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Sunrise over Chi-Town. The sky glints on the windows of The Last Chance Garage, casting a rose-hue of the sleeping form of Charlene Davidson. She turns over in her sleep, her auburn hair becoming a halo-ed cloud about her head. She rolls over again to cuddle her pillow. Still drowsing in the warmth of her bed, she murmurs a name.


( cue the title sequence )

Long Way To Dawn

by Blitz March 25

© 1998 Blitz, all right reserved.

Limburger rubbed his chubby hands together, this time he would destroy that wretched garage, and the mice. All he had to do was gain control of the infuriating female mechanic, then they would be his...

"Karbunkle! Get me a sufficiently evil enforcer to aid me in this endeavor, would you?"

"Certainly your Cream-cheese Danishness," The doctor hissed.


The transporter opens with the hiss of hydraulics and steam...


"My dear Mr. Darkening, how will you rid me of those meddlesome vermin?"

The shadowy being glided forth from the greenish glow of the transporter.

"I shall call the darkness and drown their very souls, ha ha ha."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Vinnie, Throttle and Modo left Quigley Field in their usual demure manner later that morning...


"Jeez Vinnie, you almost become a statistic for the road mortality." Throttle shook his head, amazed that his bro survived flipping his cycle four times in the air, and landing on one wheel. Catching Modo's eye he once again asked, "How has he LIVED this long?"

"Dunno bro, but the human's say God watches out for fools and children." Grinning Modo made sure Vinnie could hear that last crack.

Glaring Vinnie said, "Aw your just jealous 'cause I'm the baddest mammajamma in the universe."

Trading quips, the trio made their way to the Last Chance, happily speculating on what was for breakfast. Roaring up, they let themselves into the garage, and Modo said, "Hey Charlie-ma'am? What for breakfast?"

However silence greeted them, looking around, they saw that Charlie was not down stairs. Modo thoughtfully turned to Vinnie and Throttle, "Hey bro's what say we fix breakfast for Charlie for once?"

"Good idea Big Fella, we'll let Charlie sleep."

30 minutes later...

"Awwww ma-aaan, why do I haveta wake Charlie-girl up?"

"Because, Vincent, you were the one who threw the flour."

"Modo started it."

"Finished it too."

"Go wake Charlie, and try not to make her mad."

Moving quietly, Vinnie made his way to the loft where Charlie slept.

"Hey Charlie, are you awake?"

There was no movement from the bed so he crept closer. His eyes traveled lovingly over her sleep-tousled form. She was cuddling her pillow, her hair spread about her face, framing it with auburn tresses, her lips parted in sleep. ( She is so beautiful, ) he thought. Carefully reaching out, he put his hand on her shoulder, and in a caressing motion, stroked her shoulder and back, easing her into awareness.

"...mmm, Vinnie?"

"Morning Charlie, we made you breakfast, and we even cleaned up the mess." The last part was stated with no small amount of pride.

Smiling she pushed her hair back out of her face and yawned. "Ok, I'll be down in a minute."

Dressing quickly, she made her way downstairs almost afraid to see what they had made, she still hadn't forgotten the night they made her dinner. It was the nastiest thing she had ever eaten. The infamous Chi-Town stew with Root-beer brew made her shudder to this day. Sitting down at the table, she found a plate of pancakes; topped with syrup, a glass of orange juice, a bowl of sliced strawberries, and a cup of coffee. Amazed, she turned to stare. "You guys did this?"

Modo blushed and cleared his throat, "Well my mama always said 'A mouse has got to know how to cook for himself.' And you always cook for us, so we thought we should return the favor."

The dark circles under her eyes had not gone unnoticed bye the mice, they knew she was putting in long hours trying to keep the garage in the black. Exchanging a look the trio made an unspoken decision, Charlie would have the day off. When she finished eating they shooed her into the living room and loaded the dishes in the dishwasher and plotted.

Modo pulled an old wicker basket out from under the sink and quickly packed a hot dogs and root beer lunch, then he folded a soft blanket and placed it on the back of Vinnie's bike.

Throttle pulled Vinnie to one side, "Here's the plan Vincent, you take Charlie to the lake and keep her there till about 6 we should have the painting done and the place clean by then."

"You got it bro's." Vinnie grinned.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Interlude I...

A lean leggy figure knelt next to a motorcycle. The casual passer-bye would have seen a young woman wearing a tank top, daisy-dukes, chaps and cowboy boots, however upon closer examination they would see a long tail, and mouse ears adorned with three gold studs each. Her black fingerless gloves covered deceptively delicate looking hands, and her mass of brown hair almost hid her mouse features. The Bike she was fussing over was teal green in color, with silver lighting racing over the sides. The words 'Bad Girl' were emblazoned over the fuel tank.

CJ checked the engine one last time, hearing the bike purr it's pleasure to her. It was time to see just what the modifications Blitz and Shasta had installed could do. She gathered her hair up and tucked in under her helmet, then she gunned the engine and roared off.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Vinnie watched with amusement as Charlie began to drift off into sleep. They had spent the day eating lunch, playing near the water, and talking. He had whiled away several hours regaling her with tales of his youth, loving every smile he brought to her face. She had collapsed in giggles when he reminisced about the time he, Throttle and Modo had decided to skip school, only to be caught bye Modo's mama. He had moved on to tell about first dates, the time Carbine and Throttle got caught kissing in back of the gym, and even how the guys had shoved him out of the locker-room wearing only his skivvies. Now she was sleeping peacefully in the shade of the tree he had spread the blanket under.

Vinnie leaned back and began to nod off in the warm sunshine.


The shadowy figure of Darkening approached the Last Chance, his soulless eyes narrow as he searches for sign of the human female. She was, after all, his target. Sensing that she was not within, he began to track the couple to the lake.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Interlude II

The vehicle was dazzling in it's own right, gleaming black, like polished obsidian, with the word 'Dante' scrawled in ruby red across the doors. The chrome step-ups and tinted windows only added to the truck's intimidating appearance. The engine growled like a well-fed lion, leaving no doubt that it was a well-tended, high performance machine.

Shea bent over and grasped Shasta's boots, pulling her out from under the muscular black pick-up.

"Shasta? Where's Freedom?"

The grease and oil smudged teen looked up and grinned, her peace sign earrings glinting in the sun.

"She took off lookin' for CJ."


A black haired girl peeked out of the driver's side window and chuckled, "Bout an hour ago. CJ said she wanted to test Bad Girl's new weapons system, and Freedom went to ride shotgun."

"Oh lovely..."

The beige colored mouse mech., and the human speed fiend chuckled as their 'den mother' wandered off mumbling about insane mice and excessive firepower.

Both girl's broke up laughing.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Last Chance...

Throttle and Modo grinned as they surveyed their finished effort. The walls of the Last Chance gleamed with a fresh coat of Off White paint, and everything was spotless.

"So Big Fella, do you think they figured out we're playin match-maker?"

"Charlie maybe, Vin? Not a chance."

Chuckling, the two mice put the brooms away and waited for the return of their friends.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Lake...

Darkening approached the sleeping figures, his thin lips twisting into the parody of a smile as he sees how the two are holding hands even when asleep. Moving forward, he attacks.

Vinnie woke with Charlie's scream ringing in his ears. Looking around, he first thought that the sun had set, only to realize that the creature that held Charlie was radiating blackness all around them. Using his tail, he grabbed Charlie around her waist whisking her from it's hold. He gasped as he felt the icy cold that emanated from the being as well as the darkness. Pulling her to him, Vinnie whistled for his bike. Cradling her shivering body close, he tumbled back out of the creature's reach, and landing astride of his bike, took off in a cloud of dust. Letting his bike find it's own way, he lifted her face to look at her. Charlie's face was as pale as salt, her lips almost bloodless. Vinnie felt hot fury well within himself as the radio crackled to life.

"Hey Vincent, you and Charlie coming back tonight?" Throttle's teasing voice reached their ears.

"Later for that bro's, Something big and ugly jumped me and Charlie. We're heading for the hangout. Meet us there?"

"We're half way there bro."

Charlie began to shudder convulsively and Vinnie brought his bike to a halt. By the time the others reached them, she had her face buried in his shoulder, her tears dampening his fur. Without a word, he cuddled her closer.

Taking the situation in at a glance, Throttle said, "Vinnie, get her out of here. We'll meet you at the abandoned warehouse at the corner by Andy's Hot Dog Place at dawn."

Modo patted her shoulder, "Don't worry Charlie, we'll keep that thing away from you."

Vinnie nodded and growled, "We're gone."

Modo and Throttle watched the two ride off, banked rage in their eyes.

Once they arrived at the warehouse, the couple found a sheltered corner that Vinnie was sure was defensible. Wrapping the blanket around her, he tucked her into his arms and cleared his throat.

"Charlie? What did that thing do to you?"

"It was so dark... and cold. I've never felt cold like that before..."


"Yeah Vinnie?"

He tipped her head back so he could look into her eyes, his face solemn.

"I promise you, you'll never be alone in the dark, not while I'm alive."

He drew a deep breath and took his courage in both hands. The he whispered, "I love you Charlene Davidson."

Charlie's eyes grew wide, her smile like the rising of the sun, "I love you too Vincent Van Wham."

Holding each other close, they greeted the dawn.

* * * * * * * * * * *


"Ooh looky there! A plutarkian stooge. Hey Freedom, can I shoot him? Can I, can I, can I, huh, huh, huh?

The blond maned, tan mouse looked at her petite companion.

"Light up his life CJ"

Chuckling the hyper, white mouse fired a flare arrow at Greasepit and the light absorbing ... thing... next to him. Screaming for mama, the oily thug ran all the way to Limburger's Tower. His Dark associate one step behind him.

* * * * * * * * * * *


Modo and Throttle joined the couple, smiling as they noted the way Charlie and Vinnie's bodies angled toward each other, holding hands.

"Let's go to Fish face central and bag this creep."

"Let's do it," Charlie's voice was strong and sure.

Smiling Vinnie said, "Let's go get him sweetheart."

As they reached the tower however, they saw the whole thing come crashing down. Stunned, they didn't notice the three women riding away on Martian battle bikes, accompanied bye a large black pick-up, the drivers snickering.

## Who are these destructive ladies, and why are they in Chicago? What does this mean for our fave Mice and Mech.? More to come ;) ##