traitor! You dirty, rotten, RAT!" Then he heard himself reply, "I don't like being called a rat, Carbine. ESPECIALLY not by some loud-mouthed female. ATTACK, and TAKE NO PRISONERS!"

The two sides converged and met with a resounding crash. The battle raged on for 15 minutes before the Martians turned tail and ran. Their side had suffered considerable loses, while the Plutarkians had only lost a couple soldiers.

Throttle shook his head to clear his thoughts. He couldn't tell why the memories seemed so unpleasant. He had seemed to enjoy the battle from what he could remember. Throttle yawned, realizing that he was still too tired to think straight. So he settled down and went back to sleep.

* * *

Skylark stood on the edge of a building overlooking Chicago. She'd always dreamed about visiting the windy city, but she wasn't enjoying herself at the moment.

She was mad at herself for going back on her oath, even though she had known she had had to do it. Sky knew that bringing Throttle back to life had seemingly caused more bad than good, even though she knew that it hadn't.

Skylark wasn't a time-traveler but a dimension-hopper. Meaning she had been born in a certain dimension but has the power to visit other dimensions. Her dimension was an alternate Earth dimension, where animals ruled and Humans had never been heard of. A few months ago, she had completed a mission she had been on in Anaheim to retrieve the second last piece of The Amethyst Star Stone she needed to save her dimension.

It had been taken over by Namba, the Dragat, a creature part dragon, part bat. She and her gargoyles had overthrown the king and queen and taken over rule. To defeat Namba, Skylark needed the whole stone. Namba knew this, and had the stone broken into 6 pieces and scattered them to 6 different dimensions.

Unfortunately for Namba, she hadn't counted on the resistance, made up of Skylark, her twin brother, Skyace, Silver Wulf and the rest of their friends.

Skylark had been born with almost unlimited magic, her brother had a bit, and both had taught Wulf some. Mainly the important stuff, though, such as dimension-hopping and freezing things in time. Then they had separated and gone searching for the pieces with special trackers they had. So far, Ace had found 2 pieces, and so had Wulf.

Sky had retrieved a piece from an alternate Anaheim dimension with the help of her spy friend, Butterfly. Now she knew Wulf was trying to get the one that was here in this alternate Chicago dimension.

But, as she had noticed, the wrong side had tricked him. She knew that he should be with the mice, not against them. She knew that she should get the mice as allies, but she was debating on whether or not to tell them the truth about herself.

She didn't think they would be ready to hear her story, but she also thought it would be a bad idea to lie to them, considering how much trouble it had caused her with The Mighty Ducks. After awhile of thinking, she decided that she would tell one or two of them the truth, make up a story for the others, making the ones she had told the truth swear not to tell.

It was late, and the cold wind whipped at Skylark, so she decided it was time.

* * *

The mice and Charley spent a quite night at their scoreboard hideout. None of them wanted to be alone that night, but they didn't want to feel open to attack, ether, so they had decided to spend the night there. Each was dreaming their own dreams. Gyro was dreaming about the last few weeks again...

* * *

"And how are thing's with you, Gyro?" Asked Stoker. "Alright, I guess." Answered Gyro. "Well, that's good, 'cause I've got something I need to tell you. Come here." Said Stoker, leading Gyro away from the group.

"What's up that you can't tell everyone?" Asked Gyro. "Well, we ARE here for a reason, and our orders state that we're allowed to tell only you." Answered Stoker. "Why only me?" Asked Gyro. "Because it concerns your brother and sister." Answered Stoker.

"You've found them!?" Asked Gyro, eagerly. "Kind of." Answered Stoker. Gyro was instantly on alert. "What do you mean, KIND OF!?" Asked Gyro. "Well, it seems that they have disguised themselves as Sand Raider outcasts, and got accepted into the group that Mace leads." Answered Stoker.

"Are they trying to rescue Harley?" Asked Gyro. "Yes," Answered Stoker, "And not to risk giving them away, we aren't allowed to tell anyone but you. You have to promise not to say anything." "I promise" Said Gyro. "Good." Said Stoker and he rejoined the group, with Gyro following close behind...

* * *

Paff! A pillow in the face awakened Gyro. Vinnie and Modo had started a pillow fight, and since their aim sucked really badly, soon everyone had joined in.

After a bit though, the group became downcast and sulky. It was at that moment that Charley brought up a good point. "With Throttle gone, who's the leader?" She asked.

Everyone exchanged unknowing glances, and Vinnie said, "We don't know." "Well," Said Estrella, "I don't mean to sound stuck up, but I AM a leader. Right, sisters?" "And a darn good one, too." Agreed Flor. "If you're a leader, then why did you yield to Throttle?" Asked Charley. "He is, err, WAS my leader. Back on Mars." Answered Estrella.

"Well, I don't know 'bout the rest of ya, but I'll follow orders from Estrella." Said Gyro. Flor and Castano agreed. They had accepted Estrella as their leader years ago. "I'll follow any good leader. I believe Estrella is a good leader. I'm in." Said Modo. Vinnie, who didn't like the idea of being lead by a girl, but didn't want to cause trouble, also agreed to follow Estrella.

"I've got work to do at the garage that I've got to get finished. See ya later?" Said Charley. "Would you mind if we came along?" Asked Estrella. "Not at all." Answered Charley, who still didn't want to be alone at the moment. So the whole group rode to The Last Chance Garage.

Charley, upon arriving, grabbed her tool kit and set about fixing a motorcycle that had been dropped off a few days ago. The mice just sat around until a knock came at the door. This in itself, was nothing unusual. It was who was at the door that was.

The mice ran to hide, while Charley answered the door. "Guys," She called, "You might want to come and see this!" Everyone ran out to find a female Martian mouse standing with Charley.

Her fur was a patchwork of chestnut and deep yellow, but she had a Grey-blue diamond shaped fur patch on each cheek. Her antennas were a dark crimson, instead of red, like most Martian mice. "Who are you?" Asked Estrella. "My name is Diamond," Replied Diamond, "And I need your help."

* * *

Diamond sat in the center of the group. "And I ended up in Limburger's tower. After I escaped, I saw you ride to this garage, so I followed you." Said Diamond.

She had just finished telling the group about her band of Freedom Fighters had created a ray gun that, when used, sent the Plutarkians hit by it straight to prison. But the stone that worked the ray had been stolen, and when Diamond had tried to retrieve it, she had been captured.

"Hold it! If the Freedom Fighters had a weapon like that, how come we've never heard of it?" Asked Estrella. There were catcalls of agreement from the group. "My band of Freedom Fighters was a small one, and didn't contact many others. Besides, we weren't planning on releasing the information until we were positive the ray worked," Answered Diamond, "We wouldn't want Plutarkians popping up all over Mars, now would we?" "No we wouldn't." Agreed Vinnie.

Almost the whole group believed Diamond. But there was more to Diamond than what met the eye. Estrella was sure of it.

To her, Diamond's story was a little fishy. Plutarkian kind of fishy.

"Diamond, could I see you for a moment?" Asked Estrella. "Sure." Answered Diamond. Her words had an undertone to them that made Estrella suspect the Diamond knew she wasn't trusted. The two walked outside.

Estrella wheeled to confront Diamond. "O.K., spill it! Who are you really, and what are you really after!?" She asked harshly. Diamond sighed. "If I tell you, will you promise not to tell the others?" She asked. "Why? What do you have to hide?" Questioned Estrella. "This." Answered Diamond.

Her form wavered and was replaced by a 5"2' bird creature with blue feathers. "Who ARE you?!" Asked Estrella, stunned. "I'm Skylark." Said Sky, then went on to explain herself to Estrella.

"Oh, ya right! You expect me to believe that!?" Exclaimed Estrella after Sky had finished. "I guess that means I need better proof, hmm?" Asked Sky. "Darn right!" Exclaimed Estrella.

Sky waved her hand in the air and a swirling mass of colours appeared before the two. "Follow me." Said Sky. She walked into the portal, with Estrella following, speechless.

The two were instantly transported to Skylarks dimension. "Sky! You've returned!" Exclaimed a voice that sounded like it belonged to an 8-year-old.

Estrella wheeled to see a small lizard that looked kind of like a dragon run over and give Skylark a hug. "Not for good, honey." Said Sky. "Awwww.." Moaned the lizard.

Skylark turned to Estrella. "Estrella, this is Scout. Scout, this is Estrella." Said Sky, introducing the two. "Pleased to meet you." Said Scout. "The pleasures all mine." Said Estrella. "Well, this is my dimension. NOW do you believe me?" Asked Skylark. "Oh, ya!" Exclaimed Estrella. Sky turned to Scout. "Be a good boy. I will be back." She said, then returned herself and Estrella to Estrella's dimension.

"Umm, I hate to ask, but," Said Estrella, "The way Scout acted. Are you his mother or something?" "Well, kind of." Answered Skylark, then went on to explain Scout's origin.

Then she turned back into Diamond. "I don't want to tell the others about this yet, so will you promise not to tell?" She asked. "I promise," Said Estrella, "But why don't you want to tell?" "I have my reasons." Diamond answered simply.

Estrella shrugged, and the two re-entered the garage.

* * *

Throttle had gotten a lot better the last little while, and that was when Limburger decided it was time to unleash his plan.

He walked over to Throttle with a picture of Vinnie and Modo. "Do you remember these two?" He asked, showing the picture to Throttle. "Umm, ya..." Said Throttle, remembering dim images of him and his bro's.

But something wasn't right. Throttle could see himself having fun with his bro's. AND he could see himself fighting AGAINST the Plutarkians with them.

But before he could ponder the thought any longer, Limburger said, "Well, they've been causing trouble around here, and it's up to you to stop them. They've got a new band of troublemakers with them, so it's not going to be easy." "That's alright," Said Throttle, "But I don't think I'll stand a chance against them all by myself."

"You won't be alone," Said Limburger, "I'll give you some of my Hench...uh...some backup." "Cool." Said Throttle.

"Come with me, dear boy, and we'll get you ready." Said Limburger, leading Throttle to a room where his motorcycle was, waiting for him, along with a small army of Limburgers goons. Throttle got on his bike while Limburger told him to storm the Last Chance Garage and gave him directions to get there. "All right," Exclaimed Throttle, "Let's Rock and Ride!"

* * *

Charley had just finished fixing the motorcycle she had been working on when the sound of engines filled the room. The group ran outside to see what the noise was all about. (They didn't see that much traffic by the garage, you know!) "Holy moly," Exclaimed Modo, "Throttle!?"

Authors note: Well, here's part 2, and the only reason I can see behind you reading this is that you liked the first part! (Or you're a little messed up in the head like me!) I still don't own the BMFM, but I still own my own characters. And you still have permission to do whatever you wish to this document as long as I get credit for writing it. Thanx! And tell me what you think. Go ahead and tell me it's corny, because that's what I think.)

The Biker Mice from Mars


"A Friend in Wulf's Clothing"

Part 2- Friend to Enemy.

Written by Skylark.

Copyright Skylark Jan. 23, '98.

"Psst! Hey Harley!" A voice called out in a low whisper. Harley looked up from inside her cage to see two Sand Raiders standing beside her cage. "What do YOU want?" She asked harshly.
The two Sand Raiders pulled off their masks to reveal one black mouse, a male with a mop of butterscotch colour hair and one black and white mouse, a female with white hair that had streaks of orange in it.
"Blaze! Gizmo! What are you doing here!?" Exclaimed Harley. "Shhh!!" Admonished Blaze, "We're going to get you out of here." Gizmo produced the key to Harley's cage, and unlocked the door. "Come on, let's get out of here." Whispered Gizmo and the three stole out into the night.
* * *
Carbine stood staring out the window, watching the twinkling stars. She'd been downcast and sulky since she'd broke up with Throttle. She had figured out the hard way that even being broken up with Throttle, she still worried about him.
A knock came at the door. "Hey, Carbine," Came Stoker's voice, "You coming!?" Carbine smacked her forehead. She'd completely forgotten about the raid that they had planned.
"I'll be there in a minute!" She called back. "Ya, well, hurry up!" Called Stoker. As Carbine rushed to grab her gear, she glanced out the window. As she did, she noticed 3 shadowy figures, silently sneaking to the base. She ran out to Stoker and told him what she had seen.
"Really?" He asked. "That's what I saw." Answered Carbine. The two jogged toward the conference room.
"Couldn't be Sand Raiders. They usually travel in larger groups. Couldn't be Plutarkians. There's none stupid enough to attack a Martian base with only 3 soldiers. Most likely some lost mice." Said Stoker. "So we hope." Said Carbine.
The two arrived at last and briefed the Martian Army and Freedom Fighters. Then Carbine and Stoker went out to see what it was that she had seen. After a few minutes of looking, they heard hushed voices talking. It was too low to make out what was being said. "Hey, you! What do you think you're doing!?" Stoker called towards the voices. "I know that voice," Came one of the voices, "Stoker!?" Harley came out of hiding. "Harley!?" Exclaimed Carbine.
Two other mice came out of hiding. "Blaze! Gizmo! You're back! And I see you were successful!" Said Stoker. "Yup." Answered Gizmo. "Gyro would probably love to see you." Said Carbine.
"Gyro!?" Exclaimed Gizmo, "I thought he was dead!" "Nope. Actually, he's quite alive." Said Stoker. "Vinnie would probably love to see you." Said Carbine turning to Harley. "Vinnie!? Where's Vinnie?" Asked Harley.
"Actually, to tell you the truth," Said Stoker, "Vinnie and the bro's are on Earth, along with the Twilight Triplets and Gyro." "On Earth?" Asked Gizmo in an unbelieving tone. "Forget about that for now, let's get you three cleaned up. You smell like Plutarkians." Said Carbine, grinning.
* * *
Throttle stopped his bike in front of the group, and the goons stopped behind him. "Throttle!? It can't be! You''re dead." Stuttered Charley. "Not anymore." Said Diamond. The group ignored this statement. They didn't see any significance to it. Except Estrella.
"Throttle, what are you doing with Limburger's goons?" Asked Gyro. Throttle was getting sick of this conversation, so he answered, "Getting rid of you! ATTACK!"
The mice whistled for their bikes, and hopped on. "O.K," Instructed Estrella, "We don't know what has happened to Throttle, so don't hurt him unless you ABSOLUTELY have to, and try not to get hurt yourselves."
The group was flung into battle before Estrella could finish, so she yelled, "Get rid of the goons, and don't let Throttle get away! We have to try to snap him outta whatever brainwashing Karbunkle may have done to him!"
She didn't know for sure if it WAS Karbunkle who was responsible for the way Throttle was acting, but it was a good guess considering he was with Limburgers goons.
"SPLIT UP!" Hollered Estrella, and the mice all turned and headed in different directions, several goons following each. As he drove off, Modo caught a glimpse of Throttle driving up a building. He didn't have time to worry about that though, as several goons were pursuing him.
Pressing a button on his bike, he fired two missiles, taking out the tires on two of the dune buggies. "Two down, five to go." Modo thought. Turning down a dead end, he drove straight towards the end, a brick wall. Right before he hit though, he turned, fired his jets, and flew over his pursuers heads. They all hit the wall. Modo watched as the goons started to haul themselves out of the wreckage, then he drove off to help the others.
* * *
Castano growled as she failed to lose her pursuers. A spur of the moment plan then entered her head. Grinning like a maniac, she turned and drove headlong into the group of goons following her. Being totally caught off guard by this stunt, the goons all swerved out of her way. Then she grabbed her blaster and shot out all of their tires. Grinning, quite pleased with herself, she drove off to help the others.
* * *
Modo and Castano joined each other and watched as Vinnie took care of his little annoyance. Using his regular blaster and the big one on the side of his bike, Vinnie shot out all of the dune buggies' tires.
Then all three of the mice joined up with Flor, Estrella, Gyro, and Diamond. All of the goons had been taken care of. "O.K. Where's Throttle?" Asked Estrella. "The last I saw of him, he was driving up a building." Said Modo. "What one?" Asked Estrella. Modo pointed to a 5-story building. "Alright, let's rock!" Exclaimed Estrella, and the whole group raced up the side of the building.
On the far ledge, Throttle was sitting on his bike, looking like a cornered animal; ready to fight his way out. He had his blaster out, and kept swinging it back and forth, trying to aim at everyone at once. "Since those incompetent goons can't do anything right, I guess I'll have to do it myself!" Said Throttle, and started to fire at the group randomly.
As she dodged laser fire, Flor exclaimed, "Throttle! Stop this! We're your friends, remember?"
If Throttle hadn't been wearing the shades, the group would have seen his eyes flash with recognition before he shook it off and stared to shoot again. "It's no use! He's totally under Limburger's control!" Exclaimed Estrella. As she dodged laser fire, she set her own laser on its lowest setting. But before she could stop Throttle, she heard someone grunt as they got hit, then a thud as they hit the ground. She turned to look. It was Vinnie.
"O.K! That's it!" Estrella exclaimed, and as she fired at Throttle, he fired at her. Estrella almost managed to dodge Throttle's fire, but it hit her shoulder. Her shot was a little better placed. It hit Throttle square in the chest and knocked him over backwards. And off the side of the building.
Estrella gasped. She hadn't meant to knock him over. Throttle's bike fired its tow cable in a desperate attempt to catch him, but missed. Before anyone could do anything else, they heard a loud rip then THUD!
Estrella ran to the side of the building and exclaimed, "He hit hard, but he fell through an awning, so he may still be alive! Castano, Gyro, you go see! Flor, Modo, you get Vinnie back to the garage! Diamond, you come with me!"
* * *
As Throttle fell, his life flashed before his eyes. And that was what broke Limburger's control over him. As the ground raced up to meet him, Throttle thought, "I hope they forgive me for this, but I could understand if they don't." Then he shut his eyes and awaited the inevitable impact. He ripped through an awning and hit the ground.
* * *
Harley was glad to be clean and wearing clean clothes again. She had lost track of how long she had been with Mace. She was glad to finally be rid of that rat. She was also glad that Blaze and Gizmo had shown up when they did.
"Feeling better?" Carbine asked, seeing Harley's smile. "Much." Answered Harley, smiling wider. Stoker, Gizmo and Blaze all walked up. "Well, I've got news to make you feel even better," Said Stoker, "We can head to Earth tomorrow. Tonight, we should all get a goodnight's sleep. You all look as tired as I feel." He grinned at his comment. Blaze yawned and said, "I agree with you, Stoke. Goodnight."
The rest of the group all said goodnight, and they all headed to their separate rooms.
* * *
Wulf growled. He had been instructed to watch Throttle and make sure he got back to the rendezvous point at Limburger Tower. Now, there was no chance, what with Throttle down and Castano and Gyro with him. But what drew his attention was Estrella leaving with Diamond.
"There's something familiar about her." Thought Wulf, as he watched Diamond. When she and Estrella were alone and out of sight of the others, Diamond shape shifted into Skylark again. "Sky!? What's SHE doing here," Thought Wulf, "And what is she doing with those mice?! I suppose I'll just wait 'till she's alone then ask her."
* * *
Diamond shape shifted back into Skylark before asking, "What do ya want to know?" "What did you mean by 'not anymore' back there?" Asked Estrella. Sky shook her head. "I've been thinking about it, and I've decided to tell everyone my secrets. So can you wait until we're all together to explain, because there's still some things I have yet to tell you." "Sure," Answered Estrella, "I'm gonna go see about Throttle and Vinnie now." She turned and ran off.
Sky changed back into Diamond and was about to join her, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She whirled around to see... "Wulf!?" Diamond exclaimed. "What are you doing with these mice!? They're the enemy!" Wulf exclaimed. "No, they're not." Said Diamond calmly. "What do you mean?" Asked Wulf.
Diamond took out her hand and held it up. A 3-D image of Lawrence Limburger appeared, and floated over her palm. The figure started to speak. "One measly, paltry, little planet! Is that so much to ask?! A city here, a city there. I'm a patient man. It would all add up. But NO! Always, those blasted Biker Mice bring me down!" It said, then disappeared.
"Are you making this up?" Asked Wulf suspiciously. "You know how the magic works, Wulf. I can only replay events that have already taken place" Said Diamond. "So I've been on the wrong side all this time." Said Wulf, realizing how much trouble he had caused. "It's alright, Wulf. There's still time to make it up," Said Diamond, "Come with me."
She led Wulf over to Estrella, Castano, Gyro and Throttle. Castano looked up with tear streaked eyes. "He's not breathing, nor has he got a pulse. He died again." She said.
"Twice in two days. Man, that's gotta be a record." Sighed Estrella. Then she noticed Wulf standing with Diamond. "Who are you?" She asked. "I'm Silver Wulf," Said Wulf, "And it may not be too late to save him, if you'll let me try." "Go right ahead. Ya can't make it much worse." Shrugged Estrella.
Wulf nodded, and started doing CPR.
* * *
It seemed Wulf was doing CPR forever, when Throttle finally came around. "It worked. You saved him." Said Estrella. Throttle looked up at group, then groaned and fell back to the pavement, unconscious. "Let's get him back to the garage, quick." Said Diamond.
* * *
The group laid Throttle on the cot Charley had set up for him, and Charley examined him. "He's in a coma." She said. "Well, I guess we'll have to wait for him to wake up before we can do much to help him. How's Vinnie?" Asked Estrella.
As if an cue, Vinnie walked into the room, his chest wrapped in bandages. "Hey, sweethearts! Your favorite hero is here!" Charley rolled her eyes. "He's fine," She said, "Just mild laser burns." "What happened to Throttle?" Asked Vinnie, noticing the comatose mouse.
"He fell off the building after he shot you," Said Estrella, then lowered her head, "Actually, I shot him off the side." Flor walked over to her sister. "It's alright. It was an accident. You know that, I know that, we all know that. Stop blaming yourself." She said. "I...I can't." said Estrella, and walked out the door, miserable. Castano shook her head.
"Should I go talk to her?" Asked Charley. "I can't see any harm in it." Said Flor. Charley nodded, and followed Estrella outside. "Estrella?" Asked Charley, walking up behind the troubled mouse. "What, Charley?" Asked Estrella. "You know that it wasn't your fault, so why are you still blaming yourself?" Asked Charley. "You don't understand. It IS my fault! I shot over the edge!" Exclaimed Estrella, then she sank to her knees and started to cry. "D*** those Plutarkians! D*** them!" She sobbed. Charley stood back, not knowing what to do.
At that moment, Modo walked out. "Am I interrupting something?" He asked. "Oh, Modo!" Sobbed Estrella. Wrapping her around him, she cried into his soft, gray fur. Modo shot a questioning look at Charley. She shrugged in response.
"It's alright, Strella." Said Modo in a comforting voice, and ran his hand through her long, crimson hair. In a couple minutes, Estrella had cried herself out. "I'm...I'm sorry.." She sniffed apologetically to Modo. "It's O.K." He answered. Charley noticed that Modo and Estrella both blushed a bit. "I needed that. Thanks." Said Estrella. "Anytime you need a shoulder to lean on or cry on, just ask me, and I'll be there." Replied Modo. "I will." Said Estrella, then re-entered the garage.
"Wow, Modo. If I didn't know better, I'd say you like Estrella." Said Charley. Modo blushed. "You do, don't you?" Charley asked in a playful voice. Modo blushed harder, and nodded. "You know what? I think she likes you, too." Said Charley. "Ya do?" Asked Modo. "Oh, probably." Answered Charley.
"Ya know, this is kinda neat. First Castano and Gyro, now Estrella and I..." Said Modo, trailing off, both him and Charley lost in thought. Modo, thinking about how he was going to tell Estrella that he liked her, thought about how Gyro had told Castano...
* * *
Carbine, Stoker and Rimfire all waved good-bye as they took off to leave. Everyone was there, except Throttle. When the ship was out of sight, everyone re-entered the garage.
Throttle was on the couch, hugging his legs to his chest. His eyes were covered by his shades, but if they hadn't been, the group would have seen that they were puffy and red from crying. But Charley did notice the tracks the tears had made on his cheeks. She walked over, sat down and put her arm around his shoulder.
"I'm so sorry, Throttle." She said gently. Throttle just sniffed in response. "Aww, forget her! There's plenty more fish in the sea!" Blurted Vinnie. Throttle started to sob again. He tried to hold it back, but couldn't help bursting into tears on Charley's shoulder.
"Smooth move, Mr. Sensitivity!" Modo said harshly to Vinnie. The whole group shot Vinnie a variety of dirty looks. Castano, who was standing beside Vinnie, hit him hard in the arm. "Ow!" Exclaimed Vinnie, but didn't complain. He knew he had deserved it. The minute he had blurted out the words, he had regretted them. He had been speaking without thinking, like usual.
In a couple of minutes, Throttle got himself under control. He looked a little embarrassed about crying in front of Charley. "It's alright, Throttle. I understand what you're going through." Said Charley, as if she knew what he had been thinking.
Throttle took his shades off to dry his eyes, then plunked them back on his nose. He looked up and noticed Castano standing beside Gyro. He grinned a little.
"So, did ya tell her yet?" He asked slyly. Gyro looked slightly uncomfortable from the question. Castano turned to him quizzically. "Tell me what?" She asked. Once again, Throttle was sure that if Gyro's fur weren't black, he'd be blushing. "Oh, so you HAVEN'T told her?" Asked Throttle, now grinning from ear to ear.
"Throttle!" Exclaimed Gyro in embarrassment. "Tell her!" Exclaimed Throttle. "Yes, tell me!" Prompted Castano. "I...I..."Stuttered Gyro. "Well?" Said Throttle. "ALRIGHT! I like you, Castano!" Exclaimed Gyro suddenly. "Ya, so? I like you, too. Big deal." Said Castano, and shrugged. "No, I mean I REALLY like you. I...I...I think you are a very nice, kind girl. And I'm attracted to ya." Said Gyro.
At first, Throttle thought he would drop dead. "I've been fighting with this girl ever since we've met, and she's totally moody, and Gyro thinks she's nice and kind!? Waitaminute!! This is GYRO we're talking about! The guy who wears NEON in the middle of a WAR! That's normal!" He thought, and snickered.
Castano was shocked. "Ya do?" She asked. Gyro nodded. "Oh, Gyro! That's so sweet," Castano exclaimed, and hugged him, "I really like you, too. You're one of the nicest guys I know."
"Awwww..." Everyone in the room cooed. Instantly, Castano was completely red, and Gyro looked embarrassed.
But soon things settled back down and life proceeded as normally as possible, 'till Limburger announced his plans to test the water of the rivers and lakes around Chicago to make sure it was safe. Of course the mice knew differently, and went to stop him. And that was when Throttle had gotten killed...
* * *
Modo shook the thoughts from his head. That was something he didn't want to think about. Throttle was alive, maybe not well, but alive, and that was all he needed to know.
Realizing just how late it was, and that he was standing outside alone, he turned and re-entered the garage. Everyone inside was just standing around, talking quietly.
"Hey, Modo," Said Charley, "I was wondering when you would come back in." "Why'd ya leave me out there?" Asked Modo. "Well, I tried to tell you that I was heading back in, but you were thinking too hard to notice."
At that point, Estrella turned to Diamond and Wulf, who were silently conversing in a corner. "Diamond, Wulf, are you going to let us in on your secrets now?" She asked. Diamond and Wulf exchanged looks. Diamond then nodded, and turned to the group.
"O.K. Everyone, listen up." She said. Everyone (who was conscious) gave Diamond their undivided attention.
"Alright. Now, please don't get mad at me for lying , but I'm not really a Martian." With that, Diamond's form wavered, and in her place stood Skylark. Everyone (except Strella and Wulf) looked at her in shock. "And that stuff I told you about me in the Freedom Fighters, that, also, was a lie." And from there, Sky went on to fill in everyone with what she had already explained to Estrella.
"O.K. Now this part may come as a shock. To you too, Wulf. When you found that Throttle was alive, you probably figured that Karbunkle had brought him back to life. Well, he didn't. I did." She paused, receiving numerous shocked stares. "What happened was this. Throttle had been brought to Limburger Tower and to Karbunkle's lab. But before Karbunkle could do anything to him, I froze time in this dimension. You, of course, would not remember this, for, when the time was paused, no time passed for anyone but me and Throttle. But, either way, I have the ability to bring people back to life, and to heal wounds, and I used this ability to save Throttle. I had made an oath to myself not to do this, but this time I had to, for I can also foresee the future, and when, now don't go ballistic yet, I'm not through explaining, Wulf had killed Throttle, he had upset a balance known as the space-time continuum. If I hadn't brought Throttle back to life, all dimensions and alternate zones would have collapsed onto each other, totally and utterly destroying life as we know it. Now, I have also mentioned that, yes, it was Wulf who killed Throttle. But, in our quest to recover the star stone, we have to visit lot's of other zones and dimensions, and sometimes, it is difficult to discern the good guys from the bad. Wulf is a very trusting soul, and Limburger took advantage of this, and made him believe that you were the enemy. And he's truly sorry for doing this. Right, Wulf?"
"Yes, I am sorry. I hope you can all find it in yourselves to forgive me, but I can understand if you don't, for I don't know if I truly forgive myself." Said Wulf. The group exchanged glances.
Flor spoke for the group when she said, "We forgive you, Wulf." Then, they spent the rest of the night talking, with Wulf and Sky fielding many questions about their dimension.
* * *
It was around 9:00 a.m. the next morning when the mice finally ran out of questions for Sky and Wulf. "I'm so glad they took this better than the ducks did." Thought Sky. Gyro looked up and noticed Castano standing by Throttle's cot. "She's so beautiful." He thought.
Castano stood with her head bowed, allowing her orange-red hair to fall about her face, and she had removed her shades. It was then that Gyro noticed her sad look.
He walked over behind her and asked, "What's the matter, Cassie?" She looked up, startled, her blue eyes shining like twin crystals with unshed tears. "Oh, nothing..." She answered. "Come on, honey. You can tell me." Said Gyro, holding Castano from behind and rocking her slowly. "I...I really don't know how to explain this," Said Castano, "But it's just that Throttle has re-become one of my best friends. I want him to get better. I can't stand seeing him like this, but I...I...can'" She stopped as she started to cry silently. Gyro just held her and rocked her gently 'till she calmed down.
"It's alright, Cassie. We're all worried for Throttle," Soothed Gyro, "But he'll be alright. He's a fighter. You know that." Castano was about to reply when the sound of a Martian ship's engine filled the room. "They're back?" She asked.
Everyone went outside to watch the ship land. Nothing could have prepared Vinnie or Gyro for the shock they received when they saw Harley, Blaze and Gizmo walk out of the ship.
Vinnie and Harley ran to each other, and Vinnie swept Harley up in his arms and kissed. "Babe! I thought I'd never see you again! How did you escape Mace?" He asked. "Blaze and Gizmo rescued me." Answered Harley. Gyro ran to his sister and gave her a big hug. "Missed ya, T.T." He said. Carbine, who had just exited the ship, turned a quizzical look to Blaze. "T.T.?" She asked.
"Trouble Tail." Answered Blaze grinning. Stoker, who had followed Carbine, raised an eyebrow. "I don't get it. Trouble Tail?" He asked. "It's my nickname, because my tail is so unusually thick and long, it's stronger than other Martians. It's a dangerous weapon." Explained Blaze.
Gizmo, who had been standing back, walked to Gyro, grinning. "Hi bro..." He trailed off and his grin disappeared as Gyro turned his back to him. "What is it, bro?" Asked Gizmo.
"As if you didn't know. Getting free and just leaving me, Mom and Dad there. Because you got free, those Plutarkians killed Mom and Dad! Right in front of me, too!" Snapped Gyro, not turning around. Gizmo's expression was a mixture of shock, horror and anger.
Blaze looked shocked, sad and angry. "They killed them," Said Gizmo in shock, "And it's all my fault." "Darn right!" Snapped Gyro.
"Holy s***." Whispered Gizmo.
Carbine scanned the group, and asked, "Where's Throttle?" She wanted to see if he would take her back, because she missed him too much to stay separated. The entire group was instantly silent.
"What?" Asked Carbine, totally clueless. "Um, Carbine, I think you should see this." Said Charley, beckoning for Carbine to follow her. So she did.
Charley led Carbine into the garage, and Carbine gasped, seeing Throttle lying in his cot, his breath coming in short, shallow breaths. She ran to his side, knelt down and ran her hand through his hair. "Oh, Throttle," She said, then turned to Charley, "What happened?"
Before Charley could start filling Carbine in on what happened since the last time that she had come to Earth, Stoker walked in. What he saw floored him. "Hey, Stoke. You might want to hear this." Said Charley, beckoning him over. He didn't move.
Carbine then grabbed his arm and hauled him over. Then Charley filled them both in. But she didn't mention the stuff that Sky had told her, or anything about Sky. "But I don't understand," Said Stoker, "If Throttle died the first time, how come he's alive now?"
Charley looked thoughtful for a minute, then called Diamond over. "This is Diamond. Maybe she could shed some light on your questions." Said Charley. Diamond debated something for a moment, then said, "O.K. I'm trusting you with this information, like I have everyone else I've told. So you can't repeat this to ANYONE, understand?" Carbine and Stoker nodded.
Diamond shape shifted back into Skylark. Carbine and Stokers jaws dropped, but they listened quietly to Sky's story. When she finished, Carbine glanced back to Throttle.
"So if he had stayed dead, the whole universe would have been destroyed?" She asked, incredulously. "I know it sounds kinda hard to believe, but you have to trust me, it's true." Said Skylark. "But if you have the ability to heal, too, then why are you leaving him like that?" Asked Stoker.
"I told you, I toke an oath not to. As long as he isn't dead, I won't help. If I did, and then he gets hurt in a similar fashion and I wasn't there, he wouldn't have already survived a similar situation by himself, and therefore wouldn't be as strong as he could be. As The Chameleon would say ,'that which does not kill us, makes us stronger.'" Explained Sky.
Carbine scratched her head. "Who's 'The Chameleon'?" "Don't worry about that," Said Sky, "It's not important." Everyone turned to look when a shout was heard, and saw everyone else slowly backing up into the garage.
A 'what's going on?' died on Charley's lips as she saw Limburger, Greasepit, Mace and an army of goons, all training lasers on the mice.

Authors Note: Hi all! Lookie! A THIRD part! Wow! And I only meant it to be TWO parts! Hopefully this will be the final installment to this series of stories! (Hopefully being the key word.? ) And you'll only find out when you get to the end!!! AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! O.K., I'm better now. If you liked the first two parts, you'll probably like this one, too, except that this one was written in a big hurry. (Although I don't know why!? ) O.K., here's the regular stuff, stating that I don't own the BMFM (I wish!) but I DO own my characters, and you can do anything to this document as long as I get the credit for writing it! So here it is! So what are you waiting for?! To start growing fur!? (If you don't already have it!) Read on! ? (Oh, and I should tell you, I'm not planning on killing Throttle anymore, Okay?)

The Biker Mice from Mars


"A Friend in Wulf's Clothing."

Part Three -A New Beginning.

By Skylark

Copyright Skylark Feb. 2, '98

" dear rodents. I'm SO glad to see you all." Said Limburger in a sickeningly sweet voice. Then he saw Skylark and Wulf. "Ah, I see we have a new face," He said in the same voice, then angrily, "And a traitor."
"I'm not a traitor," Growled Wulf, "You're a liar! You told me that the mice were the bane of the galaxy, and that you worked for the good of the Earth!" "Oh, did I," Asked Limburger in mock surprise, "Then you MUST have heard me wrong, dear boy." Wulf growled when a goon aimed at him, keeping him in line.
Mace walked over to Harley, and picked up her chin in his hand. "Hey, pretty. You made me very angry when you got away." He said sweetly. Harley growled, and spit in his face. "Charming." Snarled Mace, and backhanded her. Vinnie ran over and punched Mace hard in the face. Mace jumped up, and he and Vinnie started pummeling each other until the goons broke it up.
"Take them to my tower, but let Mace here have that one." Said Limburger, pointing to Harley. Vinnie held Harley from behind and yelled, "No way, Lard Butt!! That rat can't have her!!!" Harley hugged Vinnie tightly, terrified by the thought of being torn away from him again. "On the contrary, my dear mouse," Said Limburger, "You're not in control of the situation. I AM!!! And what I say, GOES!! Take them away!!"
A couple of goons pulled Harley and Vinnie apart roughly. "NoooOOOooo!!" Screamed Harley, and fought to get free. "Harley!" Hollered Vinnie, reaching his hand out to her. She reached back. Their fingertips scratched, but they were roughly torn apart. Harley screamed again, and fought, hopelessly, against her captors. The rest of the group was being shoved roughly into a barred van.
A goon walked out of the garage, holding up Throttle by the back of his leather vest, Throttle's head hanging doggedly on his chest. "What should we do with this one?" He asked. "Throw him in with the others." Answered Greasepit.
The goon tossed Throttle into the van with the others. Carbine grabbed him, and held him tightly. "What's gonna happen to us?" Asked Blaze. "I don't know," Said Gyro, "I don't know."
* * *
Harley was tied to a dune buggy being driven by Mace. "Guess what," Mace sang, "We get to see those mice, your boyfriend included, get terminated." "You're pathetic!" Yelled Harley in rage. "Glad ya noticed." Answered Mace.
The drive back to Limburger Tower wasn't that long, and soon all the mice, 'cept Harley, were in a big cage, waiting for Limburger to decide what Karbunkle could to do to them.
Blaze was scared. "Bro, don't let them hurt me." She said, hugging Gizmo. "Shhh. Don't worry, Blaze. No one's gonna get hurt." Gizmo comforted his sister. "Ya, just like on Mars." Muttered Gyro angrily. Gizmo heard, and turned to his twin brother.
"Look, bro, I'm sorry. The Plutarkians had told me that you were dead, so when I escaped, I didn't bother looking for you. If I had know you were still alive, I would have come for you." He said. Gyro didn't answer for a moment. "You still should have checked." He whispered finally. "Does that mean you forgive me?" Asked Gizmo. "Come here and see." Answered Gyro, his face a mask.
Gizmo walked nervously towards his brother. He knew that Gyro had gotten a little unpredictable, and Gizmo wasn't sure what Gyro was gonna do. He was relived when Gyro just hugged him. Gizmo hugged him back.
Carbine sat on the floor, resting Throttle's head in her lap, running her fingers though his hair. But no matter what she tried to wake him, nothing worked. He just wouldn't respond. "I'm sorry, Carbine," Said Charley, "But the nature of the accident suggests that he's gonna be out of it for a while." "I know," Said Carbine, "But it doesn't hurt to try."
Stoker was pacing back and forth, while Vinnie, Modo, Estrella, Castano and Flor just sat around, not knowing what to do. Modo noticed that Estrella was holding her left shoulder funny.
"Estrella, is there something wrong with your shoulder?" He asked. Strella's head snapped up. "Wha...Oh, nothing. It...just hurts a little." She said. "Ya, right," Said Modo, and walked over, "Let's see." Estrella reluctantly let Modo look at her shoulder.
He was shocked to find that she had a blaster wound, and her shoulder was covered in dark red blood. "How did you manage to hide that?" Asked Vinnie in amazement. Estrella smiled, a small lopsided grin, and shrugged.
"How did this happen?" Asked Modo. "Remember when we were trying to stop Throttle on that building? When I shot him, he shot me." Explained Strella. "Oh. Does anyone have a piece of cloth or something that we can use to dress this wound?" Asked Modo.
Wulf untied the blue cloth around his wrist and handed it to Modo. "Here, try this. It's the least I can do after all the trouble I caused." He said. "Thanks." Said Modo, and tied the cloth around Estrella's wound. "There, how does that feel?" He asked. "Good. Thanks, Modo." Answered Estrella and, without thinking, kissed his cheek.
"What was that for?" Asked Modo, blushing. Estrella, just realizing what she did, also blushed. "HeeHeeHee..." She laughed, embarrassed. "Well, I guess I should tell you something, Estrella..." Said Modo nervously. "What?" Asked Estrella.
"I...I...I..." Stuttered Modo, not knowing how to phrase what it was he was trying to say. "Yes?" Asked Estrella. "I...guess I...kinda got a crush on ya." Said Modo, his whole face turning bright red. Estrella grinned. "I suspected as much." She said. "Does that mean ya like me, too?" Asked Modo. "Of COURSE it does, ya big lug! Come 'ere!" Exclaimed Estrella, and hugged Modo.
At that moment, Limburger, Karbunkle, Greasepit and Mace with Harley, all walked into the room. Harley, spotting Vinnie, broke free of Mace's grasp and ran to the cage. Vinnie ran over to her and took her hands in his.
Mace was about to retrieve Harley when Limburger stopped him. "Let them talk," He said, "After all, it IS the last time she'll see him. Alive."
"What's in your hand, Har?" Asked Vinnie. "Shh. It's the key to this cage. They had entrusted it to Mace, and when he wasn't paying attention, I pickpocketed it from him with my tail. Just make it look like we're holding hands, and when I pull away, take the key." Whispered Harley. "I love your way of thinking, Harley-girl. Thanks." Vinnie whispered back and smiled warmly. Harley smiled back. "I love ya, honey." She said and kissed Vinnie's cheek thought the bars.
Then she pulled away, transferring the key to Vinnie's hand. Mace grabbed her, plunked her down into a chair and tied her up.
Vinnie turned to the group. "Lookie what I got." He sang, and opened his hand so only the mice in the cage could see. "Whoa, Vinnie! How did ya..." Started Charley, before Vinnie shushed her. "Quiet. Lard Butt doesn't know I have this." Whispered Vinnie and grinned.
"O.K.," Said Estrella, "If we want to get out of here safely, we'll need a plan. Anyone got one?" "I do." Said Skylark, speaking for the first time since they had been captured. "All right," Exclaimed Castano, "Let's here it!" "O.K., here's the plan.".....
* * *
Mace searched his pockets for the key. "I can't find the key!!" He exclaimed. "Where did you put it!?" Asked Limburger angrily. "I don't know!" Mace replied, getting angry and frustrated.
"Yoo-hoo! Macie! Missing something?" Sang Flor, jingling the key on its ring. "Why you...How the H*** did you get that!?" Yelled Mace. Flor laughed evilly. "Magic." She said, her voice dripping with sarcasm. She threw the key to Stoker, who quickly unlocked the door.
"Okay! You all know what you have to do," Yelled Skylark, using her magic to float the mice's weapons to them from the shelf they had been sitting on, "Let's do it!"
The plan was relatively simple. They would split into small groups and Vinnie would free Harley, and slowly lead the goons, Limburger and Mace out of the room so that Carbine and Modo could carry Throttle out safely.
Vinnie ran to Harley with Gyro, Gizmo and Blaze covering him. Skylark and Wulf both helped Charley get out safely. Flor, Castano and Estrella all managed to work their way out. Vinnie, having untied Harley, made his way out with her, Blaze, Gyro and Gizmo following.
When the goons, Limburger and Mace all followed the rest of the group, Carbine and Modo set out with Throttle.
* * *
As she ran down the hall, being pursued by countless goons, Blaze broke off from her team. "Blaze! Where are you going!?" Exclaimed Gizmo in shock. "I heard something down the hall and I'm gonna check it out!" She yelled back, and kept on running.
As Vinnie, Gyro, Gizmo and Harley ran on, they kept turning back to take a few pot shots at their pursuers. "AHH!" Gizmo yelled out, as a stray laser beam caught him in the leg. "Bro!" Exclaimed Gyro, and reached out and caught his brother before he hit the ground. Hefting him up and helping him, Gyro and Gizmo ran after Vinnie and Harley and they soon got out of the tower.
* * *
Blaze sneaked down the hall, which was almost void of goons. Ducking into a small room, she soon discovered that she HAD heard something. There, locked in a small cage, was a pure white mouse, all except for his right ear and the end of his tail, which were black.
"Dipstick!? What are YOU doing here!?" Blaze exclaimed in shock. "I was captured while on a mission on Mars yesterday, and I was brought here. Although I don't know why." He answered.
"Oh, well," Said Blaze while she grabbed the key and unlocked the door of his cage, "Let's get out of here." Before they could get out, a goon came in. With a well-timed swing, Blaze knocked the goon out before he could do anything. Picking up the goon's blaster and tossing it to Dipstick, the two charged down the hall in time to see Carbine get shot in the back...
* * *
Carbine and Modo both dropped Throttle when Carbine got shot in the back, just below her left shoulder blade and Modo got hit in the back of the head with the butt of a laser, knocking him out cold. The two goons responsible stepped out of the shadows, laughing evilly. But they were quickly silenced when Blaze and Dipstick came up behind them and knocked them out with the butt's of their lasers.
"Dipstick!? What are you doing here!?" Carbine exclaimed, picking herself up of the ground. "I'll explain later," He replied hastily, "Let's get out of here." As Carbine and Dipstick picked up Throttle, Blaze revived Modo. But before they could continue on, Carbine's shoulder gave out and she nearly dropped Throttle again.
Quickly, Modo took her place and the group made their way out. The last goons retreated, letting the mice get away with minimal injuries. "Everyone out?" Asked Estrella. The group did a quick head count, and were shocked to come up with an extra mouse! "O.K, who's the newbie?" Asked Castano. "My name is Dipstick," Said Dipstick, "And who might you be?"
Introductions were passed around for those who didn't already know Dipstick. "Did your parents not like you, or something?" Asked Charley. Dipstick laughed and shrugged. "It DOES seem fitting, for this anyway," He said, stroking the thick black fur on his tail, "But, trust me, I do NOT live up to my name!"
Skylark laughed and asked, "So, what are we gonna do to Limburger Tower today, because if no one's got any suggestions, I've got one." She snickered. The whole group exchanged grins, and with a sweeping gesture to the tower, Estrella giggled out, "Be our guest!"
Sky snickered again, and opened a portal, right beneath Limburger tower! The tower, having nothing left underneath to support it, slipped thought and disappeared as the portal closed.
* * *
The silence of the depths of space was suddenly shattered, when a colourful portal opened and dumped Limburger Tower out and into a Plutarkian Space Holding Bin. The portal closed, and the tower crashed into the rubble at the bottom of the bin.
"Now I've got birds and wolves to worry about. Oh, woe is me," Came Limburger's defeated voice from the depths of the wreckage, "And I was SO sure we had those mice this time." (As if!)
The End.
(Don't ya just LUV those false ending? HeeHeeHee... * Evil grin * (Skylark- I know, I'm a nut!))

"So, where'd ya send him?" Questioned Vinnie, as the group slowly stopped laughing. "Not very far. Just for a scenic tour of space via a Plutarkian Space Holding Bin." Answered Sky. Then the group quickly did an injury report. The only new injuries were Carbine's and Gizmo's.
So, with Modo carrying Throttle and Blaze and Gyro helping Gizmo walk, the group slowly made their way back to the Last Chance Garage.
* * *
It took the group about an hour to get back to the garage. When they got there, their bikes all rolled up, happy to see that they were back safe. As Modo put Throttle in his cot, Charley went to get the first aid kit. Opening it, she and Harley tended to all the new injuries and dressed Estrella's properly.
When that was finished, everyone sat down to talk. "So, Dipstick, what are you doing here?" Asked Stoker. So Dipstick explained to the group how, during the raid on Mars that Carbine and Stoker had sent off, he had gotten captured and brought to earth, although he didn't know why.
"Maybe we should have gone with them?" Said Carbine, turning to Stoker's gaze. He nodded and shook his head. "I guess I was wrong to believe that they could handle a battle on their own." He sighed. He had placed Dipstick in charge!
"We WERE ready, Stoke," Protested Dipstick, "There were too many Plutarkians!" Carbine and Stoker exchanged glances. "Maybe we should head back," Said Stoker, "Okay, who's coming and who's staying?" Everyone but Gyro, Vinnie, Modo, Castano, Flor and Estrella said they would head back to Mars. (Of COURSE Throttle was staying behind!) "Alright then, let's go." Said Carbine.
Waving good-bye, Stoker and Dipstick disappeared into the Martian craft, still parked behind the garage.
Blaze and Gizmo both gave Gyro a good-bye hug. "Are you sure you won't come with us, bro?" Asked Blaze. "I'd like to, but I've got responsibilities here." He answered. "Well, I'll miss ya, bro. Ride free." Said Gizmo, and hugged his twin tight. "Ya, you too." Said Gyro and mussed up Gizmo's butterscotch colour hair. Gizmo laughed, grabbed Gyro in a headlock and gave him a noogie. "Hey, ow! All right, I give, I give!" Laughed Gyro. Gizmo released his twin brother and limped onto the ship with Blaze.
Vinnie and Harley were locked in a kiss. After a few seconds, they pulled apart. "Why can't you stay?" Asked Vinnie. "I'd love to, but they need me on Mars." Answered Harley. "I'll miss ya, honey." Said Vinnie. "I'll miss you, too." Replied Harley, and with one last hug, she walked into the ship.
Carbine kneeled by Throttle and stroked his cheek. "I'm so sorry I broke up with ya," She whispered sadly, "So if ya can hear me, when ya wake up, please think about taking me back." She then got up and walked out to the ship and boarded it, along with everyone else who were heading back to Mars.
With one last wave good-bye, the Martian craft took off en-route for Mars.
It was late, so everyone left headed back in, then to bed.
* * *
Three weeks passed without event and everyone was going insane with boredom. "Man, if I don't see some action soon, I'm gonna fade away." Moaned Vinnie.
Castano walked in to room, exited. "Guys, come!" She said, beckoning for everyone to follow her. She led them to the room where Throttle was. Charley was there, too, and looked up when they came in. "Throttle's waking up!" She exclaimed, just as excited as Castano. Sure enough, a groan escaped Throttle, as he slowly came around.
"Throttle?" Charley called softly. "Ugh?" He moaned questionably. "Throttle?" Charley called again. "Uh...Wha?" Throttle asked groggily. "Throttle, how are you feeling?" Asked Charley. "Throttle? Is that my name?" Asked Throttle. Everyone exchanged horrified glances.
* * *
It took a bit, but the group soon discovered that Throttle had amnesia , and couldn't remember anything. "This is NOT good." Muttered Flor, pacing back and forth. "Calm down, sis." Said Estrella, but couldn't help also feeling tense.
Everyone turned to look when Charley and Throttle came into the room. Charley looked downcast, while Throttle's face was a mask, hiding his feelings of confusion, anger, frustration and sadness. "So, how bad is it?" Asked Modo.
Charley shook her head. "He doesn't remember anything at all, and, from the looks of things, probably never will." She said. There was a painful silence.
"You can't be serious?" Asked Gyro, the first to find his voice. "Unfortunately, I am dead serious." Answered Charley. Modo got up and walked to Throttle. "Are you alright, bro?" He asked, concerned. Throttle drew a shaky breath, and sat down on the couch. "I'll be alright," He answered, then added under his breath, "I hope."
"Must be hard," Said Sky, "I mean, not being able to remember who you are." Throttle shrugged. "I'm gonna hafta get by," He said, "I'll be alright." But he couldn't shake the sickly feeling in the pit of his stomach. He couldn't believe that he wouldn't ever remember anything.
Soon everything calmed down. But Throttle soon noticed that everyone was trying to avoid him, except Charley. He sighed and leaned against a doorframe, studying his boots, listening to Castano listen to her favorite tape, "Rocking with the Hits."
He wasn't paying close attention to the lyrics, but when a song called, "Doesn't Really Matter." By Platinum Blonde came on, one stanza caught his attention, and horrified him.
"Your memory's lost, but they have not forgotten..." Came Castano's pretty voice. She was in the other room, singing while she worked on her bike. It had always been the Twilight Triplets dream to become a band, and they all had pretty singing voices. (Which was a welcome change for Charley!) But the stanza really disturbed Throttle, and he sought solitude in his room.
* * *
"Hey, guys! Where's Throttle?" Charley asked. "Last I saw," Piped Castano, "He was heading to his room." "Thanks, Cassie." Said Charley, and headed to Throttle's room. She knocked lightly and called, "Throttle? You in there?" "Go away." Came the reply. "Throttle, I just want to talk to ya." Charley tried again. "Who is this?" Throttle asked. "Charley." She answered. "Come in." Throttle said.
Charley entered and closed the door behind her. "What's the matter, Throttle?" She asked, noticing how sad and frustrated he looked. "I was just thinking. I didn't do anything to make someone mad at me, did I?" He replied. "Oh, Throttle. Everything you did, we've already forgiven you for." Answered Charley. "Are you sure? Everyone is avoiding me like the plague." Replied Throttle.
Charley noticed his hurt tone, and hugged him. "They are just afraid." She said. "Why?! Do they think I'll go on a rampage and kill everyone, or something?!" Exploded Throttle, and started to sob. Charley hugged him harder, and said, "Shhh. It's alright, Throttle. I know it's hard to know that you lived half your life but you'll never remember what happened. Everyone is avoiding you because you scare them. They think if they try to talk to you, you'll get mad because they might talk about something you don't remember. And they are just as shocked at this as you are. But don't worry, they'll get over it."
"I hope so," Said Throttle, "But you are right about it being hard. Are you sure I'll never remember anything?" "Almost. There is a slim chance that your memory may come back." Said Charley. "Well, there's a little light at the end of this tunnel, hun?" Throttle said. "Yup. But for now, think of this as a new beginning. It makes it a little easier." Said Charley.
"A new beginning," Mused Throttle, "Ya. Thanks, Charley girl." "Anytime, Throttle." She replied, then left him to his thoughts. He gazed out the window to the full moon hanging in the black night sky, and thought, "A new beginning is exactly what I've got, I'm I guess I'll have to make the most of it."

The end.
(For real this time ? )
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