The Blade and Angel Saga

Part 1

By Jcdracon


Copyright Jcdracon all rights reserved

Disclaimer: I do not own the bikermice nor will I ever. I make no claim on any of the characters in my
storys exept the ones that came from the twisted universe that is my imagination. I am getting no money
for writing this and it is purly for entertainment purpases.

Summery: This is the beginning of this saga. It is a POV story about a mouse named Blade after she and
her sister escape from Karbunkle's Lab.

The raven haired mouse leaned slightly into her bike as she watched the office building which housed the
Labratory that had been her home for the last six years crumble to the ground.

"Well," she thought smiling grimly "not a bad way to mark the start of our new lives."

She took a moment to savor the thought. Never again would she be forced to be the living plaything of a
deranged madman, with sleep being the only refuge she had from her cold, gray, painful little world. Now
there was only the open air and the taste of freedom long forgoten.

Emerald green eyes as cold and hard as the stones they resembled watched as the tiny figures of the men
who had imprisioned her staggered out from beneeth the rubble.

Karbunkle was attempting to get out of the line of fire as Limburger
took his rage out on his minions. Funny how they didn't look nearly as intimidating on the other side of
the cage. Indeed from here they looked almost comical.

She clenched her fist around the blaster she had taken off one of the gaurds during their escape. The
urge to kill rose up inside her as she stared at her tiny tormenters, so close, all she had to do was
pull the trigger and all her problems would be over,she couldn't miss not even from this distance
Karbunkle's meddling with nature had seen to that. NO. First they had to suffer as she had suffered.
First they had to know how it felt to be totaly,completly at somone else's mercy. Their deaths would be
as slow and painful as she could make them, but not yet. She'd let that wait a little bit longer.

"You're brooding again." Said a sweet voice behind her.

She smiled and turned to face her sister in every way but blood Angel. With cream colored fur and
platnum hair offsetting startling sky blue eyes she was her opasit in every way right down to her sunny
bright personality. An oppitmist even after all the horror they had been through, she was the light in
the darkness that had become her life. She was also the other reason she didn't end the Plutarkian's
stinking life right now. Angel hated violence, even towards a stink fish like him.

"I am not brooding." The ebony colored mouse stated,"I was just thinking."

"You were brooding Blade." Her lighter counterpart quipt. "You get that same look on your face whenever
you're thinking those morbid thoghts of yours. Anyway I've got somthing for you that should bring you
out of you're funk." She then held out a small bundle wrapped in a raggedy piece of fabric and watched
with glee as her dark friend oppened it.

Blade carfully parted the folds of cloth and then beamed one of those rare smiles that were well worth
the wait as she held up the long saber that was her namsake. The metal glowed in the moonlight and the
leather wrapped hilt fit perfectly in her hand.

"You found it!" she exclaimed as she carfully slid it back into it's seath and tucked it into her boot.

"I saw where Karbunkle put it after the goon squad knocked you out," Angel explained,"I grabbed it while
you were busy clearing the way since you wouldn't let me help."

"Yeah well, with any luck they'll figure we died in the crash. We don't want them coming after us untill
we've got a plan."

"How do you think they'll explain the buildin just falling down like that? Thats not the thing that
normaly happens."

"They'll blame it on those biker mice their always ranting about. Now come on, we should get going."
Blade said mounting her bike," Besides we'll need to find a place to lay low for a while."

"Alwrite I'm coming! Cheese!"Angel replied as they rased off into the night.

The Blade and Angel Saga 2

By jcdracon


Copyright jcdracon all rights reserved

Disclaimer: I do not own the bikermice show or any of the original characters. I am not making any money
off this and it is just here for entertainment purpases. Usual legal stuff, Blah, Blah, Woof, Woof.

Summery: this is the chapter where Blade and Angel meet the Mice. Sorry the last one was so short and


The three Macho,Manly Mice are all sitting around watching TV when Charly comes racing in.

"Guys!" the brunette exclaimed angerly"I thought we agreed that you were going to bring me with you when
you went down to the tower!"

The furry trio gaped at their friend in surprise.

Vinnie was the first to regain his compossure."We did," he said "and we will when we get around to it
Charley girl."

"Wait a minute," she said, finally calming down."are you saying you haven't been down there yet?"

"Naw, but when we do get around to draggin' fishfaces castle down around his gills you'll be the first
one to know." He drawled as he turned around to stare at the screen again.

Snatching the remote out of his hand Charley switched to the evening news report and pointing at the
screen she gasped "I think someone beat you to it. Look!"

The anchor sitting in front of a large shot of what was left of Limburger Tower was reporting on the
story."This afternoon at around two pm Limburger tower was reduced to rubble once again, police are
currently investigating but so far have produced no leads on who could be behind this act of distruction
other than a witness claiming to have seen two figures on motorcycles fleeing the scene. Amasingly no
there were no sevier casulties. Lawrence Limburger the owner of the building was not available for
comment. Back to you Kent."

As the news turned to other topics the mice gazed dumbly at the screen untill Throttle roused himself
and shut it off. "Well," he said "Shy town just got a lot more intreting."

One Week Later

Guns fire, tempers flare and the mice are fighting for their lives once again. Limburger had devised
another one of his evil plots, (somthing involving oil and a really big ray gun) and the goon squad is
doing their best to make sure that this time things went according to plan.

For once it seems that that just might happen as more thugs come roaring in to join the battle. The mice
have been separated and each one has at least 10 goons on his tail.

Finally Throttle is dragged from his bike and slammed into the ground. He lay stunned where he landed as
his enemies closed in around him.

"So Mousey, ya gots any last requests?" laughed his slippery foe.

"Ya," the tan mouse muttered,"get outta my face you walking oilspill."

"You're gonna pay fer dat furball!" screamed the enraged giant as he swung a ham sized fist with a sneer
which quickly changed to shock as a long leather whip wrapped itself around his legs and pulled them out
from under him.

"Hey boys!" The wielder of the whip snarled as she then proceded to attack with the ferralness of a wild
animal,"Remmember Me?!"

Throttle lay prone for a moment as he watched his savior battle and deffiet the thugs as swiftly and
slilently as a jungle cat. Odd was the seemingly natural deadly grace she moved with, odder still was
the fear he saw in her victims eyes as though their worst nightmare had been unlieshed upon them.
Shaking off his shock he rose and joined the brawl. noting as he did that he was not the only one
rescued by a knightress in shinning leather, Vinnie and Modo had an avenging angel helping them aswell.

As the last goon fell the misterious warrior gave a shrill whistle and a sleek black bike with emerald
green flames on the sides simmiler to Vinnie's appeared beside her with Throttle's bike close behind. A
silver bike with ice blue trim much like Throttle's carried the other unknown hero over.

The mice for the first time got a good look at their unexpected allies. The black bike' rider was the
stuff of most teenage marsion boys fantasys, fur a red so dark it was almost impossible to tell from
black coated a lean body, perhaps too lean. Hair blacker than a plutarkians heart was pulled back into a
braid that almost reached her waist and matched her black leather jacket, boots, bandana and torn jeans.
the only color she wore was the green tank top whose hem didn't quite cover her midriff and the green
trim on her jacket. In her ears two pairs of gold studs caught the light and a gold hoop graced the cuff
of the right one.
But purhappes the most striking thing about her were her eyes, the color of emeralds and glinting with
intellegence they were almost hypnotic.

The silver rider was at least as beautiful if not as striking. Fur somwhere beween dove and white
cloaked a more petite, less gaunt figure. Her hair which just passed her shoulders was a soft, pale gold
and framed a face with soft, kind features. Warm blue eyes the same shade as summer skys smiled back at
them. She was dressed in a white t-shirt and light blue jeans that matched the light brown boots and
vest made of slightly worn leather. The only jewlry she wore were a pair of silver hoop earrings and a
heart shaped locket of the same metal.

The raven haired mouse stepped forward, shattering the moment.

"The name's Blade that's Angel, we've been looking for you three for a while."

"Ya," Modo asked, "Why's that?"

The dark mouse smiled slightly, shrugged and said "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Vinnie finnally snapped out of whatever fantasy he was in and eagerly rushed forward while atempting not
to trip over his own tounge.

"If you fight half as well as you did today we'd be more than happy to have you around Sweetheart." He
said felxing and trying not to drool."I might even let you get better aquainted with yours truely."

Blade's hand shot out and before he new what hit him he was being held of the ground and looking into a
pair of narrowed, angry green jem stones.

"Let's get one thing straight right from the start," she hissed "don't EVER call me Sweetheart." she
then let him fall to the ground.

"Alright," Throttle said as a very shaken Vinnie picked himself up, "I have some questions for you that
I think need answering, but we all might feel better after eating, do you two like dogs and root beer?"

"Doesn't every one?" Angel asked.

"Well let's get going. Lets rock..."

"AND RIDE!!!!!!!" Modo and Vinnie finished.

The Angel and Blade Saga 3

By Jcdracon


Copyright Jcdracon All Rights Reserved

Disclaimer: I do not own the show nor will I ever. None of the characters are mine exept for Blade and
Angel. All plots came from some twisted little part of my brain and any similarities are purely
coincidental. God I hate writing these things!

Summery: The mice and my girls are talking over dogs and rootbeer and we finally find out some stuff
about the girls' past. Limburger finds out they have escaped.

PS: PLEEEESE forgive the last chapter, it was painful but nessesary. Kind of like a vasination. Anyway
these are my first attempts at fanfiction so be kind.

The Rebuilt Limburger Tower


The office building windows rattled with the force of the CEO's yell. The red haired secritary winced
but kept on typing, she couldn't help but feel sorry for whatever poor yutz who had gotten the boss
angery. It was somthing big to, he almost never shook the glass this many floors down. Oh well better
him then her, she never did like Mr. Limburger there was just something about him that wasen't quite

Three Floors Up Inside Limbuger's Office

A savierly maimed Greasepit is cowering in front of the large desk, swathed in bandages and dripping
grease everywhere.

"Just like I told ya boss, we had dem rodents cornered when does girl mices Karbunkle kept locked up in
his lab showed up."

"But thats impossible, I thought they were killed in the explosion!"
He punched the button on the intercom "Karbunkle!"

There was a hissing sound as the wall opened up and the good doctor stepped out."Yesss your creamy
smoothness?" He wheezed.

"Do you remmember those two rodent females you tested your bio enhansers on?"

"But of course, they took to the testing exeptionally well. Spiecimen X57's development was particularly
impressive, a vertually complete success. A few more weeks and I might have been able to control her.
X17 was a bit more disapointing, she was more responsive to mental rather than physical enhansment. She
also lacked the agression and rage X57 had, we may have been forced to disposs of her. A pity we shall
never know."

"Yes, about that. Can we be possitive they were distroyed as you think?"

"Almost completely possitive, your cheesieness,I doubt even X57 could have survived the explosion. Why
do you ask?"

"Because it would appear two female mice with very unique talents matching your discriptions managed to
aid those vile vermin in distroying my plans."

The mad doctor paused to consider this new information and gasped, "Perhaps they did survive the blast,
if so I would be very interested in getting them back. This brings to mind many intrieging

The Score Board at Quiggly Field

The three mice, Charley and the two new comers are sitting around the table eating. Charley has made
herself a sandwich and is trying to cope with the idea of two new mice to feed. Throttle is casually
munching on his hot dog and watching the two female mice curiously. Modo and Angel are chatting, Angel
is acting shy and embarrised while Modo trys his best to make her feel welcome. Vinnie is stuffing his
face and trying to act macho while avoiding Blade like the plage. Blade shows no intrest in anything but
her hot dog which she is eating extreamly quickly, not piggishly just quickly.

After everyone has finished Throttle straightens in his chair an gets down to business."Look, we'd like
to thank you two for saving our tails back there but we have a few questions. Lets start with how
Limburger's goons know you."

Blade looked staight at him and with no imossion at all stated, "We've been perminant vicstures in
Karbunkle's little garden of horror for the past six years. For the most part he pumped us full of
biological enhansers and God knows what else. We were pretty out of it most of the time so we cant be
sure if thats all he did but he must have done somthing right because we're the only ones who survived."

"They were scared gutless of you two, why?"

"The enhansers totally souped up our DNA, we're the new and improved models of our old selves, or
Frankenstien's monster with a twist however you choose to look at it. Any way one night a bunch of the
geniouses decided to have a little bit of fun right after a particularly nasty experament, some moron
desided to kick the spit out'ta me while I was still partly drugged, lets just say his was not a pretty

"New and improved how?" Modo broke in.

"Well, depends on who your asking about, I'm faster and more agile than the most superb athlete,
stronger too, as your white friend there found out. My senses are sharp even for a mouse and my night
vision is amasing. I heal fast and I can shrug of blows that would cripple a warrior twice my size. Oh,
and one more thing," She said with a steely glint in her eye,"they messed around with my head so up
here," She tapped her forehead,"I'm one hundered percent heartless preditor.

"Now if you want to know about Angel they pumped her up with most of the same stuff as me but it dudn't
take as well. She responded better to the mental enhansment. She's an amasing empath and can amplafy
almost anyone's emotions, particulary strong ones like fear, hate and love. She's a pretty strong
telepath and kenetic too so basically you do not want to get her mad at you. First because she knows
your deepest darkest fears and second because she has me for back up."

Angel smiled and placed a hand on Blade's sleave."I think youv'e made your point."She pointed at the
three gaping mice and stunned human.

"So I have." Blade smurked.

Charley snapped out of it and asked, " You said you were in Karbunkle's lab for six years? but I thought
the Plutarkian envasion didn't start untill five years ago."

"True," Angel replied,"but they wanted a few speicemens to find weaknesses they could use. They also
wanted test subjects to try out their new toys on."

"No one noticed when people started disapearing? But what about your families?"

"Blade and I have no families, at least none we would ever acknowledge. We were street kids in Garnet
City, the whole lot of us were."

"And who was going to miss a gang of gutter trash like us anyway?" Blade said bitterly.

"You're brooding again."


Throttle piped up "So where do we go from here?"

Blade looked around the table at the four vertual strangers,"The way I figure it we're pretty much
backed into a corner here, we're on a strange planet where we would stand out like a sore thomb in the
light of day. You've all managed to stay hidden from the outside world and could probably use all the
help you could get, so..."

"What Blade is Trying to say is we'ed be honored to join you, if you'll have us." Angel cut in.

"Well what do ya think bros?" Throttle asked.

"Their tough I'll give them that." Vinne said.

"And they kick stink fish butt too." Modo added.

"They could stay with me at the garage," Charley put in,"it might be nice to have some other women

"I guess all thats left is to say welcome to the team." Throttle said extending his hand.

"I'll try to contain my enthusiasm." Blade said wryly shaking his hand.

The Blade and Angel Saga 4

"Dear Diary"

By Jcdracon


Copyright jcdracon all rights reserved

Disclaimer: I don't own the show or the characters exept for Blade, Angel and any other
friends/relations I happen to make up. I am not getting paid to wright these and have nothing of real
value so please don't sue!

Summery: This one is actually at least partly POV and is about Blade writing her inner most thoughts in
her diary. Doesn't seem the type does she?

Notes: Now that I have the beggining out of the way I can gettinto the actual stories here.

Throttle pased restlessly around the garage and glanced at the clock once again. The impassive face
showed him that it was 3:30AM, even his bros were back at the scoreboard in bed by now. And thats
where I should be. She's been gone three days now, there's no reason to think she'll be back tonight.

Just then the roar of an engine shattered the night and he turned to see a black and green bike pull
into the garage. The tall, slender cycleist casually dismounted and strolled towards the steps leading
to the bedrooms without bothering to acnollage his presence.

"Where the hell have you been?!" The male mouse demanded.

"Out." The female biker stated without turning around.

"Out where?" Came the strained reply.

"Somewhere." The mouse said with no imotion.

"I see, and this place had no phone? No way of contacting us? I realize you don't give a rat's rear
about the rest of us but I thought at least you'd have the desency not to worry Angel!"

"I can handle myself, Ang knows that."

"Look, I don't know what your idea of a team is but here we don't just drop of the planet without a word
and pop up again days later as though nothing had happend!"

At that the shadowed figure whipped around to face him and in a deadly voice snarled "I agreed to fight
with you, but make no mistake Leader Boy, outside of battle this mouse hunts alone!"

Then before the tan mouse could react the darkness once again swallowed Blade as she made her way up to
the room Charley had given her.

Throttle stood there, glued to the spot and breathing heavily as he waited for his anger to fade enough
for him to ride home.

"You shouldn't let her moodyness get to you." A soft voice said from behind him.

He turned and found himself face to face with Angel. "I didn't know you were there."

"I felt her presence and came down to talk to her."

"Why do you always protect her?"

"We protect each other, just in different ways." She said with quiet conviction."You don't know much
about her do you? Maybe if you did you'd understand.
"She's spent her intire life on the streets and during that time she's learned not to trust anybody.
Ever. I think that the only people she's ever let herself trust are me and her brother Gun. Even I don't
know much about their lives before we met exept that it left them both incredably jaded. I concider it a
mirricle that they took me in at all.
"She probably saved my life you know. I was about twelve and had just ran away from home and an abusive
father. Two guys maybe twice my size grabbed me and dragged me into an alley. I don't know what they
were planning on doing to me, I don't even want to know. But then Blade stepped in, she came out of
nowhere and they didn't even know what hit them. Even at fifteen she was an amasing fighter, they were
both down for the count in a matter of seconds. Later she took me to the condemend building she, her
brother and a bunch of other kids shared and convinced him to take me in. We've been together ever

"It must be kind of hard for someone like her to have you know every thing about her." Throttle said

She sighed sadly, "No, not everything. There are parts of herself she keeps away from everyone, even
Meanwhile upstairs in her room Blade is sitting on her bed, scribbling furiously in a small black
leather covered book.

Dear Diary;
I'm back. But I guess you know that don't you? I'm so glad I lifted that moron's wallet during that
fight last week. I'm even more glad that I didn't get caught, somehow I don't think Throttle the staight
and narrow would approve. But hey, once a pickpocket always a pickpocket, right?

Speaking of Throttle, I just caught hell for the disapearing act I pulled. I wonder what he would say if
he knew I was protecting him and the others when I, to quote him "Dropped off the planet without a

The hunter is getting stronger. I almost couldn't stop myself from putting Vinnie's head through a wall
over some stupid crack he made. This is just getting sick. I can only pray that they never find out
about me.

Yes me, not the smart ass doesn't care about anyone or anything but herself me, but the real me. The me
that has a cold, hard lump where her heart should be and a black hole for a soul. The me that can kill
without a moments regret and only feels self loathing.

I remember the first time I looked in a mirror after we escaped, I almost puked. I'm beutiful, I can say
that without question. At least untill you get a look at my back. The criss crossing lines of scar
tissue that cover my back and shoulders can hardly be called beutiful. Their the one of the only things
I like about myself, them and the way my ribs used to stand out from starvation. I've filled out some,
thanks to the regular meals I force myself to eat. A pity, but I've still got my scars though and maybe
one day I'll get lucky and get hit in the face. It only seems right that the outside of me be as twisted
and ugly as the inside.

But there's another reason I hate the way I look. I look like HER! My mother, younger and less haggerd
but still like her. It's not really any wonder she went into the line of work she did. You know, the
same one hard done by women have been doing for centuries.

Sometimes I wish she had been able to come up with the money for an abortion. For me at least, but not
for Gun, never for Gun.

Gods, I miss him. I wonder what he's like now. If he's even alive, if half of what the guys have told us
is true.... No! I won't think like that, Gun's a surviver, he'd find a way to live.

Let's get back to my leaving, I cruised a few of the less respectable places in town and found some
places where I can diseapear without a trace, always a good thing to know. Picked a few fights with some
guys who won't remember much anyway, just enough to start rumors about a misterious biker chick and...
Oh hell. I'm bleeding again where that jerk caught me with a broken bottle, and we both know how hard
blood stains are to get out. Just give me a sec....

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, my three days in nowhere. Well I didn't waist all my time out. Oh no, I
spent a good portion of it tormenting Limburger. You should have heard him scream when he found that
pile of fish heads in his closet. I could have killed him then but I wanted to make him suffer first.
Karbunckle too, but once they've suffered enough, well then all the extra gaurds in the galaxy won't be
able to save them.

Thats the only thing that keeps me going, my revenge. Once they both are gone I'll finally be able to do
the world a favor and end this sorry existance of mine.

Thats the real reason I joined up with the biker mice at all, so when I'm gone Angel will have people
truely worthy of her to take care of her. And they will take care of her, she and Charley have already
bonded and if the way she and Modo keep looking at each other is any inclination they'll make each other
very happy in the near future. He'll also keep her safe from people like me.

That's one of the reasons I work so hard to keep them at arms length, I don't want anyone hurting
because of me, I'm not worth their tears.

So far it's been easy, Vinnie and I haven't been able to get along since our first meeting. Modo and
Charley were a bit harder beacause Angel considers me an important part of her life and they are both
compassionate people, but I think I've made them both give up on me. Now Throttle's been hard, his eyes
seem to see too muchand sometimes it's almost like he has pain that matches my own.
And then there's the increadably pathetic fact that I actually like him. How stupid is that! And if I'm
not careful I'll do something really stupid like fall for him.

I may be thinking about physical suicide but I'm not ready for emotional suicide as well. And thats what
it would be too, I mean he's in love with that witch Carbine. God's I hate her! And she hates me too,
that much I can tell.

I can hear Angel down there, pleading my case to him. Hopefully she won't do too good a job. I don't
want him to try and get to know me, I don't think I'd be able to keep my wall of sarcasim up if he did.
I might do somthing idiotic like tell him about Mom or Gun or Rain.

Rain. My blood runs cold just thinking about him. No, Throttle cant ever know about him.

I think thats enough for tonight. I can hear Angel coming up the stairs, sometimes sonarlike hearing
comes in handy. She cant find out about you. Not yet anyway, maybe when I'm gone you'll be able to help
her understand.

Anyway G'night

Yours B.

The Dark haired mouse closed the journal and walked over to the small bookcase where she slid the book
jacket of an old suspense novel by one of her favorite authors which happend to be the exact same size
as the diary over its leather cover and into it's proper spot on the shelf.