I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of all the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself. I caution viewres for this story contains SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS and GRAPHIC DETAIL. So, if you don't have the stomach for this kind of visual writing, then please do not read. I apologize for the length of this story.

Let's Go Shopping!

(By: N-E-K Givan Feb.1, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

8:00 a.m

Scene 1: At Last Chance Garage

(The setting starts as the sun burns bright over the Last Chance. Today is an unusually warm day. Its been three weeks since the Limburger/Maula matter. Maula is the first to get up in the moring since Carbine trained her to get up early. She walked out of Charley's room very quietly and walked downstairs. She spotted Modo on the livingroom couch fast asleep. She figured that he couldn't go to sleep so he came downstairs to watch television, but ended up having the T.V watch him. He was in his boxers in the small couch crunched up so he could keep warm. Maula noticed that he still shivered so she went over to the corner and got a blanket to pull over him to keep him warm. She spread the blanket over his thick long body and watched a smile come across his face. She then went into the kitchen and raided the fridge to see if there was anything to make for breakfast. There was nothing.)
Maula: Poor Charley! Feeding these mice must cost a pretty penny.
(She decided to go food shopping for her new found and needy friend. She went up stairs and took a nice long hot shower and got dressed. She wore a pair of blue moderate short shorts that were cut on the sides, a black tank top and a black and blue plaid short sleeve button down short over it. Her thick heavy hair was in her usual ponytail. She was ready to go)
Maula: Okay, I'll get eggs, bacon, ham, bread.....................(she then looked into the kitchen): Well, I'll just get what she doesn't have in her fridge, everything!
(She mounted Fury and walked him out of the garage without a single sound. She first went to the bank. She took out $9,000 just in case Charley needed any money in the future. She then rode Fury to the store and bought a truck load of food. It was enough to even settle the mice for a whole month! Somehow, she loaded the food to Fury and rode home. When she got back to the garage, Charley was already up looking sad for the lack of food and money she had.)
Maula: Hey Charley, are you busy?
Charley(sad voice): No, I'm not. We have nothing to eat, and worse, I have no money!
Maula: Come to the garage with me and I think what you will see will make you feel a lot better.
(Charley walks with Maula to the garage to see the enormous amount of food loaded somehow on the bike and tears rolled from her cheeks.)
Maula: Whats wrong Charley?
Charley(sobbing): Thank you so much Maula!!! (she hugs her): Thank you!
Maula: No problem, but now I'm gonna need your help or the guys. I am not lugging this stuff into the kitchen by myself!! hahaha
Charley: I agree!! You bought it, now its time for the guys to do more than just eat!!!
(They started to the livingroom where Modo was still sleep.)
Charley: Modo, Modo? Wake up!
(He wouldn't budge)
Maula: Let me try!!!!!!! Modo, GET UP NOW SOLDIER OR ELSE I'LL MAKE YOU GIVE ME 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(His eyelids flew open and he was on his feet standing at attention.)
Modo(loud voice that woke up Vinnie and Throttle the same way): YES, MA'AM!!!!!!!!
(Vinnie and Throttle both run from downstairs and stood at attention. When they noticed that it was Maula and Charley that woke them up in that manner, they were upset!!)
Modo(his eye glowing red and trying to be polite and sweet): Why did you do that ladies?
Charley: We need your help.
Throttle(realizing something): Sure girls, but, can we get dressed first? I feel so embarassed running out of my room in my boxers.
(Modo and Vinnie noticed the same also)
Modo(blushing and trying to cover himself): Ooops!!!!!
Maula: Why are you all hiding? You rather let Limburger and his goons see you, but when its us, you get all scared.
(Modo, Throttle and Vinnie are now starting to walk proud)
Modo: No ma'am. Forgot about that little battle.
Maula: Who do you think put the blanket over you this morning? (Looking at Modo blush) Now, I have some things for you to get, can you handle that my army of briefs?
Throttle, Vinnie and Modo: Yes ma'am.
Maula: Good, now follow us.
(They walk into the garage and spot the mountain of food and their jaws hit the floor.)
Charley: Maula did me a great favor without me knowing. She went food shopping and bought us enough food to last a month because I have no money to pay anything here at all.
Maula: Oh, Charley, I forgot to give you something else.(She reaches into her pocket and gives her $2,000.) And don't tell me that I shouldn't have and that your not going to take it cause you have no choice.
Charley(in shock): But I......
Maula(interupting): And your gonna take it and take the extra money to pay off that guy you borrowed money to because I'm gonna kill'em if I ever run into him for trying to threaten you over the pho.......
Vinnie(mad): What guy? Who's been threatening you?
Maula(realizing she spoke a little too much info): Did I say threaten, I mean pretendin', yeah thats it, pretendin'
Vinnie: I ain't buying it sweetheart!! Who's this guy threatening you Charley?
Charley: I'm not going to say Vinnie because I know what you are going to do.
Modo: But it won't just be Vinnie Charley ma'am, so you HAVE no choice but to tell us.
Charley: But,............
Modo(in a fit of rage): NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charley(looking at Maula): Thanks Maula!!! (looking at Modo and Vinnie): Well, I needed some extra money to try and keep the garage looking decent, I mean come on, you guys always destroy it. So, I took a loan and he gave me a date to pay him back, but the problem is that I had no money to give him. From that day on he has been harassing me for it.
Modo(Sounding sad): Oh mama, sorry Charley ma'am, its all our fault. We'll repair the place up, but next time please, pretty please don't ever take a loan from anybody.
Charley(hugging him): Ok Modo, you big ol' softy!
Modo(looking at Maula): Maula, I know you were trying to help Charley out with that low life, but I don't want you nor Charley getting hurt. Please, can you please, tell the guys and I what is happening? Please??????
Maula: Oh alright. I will, but just for you guys I will. Now, may you please, the food needs to be put away and cooked.
The mice: YES MA'AM!!!!!!!!

(Throttle, Vinnie and Modo carried the bags into the kitchen and the girls followed behind. Maula remembered that the guys only have one pair of clothes, the ones they came to Earth in. It was time to go shopping.)
Maula: Hey guys, lets go out to eat!
The mice: WHAT!!!!!
Charley(puzzled): Why Maula? You went out and bought all of this food, why do you want to go out to eat?
Maula: Well, because, I noticed that the guys don't have any clothes. They need more than just a pair of pants and some boots. I'm gonna take them on a shopping spree.
Vinnie: Naw sweetheart, you don't have ta.......
Maula(interrupting): I know I don't have to, I WANT TO, for yours and my sake.
Throttle: But Maula....
Maula: Don't argue with me mousy, or do I have to strip you of more than your underwear!
Throttle: No babe, thats ok.
Maula: Great!!! Then once you boys finish putting the food away, you can put your pants on and we can go shopping!

(The guys finished with putting the food away. The quickly went upstairs and took turns taking a shower. Then then put on their pants and boots and were ready to go. They head downstairs where the girls were waiting.)
Throttle: Ok babe, we're ready!
Charley: Great, lets go!!!
Maula: Let me see how Fury is doing from all that food I hauled on him. (Leaning over her bike): Hey baby, how ya doing? (the bike revved weakly): Your too weak to ride now, I'll let you rest. (the bike then went to the corner and shut off): Well, I have no way of getting there.
Modo(happy): Nonsense Maula you can ride with me. (He snatches her with his tail): Just hold on tight!
Vinnie: To what big fella? Your so wide she may not even be able to put her arms around ya!!
Throttle: OHHHHHH!!!!! He got ya there bro!
Maula(looking at Modo blush): Oh nuts, you mean I can't feel everything that I want!!(She then looked at the guys to see that they were blushing): HA!! Gotcha!
Vinnie(noticing Charley was mounting her bike): Hey babe, you can mount this over here. (He snacthes her with his tail and bords her on the bike): And I don't mean the bike, babe. (He gives her a sinister smile)
Charley: Keep talking like that Vin, and I'll just have to give you a good thrashing!
Vinnie(noticing his bros were laughing at him): Funnniee, let's roll!

(They arrive at the mall and head straight for the men's store. They go into the sportsmen section and pick out some suits for the guys to try on)
Charley(holding a suit for Throttle): Here Throttle, try this on.
Throttle: Oh I don't know Charley girl, it looks too,.... too,......... too dressy.
Charley: Oh please, come on Throttle, you'll look good in it!
Throttle: Oh alright Charley girl, I'll be out in a second. (He heads in the dressing room): But I ain't gonna like it!
Charley(turning to Vinnie): Now its your turn Vin!
Vinnie: Ah, no way Charley girl!!!!
Maula(with Modo in his dressing room): Wow Modo, you are huge, in a good way of course. (She takes out a measuring roll): I just need the measurements of your shoulders, neck, arms, biceps, chest, waist, hips, thighs, butt,(She pauses): OOOOHHHhhh,back, calves and wrists. Thats all!
Modo: Thats all? Am I that big?
Maula: Well Modo, how else are you going to fit into a suit thats comfortable.
Modo: Oh mama, ok I'm ready. (He hold up his arms)

(Maula started to measure Modo chest.)
Maula(under her breath to herself): Danm baby mouse, your as big as a football player!! (She then measured his shoulders,neck, arms, biceps,waist, hips, thighs, butt, back, calves and wrists. She was right, he was a big boy! Once the measurements were all done, Maula called over the service woman for assistance.)
Maula: Excuse me miss, may you help us please?
Service woman: Why sure miss, is your husband ready?
Both Modo and Maula: HUSBAND???? (They both looked at each other and laughed)
Service woman: I didn't mean to offend if I did.........
Maula: No offense was taken miss, it was just funny, it may happen.
Modo(pulling her inside the dressing room): It just may!!! (He then kissed her and threw her back to the service woman with a big smile on her face): It just may.
Service woman: I see that you two would make a beautiful couple.
Maula(under her breath): And have very cute furry kids. hehehe (back to the service woman): He'll be needing these measurments.
Service woman: You have a really big man there miss, I hope he doesn't hurt you in a certain area. (The service woman starts to giggle)
Maula: No, you mean I hope so in a certain area! Make me so sore that I can't walk!!! Hehehe (Both women start to laugh): But we haven't gotten that far,........ yet!!!!!!!!!(Start to laugh loudly)
Modo: Hey, whats going on out there? Why are you laughing?
Maula: Oh, at nothing. (Trying to hold the rest of the laughter in.)

(Throttle comes out of the dressing room wearing an olive green suit with a gold hankerchief by Ralph Lauren that was a double breat jacket that enhanced the width of his back with a vest and the pants fit the legs and hips perfectly hugging his nicely small but tight butt and his olive green maroon and gold tie hugging his neck of the white collar looking very sharp, even with his tail thrashing, he was a handsome mouse. He wore a pair of brown italian lophers with double tassels. Size 11)((I would put a pocket watch but I would only be hurting myself))
Throttle: Well Charley, how do I look? (Doing a spin move and striking a pose)
Charley(turning from Vinnie with her mouth dragging on the floor): WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!! (Charley then had a quick fantasy of her and Throttle dancing in an empty ballroom and then undress her and made passioate love to her caressing every inch of her body with his powerful but gentle hands.): You look great!!!! (She almost licked her lips out of delight, but instead she bit her bottom lip and then turned to Vinnie): Oh no, now you HAVE to put this suit on!!! (She hands him the suit)
Vinnie: No way Charley girrr.................(She shoves him further into the dressing room): Heyy!!!!!!
Charley(in a commanding voice): CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!(She couldn't wait to see what Vinnie looked like in his suit. She then looked at Maula): Maula, take a look at Throttle!!!

(Maula looked over at Throttle and her hormones hit the roof. Just seeing a man in a suit was more than a turn on. Maula was speechless for a while. Her only way of communication was the frequent movements she made when fidgiting. When she was able to speak she could only say one word.)
Maula: DAMN!!!!!!!!
Throttle: Well, well, well. Maybe I do like this suit thing after all.
Maula(looking at Modo): Did the service woman bring you your suit yet?
Modo: Yeah, but do I have ta..............
Maula: PUT IT ON!!!!!(thinking to herself): I can't wait to see how he looks in that suit!

Charley: Hey Vinnie, re you done yet?
Vinnie: I am not coming out!!!! I refuse to!!
Charley(yelling): Would you get out of the room!!!(He steps out of the room and her mouth dropped to the floor just like she did to Throttle. Vinnie was wearing a suit by Nautica. It was royal blue pin striped with a white shirt and royal blue and red swirl tie and a red hankerchief, the jacket expressing the broadness in his shoulders. His pants fit his streamline muscular legs with the greatest of ease and rounded the butt with finness. He wore a pair of black dressy oxfords that shined perfectly with the suit. Size 12): HMMMMMPH, HMMMPH, HHMMMMPH!!!!!!!!!
Vinnie: I told you I didn't want to come out!
Charley: You look good!!!!! (Thats all she could say to the snow white mouse. He looked good enough to eat, like an angel cake, the complete opposite of Vinnie. Just like Throttle. Now they wait for Modo.): Lets see if we can make this suit come in handy one day.
Vinnie: Yeah babe, (Holding her now) like our wedding day!
Charley(pushing him away): You went a little too far there Vin.

Maula: Are you done?
Modo(sad voice): Yeah, I am. Idon't wanna come out.
Maula: Come out hun, OR I'LL YANK YOU OUT BY YOUR TAIL!!!!!!!
Modo(swallowing air): Yes ma'am.
(Maula wanted to cry when she saw how the suit looked on Modo. Only one word for all the women to say: Firm! Modo was wearing a suit by Gianni Versache. It was a champaigne color with a silky non wrinkle material. No white short like the others for Modo wore a TIGHT fitting black turtle neck that nicely gripped each and every muscle from his buldging chest to the nice brick shaped ripples that made his six pack. His pants fit his nice giant round butt with autority all women crave and his equally built drumstick thighs witha hint of bagginess. He didn't even need to wear his jacket, he had that hanging over his shoulder. He wore a pair of dress boots with a buckle going across to give him a rugged but dressy casual look. Size 16)
Maula(dropping her head to the floor): Oh Shit!!!!! Oh God!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!
Modo: Do I look bad?
Maula: The TOTAL opposite of the word baby. You look good enough to..........uh, never mind.(She gave an embarassed chuckle and then cleared her throat): But, you look good. (thinking to herself): Now wait till you get out of it when no one is home, I'll give you a good hurtin' then haha!! (talking to the guys): Now guys, get three of thos suits in didfferent colors.
Mice: Ok.
Charley(to Maula): Are you thinking what I'm thinkin' Maula dear?
Maula(evil grin): Yeah, dirty!!!!! hahaha

(They pay for the suits at the register and are on their way out of the mall when the girls see a store that they want to shop in.)
Charley(to Maula): Look Maula, Victoria's Secret!!!!! Can we Maula can we?
Maula: Yes we can, I need some things from there anyway. Come on guys.
Throttle: Oh no, thats a womans store, we can't go in there.
Vinnie: Yeah, we're manly men, we can't be seen with women.
Charley(to Vinnie): Aww, too bad. I was going to ask you to help me pick what I was going to wear to bed. Thats what that store specializes in. Sleep wear.
Vinnie(snatching her to the store): Well why are we just standing here, lets move!!!
Charley: Ahhhhhh!!!!!!
Maula: Well I guess I'll go in also and you guys can wait out here.
Modo and Throttle: Yep.
Maula: Ok then, I'm just going to get 3 pairs of G-strings for bed and a night gown for bed.
Modo: Pardon me getting personal ma'am, but I thought you said that the G-string was your sleep wear.
Maula: Yeah, and the night gown. I don't like under clothes that much when I go to sleep so I either wear a G-string to make me not totally naked or just a night gown with no under garment. Be back in aaaaaaa.........
Modo(grabbing her with his tail): Throttle lets go in.
Throttle: I agree!!