"A little bit of magic"

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(Charley jumped up, scared by a sudden scream from behind. She fell asleep on the couch in front of the TV.
She woke up, as somebody grabbed her arm and yelled something in her ear.)
Vinnie: gotcha!
Charley (turning around and breathing heavily): Vinnie! I'm gonna kill you for that!
Vinnie: no, you won't. You can't. Physically unable.
Charley: you will be "physically unable" after I get through with you!
Vinnie: I can hardly wait.
Charley (getting ticked off and losing words): you! you...
Vinnie: what's wrong, sweets? Too much in love to say a word?
Throttle (walking into the room): would you stop harassing her?
Vinnie: would you like to come over here and say that again?
Throttle: oh, I'd love to, but according to the rules, I can't beat you up even if you start a fight. Otherwise, you'd be on your way to the hospital.
Charley: see, he ain't 'fraid o' ya!
Vinnie: are you?
Charley: I can beat you up!
Vinnie: yeah, right!
Throttle (leaving): (sigh) children.
Charley: you meant "child", didn't you?
Throttle (not even bothering to turn around): I meant what I said.
Charley: fine!
(She walked out of the room. Vinnie tried to follow her, but she slammed the door in his face. She walked to her room and locked the door behind her. Opening the closet, she was thinking over and over about the little conversation that they had. She ran her hand through her clothes, but then something came to her mind. She pulled out a summer dress. She put it on and looked in the mirror.)
Charley: they can say whatever they want. It's summer and I am wearing a dress. Period. The nerve of that guy! To say that I was in love with him! I'd say that does look quite good.
(She fixed her hair so that it was in a ponytail, but some strands were left out and tucked behind her ears. She thought a bit and picked up the phone dialing a number.)
Voice: hello.
Charley: hi, John!
John: hi! Charley, babe! Long time no see!
Charley: yeah I was quite busy.
John: are you in Chicago?
Charley: yep. I'm still in my Garage. Why?
John: cause, I was wonderin' whether you still wanna go on that date…
Charley: oh, sure. When?
John: how about six o'clock? Are you free today?
Charley: sure, that would be wonderful!
John: great! I'll come pick you up then.
Charley: wait! Could you do me a big fave?
John: anything!
Charley (opening the door to check whether Vinnie was eavesdropping. He wasn't.): you see there is this guy…
John: (sigh)
Charley (not noticing): …and he thinks I like him. And I don't. So, just as a joke, could you call me and when he picks it up, say you wanna talk to me and when he asks why, tell him about the date?
John: okay, I promised I'd do it. How do you know he'll pick it up?
Charley: he will. Bye!
John: bye.
(Charley hangs up. She thinks for a moment and changes back into jeans and a shirt. She thinks again and changes a shirt into a blouse. She gives herself a lt look in the mirror and walks back to the living room. There, she sits back on the couch, grabs the remote, and turns on the TV. After about five minutes, a phone rings. Charley pretends to be too interested in the news broadcast to notice. Vinnie is the only other person in the room and is sitting right next to the phone, so he picks it up.)
Vinnie: hello.
John: hi, can I talk to Charley.
Vinnie: who are you?
John: I am her date. Now, could you please put her on?
Vinnie: can't. she is in the john.
John: she can't be in the John. I'm John.
Vinnie: I meant the bathroom, you idiot.
John: fine, I'll call back later.
Vinnie (hangs up): hey Charley. Who's John?
Charley (still watching the news and not turning her head): hm? Oh, John. He is, um, my boyfriend. Why?
Vinnie: you wouldn't happen to have a date with this guy, would you?
Charley: yes, as a matter of fact, I have a date with him at six.
Vinnie (a bit jealous): what? You can't go on a date with some guy nbody ever heard of!
Charley (turning off the TV and turning to Vinnie): correction. You never heard of. I heard of him. He was my boyriend since before you guys came, but he was outta town. You sound like my mother! I can go on a date with whomever I choose. Besides, why should you care? I don't even know your last name!
(She stood up and walked out of the room.)


(Charley looked in the mirror again. She was wearing the same summer dress, she tried on earlier, and the same hairdo, but this time she had her make-up on and looked quite ravishing. She walked out of her room and into the living room. Modo and Throttle were playing cards, while Vinnie was channel-surfing. However the moment she walked in, all three looked at her and opened their mouths.)
Vinnie: wow, Charley, baby! I didn't know…
(He didn't finish as the doorbell rang. Charley walked to the door and opened it. The man standing there was out of everybody's view, except Vinnie's. He was a tall and handsome guy in his late twenties.)
Charley (slightly kissing him on the cheek): hi, baby! It's so nice to see you again.
(He hugged he and they walked out closing the door behind them. Vinnie stared at the door for the next ten minutes before returning to the remote and the TV.)


Throttle: (yawn) okay, I'm going to bed.
Modo: me too (yawn).
Vinnie: bye guys.
Throttle: I know it is not her, but I doubt, she'll be back before morning.
Vinnie: you are not thinking what I hope you are not thinking, are you?
Modo: relax, she is an early bird. She'll be back before you wake up.
(All go to bed.)

6:54 PM, next day, somewhere on the streets of Chicago :)

Throttle (to some criminals): okay, people, that was fun, but now you hafta go to the precinct and consequentially to jail.
Modo: so we'll see ya in about fifty years or so.
Vinnie (not smiling): (sigh)

12:00 PM (Noon, not midnight), Garage

Throttle: yo guys! Did you know there is a bug on my bike?
Vinnie (still in an awful mood, cause Charley didn't return yet): so squash it.
Modo: what's wrong with you? He meant a spying device, not an insect!
Vinnie: you wanna know what's wrong with me? This place! Charley lives here. Therefore, she should have returned two days ago. From her date! What kind of people go on a date for three days? Something is wrong!
(Phone rings. Vinnie picks it up.)
Vinnie: hello
Woman's voice: why, hi there.
Vinnie (gesturing others to keep quiet and turning on the Speakerphone): who is this?
Woman's voice: it's not who am I, but what I have that matters. Come one, Charlotte, darling, talk to your friends.
Charley: my name is Charlene, not Charlotte, you idiot.
Vinnie: Charley!
Woman's voice: that's enough! You Mickeys wanna see her again? Come to the docks in Manhattan, New York, in exactly 12 hours.
Modo: New York?
Woman's voice: no talk!
(She hangs up.)

12:01 AM, dock just outside Manhattan.

(The mice are on deserted docks. There isn’t a living thing in sight. Suddenly there is a bright flash of light. When the mice's eyes get used to the darkness again, they see Charley, lying in front of them. There as blood on her shirt.)
Fairy: I didn't think you could desert you friend.
(Everybody looks up and sees a girl. It is hard to tell her age. She is very beautiful, but her skin is silvery white and she is wearing a white dress. Then, something that looks like insect wings, but her size, come out from behind her back. She levitates up in the air, hovering in front of them.)
Vinnie: who are you?
Fairy (disregarding): now, all I want is a tiny bit of info from you.
Modo: you are not getting anything from us.
Fairy: oh, yeah? Your friend Charley, is not bleeding for nothing. Oops, I meant was bleeding. She is dead. And I will revive her once I get the data and possibly a rock that I need.
Vinnie: what do you want.
Fairy: the Crystal of Tyrr.
Mice: the… what?
Fairy: the Crystal of Tyrr. You should know what it is. You better, 'cause if you don't, it'll be a bit hard to find it. And I suggest you find it, because only after you do, I will revive your friend. Oh, and I forgot to tell, you. I am the only one who would have any reason to revive her. Anybody else wouldn't care less for a mortal. I would hurry, if I were you, she only got 37 hours till she will be unable to come back to… what the formation of the universe?
(A blue aura appeared around Charley. The blood became to disappear, even the one on her clothes. She stood up and looked at the mice. She moved and now was looking behind them. There was a bright flash of light. Another woman, even more beautiful, appeared behind the first one. Also fairy-like.)
Another fairy: oh, come on Luna. You should know better than trying to get that crystal from mere mortals!
Luna: take a hike Psyche.
Psyche: oh come on. Did you know that you just asked and killed the wrong mortals?
Luna: huh?
Psyche: you should have killed one of them and asked the girl.
Charley: ask me what?
Luna: okay, I won't hurt to try. What do you know about the Crystal of Tyrr?
Charley: they got a crystal?
Luna: answer the question.
Charley: I have no idea what the Crystal of Tyrr is…
Luna (to Psyche): see?
Charley: but I think I know where it is.
Luna: you don't know what it is, but you know where to find it? That's the strangest mortal say I ever heard. Where is it?
Charley: on Tyrr, of course.
Luna: and where would that be?
Charley: elementary school summer reading.
All, save Charley: huh?
Charley: Ray Bradbury. Martian Chronicles. According to the book, the Tyrr is what the Martians called the fourth planet from the Sun. If you wanna find the Crystal of Tyrr, I suggest you look there. What I don't suggest is you killing anyone.
Luna: and why is that? You think the puny mortals on that planet could do what they can't do here? You think they can hurt me?
Charley: no, I don't. I just think that if you go around killing everyone you see, you might kill someone who knows something about it, or make that person so mad, they won't tell you no matter what you do.
Psyche: the mortal speaks the truth. Let us go now.
(In a blaze of blue light, they both disappeared.)
Vinnie: what the heck?
Charley: huh? What do you mean?
Vinnie: how the heck did you know all that crystal stuff?
Charley: I didn't. I just took some info from a book I read when I was in 7th grade and made up the rest. She'll be going down the wrong avenue…
Modo: …straight to mars.
Charley: yes, that was a mistake. I should have said Jupiter. I just hope she goes not kill anyone there… can we go back now?
Throttle: yes, but when we get there, you will have to answer a lot of questions.
Charley: ahh, why not? It's not like I got a thing to hide…

01:37 AM, living room (yet again)

Charley: okie-dokie, ask away.
Throttle: you know more than you say you do, correct?
Charley (smiling, like the most innocent thing in the world): correct.
Throttle: WHAT do you know, that you don't say?
Charley (making the "Wrong" sound): too broad of a topic.
Vinnie: you mean there is tons of stuff that we don't know?
Charley: yep. You know only about 4% of my life, plus some stuff I told you, you don't know half of what I like, you don't know a tenth of what I can do… should I go on?
Vinnie: no, but since there is so much we don't know 'bout you, maybe you could start from the beginning.
Throttle: wait, are you currently or were in the past in anything illegal?
Charley: yep.
Throttle: like what? What was the most illegal thing you did?
Charley: oh, trust me, boyfriend, you really don't wanna know that one.
Modo: I thought you said you had nothing to hide?
Charley: I don't. I just don't wanna tell you the worst thing I have ever done.
Modo: why not?
Charley: because it will build a wall between us.
Throttle: Charley, you first, should know, that friendship is built on trust. Now unless, you can tell us, that trust will ebb and that bond will fall apart.
Charley (starting to cry): that bond will become the next Hiroshima, if I say.
Throttle: you are a girl we trust and tell others, they could trust you too.
Charley: okay, here goes. I stole something.
Vinnie: (sigh) that's it? And how is that sup…
Throttle: what?
Charley: a gem.
Modo: would that gem be called "the Crystal of Tyrr", by any chance?
Charley: uh-huh.
Throttle: and that was so scary that you didn’t want to tell us?
Charley: I don't know why, but all of the sudden everybody started to want it. I was hired to steal it, I did it, but then, I found out that the buyer was gone, so I kept it. Ever since, people were hunting me from city to city, from country to country…
Modo: pardon the interruption, but where did you steal it from?
Charley: Isle King.
Mice: what's that?
Charley: could you excuse me for one second? (She got up and walked out. Mice looked at each other, wondering whether their friend had split. She had not as she walked back into the living room with a big old book. She opened it. The pages were filled with old writing in some very old and very odd language. She flipped through the page trying to find the right one. She seemed to have found it, as she looked up at them and smiled, fakely.) I'm very sorry. I had hoped it would not come to this. (She then began reading lines from the book. They were on a different language, and the mice didn't understand it. She finished and closed the book. The bros were staring blankly into space, as if they were hypnotized. Charley took the book back and came back, but they were still staring blankly in space. Since they were sitting on the couch and facing the TV, Charley turned it on and flipped through the channels, till she found a really boring movie. She turned to the mice and snapped her fingers. They fell out of their trance and looked at the TV.)
Vinnie: hey Charley, couldn't you put on something that is more boring? I am still awake!
Charley: sure. (She flipped to the ESPN and walked out of the room. She walked into her room and looked in the mirror.) They don't remember. The spell worked. Alas.

© Ylla 1997, All Rights Reserved.