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WARNING: Includes text what may not be good for readers under 11 years.

Throttle looks up to sweet lady who was standing front of him.Woman had deep red eyes,toffee
fur and black silky hair.Her eyes were glowing because of her will of living.He loved her.She
was his lifemate...his lovemate.He could live with out everything but her.
"Why can't we get married...I really love you..."Throttle said and looked Kitty.
"I don't want to get married...yet...that's all."She answered and went to window.Throttle followed her.
"What's the matter...?"He asked and looked to same direction where Kitty was looking.
"Awww there is a little battle going on...we missed it."Kitty turned to Throttle.
"C'mon don't look like that...gimme kiss."They kissed long time.............................


"THROTTLE!!!WHAT A HECK ARE YOU DOING!!!??"Vinnie yelled.Throttle woke up.
"K...kissing a bellow...I guess..."Throttle smiled to Vinnie as wide as he could.
"DISGUSTING!!!"Vinnie turned to Modo.
"DO SOMETHING!!!!That guy there gives me a creeps..."Modo looked Vinnie lazily.
"Awww let man kiss bellow if he wants..."He said and turned back to TV.Vinnie sighed and
left.Modo turned to Throttle who was daydreaming.
"So...who was the lady...in your dream..."
"HOW DO YOU...?"
"Hey...I'm not wise but not stupid either."Modo smiled.Throttle blushed but went serious in a sec
"It was Kitty..."Throttle said with no voice.Modo's face went dark.
"Sorry man...I didn't mean to..."
"NO! It's okay...she died...I have to live with that..."Throttle said and smiled to him sadly.
"Yeah right...he never will..."Modo thought and turned back to TV again.


"Mr Limburger...I have finished with restraining the body of our test person."Dr Karbunkle
"Good...I will come right away."Limburger said and rose from his sofa (poor sofa).
He arrived to lab.
"Well...may I see her?"Limburger asked.Karbunkle showed the way to room where this test
named "SHE" was lying.
"She should woke up in any minute."He said.Limburger smiled.
"And she wont remember a thing...we can build her any mind we want."He said.Karbunkle
gasped.He wasn't so sure about it.She began to move.
"~Whimber...Where am I?~"Limburger gasped when he heard She's speaking.
"She is speaking Plutarkian!?"
"Ummm...Yes.I programed her that way.Now no one but us can understand her."
"Clever..."Limburger admitted.She turned to him.
"~Who are you...?~"She asked and stood up.Limburger smiled evilly.
"~I'm your very dear friend...don't you remember?~"
"~N...no...what happened?~"She shook her head and back off little when Limburger came
near.Limburger hand over his hand.
"~Don't be afraid...I'm your friend...~"


She cried.All kind of wires came out of her body and it hurt her bad.
"~I thought you are my friends...~"She sobbed without voice.
"~Hmm yes...don't ever trust Plutarkians.~"Limburger said with grin.She looked him deadly.
Dr Karbunkle shoot her with something and She fell to sleep.Nightmares teased her and when
she woke up reality was not better.She remained a mummy more than mouse.She was alone
and scared.She yelled because of pain and fear.
"~HELP!!!SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!!~"No answer.She was terrified.She wanted to escape
as soon as possible.Every place is better than this...soon she find a way out but she was lost.
She couldn't remember a thing...just what happened to her when se woke up in a lab.Alone
in Chicago...with nothing.


"LET'S ROCK AND RIDE!!!!!"Vinnie yelled and Biker Mice left to Limburger's office.
"Let's see what fish face is up to!"Modo said with wide grin.A beautiful face appeared to his
bikes monitor.Modo smiled to Lisbeth.
"Surprise visit again ,huh?"He said.Lisbeth grinned wide.
"I'll come to you soon..."She said and disappeared.Modo winked to his bros to stop.Lisbeth
appeared behind of corner with her black and blue bike.She stopped and walked straight to
Modo.They smiled to each other and kissed "YIP...Front of the others..."Modo thought and
blushed.They continue kissing about a minute.
"AWWWWW C'mon....cool it okay!"Vinnie was bored.Throttle giggled when they didn't
stop.Usually this situation takes at least fife minutes.
"Okay...Lis let's continue this later okay?"Modo said and smiled to her.
"What ever you say teddy bear..."Lis smiled.Throttle couldn't hold it and began to laugh.
"Awwwww...You shut up cutiebutt..."Lisbeth said with out turning around.Throttle stopped
laughing like she were hit him.Vinnie turned away so that Lisbeth couldn't see his wide smile.
Middle of this all they didn't notice this little spying character in shadow's.She looked them.
"~Own kind,own mind.go to own kind,find a own mind...~"
"Well...we were on our way to check what Limburger is up to...but now..."Modo started.
"Oh no!I would love to have fight against him with you!!"Lisbeth said and went to her bike.
"Okay.LET'S GO!!!"


"KARRRRRRRRBUNKLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"Limburger yelled.
"I...I...I thought she would sleep longer..."Dr Karbunkle whimpered.
"S...s...she isn't able to...talk English...and rats don't understand Plutarkian..."
"But they know Plutarkian language if they hear it...AND THEY ARE NOT STUPID!!!Our
only chance is find She before they do..."


"What's the matter Throttle?"Lisbeth asked when she noticed that Throttle was looking nervously around him.
"I...I dunno...I feel like someone would spying on us..."
"Same here..."Modo admitted.They stopped.Street felt bad and dangerous...there was nothing...
or was there houses but no live...some cats maybe...but they just made the mood worse.
"AWWWWW...C'mon we have been here many times before...here is no one because of
fish face."Vinnie said.
"I know that stupid...there is something else..."Throttle said and is voice was just a whisper.
They were quiet a long time...they waited that something would happen...and something did.
She screamed and fell.Vinnie catch her in last second.She screamed still and jumped of from
Vinnies arms she was terrified and went against the wall.
"Hey lady...you don't have to be afraid."Vinnie said.Throttle came closer to She.
"Easy...don't be afraid...you're mouse...and I'm mouse too...mice don't fight with each other."
"NI GARA UM!!!!!"She cried out.Biker Mice looked her surprised.
"What...I don't understand..."Where I have heard that language before?""
"Ni gara um nite.Um nat nare unti at.Ni gara um...nite nite."
"BY MARS!!!!SHE IS SPEAKING Plutarkian!!!!!"Throttle shouted.She gasped.
"~Why they speak different language...why cant I understand them...my god what happened to me...~"She thought.
"Look miss...I can't understand you...and you can't understand me...we have to find language what we both can understand..."
"Um ka She..."She said and pointed her self.
"She...?Is that your name...?She."Throttle asked and pointed her.
"She."She said and pointed herself and tried to smile to him.At least something was clear now
"I'm Throttle."Throttle said and pointed himself.
"Throttle"She pointed him.Throttle smiled.She looked behind him and pointed others.
"Su tat ka?Hu ka Throttle.Um ka She.Su tat ka?"Throttle understood what She meant and pointed Vinnie.
"Vinnie."He said and Vinnie looked She and didn't know what to say,so he stay quiet.
"Vinnie...hu ka Vinnie."She said and went to him.She touched Vinnies hand and smiled.
"Ute Vinnie...ute lu lite um."Vinnie smiled to her.
"Yeah...what ever..."He said.
"I think she said "thank you"."Modo said to Vinnie.She turned to him.
"Tamai hu ka?"She asked and pointed Modo.Man didn't have a clue what she asked.
"Modo..."He said and hoped he gave her right answer to right question.
"Hu ka Modo."She said and smiled to him.Finally She turned to Lisbeth.
"Hu ka sinai!!Tamai hu ka?"
"Lisbeth...sinai Lisbeth!"She grinned.Lisbeth would give anything if someone would tell her what "sinai" means.She went to Throttle.She shook and tear escaped from her other eye.
"Te gara um...um tun te et te gara um..."She began to cry.Throttle took her hand.
"There is no need of brains to understand that something very terrible happened to you..."


"Mr Limburger...uh...we titn't wint that mummy laady annywhere!"Greasepit said to Limburger
"Uh...uh...wat ihf those rats havve find her...?"
"WERE IN DEEP SHIT!!!!"Limburger yelled and went to pack his suitcases.


In the scoreboard.
"What are we gonna do with her?"Vinnie asked and looked She.Throttle was daydreaming again Modo snapped him to his shoulder.
"What are we gonna do with that lady?"Modo asked.Throttle looked them.
"HOW SHOULD I KNOW!!?"He yelled and left.Modo was about to wollw him but Lisbeth
stopped him.
"Better leave him alone...for a while."She said.They didn't notice that She sneak after Throttle.She find him standing a top of the scoreboard and looking to the sky.
"Wate hu kat?"She asked but knew he didn't understand anyway.Throttle turned to her .
"What do you want?Can't you see that I wanna be alone..."He started but swallowed his words
with cry.She stood there covered by gauze.Throttle could only see her left red eye other one
was under gauze.She didn't have any hair because of operations what someone did to her.
She made Throttle felt bad...he didn't want to yell to her.
"I'm sorry..."She walked to him and touched his arm.
"Hu ka tung usa...tutna nef intie"She smiled sadly.
"I wish I could understand you..."Throttle said and smiled.
"A...ai vvis ai...k...kuld anders...tan...d ju?"
"You should speak like us.I just wonder how old Plutarkian language can be your mothers
"Um ka arti...hu ka arti.Lisbeth,Vinnie et Modo ka arti."
"Arti!!"She pointed to sky...to Mars.
"Arti...you mean Martian..."Throttle asked and looked to sky.She pointed her self.
"Arti!!!Um ka arti!!!"Tear rolled down her cheek.Throttle took her hand and looked her.
"I know..."


"Well Throttle..."Vinnie started but Modo shut his mouth.
"Are you okay bro?"He asked with worried face.Throttle just caved him a low look and went
to his bed.She looked him and smiled"~Rest my friend...you have sorrows too.~"She thought
and went to sofa.She sat next to Modo.was irritated and tried not to pay attention.
"Ni ka sarta...um ka uni tito."
"You can say everything what you want...I can't understand you."Modo said and blushed
because he was no good with women...especially if they didn't talk same language.She got
bored and went to her bed what mices bring to her.She tried to get some sleep.Nightmares
teased her.She woke up and began to cry her nose start bleeding.
Throttle woke up because this sobbing sound.He went straight to She.
"Hey what's the matter sweety?"He asked and laid his hand to her shoulder.She turned to him.
"Oh...where did you get that?Let me..."Throttle said and with out hesitation began to dry the
blood of with his bandana.
"Nothing...I guess..." Throttle said and soon the nose stopped bleeding.They looked each
other for a while.She smiled to him thankfully."There is something...something in her smile..."Throttle thought and looked her.He removed his sunglasses and smiled to her.
"Hu ka on samai...Um sansi seti inns um...tutna...um...um...sansrai hu..."
"You...something...me...?"Throttle asked but She's eye answered to him.
"I...I think I know what you said...sorry...I can't...you can't...you're just thankful..."
"Hu...sansrai um nite?T...tutna...tutna..."
"No please your face says what you are trying to say to me...I...I allready have a girlfriend..."
"Rai...Throttle...um gara hu nite...sansrai ka juva las."
"What...?"Throttle was confused this lady felt so different and so exiting.To tell the truth...
Throttle was scared.She looked him but turned away.She rose and went to mirror.
"I...it's not about how you look..."
"Um kanta sisi...wate te met um."She growled and began to tear her gauzes off from her face
"NO!!!STOP!!!YOU MIGHT NEED THEM!!!"Throttle yelled but She didn't care.
"Whatha...?Hey what are you yelling in mid..."Vinnie started but understood quickly.She teared
her gauzes like they would burn her.


"Your cheesynes!I just find out something terrible about She."Karbunkle said.
"Now what...what could be so terrible after that she escaped..."
"Well that's bad that if they find a way to each other...but...but...butbut."


"Throttle...*pant pant*...THROTTLE!!!!!"Kitty yelled and fell to her kneels.Throttle looked
his lovemate who he thought to be dead."She" was Kitty...he couldn't believe it.Throttle went to her
and took her to his arms.
"Are you okay?"He asked but didn't get any voice from his throat.
"Couldn't be better."Kitty answered tiertly.
"B...but you died..."
"Yes but...but Karbunkle awake me...That slimy idiot...tried to make me a PET!!!!"
"LIMMMBURRGERR!!!!!"Throttle got his voice back his eyes began to glow like Modo's.
"I'LL KILL THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!!I'LL KILL HIMMM!!!!"He swore.Kitty landed
her hand to his cheek.
"Hush my love...I hate him...but because of his doctor...I live.let's revenge later.Now would
you ask Vinnie to leave..."