(Revised Version)

by: KLH Maine

July 11, 1997

Copyright 1994, 1997 KLH Maine, all rights reserved

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For all Biker Mice Fans who might read this I apologize if it is a little hard to follow. The original story was written in a combination of three formats: story-line script (it was an idea that I had for an actual episode), novel-type story, and narrative. I have kept to the original as much as possible, adding in narration, times, and action descriptions to make it easier to follow the story. I hope it is not too confusing. I have tried to make it as easy to read as possible while still keeping the feel of the original.

Karima is a friend of the Biker Mice and Charley who lives a few blocks from the Last Chance Garage. The only thing that the Mice find odd about her is that she always wears her helmet and sunglasses, so the Mice and Charley have never seen her hair or her eyes. They also know that Karima's father, mother, and sister are dead. She told them that they died on a trip that she didn't go on.

(The Mice, Charley, and Karima are in the garage, laughing.)
Vinnie: Why don't you take that helmet off, sweetheart, and let us see what you look like.
Modo: Yeah, why not.
Throttle: Come on.
Karima (looking in Vinnie's direction): What is under my helmet is not for your eyes, so you can just forget about it my dear Vinnie.

Later that Day
(Throttle is chasing two goons, Vinnie and Modo are occupied by Greasepit. Throttle doesn't see the goon coming up behind him. The goon is about to pound Throttle when out of nowhere a female biker comes up. She is wearing a dark blue and black suit, a helmet with a tinted shield and her face can't be seen. She takes care of the goon behind Throttle, then helps him take care of the other two. She helps Throttle help Vinnie and Modo finish off their goons, then rides off.)
Vinnie (As the biker rides off): Hey, thanks babe.
(Vinnie frowns, he doesn't know if she heard him or not.)
Throttle: Who was that Biker Babe?
Modo: I don't know, but I'm glad she came.
Vinnie: And we know it's not Charley.

Several Minutes Later
(The Mice ride into the garage to find Karima and Charley talking.)
Charley: Have a good time, guys?
Modo: Oh, yeah.
Vinnie: You bet, sweetheart. We whipped some serious Limburger goon butt. And at the end we met this awesome Biker Babe , but we don't know who she is.
Modo: Yeah, she rode off before we could thank her.
Charley: Meeting strange women, Vinnie? I'd have thought that you wouldn't mind.
Vinnie (Grinning): Yeah, but what's the point of meeting someone new if I can't get a hold of her later?
Karima(Rising and stretching): Well, I have to go home, see ya' around.
Mice and Charley: Bye.

Several Days Later
The Mice have encountered the Biker Babe several times, each of which she has helped them out.
(The Mice and the Biker Babe are fighting goons in a warehouse. This time the Biker Babe leaves Throttle, who is about to get a very painful lesson in the firepower of the goon's gun. Vinnie and Modo see her leave and save Throttle just in time. When they have taken care of the goons the Biker Babe prepares to leave, but finds Modo blocking her path.)
Vinnie (Putting a hand on her shoulder to keep her from leaving): You have some explaining to do, sweetheart.
(With her left hand the Biker Babe touches her helmet, and with her right arm she pushes Vinnie away, and he slides across the floor to the wall.)
Modo (Putting his right hand on her right shoulder): Hey, what was that for, darlin'?
(The Biker Babe flips Modo over her shoulder and onto his back. Throttle is now standing in her way, and he powers up his fist and gets ready to attack her.)
Throttle: You don't mess with my bros.
(Throttle throws a punch at her with his power fist, which she catches in her right arm, without flinching, surprising all the mice, and pushes Throttle down. Then she turns to leave.)
Throttle: You still have some questions to answer, sister.
Biker Babe (Turning to Throttle and saying in a low, unrecognizable voice): I answer to no one.
(The Biker Babe gets on her bike and rides off.)

At the Last Chance, several minutes later.
(The guys walk into the garage.)
Charley: So, how'd it go?
Vinnie: We saved the city, of course.
(Karima walks in)
Karima: Hi guys.
Guys: Hey, how's it going.
Karima: Fine. How about something to drink. I'm parched.
Vinnie: Sure, we got plenty of root beer. Catch.
(Karima turns to place her jacket on a chair as Vinnie tosses a soda can at her. The can hits her helmet and explodes, getting her all wet. Vinnie, looking embarrassed, walks over to Karima and prepares to help her take her helmet off. Karima twists away from him and looks at him with an angry expression.)
Karima: I told you to leave my helmet alone. What it covers is none of your business, so back off. (Karima turns around, grabs her jacket and leaves. Vinnie, looking confused looks at Modo, Throttle, and Charley.)
Vinnie: What?

The Next Day
(The Bros are high-fiving each other after another successful fight against Limburger's goons. Then Throttle turns to see the Biker Babe laying on the ground, not moving.)
Throttle (going over to the Biker Babe): Bros, the Biker Babe's hurt.
Modo and Vinnie: No.
(Modo goes over to her and picks her up)
Modo: Let's bring her to the garage. Maybe Charley can help.
(The Mice get on their bikes and ride to the garage. When they arrive they lay the Biker Babe on the couch.)
Throttle: We have to take her helmet off. You know that.
Vinnie: Yeah. I'll do it. (Vinnie tries to take the helmet off and gets shocked.) Woah, talk about an electric personality. (He tries again, with the same result, only the shock is harder.)
Vinnie: Oooch, that smarts.
(The Biker Babe moves and wakes up. She rises from the couch they have placed her on and heads for the door, but Modo stands in front of her.)
Modo: You can't go now, you're hurt.
Biker Babe: I feel well enough to leave. (She brushes past Modo and leaves.)

A Days Later
The Mice and the Biker Babe have just finished teaching Limburger's goons a lesson.
Throttle: You want to join us for hot dogs and root beer?
Biker Babe: Sure, but I don't think I'll eat or drink anything.
Throttle: Well then, just hang out with us.
Modo: Hey, I was wonderin' if you'd mind arm wrestling me. I mean, I'd like to try my arm against yours.
Biker Babe: Sure.
(They pile a couple of crates and sit on opposite sides. Then they start. For a while neither arm moves, then the Biker Babe's moves some, but Modo gets it back. Then Modo gets the advantage, but the Biker Babe gets it back. It continues like this for a few minutes. Then, slowly, Modo's arm moves down. Modo strains to gain the advantage, but the Biker Babe wins. She then gets up and prepares to leave.)
Biker Babe: I have to leave.
Modo: Why don't you stay just a little longer?
Vinnie: Yeah, you haven't seen enough of my good looks.
Biker Babe: Wrong, I've seen too much already. (She gets on her bike and leaves.)
Modo and Throttle: Ooohh.

Two Days Later
(Charley looks out the window and sees smoke coming from the direction where Karima lives.)
Charley: Guys!!
(All three mice enter the room.)
Modo: What is it, Charley-ma'am?
Charley: I see smoke. I think there's a fire down near Karima's place. You might want to check it out.
Modo: Worry not, Charley-girl.
Vinnie: Not a problem, babe. We're gone.
(All three hop on their bikes.)
Throttle: Let's rock.....
Modo and Vinnie: and ride!!
(The guys ride out of the garage and down the street to a building very much on fire and billowing smoke. No police cars or fire trucks are there.)
Modo (A little worried.): It is Karima's building.
Throttle: Let's put a damper on this heat. Modo, the fire hydrant.
(Modo goes to the fire hydrant and unscrews the cap and Throttle directs the flow of water into the building, but it seems to have little effect.)
Modo: Where's Karima?
Throttle: I don't see her anywhere.
Modo: I'm goin' in to find her.
Vinnie (Modo is just about to go into the building): Careful bro!
(Inside the building is filled with smoke. Modo enters the building and activates his helmet. The building can be heard creaking and groaning around him. Modo, fighting the thick smoke, climbs the stairway he finds there. At the top he enters an apartment. He can see almost nothing, but he is able to make out a figure laying of the floor. He bends over to discover an unconscious Karima.)
Modo: Oh, mama.
(Modo gently picks her up and runs down the stairs as the creaking becomes louder. He gets out of the building just seconds before it collapses. Throttle and Vinnie walk over to Modo.)
Throttle: How's Karima?
Modo (with a worried look on his face): Not so good.
Vinnie: Let's get her to Charley, the authorities can take it from here.
(They ride to the Last Chance, Modo holding Karima. When they arrive they lay her down on Charley's couch.)
Vinnie: Ya' know, we gotta take her helmet off.
Modo: OK bro, but be careful. We don't want to hurt her any worse.
(Vinnie tries to remove Karima's helmet, but gets shocked.)
Vinnie: Woah, we shouldn't have told her about the Biker Babe, she took the helmet idea. (Throttle looks like he is thinking something else.)
The guys and Charley take turns sitting by Karima for a while, placing cool cloths over her forehead and eyes. After a while her eyes flutter and she wakes, Modo at her side.
Modo: How ya' feelin' darlin'?
Karima: OK, I guess. What about my building?
(Throttle, Vinnie and Charley come up behind Modo.)
Modo: Gone.
Karima: Everything?
Throttle: It all burned. Sorry Karima.
Karima (Leans her head back, closes her eyes and sighs.): Now I don't have a home.
Charley: You can stay with me.
Karima: You mean it?
Charley: Sure.
Vinnie: And just think, you'll get to see more of your favorite mouse, the best looking guy around. Me.
Karima: Oh, man, what a disaster. I can't stand the thought.
(Vinnie looks slightly hurt, but not crushed. Modo, Throttle and Charley are smiling.)

A Few Weeks Later
A few weeks have passed and Karima has settled into life living with Charley. The Mice also have not seen the Biker Babe for roughly the same amount of time. Not since before Karima's building burned down. Since Karima's building burned she had become more quiet and withdrawn, which kind of worried the guys and Charley, but they didn't say much. Once Throttle had also seen her crying when she was sleeping. Then one day when the guys are out Karima leaves a note with Charley that says "I've gone out. Be back later. Karima" When Charley sees the guys she tells them to watch for Karima and make sure she isn't too close to the action to get hurt. Karima actually went to her burned building to look for a box which has some personal stuff in it. She is there, which isn't all that close to where the guys are. Throttle decides to to go look for her and winds up at her building just as she is getting her box.
Throttle: What ya' got there?
Karima: Nothin'. Just something of mine.
Out of nowhere Limburger's goons appear and attack. In the battle Karima's box is taken. When they get back to Charley's, Karima is upset. The guys go to Limburger's tower to find out what's going on, and the Biker Babe shows up along the way.
Throttle (To the Biker Babe): Where ya' been?
Biker Babe: Taking care of some personal business.
Vinnie: So, did ya' miss me, babe? I mean, all that time without seeing me, my moves, my style.... Biker Babe: Your ego. Hardly. The absence was refreshing. I didn't have to put up with your self absorption and ego trips my dear ego mouse. (Then she rides on.)
At Limburger's tower they are fighting when the Biker Babe sees the black box. She goes directly for Limburger, punches him with her right fist and grabs the box. When they are all done she starts to ride off.
Throttle: Wait, the box.
Biker Babe (As she rides away): I'll return it to it's owner.
Modo (who hasn't heard the exchange between the Biker Babe and Throttle): What're ya' doin' with that box?
Biker Babe: It's my property. I'm returning it to a friend. (Then she rides off.)
(The guys arrive at the Last Chance to find Karima with her black box.)
Vinnie: Where'd ya' get that sweetheart?
Karima: From your Biker Babe, if it's any of your business.
Modo: Hey, what's in it?
Karima: Personal stuff.
(Karima takes out a pretty little locket.)
Modo: Hey, where'd ya' get that darlin'?
Karima: It was in my box. My dad gave it to me, if you must know.
Modo: Woah, woah, just askin'.

Two Days Later
The Biker Babe is riding off after helping the mice. Throttle is pretty sure he sees Karima's locket around her neck.

A Day Later
After she has helped them, Vinnie comes up to the Biker Babe.
Vinnie: Hey, nice moves, almost as good as mine. You've been watchin', haven't ya'? I knew ya' couldn't resist a great lookin' mouse like me.
Biker Babe: Keep dreaming, Ego-mouse. You almost believe those crazy delusions of yours. I don't look at ya' if I can avoid it. Inflated egos are unbearable. (She rides off.)

The Next Day
(The guys are at Charley's, they are talking to Karima.)
Vinnie: I know ya' like to be around perfection like mine. My looks, my moves, who wouldn't? How could you do it, babe?
Karima: Listen, mouthy mouse, you've got another thing coming. Your ego is so big it blinds you to the truth. There is nothing you have that puts you above Throttle or Modo. You ain't as special as you think, and you certainly don't know my feelings, because ya' got 'em all wrong. I can live without you.
Charley: Ooh.
Modo and Throttle: Ego blow.
(Vinnie looks hurt and Karima heads to her bedroom.)
Karima: Good night.
Vinnie: What'd I say?
(Charley rolls her eyes upwards and Modo and Throttle shake their heads.)

Several Days Later
The mice and the Biker Babe have just finished taking care of some of Limburger's goons.
(The Biker Babe rides off.)
Throttle: Karima!!
(The Biker Babe starts, but catches herself before she responds. However, it's too late, because the guys caught the movement.) The guys decide to get Karima to tell them the truth.

A Few Minutes Later
Karima is sitting down with Charley.
Throttle: Karima, you are the Biker Babe, aren't you?
Karima: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Throttle: Listen, we know the truth.
Modo: Yeah, there's no two ways around it darlin'.
Karima: It's not true. I'm not your Biker Babe.
Throttle: Oh, yeah. We think you are. One: we didn't see the Biker Babe for several weeks after your house burned down. Two: you used the same shock protection on your helmet that the Biker Babe used. Three: the Biker Babe said that the black box was hers, when it is yours. Four: I saw the Biker Babe wearing your locket. Five: the Biker Babe responded to your name just a few minutes ago.
Karima: You're wrong, I am not the Biker Babe.
(Before Modo can stop him, Throttle powers up his fist and throws a punch at Karima. Karima's left hand goes up to her helmet and her right hand goes up to stop Throttle's fist. She catches his power fist, realizes her mistake, and pulls her hand back. She uses too much force though, because she is unprepared, and her fist hits the side of her helmet, causing her to lose her balance. She falls over, accidentally hitting her head on a table and both her sunglasses and helmet come off, revealing her steel grey eyes and her long, honey brown hair with red tints, which is in a fairly intricate braid. She is sitting on the floor with the guys and Charley looking on.)
Karima: Well, I guess you've found me out, haven't you?
(Karima gets up.)
Modo: Why'd you deny being the Biker Babe?
Karima: What, an' let you know who I really was? No way!
(Karima gets her helmet and prepares to put it back on.)
Vinnie: Why're you puttin' the helmet back on now that we know what you look like?
Modo: Yeah darlin'. Ya' don't need to hide your good looks.
Karima: I have my own personal reasons, OK. I'll war my helmet and that's final.
(Karima puts on her helmet and glasses before they can protest.)
Vinnie: Well, what reasons, sweetheart?
Karima: None of your business. It doesn't concern you.
Vinnie: Hey, just askin'. What's the harm in that?
Karima: Do you really want to know?
Vinnie: Woah! No, I guess not.
Karima: Good.

Outside of The Last Chance is one of Limburger's goons, and he has seen Karima.
(Limburger's goon smiles evilly.)

Modo: What about your arm? How'd ya' get it?
Karima: Well, I kind of lied. I did go with my family on that trip, but I managed to survive, although with a permanent reminder, as you have seen.
Modo: Oh, mama. I'm sorry to hear that.
Karima: Yeah, well, I try not to talk about it too much, okay?
Modo: Okay.
Vinnie: Yup.
Throttle: No problem.

A Few Days Later
Limburger's goons kidnapped Karima and took her to Limburger tower. In the process of her abduction Karima is knocked unconscious and her helmet and sunglasses are knocked off. The mice arrive shortly after and decide to head to Limburger Tower and save Karima.

At Limburger Tower
Karima's hair is down, half-way to her knees, she is wearing a dress, and chained at her wrists.

Limburger: My dear, I thought you were dead.
Karima: Well, I'm not, am I?
Limburger: Well, now that I know you're alive, we can be together.
(At that moment the guys come crashing through Limburger's window. The sight of Karima catches them off guard, but they quickly gain their composure.)
Throttle: Well, fishface, it seems to me that you have, ah, taken a friend of ours.
Modo: Yeah, and we'd like to have her back.
Limburger: Oh, no, no, no, my dear mice, she's staying with me.
(Limburger grabs one of Karima's wrists as he is saying that to prevent her from getting away.)
Karima: Dream on.
(Karima stomps on Limburger's foot. He lets go and she starts to run, but he grabs her before she can get out of reach, so Vinnie and Throttle both shoot at Limburger's hand to make him let to, Then Modo shoots off Karima's wrist chains. She runs over to the guys and Modo helps her get on his bike by lifting her on with his tail.)
Modo: I think ya' oughtta listen to the lady and respect her wishes, fishface.
Limburger: What wishes, my dear?
(Karima cringes as Limburger says 'my dear' and the mice look at her questioningly.)
Karima: I wish to leave, that's what. I'm not your prisoner.
Limburger: Wait.....
(The guys turn their bikes around to leave and Modo puts Karima's helmet on her.)
Limburger:....how can you.....
(The guys leave Limburger's tower.)
Limburger: .....say that?

Karima: Thanks, you guys, I owe you big.
Throttle: Well, I think you still have some explaining to do.
Modo: Some major explaining.
Karima: Yes, I do.
(All three guys look her with mild interest and surprise. They reach the Last Chance and Karima gets off Modo's bike and faces all three guys.)
Vinnie: Well, give.
Karima: First, if you don't mind, I'd like to take a shower and change.
Throttle: Of course.
Vinnie: Sure.
Modo: Go ahead.
(Karima turns and leaves the room.)
Modo(under his breath):....but I think you look great the way you are.
(After Karima showers she changes back into pants and a shirt, with her hair up in her helmet and her sunglasses on.)
Modo: Hey, darlin', why'd you change?
Karima: The clothes that I was wearing were Limburger's choice, as was my hair.
Vinnie: Oohh, even though you looked better, I agree with your reasoning.
Throttle: Okay, okay. Now, would you please explain the reasons for this encounter?
Modo: And fishface's comment.
Karima: Yes, but first, promise me that you won't interrupt 'till I'm done, okay?
Throttle: Hey, you bet.
Modo: No problem.
Vinnie: Okay.
Karima: Well, in that case....
(Charley comes in and sits down quietly, having heard Karima's request not to be interrupted.
Karima: Once again, I lied to you. Well, not exactly, I just didn't tell you the reasons for my family's "accident". It wasn't an accident.
Mice and Charley: What?
Karima: In order for you to understand it I have to give you some history. First, my father worked for Limburger.....
(Karima looks ashamed and the guys and Charley looks surprised and shocked.)
Karima: .....and because of that, Limburger met my mom. In his own, villainous, twisted way, he loved my mom.
Mice and Charley: Ooohh, gross.
Karima: Yeah, I know. On several occasions Limburger asked my mother to go live with him, but she refused. Then my dad found out what kind of man Limburger really was. When he found out that Limburger was a villain, he was furious. He knew he couldn't work for him anymore, and he told Limburger so. Well, Limburger was furious, so dad decided that the safest thing for us to do was to leave Chicago. He figured we'd go someplace on the east coast. This is where the accident comes in. It was Limburger's goons that attacked my family. I heard them talking, after they thought they'd killed all of us. I guess Limburger decided that if he killed my dad, my sister and I, then my mom would love him. Well, I was sitting in the seat that mom was supposed to be sitting in...
(Karima has tears in her eyes and her voice begins to quaver.)
Karima:...and that's why I survived. Although even if mom had been in my seat, she probably would've been killed anyway. So the reason that Limburger called me dear is because he thinks that I am my mom.
(Karima has tears rolling down her cheeks and the Mice and Charley look sympathetic. Modo goes over to her, wipes the tears off from one cheek, and then holds her.)
Modo: Don't worry darlin', if old stinkfish comes after you, he'll have us to deal with.
(Karima steps back from Modo and looks up at him.)
Karima: Well, we won't have too much to worry about in that area.
Throttle: What do you mean?
Karima: Limburger thinks that me, as I am now, and me without my helmet and glasses are two different people. He won't come after me, he'll be looking for my mother.
Throttle: Hey babe, why didn't you tell us all of this before?
(Karima looks at the floor.)
Karima: I thought that you might not trust me if you knew that I had previous connections with Limburger. Plus, it is something that is very personal.
Vinnie: Well, sweetheart, we're behind you all the way.
Modo: You can count on that.
Karima: Thanks guys.

For all you fans out there who have seen the episode, I admit that this story was modeled a bit after "The Masked Motorcyclist". I hope you all like it, and expect more stories involving this new friend.