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A Push, Shove, and Kickstart

By: Felicia Tabby

Copyright 1998

The early morning sun rose in the sky over Chicago and shone on three Martian motorcycles
and their riders as they drove towards a drab old warehouse-like building at the edge of the city.
They parked near the front door and Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie dismounted their bikes and
walked up to the door.
"Now remember guys," Throttle said. "we don't want to impose so keep this low key."
The others nodded while Throttle knocked on the door.
"Yee haw!!!" came the rowdy reply.
Throttle turned to yell at Vinnie for being so noisy but Vinnie was sent sprawling to the
ground before anyone realized that the voice was too high to be his. Throttle was the next one to
be shoved on the ground by what seemed like only a white blur. Throttle fell face first on the dirt.
He rolled over onto his back and instinctively reached for his blaster to face the unseen attacker.
But it wasn't there.
"Hold it right there." The same new voice threatened. "One move and you can kiss your face
Throttle and Vinnie looked up to see what was going on. Before them stood a white female
Martian mouse with long raven black hair that hung over large emerald green eyes. The black
river of hair was pulled back in a pony tail high on her head but the long cascade still went down
almost to her waist. She was unusually tall for a female. Taller than Vinnie, only slightly shorter
than Throttle.
But the thing that caught their attention the most was the fact that she had Throttle's gun and
it's barrel was firmly planted under Modo's chin. Strange, she showed skill by being able to catch
them all by surprise. But her manner of dress was not that of any fighter. She wore a short, grey
tank top which showed off a few inches of her flat stomach and incredibly short dark blue short
complete with dirty grey sneakers on her dainty feet.
"Hey, no one tries to hurt our bro!" Vinnie growled, pulling out his own blaster.
"Then allow me to bet the first." the female mouse replied, looking ready to pull the trigger.
"What's going on here?" A different voice demanded.
All heads turned to see Chasis walking up towards them.
"Hurry Chass, get the small one, he's armed." the white female called to her.
Chasis just looked at her.
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Well, I figured if I took the biggest one, you'd show up in time to take out the other two."
"No." Chasis smiled. "I meant you don't have to attack these guys, they're my friends."
"Friends?" the other mouse echoed.
"Yeah, they're Martians." Chasis went up to Throttle and took off his helmet. "See?"
"Oh, whoops!" the female mouse said sheepishly.
"Whoops is right, doll." Vinnie grumbled as he put his blaster away. "Studly heros like us
shouldn't be treated this way."
The white mouse finally took the blaster out of Modo's face.
"It's all right ma'am." Modo smiled, relieved they were on the same side. "It was as honest
The new mouse gave him and odd look and slowly backed away until she was beside Chasis.
"Chass, do my ears need fixed, or did that biker just call me ma'am?"
Chasis gave a light chuckle.
"Kickstart, meet Throttle, Vinnie, and the gentleman you were about to blow away is Modo.
Guys, this is my friend Kickstart."
"It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am." Modo nodded to her.
"Um, uh, likewise."Kickstart nodded back. "You guys must be those biker mice Doubletake
was telling me about."
"That's us." Throttle smiled. He held out his hand to her. "May I?"
"Huh? Oh yeah." Kickstart gave Throttle back his gun. "Sorry again. I guess I've been in the
war too long."
Throttle nodded and put his blaster away.
"Hey, you could take me hostage anytime babe." Vinnie offered, eyeing the white mouse up
and down.
"In your dreams shorty." Kickstart huffed, tossing her thick, black hair.
"What are you guys doing here anyway?" Chasis asked while Vinnie pouted.
"We just thought we'd drop by and see how you guys were doing." Throttle explained.
"Yeah Chasis ma'am. You didn't seem to be doing so well after we brought you back from
Plutark." Modo added.
"And we're worried about you babe." Vinnie finished.
"Aw, that's so sweet." Kickstart sighed.
Chasis glared at her. It always annoyed her when her white furred friend got that dreamy look
in her eyes.
"Well, I appreciate the concern guys, but I'm fine. It's nothing I can't handle."
"Doubletake didn't think so." Throttle said thoughtfully.
"Yeah well Doubletake also thinks the moon's made of green cheese." Chasis retorted.
"Hey, where is my main mouse anyway?" Vinnie asked. "I wanna take him goon bashing with
us again."
"Bad timing guys. He's not here anymore." Kickstart informed them.
"Not here?" Vinnie exclaimed. "Why? Where'd he go?"
"Back to Mars. After Chasis' little fiasco on Plutark, we figured Doubletake wasn't able to cut
it so I was sent down to take his place and baby-sit until someone learns to behave."
Kickstart glared at Chasis who returned the glare with more coldness that the white female
could match so she turned her attention to other things.
"Well, if you don't mind my saying so, you really don't look dressed for the job."Vinnie pointed
"Huh?" Kickstart looked down at what she was wearing. "Oh this. Well I wasn't actually
planning on doing anything my first day here but getting some sun."
"Well, I'm afraid we might be doing more than that." Throttle said. "Do you smell that bros?"
Vinnie and Modo sniffed the air and made faces at the aroma that met their little, black noses.
"Plutarkian." the three Biker Mice said in unison.
"Figures." Kickstart frowned. "Every time I have a nice day planned, some Plutarkian always
has to show up and insist I kick his but."
"Leave the but kicking to us." Throttle said as he and his bros mounted their bikes.
"Because we know how to handle this and we've got the fire power." Modo grinned as his bike
showed off all it's weaponry.
"Besides," Vinnie added with an egotistical grin. "this is macho he-mouse kind of work and
you're not even dressed to take out an ant hill."
"Dressed?!" Kickstart cried indignantly. "How I'm dressed doesn't matter! I could beat you in a
fight even if I was naked!"
"Really?" Vinnie raised an eye brow at her. "I'll have to take you up on that bet some time."
"Why you...." Kickstart growled, but Vinnie was already racing down the street and chuckling
to himself.
Throttle followed Vinnie in the direction the Plutarkian stench was coming from while Modo
momentarily stayed behind.
"I'm sorry about Vinnie." Modo apologized. "He really does mean well and we don't want you
getting hurt."
"Hurt?! Well I'll hurt him if I--" Kickstart's out burst was cut off as Chasis put her hand over
her mouth.
"I know Modo." Chasis replied calmly. "You better catch up with the others."
Modo nodded and took off after his bros.
"Buncha sexist pigs." Kickstart grumbled in the direction the male mice had gone. "Come on
Chass, let's go crash their party."
"Where are you going?" Chasis asked as she watched Kickstart march inside their temporary
After her last encounter on Plutark, Chasis had had enough fish fighting to last her a while
yet. She also didn't have the energy to put up with Kickstart's feminist antics at the moment.
"I'm going to change and then we'll show those biker boys how real fighters do it. Are you
coming or not?"
"Not." Chasis sighed. But Kickstart was already out of hearing range. Chasis groaned as she
went inside.
"I have far too many days like this."

The foul Plutarkian smell was coming from an old metal salvage yard not far from where the
female mice were. Among the piles of disguarded metal, Greasepit sat at the controls of one of
Limburger's digging machines. The large mechanical monster stood several feet tall,taking out
large chunks of dirt and metal with it's mechanical claws. A fancy purple limo drove up to the
enormous machine and Greasepit ceased his activities to look down at it.
"How's I doing Boss?" he called.
The limo's back window rolled down to reveal the broad, double chinned face of Lawrence
Limburger himself.
"Dispatch with the stupid questions and keep working." Limburger ordered. "I want this land
and all the metal here dug up before the Biker Mice...."
He was interrupted by three Martian bikes sailing through the air with their rider's making
more noise than their engines.
"Oh, never mind." Limburger moaned.
"Time to trash those trash collectors bros." Throttle called to his buddies.
"Yee haw! You don't have to ask me twice!" Vinnie howled.
The white, adrenaline powered mouse sped in front of his bros, aiming for the first machine he
saw. Vinnie's bike shot lasers at the mechanical monster. As he raced by, he launched a grappling
hook which wrapped around the machine's legs and pulled them tightly together. Next, Modo
drove by and launched a missile at the thing, knocking it to the ground.
"Mr Limboiger! Them meises are coming!" Greasepit panicked.
"I can see that you greasy galoot!" Limburger snapped. "He turned to Carbuncle who was
sitting beside him in the limo. "All right Doctor, you know what to do."
"Yes of course most flatulently fragrant one." Carbuncle nodded, pulling a small device out of
his lab coat. "This will fix those high riding rodents."
He pushed a button on the small remote and the pile of scrap metal next to them began to
shake. Old and rusted pieces of metal fell away as a large, black disk emerged from it.
"What is that?" Throttle wondered as he saw the object rise out of the ground.
To him it just looked like a seven foot high black circle. But then the strange device began to
vibrate and Throttle's bike spun out of control. It swerved left then right and then flipped upside
down as it flew through the air, sending its rider wheeling to the ground. Throttle looked up from
the not to soft place he had landed and saw his bike magnetically stuck to the large disk.
"Hey, they can't do that to our bro and his bike!" Modo yelled.
"Yeah, let's get em!" Vinnie agreed.
The two mice charged for Limburger's limo. But the disk had already turned on its squeaky
hinges to face them. Vinnie and Modo's bikes were sent flying through the air and met up with
Throttle's on the disk. The white and grey mice who were riding the bikes fell to the ground like
their bro before them.
"Who's got the upper hand now?" Limburger scoffed from the safety of him limo. "I just stole
all your toys. Nah!"
"Not all of them." Modo's eye glowed red as he aimed his arm canon at the hated Plutarkian.
"Greasepit! Do something!" Limburger cried as he tried to hade behind Carbuncle.
"Duh, sure ting boss." Greasepit said, not having a clue how he would obey his employer's
He looked over the many buttons and levers than lay before him in his digging machine. He
shrugged, closed his eyes and pushed one. I missile fired out of the machine and landed in the
midst of the three mice, sending each one flying in a different direction.
"He he." Greasepit gloated over his surprised success. "I've got yous now Biker Babies."
He started his machine towards Throttle who was on his hands and knees, slowly recovering
from the blow.
"Bro, watch out!" Vinnie warned.
Throttle looked up at the large machine lumbering over him. He tried to scramble away as a
metallic claw sent him flying off his feet, into a small pile of scrap metal.
"No one hurts my bro." Modo growled as he watched from the place the missile had sent him.
He aimed his arm cannon at the large machine which loomed over his companion. The
mechanical arm sparked and sputtered but the cannon wouldn't open.
"Oh mama, it's jammed!"
Modo and Vinnie looked on helplessly, there was no way they could reach their bro in time
without their bikes. Throttle could hear Greasepit laugh inside his machine as he tired to inch his
way backward in the loose pile of scrap. But without a bike, there wasn't much he could do.
"I got you know mousy." Greasepit said with glee and he readied for the kill. But a sudden
explosion rocked his machine instead. "Huh?"
A whole barrage of missiles followed, all hitting their mark and knocking the massive machine
over on its side.
"What?" Throttle asked, looking around to see what happened.
He glanced at his bros for answers. Vinnie and Modo shrugged. The fire hadn't come from
"Chew on that, you looser!"
All heads turned to look at the owner of the voice.
Up on a hill above them sat Kickstart on her own motorcycle, dressed differently this time. She
wore dark brown army style pants with green boots and a tan shirt over a light green Martian
army vest. Her black hair was pulled back in a long, think braid which reached down to her
"Who's doing the but kicking now?" she called to the Biker Mice with a smile.
She revved her bike's engine and took off into the air above them.
"Carbuncle, please take care of that mouse." Limburger told the scientist calmly as he watched
the new Martian soar over him.
"Right away your most proficient pikeness." Carbuncle replied as he pressed the control's
buttons, turning the magnetic disk in Kickstart's direction.
"Ahhhh!" Kickstart screamed when her bike was unexpectedly pulled out from under her in
mid air.
The bike was sucked onto the disk like the other three before it. Kickstart fell head first into
oneof the many piles of scrap metal lying around.
"I think it would be a good idea to return back to the tower before the mice recover."
Carbuncle suggested.
"Indeed." Limburger agreed. "But first, I want you to catch that female Martian. She may be a
friend of those other two."
"At once oh Odoriferousness."
Kickstart crawled out of the mound of metal, rubbing her bruised head and wondering what
had happened. She looked up at the sound of creaky metal joints and saw the large magnetic disk
with the four bikes attached to it turn to face her.
"What is that?" She wondered to herself.
The disk started to hum and vibrate and small pieces of metal began flying towards it. Only
then did it finally hit her what it was.
"Aw crap!"
She turned to ran away when a large pipe collided with her stomach and propelled her towards
the disk. She collided with the giant magnet hard, hitting the back of her head on it and knocking
her unconscious.
Limburger was still watching from his limo through all of this. He smiled at Kickstart's
capture, but gasped when he noticed the biker mice had recovered and were coming towards him.
"Carbuncle, I think now's the time to hasten ourselves back to the tower." There was slight
panic in Limburger's voice.
Carbuncle glanced at the approaching Biker Mice.
"Point well taken oh most guile of groupers." Carbuncle turned to yell at the limo's driver.
"Get us out of here you freak of nature!"
"I aim to please." Fred chirped happily, undaunted by the insult as he stepped on the gas
"Wait boss!" Greasepit called urgently as he climbed out of his machine. "Wait for me!" He
started running after the retreating limo.
"Do we follow?" Modo asked, as he watch Greasepit run away.
"With what?" Vinnie snorted.
"Vincent's got a point there." Throttle said. "We know where to find Limburger but right now
we need to get Kickstart and out bikes off that thing." He pointed to the gigantic magnet sticking
out of the ground.
As the biker Mice approached the magnet, Carbuncle pressed a button on his remote from his
seat in the limo and the disk disappeared right in front of the Martian's eyes, along with all that
was stuck to it.
"Aw man!" Vinnie griped. "This is not one of my better days."

"What are you guys doing back here?" Chasis asked when the Biker Mice showed up
unexpectedly on her door step for the second time that morning.
"Sorry to intrude again, but it was too far to walk back to Charley's." Throttle apologized
as they stepped inside.
"Walk?" Chasis asked as she gazed outside. "Where are your bikes? And where's
Kickstart? I thought she went after you guys."
"She did, but Limburger got her." Modo ruefully replied. "He got our bikes to. The stink
fish! I can't believe that bottom feeder TOOK OUR BIKES!!!!"
Modo growled in anger as he punched the wall, leaving a good sides hole in it.
"Modo, this isn't the score board." Throttle scolded.
"Whoops." Modo said sheepishly. He tried to hide his metal arm behind his back but then
pulled it away from him and it started to sputter and spark.
"What's the matter with it?" Vinnie asked.
"Got all banged up during the fight." Modo said, trying to stop it from sputtering. "Guess
we should find a way to get back to Charley so she can fix it."
"We can fix it right here." Chasis offered. "Follow me."
The mice followed her into the same room they had been in the last time with the
transporter in it. The room was still heavily furnished with technical equipment as ever.
"Put your arm right there." Chasis instructed, pointing to a spot on a cleared part of a
table. Modo did as instructed. Chasis pushed a button and a green light scanned over the robotic
limb and the schematics for it were brought up on a computer screen near by. Next, little robotic
armscame out of the table and immediately began repairing Modo's arm cannon. They finished
within afew moments.
"Cool little gizmo you got there." Vinnie commented. He poked curiously at one of the
little arms snaking out of the table which instantly shocked him back. "Ouch!"
"Careful Vinnie." Chasis smiled. "Some of our gizmos here have AI chips in them."
"I thought the only AI chips there were are the ones in our bikes." Vinnie said as he
nursed his singed finger.
"These are different than the ones on your bikes." Chasis explained. "They're not as
advanced. They make the machines easier to work with and add just enough to give them
somewhat of a personality, I'm afraid."
"Hey Chass." Throttle said. "I'm sorry your friend got captured. I promise we'll do what
we can to get her out."
"It wasn't your fault, don't worry about it. Besides, Kickstart should be used to it by now.
She always gets captured when she goes rampaging around like that."
"Still," Throttle said again. "I'm worried about what Limburger plans to do with her and
our bikes."

Kickstart moaned as consciousness reared it's ugly head in her direction. She could
already feel the lump forming at the back of her skull. She looked around to find she was no
longer on the battle field. She was tied tightly to a chair in a fairly large room with a wide blank
screen in front of her.
"Aw nuts!" Kickstart cursed. "Why am I always the one to get caught? Playing the
hostage is so demeaning."
"Ah, I see our new guest is awake." Limburger's voice cooed as he stepped in front of
the white female.
"Woa, if this is how you treat guests, I'd hate to be a prisoner." Kickstart commented.
"You are a prisoner you stupid--" Limburger's outburst was cut off by a different voice
when the screen behind him suddenly came to life.
"Oh Limburger." the voice of a Plutarkian called.
Limburger turned to face the screen, surprised that it wasn't the usual Lord Camembert
screaming his name. But it was still someone he detested.
"Lord Stilton?" a confused Limburger asked. "What brings you here?"
"I come with a message from Lord Camembert." the prim and proper yet still ugly form of
Stilton said.
"Why didn't he contact me himself as usual?" Limburger asked again, though not overly
fond of talking to any of his superiors.
"Because when that female Martian was brought to Plutark for trial she demolished
several buildings, one of which was Lord Camembert's private quarters." Stilton paused to give a
small snicker. "Also were all of the planet's communication systems destroyed."
"Really." Limburger grinned at the idea of not having to worry about Camembert yelling
at him for a while. "So tell me then Stilton, what would be so important that Lord Camembert
would go through all this trouble to tell me?"
"All in good time Limburger." Stilton sneered. "But first, the Traditional Plutarkian
"No." Limburger complained. "Anything but that. You know how much I detest the
Traditional Plutarkian Greeting."
"I know." Stilton nodded and grinned haughtily. "Now as your superior, I demand the
Plutarkian greeting."
"As you wish." Limburger mumbled.
He slowly trudged up to the screen and turned around, pressing his backside to it. Stilton
did the same (after disinfecting the screen, of course) and the two Plutarkians began reciting the
greeting in unison.
"Cheek to cheek and stink to stink. As Plutark grows the galaxy shrinks."
Kickstart silently watched as they finished their greeting with the traditional shrieks and
arm pit noises.
"That's the Plutarkian greeting??" the white mouse asked with wide eyes. "Ah-hahahaha!"
She erupted into riotous laughter. "Cheek to cheek! Hahaha!!"
"Oh, shut up." Limburger growled.
"Who is that?" Stilton asked with prejudice in his voice.
"This is one of those meddlesome mice I have captured." Limburger said proudly. "She is
the friend of that female Martian that not even the whole Plutarkian army could control."
"Speaking of that Martian," Stilton said. "Lard Camembert has told me to inform you that
if you get that Martian and bring her to him, dead or alive, he will make you grand Pooh-bah of
"Me? Grand Pooh-bah?" Limburger asked in surprise.
"Yes, it came as quite a shock to me, too." Stilton added with distaste in his voice.
"Well, in that case, I can sure you that the other female Martian with be captured soon
enough." Limburger vowed.
"Yeah, right." Kickstart snorted from behind him.
"Oh Limburger, while you're at it, see if you can also capture that orange haired mouse she's
supposed to bewith." Stilton added. "That's one mouse I don't want coming back to Mars while
I'm still here."
"Too late fish face!" Kickstart retorted. "Doubletake's already back on Mars."
Stilton's eyes went unusually wide, even for a fish.
"He is?" he asked in a small and terrified voice.
An explosion was his answer. Stilton's place on Mars shook as Limburger watched on,
grateful for the chaos not being around him for once.
"Heya Cheese Head. Look who's back!" came a dreadfully familiar voice to both
"Did ya miss me?" Doubletake asked as he wrapped his arm around Stilton's head and
pulled it down to give him a noogie. "You old scoundrel!"
"Don't touch me you disgusting, vile creature!" Stilton jumped from the mouse's grip and
started disinfecting everything like he had the plague.
"Aw, you know you love me." Doubletake grinned wide. "Hey, who ya talking to
anyway Beluga But?" He looked at the screen and gasped at the familiar face before him.
"Cheeseburger! I didn't know you two knew each other."
"Unfortunately." Limburger muttered to himself.
"And who's that behind you?" Doubletake asked again. "That can't be.......Kickstart? Hey,
what's up girl? Did you get captured again?"
"Yes." Kickstart frowned.
Doubletake gave her a strange look.
"Don't you ever get tired of that?"
"Get out of here Martian!" Stilton growled as he roughly shoved Doubletake away from
the screen and the dark brown mouse landed somewhere out of view.
"So ya wanna tangle, eh?" Doubletake's voice sounded off screen.He lunged at Stilton and
tackled him to the ground.
"Get off me you diseased nuisance!" Stilton shouted in rage.
Doubletake shoved Stilton in the screen's controls and it shut off. Limburger sighed with
relief when he no longer had to face up to his superior.
"I'm so glad I'm not the one dealing with that wacked out wallaby."
"No kidding." Kickstart agreed. "They broke the mold when they make that mouse."
"Oh most pernicious of puffers." Carbuncle called as he poked his head into the room.
"The bikes are ready, we can proceed with our plans."
"Excellent." Limburger smiled as he followed Carbuncle out the door, leaving it open just a
"I'd better find out what those two are up to." Kickstart thought to herself.
She started bouncing the chair she was tied to over to the door until she was able to see
through the crack. There, she saw Limburger talking to Carbuncle in what looked like a large
lab. Then the white mouse noticed the three Martian AI motorcycles. The bikes were chained to
the far wall and roared and revved their engines in anger as they fought against their restraints.
"Are you positive this plan will work Doctor?" Limburger asked while gazing nervously at
the enraged Martian bikes. "We've tried to control these things before. They're too wild and too
loyal to those meddlesome mice."
"Yes, but artificial intelligence or not, they are still just machines and with the right
equipment, machines can be controlled." Carbuncle cackled to himself as he watched the bikes
fight against the chains that bound them.
"And how exactly will you do that?" his Plutarkian boss asked.
"With these." the scientist proudly held up a small micro chip. "I installed them into the
bikes' computers while they were still immobilized by our magnet. These chips will allow us to
over ride the motorcycle's AI chips and allow us to take over the bike's functions by remote
He held up three different remotes: one black, one red, and one blue; each color indicating
which bike it could control.
"Wonderful!" Limburger praised. "Then all we have to do now is let the machines go."
"Oh yes my, uh....let them go?" Carbuncle asked in confusion.
"Yes my dear deranged doctor. The bikes will find the mice who will ride them back to
rescue their little white furred friend. And when they least expect it, we'll turn their beloved bikes
against the Biker Mice."
The two chuckled together as they approached the Martian motorcycles who shrank in
dread in villain's shadows.
Kickstart gasped when she heard their plan from where she was spying.
"I've gotta warn them." she said as she started to pull on the ropes that held her. "Come
on gal. You can do it."
She pulled harder, twisting this way and that to loosen the binds. She struggled so hard the
chair started to rock and finally fell over on its side with Kickstart still tightly bound to it.
"Ma-an! I hate being the captive!"

Not too far from the captured Martian, four other mice were standing on a street corner
looking up at Limburger Tower from a safe distance.
"So what do we do bros?" Vinnie asked. "Go visit Limburger or keep walking back to
"I think we'd better tail it to the Last Chance." Throttle said. "There's no way we could
stand up to Limburger's forces without our bikes. We--"
He was drowned out by heavy metal music blaring from a red convertible waiting for the
stop light to turn green next to the corner where they were standing. There were two passengers
in the stylish vehicle, both quite attractive human women. The driver had shoulder length red hair
while her companion had longer blonde hair. The mice noticed the humans the same time the
women noticed them.
"Hey bros, check them out." Vinnie threw a suave smile in the women's direction.
"Ow ow ow!" called the red head when she saw the three bikers.
"Not today baby!" the blonde called as the light turned green and they sped away
"I don't think I'll ever get humans." Chasis commented.
"I wouldn't mind getting them." Vinnie grinned after the retreating convertible.
Modo knocked him in the back of the head. "Knock it off Vinnie. We need to do
something about our bikes right now."
"Ouch! Okay, okay!" Vinnie grumbled.
The mice started off once again for the garage. But they were hardly off the curb when
they heard a ruckus coming two blocks down the street from Limburger Tower. They stopped
and looked at the tall, yellow building just in time to see three Marian motorcycles burst through
the front doors and race toward them.
"What the heck?" Chasis wondered out loud at the sight of the AI machines.
"My baby!" Vinnie cried as he opened his arms to the on coming bike.
"Come to Papa lil darlin." Modo called to his motorcycle with the same enthusiasm.
The bikes were so glad to see their riders again they nearly ran over a young girl coming
out of a near by store in their haste. The human teen had to jump out of the way as not to get hit.
"Oh my precious, precious baby." Vinnie cooed as he hugged his long lost friend. "Was
that big, mean, ugly stink fish mean to you? If he dared to even scratch your paint I'll...."
"Hey you morons! What's the big idea?!"
The four mice turned to the direction of the voice where a twelve year old girl with short
red hair was picking herself up off the sidewalk.
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think pedestrians have the right of way. ESPECIALLY
"Sorry about that little citizen." Modo apologized. "The bikes her just excited to see us."
"That's okay, no one was hurt." the young human walked up to them and inspected
Modo's bike. "How do you get them to move by themselves anyway?"
Throttle grinned down at the girl as he leaned casually against his own bike. "It's a special
secret of ours. And what are you doing here by yourself anyway kido?"
"Yeah." Chasis added. "I don't think your parents would approve of you talking to a gang
of strange bikers."
"Ah, my brother has his own biker gang." the girl replied. "They're not that bad. Besides,
you guys aren't just any bikers, you're biker mice."
The mice looked at each other with alarm when the human revealed her knowledge of
their identities.
"How did you know that kid?" Vinnie wanted to know.
"Well, the tails are kind of a dead give away. And my brother told me about you guys. He
said I should stay away from you, but you look okay to me. Besides the fur and all that is. But it's
cool." She paused to take a breath. "By the way, I'm Jessica. Jessica Stevenson, but everyone
calls me Jessie."
"Nice to meet you Jessie, I'm Modo." the large mouse took the smaller hand in his
mammoth sized one and shook it.
Jessie beamed up at him. The fur on his hand felt weird. Throttle was about to ask how
Jessie's brother had come to know about them when the sounds of spinning blades cutting
through the air interrupted his thoughts. The four mice and human girl looked up at Limburger's
purple helicopter as it hovered above them.
"Hello my repugnant rodents." Limburger scoffed from above. "I see you have your
miraculous bikes back. Too bad I still have this."
The helicopter door slid open showing Greasepit standing behind it holding Kickstart in
his clutches. The white female mouse gasped when she saw the ground far below her and her
whole body began to shake in fear. She closed her eyes tight, trying with all her strength to fight
the panic that was building up inside her.
"This can't be happening. This can't be happening." she repeated to herself in agitated
gasps. She cracked one eye open and immediately shut it again, regretting her action. "Man oh
man, what was I thinking, wanting to come down to Earth?"
"Guys, we've got to help her." Chasis said urgently from the ground. "Kickstart is deathly
afraid of heights."
"I'll get her." Modo volunteered.
He tried to get on his bike but it rolled away from him and beeped with warning.
"What's the problem darlin?" Modo asked in confusion.
"Well if Modo's bike's going to chicken out, I'll do it!" Vinnie announced with gusto.
He leaped onto his bike which promptly rolled out of the way, leaving the rider to land on
the ground.
"Hey!" Vinnie cried as he rubbed his sore backside. "Why you worthless pile of--"
"Hold it Vincent." Throttle said as he helped him up. "Doesn't it seem the least bit
suspicious to you that Limburger let our bikes go with out a fight and now he's taunting us to use
them to go after him?"
"Do you think that fish head did something to our bikes?" Modo asked
The bikes beeped in reply.
"Well that answers that." Chasis said. "Now our only problem is how are we going to fix
"Come on Chass, I thought you were the smart one." Vinnie said impatiently. "Can't you
just take out whatever Carbuncle put in?"
"It's not the simple Vinnie." Chasis insisted. "I don't even know what to look for. He
could have wired them all to blow for all I know."
From above them, Kickstart let out a horrified scream as she was pushed further out by
"I gotta do something." Modo said as he jumped on his bike.
"Wait bro, don't do it." Throttle pleaded. "You have know idea what will happen."
Kickstart screamed again.
"Come one Biker Mice. Come save your friend if you dare." Limburger taunted.
Modo looked at Throttle. "Bro, all I know is that I'll never be able to live with myself if I
let this thing go."
Throttle stepped back and let Modo take off. The tan mouse looked over at Vinnie who
only shrugged in reply before following after Modo on his bike.
"Throttle, I'd like you to stay here." Chasis said to him. "If I can find out the problem on
your bike I'll be able to fix theirs much quicker."
"Need any help?" Throttle asked as Chasis squatted down next to his motorcycle.
"Just watch Modo and Vinnie and tell me what happens." As a after thought Chasis
added. "And keep an eye on the kid. Make sure she doesn't get hurt."
"Kid?!" Jessie cried with indignation. " I can take care of myself just fine, thank you very
Throttle put a hand on her thin shoulder. "Then how about you help me keep an eye on
things for Chasis?'
"Well, okay." Jessie said after she considered her options carefully. "But no funny stuff."
Throttle smiled.

Greasepit's grip on Kickstart's quaking shoulder grew tighter. "Hey Boss, two of dem
meices are headin this way!"
Limburger looked down and saw Vinnie and Modo racing towards them.
"Exellent!" the Plutarkian crooned. "Carbuncle. Where are those remotes? It's show
"Right here your over ripe fruitiness." Carbuncle said as he handed Limburger the blue
motorcycle remote.
"Good." Limburger chuckled. "Let the fun begin."

"So how are we going to do this?" Vinnie asked as they neared the hovering helicopter.
Modo took a moment to think. Throttle was the one who usually came up with all the
plans. But consequently, they were short one mouse on this mission.
"I'll go straight at them while you go around and--What the?!" Modo was cut off as his
bike swerved violently to the right.
"What's wrong with your bike bro?" Vinnie wondered.
"I don't know." Modo grunted as he struggled to gain control. "It's like someone else is
driving my bike."
Both mice froze in a moment of revelation.
"That's it!" they exclaimed in unison.
"Carbuncle somehow has control of our bikes." Modo concluded.
The large grey mouse was suddenly thrown into Vinnie as his bike lurched to the side
again. Vinnie fought hard to gain control as his own bike wobbled dangerously.
"Vinnie, get off your bike before they get control of it too!" Modo called as they collided
"Gotcha!" Vinnie said as he suddenly acted without thinking--a common habit to the
adrenaline powered mouse.
Vinnie suddenly kicked on his bike's thrusters and jetted into the air, making a bee line
straight for the villains and the captured Martian.
"Carbuncle, do something!" Limburger blubbered urgently as he watched Vinnie
rocketing his way.
"I'm trying!" Carbuncle screeched back as he fiddled frantically with the red remote.
"These wires seem to have gotten crossed some how. There! Got it!"
Vinnie suddenly felt the handle bars turn as if some invisible force had a hold on them. The
white mouse then launched himself off the bike's seat the caught hold of the helicopter's landing
"Greasepit! Get that Martian!" Limburger barked in panic.
Greasepit looked at the female Martian frozen in terror he held. The goon then shrugged
and let her go. Kickstart gave another cry before retreating to the back of the helicopter, huddling
and shaking against the far wall.
"And now for yous." Greasepit grinned down at the dangling Vinnie.
The heavy goon stretched down his think boot and pressed it firmly on Vinnie's right
"Ouch!" Vinnie cried as he involuntarily let go of the bar. Now is left hand was the only
thing keeping him form plummeting to the ground far below. "Hey! I'm the only one around here
who gets to play dirty!"
"Not this time you biker boob." Greasepit chortled as he crushed Vinnie's left knuckle
under his heel.
The white mouse yelped in pain as he fell through the air. He could see the ground rushing
to meet him as the wind whipped at his fur and flailing limbs.
This is it.' He thought to himself. I'm going to be street pizza for sure this time.'
But suddenly his free fall was halted to a violent stop as he felt something grab him. Vinnie
looked up and saw Throttle on his bike with an arm and tail wrapped around his waist. The two
mice sailed through the air and landed smoothly on a roof top.
"Woo bro, that was close." Vinnie breathed with relief. "The universe almost lost it's
baddest biker. The ladies of the galaxy thank you bro."
"Anytime Vincent." Throttle said with a wry grin.
"Hey, was Chasis able to find what was controlling our bikes?"
"Nope. I had to go save your tail before she had time."
So sooner had Throttle said that than his motorcycle fell influence to the alien control. It
reared up on it's back tire, bucking its rider off. Then the bike turned around and promptly started
shooting at the two Martians.
"AHHHH!" Vinnie and Throttle screamed as they dove for cover among the piles of
crates that were stacked on the roof top.
"I wonder how Modo's doing." Vinnie said.
Throttle poked his head up and nearly got it blown off by his own bike. "Hopefully, better
than us."

Chasis was wondering the same thing about Modo as she watched Throttle and Vinnie's
predicament with Jessie on the ground. But she didn't have to wonder long.
"Oh mama!" Modo cried as he raced by them.
Vinnie's bike was right behind him, shooting at his tailpipe. All the while his own bike
was swerving from side to side trying to shake him off.

Limburger chuckled with glee as he watched his enemies forces turn against them. "This is
a simply joyous occasion Carbuncle. Those blasted biker mice will ironically meet their end by
their own trusted motorcycles."
"Not today they won't!" Kickstart stated. Having gotten a part of her confidence back, she
kicked the blue remote out of Limburger's hands. The small device hit against the wall the fell to
On the street below, Modo was able to regain control of his bike.
"YOU MORONIC MOUSE!" Limburger seethed at the raven haired mouse, even his mask
was turning a shade darker from his rage. "YOU'LL DIE FOR THAT!"
He picked up the female Martian effortlessly and flung her towards the open door.
Kickstart groped blindly for a handhold as she was sent flying backwards. Shemanaged to
momentarily grab hold of the door frame but her fingers slid off the smooth metal.
Kickstart screamed as she felt gravity take a hold on her and she was thrust downward.
All Martian eyes were watching her horrifying plunge with terror. She flailed blindly in the air and
her hands caught onto something long, round and metal. Kickstart opened her eyes and breathed
with relief when she found she had caught onto a flag pole sticking out horizontally from a
building near by. But then she looked at the ground seven stories beneath her and she shut her
eyes as panic retook her once again.
Modo let out a deep sigh of relief. Because he bike was no longer under evil influence and
because Kickstart was momentarily out of danger. He gunned his engine and drove toward the
distressed Martian. He raced up the side of the building and stopped on the sixth story ledge
beneath her.
"Kickstart." Modo called to her. "Let go and I'll catch you."
Kickstart glanced down at him before immediately closing her eyes again. Her breathing and
heart rate were going dangerously fast. He palms were becoming sweaty and slippery.
"I can't!" she cried in complete fear. "I can't! It's too high!"
A laser beam hit the side of the building and Kickstart screamed as the flag pole began to
"Modo look out!" Chasis warned from the ground.
Modo looked down and saw Vinnie's bike racing at him, guns blazing.
"What?!" Vinnie cried from the other roof top when he saw this. "Bad bike! Bad, bad
Throttle quickly pulled him back down before his own bike cooked the both of them.
"Kickstart, you have to let go!" Modo called urgently.
"I'm too scared! I can't do it!" Kickstart wailed as she held on for dear life.
Vinnie's bike fired again and the flag pole sagged lower.
"Kickstart, you have to let go now!" Modo ordered.
Kickstart's mind screamed not to, but her sweaty hands slipped off the pole. She screamed
as she fell again until she landed in a pair of strong arms. She wrapped her arms around Modo's
neck and hid her face in his chest like a frightened child.
"Don't worry. I got you." Modo reassured her softly as he gunned the engines and drove
back down the side of the building.
"That was so cool!" Jessie exclaimed when they pulled up next to her and Chasis. "Will you
take me for a ride on that sometime?"
"Sure thing kid." Modo grinned as he tapped Kickstart on the shoulder. "Um, you can let
go now Kickstart ma'am. We've stopped."
Kickstart opened her eyes. Seeing that she was safely on the ground, she placed a hand
over her chest and sighed with great relief. "Oh Modo, thank you so much." She gave him a quick
kiss on the cheek before jumping off.
Modo blushed wildly behind his helmet.
"Jessie! What are you doing?! What's going on here?!" a new voice demanded.
"Hey big bro!" Jessie greeted the red haired human as he drove up on his bike. "Look, you
were right! The biker mice do exist!"
The young man looked from Modo to Kickstart to Chasis in a mixture of surprise and
"Nice to see you again Mr. Rusty Stevenson." Chasis remarked, remembering the fiery
young biker all too well.
"There- there's more of you!" Rusty exclaimed at the two unfamiliar mice. "Get away
from us!" He grabbed his little sister by the wrist. "Come on Jessie, let's get out of here!"
"No!" Jessie objected. "I'm not going. They're not bad at all Rusty. Just watch and you'll
"Look out!" Kickstart yelled as Vinnie's controlled bike raced passed them, guns blazing.
They all hit the dirt as the motorcycle raced by.
"We've got to find a way to get a hold of those things." Chasis said.
The frenzied bike quickly spun around and went for them again.
"Uh oh! Time to scatter!" Kickstart as she jumped to her feet and took off.
Modo picked up Jessie and started running.
"Hey! Come back with my sister!" Rusty demanded angrily.
Chasis grabbed the human's collar and yanked him to his feet. "Get a move on
motor mouth before you become cannon fodder!"
They jumped out of the way fried the spot they were standing only a split second later.
"This is all your fault!" Rusty berated Chasis after she saved his life. "None of this ever
would have happened if your kind hadn't shown up here in the first place!"
"Listen you little punk!" Chasis ordered as she grabbed the front of his shirt agitatedly.
"First of all, Limburger would have reduced this city to nothing long ago if we never showed up
here. He's up in that helicopter right now controlling my friend's bikes. And second of all--" she
quickly ducked, pulling Rusty with her as another laser almost hit them.
"Will someone please catch that bike?!"
Modo's motorcycle instantly complied to Chasis' request and shot a grappling hook,
catching Vinnie's bike by the back tire. The red machine fell over from the sudden stop and lay on
its side, spinning its wheels angrily. Kickstart was instantly on top of it, holding the bike down
with the weight of her own body. Modo followed in suit.
"Chass, we could use your help here." Kickstart called.
Chasis ran over to the bike and started probing its systems. "There it is!" she announced
triumphantly as she held up a small, microchip.
The red bike instantly settled down and the mice hefted it back up onto its wheels.
"There you go bud." Chasis smiled as she patted the bike's seat which beeped its thanks.

"NOOOO!" Limburger cried from his helicopter. "Thanks to that detestable female, I only
have one bike left under my control!"
He snatched up the black remote and jerked angrily at the joy stick.

Throttle and Vinnie looked up curiously when Throttle's bike suddenly ceased its attack
and drove back down the building.
"It's going after the others!" Throttle said urgently. "We've got to get down there."
"Right on Throttle!" Vinnie agreed.
The two mice raced into the building and down the stairs to the ground.

"Uh oh." Kickstart said again when she saw Throttle's bike coming at them. "Look alive
guys. Here comes trouble number three!"
All mice, humans, and motorcycles in the area scrambled to get out of the way as the black
bike opened fire. Missiles flew everywhere as a result of Limburger's anger at the remote. One
wayward missile hit the top of the building Modo and Jessie were standing next to. Modo stood
over the young girl protectively as the debris fell over them. But what they didn't see was the
billboard posting a root beer commercial on the same roof begin to topple.
"Modo look out!" Kickstart cried when she saw the billboard fall. But she already knew
they would never be able to get out of the way in time.
"Oh Daddy, if you could see your little girl now." Kickstart mumbled to herself as she
raced towards the two.
She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she barreled into them with all the force she
could muster, hoping it would be enough to push the much larger mouse and human girl out of
the way. The three rolled along the ground and stopped just a few feet away from where the
billboard smashed into the pavement.
At the same time, Vinnie and Throttle emerged from the building and were able to tackle
the bike from behind. Chasis was instantly there to help them and pull out the controlling device.
Kickstart sighed with great relief when she saw the billboard land harmlessly beside them.
"Wow! Cool!" Jessie exclaimed as she got to her feet. "Hey Modo, you just got saved by
a girl!"
Modo blushed slightly at the accusation as they stood. Kickstart smiled self-consciously
and looked down at her feet.
"Thanks. You saved our lives." Modo said to her.
"Just call it even." Kickstart shrugged uneasily in the awkward silence.
"Got it!" Chasis called as she pulled the controlling device from Throttle's bike.
"Good to have you back doll." Throttle said as he patted his old friend affectionately.
Modo, Kickstart, and Jessie started towards them only to be confronted with Rusty.
"You guys saved my sister." the young man said humbly. "Thank you. I guess I was
wrong about you guys. I'm sorry."
"Yeah, well next time don't freak out with your fists until you get the facts straight."
Vinnie advised.
Rusty gave a crooked smile. "Thanks. I'll remember that Vinnie."
"Uh bros," Throttle broke in. "Let's not forget the we still have on more loose end to tie
up." He pointed to Limburger's now retreating helicopter.
"Alright!" Vinnie whooped as he pulled out his blaster. "Let's toast that turkey for what
he did to our rides!"
"Wait." Chasis said as she grabbed his wrist. "I think someone else should have the honor
this time." She motioned to the three bikes at her side.
"Oh yeah!" Vinnie agreed full heartedly.
"Go for it lil darlins." Modo agreed.
The bikes beeped happily before unleashing their full arsenal at the purple chopper. The
mice and their new human friends grinned as they watched it spin out of control, smoking and
flaming all the way to Limburger Tower where it collided with the tall building and knocked it to
the ground.
"So that's why he keeps rebuilding that thing." Jessie commented.
"So....." Rusty turned to the mice. "What do you guys do when it's over?"
"Well...." Vinnie said as he rubbed his chin in thought. "If our battles end like this..."

"Which they usually do." Modo grinned.
"Then there's only one thing to do." Throttle added.
"EAT!" the three mice finished together.
"Great! I'm buying." Rusty volunteered. "It's the least I can do for all the things I've said
about you guys." He checked his pockets for cash. "Hmm. I hope it's okay if we just have hot
dogs and root beer. It's all I can afford."
Vinnie put his arm around the young man's shoulders. "You better watch it kid, I'm
starting to like you."
Rusty grinned and they drove off to celebrate.