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Long Road Home

by Blitz

Copyright Blitz, April 8, 1998

Last Time On Biker Mice from Mars...

Karbunkle: #Wheeeeeeeeeeeeze# Last time, we saw his dairy sweetness' new super villain Darkening, (scene: of Biker babe on roof with her bike Bad Girl) defeated by an unknown Biker, (scene: CJ fires the flare arrow,) who then destroyed the tower. (Scene: of the tower crashing down.) Who are these females? And why are they in Chicago?

(Cue music and title sequence)

All Roads Lead Home by Blitz © Blitz: April 6, 1998 all rights reserved


A light tan, blond mouse surveyed her cell with weary eyes. She spent a long time on the prison ships of Plutark. She was a number these days, no longer a warrior whose name held great meaning to those she fought next to. Now her name was a forgotten dream. A word that drove the mice of Mars to battle invaders, now a cruel reminder of days gone by.

"Freedom? Freedom, are you awake?"

She turned to look at her fellow POW looking into her cell.

"I'm awake Cyren, you want to talk?"

"Why are these bottom feeders taking us to Earth?"

"Who knows, but we'll get our chance to--"

She broke off as two guards entered their holding area, roughly shoving a young female before them.

"Why do we always have to deal with the Doc's screwed up experiments?" the taller guard whined.

"I don't care as long as he pays me on time."

They tossed the adolescent into a cell saying, "At least he's not engineering these things anymore."

"Yeah," the tall one said, "One mouse is one too many."

The delicate mouse curled in on herself, shuddering convulsively. Tears tracked her dusty brown fur. She was young, perhaps 15, with whiskey colored hair. Her wrists and ankles were chafed from the chains used to bind her to the tables, her garments hung on her thin frame. She sat up slowly, brushing her hair out of her face.

Freedom stared at the girl, gritting her teeth trying to keep her voice calm and soothing. Taking a deep breath, she called to the girl.

"How bad are you hurt?" It would have been insane to ask if she was all-right, no one on this prison barge from hell was all right. The girl looked up, her eyes washed with tears.

"It's nothing I haven't dealt with before." She wiped her eyes and said, "My name's Shasta..."


Cyren, or CJ as she was now known, gunned the engine on her war bike. She surveyed the tower before her, a sinister grin shaping her lips. She glanced to her left, checking on Shasta's position. After their daring escape, both she and Freedom kept a close eye on their young friend. Smiling, she let her mind drift back to that day they regained their liberty.

The Prison Ships Of Plutark...

CJ and Freedom slipped Shasta a portion of their food every day in a desperate attempt to keep the girl alive. The trauma of the tests and lack of decent food was taking a massive toll on the teen. She watched with jaded eyes as the guards prepped the cell to her left. Whoever they were bringing in must be pure hell let loose. The cell was maximum security. Unfortunately, the prisoner was 'ported in early. What the ladies heard next could only be described as a Berserker's Battle Cry. The doors flying past the cell first, then the guards were thrown past. Then she stepped put. Black chin length hair tucked behind one ear, dual colored eyes. Her gaze swept left to right. Then, grinning like a Cheshire Cat, she opened the cell doors.

At that moment, several of the 'good Doctor's' guards stormed the room. As Karbunkle entered the room, he paled at the sight of the human female before him. They were so shocked that no one noticed Freedom until she knocked a guard out and 'appropriated' his weapon. Shoving the rifle into Karbunkle's face she snarled, "Guess what Doc, we're leaving!"

Motioning for CJ and the two youths to follow. They headed for the transporter room. Along the way they found a heavily armored room where their bikes were locked up. CJ and Freedom mounted and offered a seat to each girl. Then blasting through the ship, they reached the Transporter.

The human jumped off Freedom's ride and set the coordinates. Setting several charges around the machine, they 'ported out.

They appeared in a mountain meadow. Shasta looked around, dazed by what she saw. She whispered, "It's so green... and the air is so clean..."

Wavering on her feet, Shasta's eyes rolled back in her head and passed out. The human caught her before she hit the ground. Easing the young mouse onto the soft carpet of grass, she shot a worried look at the older mice.

"What wrong with her?"

Freedom placed a gentle hand on Shasta's head.

"She has a fever, pup."

"Name's Blitz."

"Mine's Freedom, that's Cyren..."

"Call me CJ."

"And the pup is Shasta. We need a place to hide out and rest up."

Shea Anders cleared the pass just above the high ridge. Guiding her mount through the tree line she pulled up. There in the meadow below her was three mice, motorcycles, and her protégé'. Taking the situation in at a glance, she dismounted and walked over.

"What's wrong?"

"Pup's got a fever, you know a place where we can hide out?"

Shea smiled at the tan mouse and said, "Get her to my place, you're welcome to stay there."

During the slow ride to the Main house, Freedom explained their imprisonment and escape from the ship. The brunette cowgirl smiled and said, "They don't want to show up here."

Upon arrival at the adobe style ranch house, a woman who looked to be in her late 40's or early 50's greeted them. She tucked her brown hair behind an ear and surveyed the bedraggled group before her. Smiling she said, "Welcome to Shadow Pass Ranch."

Shea dismounted and said, "This is my mother, Sorcha Anders. Momma, This is Freedom, CJ, and Shasta."

"Call me Momma girls."

Blitz shed her leather jacket, revealing a black cropped shirt that proclaimed in white block letters 'Cat. The Other White Meat.' Sighing she said, "Can I help you with somthin Momma?"

"Put that child on the day bed. Shea, make some Willow Bark tea."

A few moments later, she gave her diagnosis. Exhaustion and fever. But Shasta would recover with good food and rest.

Freedom leaned back in her chair; eyeing Blitz curiously said, "So why were the fish faces after you?"

"I kinda sorta trashed their mining equipment and blew up their illegal strip mine with the equipment from Daddy's 'Toy Box'. So they set a trap for me. Guess I was a lil' early for their party because when I feel into that green light, I heard one of them yell 'Too soon, the cell isn't ready!'

"That green light would have been a transport beacon." CJ stated.

"Yeah well, after seeing fish faced stinky aliens, giant talking mice aren't that shocking," Blitz snickered.

" Anyway, this whole mountain belongs to the Anders family and Shadow Pass Ranch. So being the deranged Seal Brat that I am, I blew up everything I could and made it embarrassing."

"Seal Brat?" CJ looked confused.

"Navy Seals... They're elite special forces. My daddy was in Vietnam. When he died, I came here. He and Momma were good friends, so he named them my legal guardians."


CJ, Freedom, Shasta, and Blitz took their positions and eased into the building. While sneaking through the fortress and ducking goons, Blitz and Shasta left their payload. Said payload being enough Thermite to either put the Tower into orbit or a high trajectory arc. Moving silently, the hurried out and sat back to enjoy the fireworks.

"Cherry bombs have nothing on Thermite when it comes to blowing up toilets!" Blitz snickered.

"Well thank the stars your father's former comrades could get us the stuff we needed for this little strike Blitz." Shasta murmured.

"You are one sick pup Blitz." Freedom laughed.


Shea, Momma and Freedom looked up as the trio roared up the drive. 'Dante', Blitz's sentient pick-up was in the lead, with CJ and 'Bad Girl' in hot pursuit. Before either knew it however, Shasta and 'Outlaw' blazed past them, winning the race.

The mice settled into Mountain life quickly. The fresh air, green grass, and cool winds reminded them of Mars before Plutark. With silent evenings and room to ride, the nightmares born of their ordeals as prisoners slowly faded Therapy for Shasta would prove to be the construction of her war bike, 'Outlaw'. While building the bike, Blitz created an AI board for the motorcycle. During that time CJ and Freedom developed the weapons systems as well. Now 'Outlaw' was mobile, agile, and hostile.

As the trio trooped in for root beer, the news flashed on a scene in Chicago. They watched in horror as the Plutarkian machines were shown. There was a series of explosions and the cry of "Ride Free!" was heard.

With cold eyes, Freedom snapped off the TV and looked at her friends. "Saddle up girls, we're going fishing."

Momma looked at the ladies that made up her family and said, "Get it done."


Shea sat with her back to the campfire. "I wonder what their up---"


"Too. Sigh, never mind."

Laughing, the team of bikers made their way into camp. Shea met them with a resigned look.

"Why me?"

"Why not you?" Freedom shot back with a grin.

Shea shook her head and smiled at CJ. With a dry tone, she asked, "Have fun?"

"An absolute blast!"

The five friends settled down to sleep.

The End... For Now

## You want more of the girls? Stick around, they're not done with Limburger or his hydro-sufalic-headcase of a Doctor. ##


Long Road Home

by Blitz

Copyright Blitz, November 12, 1998

Charlie: Last time on Biker Mice from Mars, we saw how CJ, Freedom and Shasta reached Earth and how they met their new allies.
(Various flashbacks of the prison barge, the ranch, and the tower crashing down)

How do these Bikers tie in with the macho mice?

Cue Title Sequence

Long Road Home part 2
Fire from the Sky

(c) Blitz November 1, 1998 All rights reserved

Charlie walked into the living room and smiled down at a sleeping Vinnie. After her encounter with Limburger's newest villain he refused to leave her alone at night. She crept closer, ignorant to the fact that Vinnie was awake, to kiss his nose. Vinnie's hand flashed out and promptly dragged the startled mechanic down for a passionate kiss.

"Morning Charlie-girl."

"Good morning Ego-Mouse. Are you goin to sleep all day or have breakfast with me?"

Giving her a second, quicker kiss, he said, "As soon as I take a shower beautiful."

Once out of the shower he glanced out the window, he smiled. Life certainly looked brighter when you knew you were loved. The familiar roar of Martian bikes shattered the morning quiet and he trotted downstairs to battle his bros for breakfast.


"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?" Limburger raged. Those rampaging rodents were no-where near my beloved tower: yet it is in ruins!"

"Duh maybe that biker girlie did it boss?" Greasepit offered.

"What Biker Girl?" Limburger snapped

"Da one that was riding a bike like those meeces ride. She shot at me and your new villain with some kinda arrow at us."

"KARBUNKLE! Could those female rebels possibly be on this planet?" Limburger's face was notably panicked.

The doctor wheezed and said, "It is possible your Creaminess. Do you wish…"

"Step up the patrols! Hire more Goons and do not forget why those infuriating females are so dangerous!" Limburger hurried into his office wondering if he had a laser proof vest.

Lake Michigan

CJ sat on the dock, lost in memory. Other than Freedom she was the only survivor of Black Ops, the elite Martian sabotage team. They were trained to fight or fade away, depending on the situation. They caused massive amounts of damage to the Plutarkian war machine. Now Shasta, Blitz and Shea were the only other Black Operatives. Blitz often joked that Uncle Sam needed Mars' two most wanted warriors, to train American military teams.

Her hands ached for her journal, she wrote everything in it, but it was lost in the final battle that wiped their team out. Betrayal, her failure to carry out her last mission was the reason the government sanctioned their team. Their last mission a set-up and the Plutarkians ambushed them.

Flipping open her wallet she stared at he picture in the first plastic sleeve. The picture was taken during the war, it was her last target. She had studied the mouse, his movements, his friends, and in those final moments, she took the shot that ended her career.

She told no one about the last mission, not even Freedom, her closest friend. During the war she often left 'on assignment' for several days, returning with death in her eyes and a darkness in her soul. All she did, she wrote into her journal. That journal was forever lost.

She traced a finger over the smiling face of the freedom fighter looking up at her through the picture and closed the wallet. With a misty smile she tucked the wallet away and sat back. A shadow fell over her. Glancing up, she grinned at her young friend.

"Sad memories CJ?"

"Just bitter-sweet, Blitz. Sometimes the memories are sometimes sharper than others."

"Hey you two! We got a line on sewage-face's next move. Let's saddle up and get gone!" Freedom called.

As CJ and Blitz reached their respective rides, the younger rebel asked, "How did you keep your wallet? I'd think that the guards would've taken that first thing."

"Bad Girl's hidden compartment, my ID and dog-tags were kept in there." was the reply.

"Hurry up you guys! Trails getting cold!" Shea yelled from her jeep.

The pair grinned and joined their team.

Limburger Tower

Karbunkle, just how many of those gene-warriors did you create? And how many escaped?" Limburger inquired.

"Only two your dairy-richness. The female is with those Black-Ops rebels."

"And the other?"

"The male? Well, I'm not sure."


Far-away but still on Earth

"Yo Raider! Where ya been mate?"

A steel gray, white haired mouse brushed his hair back from his face and chuckled. "Went walkies Grey, anything happen while I was gone?"

"Other than the fact that Runaway wants your hide? Nothing." The tall black haired human replied.

"That my friend is one cranky Sheila." The human laughed at the nervous look on the young mouse's face.

"Oh Mamma."


The sound of various explosions rocked the abandoned warehouse. Limburger's super villain Darkening was supervising the theft of dirt, hoping to receive his fee and exact revenge on the mice that ruined his perfect kill record. He never lost, and this affront was inexcusable.

Smiling, if one could call it that, he moved to attack. Laughing evilly he struck Vinnie first. Vinnie was sent flying from his bike, deep furrows carved across his back and shoulder from Darkening's taloned hands.

Throttle and Modo were blasted off their bikes as well. The battle looked bad, when the sound of a weapon being cocked turned the tide. Greasepit and Darkening froze, they knew what that sound meant. An instant later a glowing bolt of energy flashed out of the rafters and sent the moron and the light sucking fiend diving for cover.

Then a hauntingly familiar battle cry echoed across the battlefield. Throttle looked up, stunned, as a Martian war bike crashed through the walls nearest to him. The rider cocked a blaster and aimed at the goon covering him.

"You boys really need to learn to play nice."

Throttle felt as though the world just dropped on his head. It couldn't be. She was dead! Carbine told him herself. How in the name of Demos could it be-

"Freedom?" His voice was hesitant.

The rider cocked her head and issued an order.

"Lets get this cleaned up." She barked, and helped him stand.

Another bike blasted through and was followed by an emerald green CJ5 and a large black pick-up. The battle wrapped up quickly, the goons sent running. Only then did the rider look back to Throttle.

Modo, Vinnie, and Charlie moved to the tan mouse's side. The others joined the mysterious rider. The two sides measured each other with the eyes of warriors. Throttle drew a deep breath and asked his question again.

"Is that you Freedom?"

The leggy biker shed her helmet and shook out a length of long blond air.

"Hello little brother."

Several hours later at the Last Chance

"Thank Demos for Plutarkian stupidity." Modo smiled.

"How were you caught Free? You guys were the best." Throttle asked.

"We were betrayed, our last mission was a set-up, me and CJ are all that's left of Black Ops."

Throttle looked to the white mouse next to his sister. She was quiet, observing everything around her. He noticed how she sat in the most defensible position in the room and gauged all there with a measuring eye. She watched him closely; it wasn't an admiring look, more like unsure caution. She was nervous around him. And that made him curious.