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I don't own the Biker Mice from Mars, Or any of the Gatchaman characters. Wisconsin Sharp is MY character, but who'd want him? Tredzy Van Wham (Zee for short) is MINE also, as is Ghost. Their war bikes are mine and so is this story.

I've taken several liberties with this story. It's after the Black Hole Project and Joe is back on the team. They know he's a Cyborg and all that wonderful stuffJ BUT Berg Katz is ALIVE. The story with that is that Sosai X rescued hir and erased hir memory of what happened.

Kagaku Ninja Tai Rodent
By Hope of Watchtower

Hidden Galactor Base:

Berg Katz was happy, and that made everyone nervous. This plan, s/he thought, will finish those Science Ninjas off once and for all!

The reason for hir happiness stood next to hir. It was a Plutarkian, and his name was Wisconsin Sharp, and he had agreed to help hir destroy the Gatchaman in exchange for the resources of the Earth.

"Soon, my dear Katze, this planet will fall and we shall both have what we want."



Dr. Nambu looked at the team of teens. The situation had never been this grave before. The Galactor's new allies seemed to have a limitless supply of weapons and equipment. The KNT had been running it's self-ragged just trying to keep up. And it was taking its toll on all of them. Joe looked ready to fall asleep, Jun had dark circles around her eyes, Jinpei and Ryu were asleep next to her, and Ken was slumped in his seat.

"I'm sorry to drag you all in here, but we have another mission."

"You gotta be kidding!" Joe protested waking Jinpei and Ryu. "We just got back!"

"I know that, Joe. But the Galactor and their allies have begun an attack on a local oil refinery. They must be stopped."

The team gave a collective groan and left the office.


The oil refinery:

The battle wasn't going well. Jinpei was hurt and the rest of the team was pinned down where they couldn't reach him. That's when they herd it. A dull roar and it sounded like motorcycles.

"It's Tail Whippin' TIME!!!!"

The Condor looked up to see three bikers roaring towards the battle. The rider of the black lead bike swerved to provide cover for the fallen youth. The rider on the purple low-rider leaned over to sweep Jinpei up off the ground, cradling the boy against his massive frame. Mean while the man on the red Super-cycle gunned his engines and literally flew over both to lay down a lethal reign of cover fire.

"This is such a RUSH!!!!" the rider of the red bike shouted.

"Die, ISO scum!"

The man turned to look at the Galactor and laughed in his face. "Sweet-heart, you really don't wanna go there."

"Die," the Galactor shouted as he opened fire.

The biker did a quick back flip and pulled out some kind of miniature flair witch then expanded. Then the biker popped it across the metal studs on his biker pants twice, popping off the top and lighting it. He threw it at the goon and it melted his gun. Joe saw two more goons coming up behind the biker and decided to join the party. Flipping over the wreckage he had been using for cover, Joe pulled a spread of feather shuriken and threw them with deadly accuracy. The two Galactor were dead before they hit the ground.

"Thanks for the help, citizen," the rider of the black bike said.

"We should be thanking you," Ken said. "We were as good as dead before you showed up."

Just then Jun ran up and cried, "Jinpei!"

She ran up to the tallest biker and took the youngest member of the KNT from him and cradled him to her. "Jinpei, can you hear me?"

"Unnnn," the boy moaned softly. " 'nechan?"

"Hai. Don't worry Jinpei. We'll get you home and patch you up."

"'Kay, Onechan? Can I have ice cream an' Skittles when we get home?"

All the members of the KNT laughed at this. It was a sure sign that the Swallow would be fine.

They returned to the base and the bikers went with them. Upon arrival, they were surrounded by ISO security guards.

"Sorry," Ken said. "But we can't take any risks with security."

"Hey we understand," the leader of the trio said. The team had learned his name was Throttle. His two companions were named Vinnie and Modo.

Dr. Nambu was very interested in the three bikers and asked them into his office. Once they were all seated, Nambu asked them to remove their helmets. They hesitated for a moment and asked the ninjas not to "freak out" before removing their helmets, revealing that they were not, in-fact, human. What they were, were giant mice.

"What the Hell," asked Joe.

"You're not human," whispered Ken.

"Cool," Jinpei said.

"Where did you come from," Jun finally got out.

Ryu remained silent.

"We're the Biker Mice from Mars," Throttle said. "And we're from an alternate reality. We came here to stop a Plutarkian war criminal named Wisconsin Sharp from destroying this world like he and his people did with Mars."

"Why did you help us," Ken asked.

"Because you needed the help," Modo replied.

The ninjas looked at each other and smiled. The tide of war had turned once again.


End part 1

Next: The BMFM get the grand tour of the ISO HQ and Sharp goes postal when he learns that they're on this Earth.

Kagaku Ninja Tai Rodent

By Hope of Watchtower



"Calm down Sharp," Berge Katze said. "How much harm can three bikers do?"

"You FOOL! Those Martin Miscreants ruined EVERY thing in Chicago, and they took Mars back! Now they are HERE and have joined forces with those Ninjas!"

"They pose that much of a threat?"

"They are a greater threat than the Gatchaman!"

"Than we shall devise a plan to eliminate them."



"You guys have some really great gear," Ken said.

"Thanks," Modo said. "Charley-ma'am supped up our bikes six was to Sunday, back in the old days."

"Charley?" Joe asked.

"She's the best wrench jockey in Chi-town," Vinnie said. "When we originally crashed on Earth, Charley helped us out. If it weren't for her, we wouldn't have beat Limburger."

"Wow," Jinpei said. "And she's a normal human?"

"Yep. I wish she were here," Vinnie said. "It's really weird not having her here."

"Where is she?" Jun asked.

"Her mom got sick a week ago and she went to stay with her."

End Part 2

Sorry this was a bit short, but my mom's yelling at me to get off the computer.

Next: Just who is that mysterious biker that saves Joe?