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Written by Hummingbird

Copyright Hummingbird, november 20, 1998

It was a very cold day in Chicago. The weather forecaster said there was a 90% chance of snow. The Biker Mice and Charley had decided to go on vacation for the winter. Throttle was the msot practical, packing only the essentials. The same was true for Modo. Vinnie was packing everything he could find in his room. Charley was the first one to be packed, and was waiting patiently in the garage for the guys. Throttle and Modo were the next ones to finish packing, and finally Vinnie emerged. The guys got on their bikes as Charley opened the garage door. Then she got on Vinnie's bike and they rode off further south. They were going to Florida.

They finally arrived at a hotel in Oklahoma. Vinnie had wanted a room with Charley. "In your dreams, hot shot." Charley smirked, punching Vinnie in the arm. Throttle emerged from the front desk with two keys. "We were lucky to find two rooms." he said. "With the Christmas Holidays comming up, they were nearly full booked." The guys went to their room and started unpacking some clothes. Charley went toher rooma nd went to bed. She was pretty sure that the guys weren't going to go right tosleep. In fact, she was certain. 'Oh well. At least ONE of us will be well rested. Perhaps I should lead the guys to Florida tomarrow.' she thought silently.

The next morning, Charley and the guys got an early start and caught an early breakfast. Then they were off on the road again. It was several hours, and nearly eleven o clock by the time they reached the hotel inFlorida where they had their reservations. It was in a Florida state park. Throttle got the keys to their rooms and everyone went to the park. They had been walking several hourse, when suddenly Throttle stopped. They were lost. Modo was the first to catch a sharp sound in the brush. The sound was comming closer. Everything seemed to stop in time. Noone ushered a sound. They could hear the steps of an animal, a large animal, as it drew closer, closer... suddenly a large creature leapt out of the bushes and landed right smack on Throttle's stomach. Throttle opened his eyes and realized that he was lying on his back. His head was pounding and the world seemed to be spinning. The creature that had attacked him was standing on him and snarling in his face. As his vision became less blurry, he could see that the creature was a large Martian mouse! The mouse realized Throttle was a Martian and let him up, though he did not take his gaze off of him. "Who are you?" asked Throttle. The mysterious male just snarled some more. Perhpas he didn't know how to talk. The new male had taupe fur. His muzzel was sandy colored, as were the insides of his ears. The outer part of his ears was black. He had a black stripe running down each side of his muzzel. His eyes were copper colored. Then a second figure stalked out of the bushes. It was a female martian. She was noticibly smaller by about a foot. Her fur was pink. She had a yellow tail and yellow eyes. Her hair was lavendar. Throttle wanted to know who they were and what they were doing in the woods. And how did they get to Earth? But how was he going to communicate with them?

To be continued.....