Late Night Radio

Another Chapter in The Blood ties chronicles

By Hayden

Copyright Shaina Edmondson

may, 9 1998

".....wishing all of my listeners out there in Detroit and Chicago radio land ; from the badest Mamajammers to the coolest penthouse kitties, a fond and sorrowful adieu till tomorrow night.......this is The Wild Thing signing off...ride safe and keep it cool brothers and sisters......keep it cool.....,"the smoky young female voice drifted from the radio in Charley's garage.

Charley sighed as the annoying early morning DJ broke into The Wild Things theme song, you guesses it, Wild Thing. She stood and walked to her radio switching it off, to save her ears from the mind numbing rambling. Charley stood there a minute her jade eyes staring unfocused at something out the window that was just over the work bench.

Charley sighed again, looking at her watch. The green digital numbers told her not only should she have closed up long before and gone to bed, but that soon it would be time to open again. She turned off the lights and locked up for, well, the morning. Still lost deep in thought she walked to her bed room.

Charley sat on her bed, hugging her knees, having donned her night clothes. An old very familiar pain ached through her, and she once again regretted the things had happened all those years before. We were both so young....she was so young....she really didn't want it to wasn't her fault..why couldn't she have seen that...

After a moment or two Charley rose to her feet and padded barefooted to her dresser across the room. On it sat a locked box. Charley slipped the key from around her neck and opened the box. A group of pictures tied together with what appeared to be a child's hair ribbon sat it the look. Two high school class rings; one a females 1990 senior ring with a green stone, Charley's ring, and the other a man's 1992 senior class sapphire stone ring with the words: to my Goldly Locks; all my love, Robby; also lay in the box. Next to them was the second part of a friendship necklace from a crackerjack box, a reminder of happy innocent times.

Charley picked up the pictures. Looking at them one by one. She finally reached one that showed her father, with his sandy blond hair blow wildly, with his arm around her as a six year old. On his shoulders sat a blond headed, green eyes three year old; laugh at the camera. We were so happy back then.....just kids....

When she reached the last picture she stood staring at it for a while. It showed Charley as at her high school graduation. Black robe and hat, still donned. Her arm was around the shoulders of a small blond fifteen year old girl, who had her arm around Charley's shoulders. While Charley was smiling nicely at the camera, the girl had her tongue stuck out. The two sets of green eyes in the picture were happy. I'm glad I didn't know then what I knew know...things fell apart so fast...

Sighing again Charley put the pictures back in the box and re-locked it. Climbing into bed she turned off the light and lay there in the darkness. Eyes wide open.

"Goodnight little sister. Sleep Sweet," Charley whispered into the night. "I--miss you--so--so--much."

A state away in the city of Detroit a young woman stood on the roof of the old warehouse she called home. Sun-ripened wheat tresses blew gentle in the wind, as she shivered despite the flannel shirt and leather jacket she wore. Her bright light green eyes glittered in the night as they gazed upon the stars and the planets in the night sky.

She sighed and took a wrinkled and weather worn picture of two young women out her jacket pocket. She look at it with eyes tempered with regret, before slipping in back in her pocket. The sounds of laughter drifted up to her thorough the open trap door in the roof by her feet.

Someone came up behind her and slipped a arm around her shoulders.

"You okay, honey," an older female voice, sounding with motherly concern, said softly.

She turned and look into the pink eyes that looked at her with worry.

"Yeah, I'm fine...jest thinkin', thats all," she said.

The older woman nodded and climbed back down the latter. "Come one back down with us, dear, fretting won't change nothing." She laughed as the song Wild Thing could be heard from the room below. "Come on now, their playing yer song...."

The girl nodded and smiled. "I'll be down in a sec...."

The older woman descended the latter and disappeared. The young woman stood looking out in the direction of Chicago. She gave a long sigh and turned to the latter.

Looking back over her shoulder, she gave a ghost of a smile. "Goodnight, big sister. No matter what I said I still love ya...all of ya..." a solitary tear ran down her check. "And I miss you especial more than you'll ever know..."her whisper was lost on the wind.

Who is this Wild Thing? What does she have to do with Charley and her long lost sister? What happened 6 years ago? Why hasn't Charley ever told the bros. she had a sis? Who shoot JFK? Did will really have a President named Taff? What is the meaning of life? Will Bruce Willis ever win an Oscar? Will the Python boys ever make anther movie even though one of them is dead? Why do I keep asking this stupid questions? For the answers to these and other exciting questions...tune in next time..same biker mice time..same biker mice station....