This story is for anyone to read and do whatever they want with it. I don't own BMFM and just write stories because i miss the show (it no longer comes on in the morning in my town). Warning: This is my first story so please be kind.


by Nitey

copyright Nitey, November 7, 1997

Modo lay on the sand dunes in a pool of blood, shaking in pain. His bros and his bike are no where in sight. The last thing the poor mouse can remember is the Sand Raider's surprise attack. Now, the only part of his body not in pain is his bionic arm. He hears a motorcycle approaching but is still worried. The motor's hum is much too soft to belong to him or any other Freedom Fighter. A shadow falls over him and he feels someone slowly and carefully remove his helmet. As his helmet is laid beside him, he looks up to see the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. She is human, about his age, and has long, flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes that remind Modo of an evening sky.

"Don't move," she says softly. Her voice is like that of an angel. "And don't worry, I'm here to help you."

She pulls a first aid kit from the pack beside her. After laying a few supplies on the ground she pulls out a vial and holds it to Modo's lips. Without question, Modo drinks it. A few minutes later, the pain fades and Modo feels his body go completely numb. He stops shaking and relaxes.

"Better?" she asks.

Modo gives a slight nod. The girl carefully cleans the deep stab wound in Modo's stomach. While doing so, she sings a sweet song in a light voice. Listening to her, Modo soon drifts into a deep sleep.

When he wakes up he is in a tent, but still on the sand dune. He realizes that she built the tent around him, not wanting to move him while he slept. The pain was back, was it was not as bad as it had been. He is thrilled when he hears his bike outside guarding the tent with Jacynda's bike, he was worried something had happened to it.

"Oh, so you've decided to join the land of the living again, eh?" she asks with a cheerful smile.
"Guess so..."Modo replies, then asks, "Who are you?"
"My name is Jacynda. Call me Jacy."
"Pretty name, I'm Modo. Thank you for helping me."
"No prob, buddy."
"So, Jacy, what is a human doing on Mars?

A sad look crosses Jacynda's face and Modo wishes he hadn't asked.

"I was kidnapped from my planet, Earth, as a child." she begins, "Plutarkians killed my parents after running into them near the lake by what was our house. Thankfully, some Freedom Fighters found me when they raided the place where the Plutarkians were keeping me. They saved me and gave me some friends of their's to be raised...they were killed by Plutarkians, too. I've been living on my own for ten years. I watch for raids and attacks and look around after the battle is over for any wounded mice. That's how I found you."

"How did you survive on your own with this war going on?"

"I'm good at hiding." she answers with a sneaky smile.

Jacy and Modo talk long into the night and by morning are very good friends. They feel they have found their soul mate. It is only a few days later that they fall deeply in love.

A few weeks later Modo is completely healed and able to travel. It is time for him to go back to the base, but he can bear to part with Jacynda.
"Come back with me, please." Modo asks
"I can't right now, my love, though I wish I could. I have some things to finish up but it will not take long. Give me the directions to your base and I will find you, I promise."

Modo draws her a map while Jacy put food and water into their packs. When Modo is not looking she slips some extra food into his. Modo finishes the map and it is time to leave.

"I'm going to miss you so much, baby." Modo is near tears at the thought of leaving her. Tears already roll down Jacynda's face.

"I'll miss you, too. I won't be long though and then we will be together again, my love." Jacynda tells him.

One last hug, one last kiss, and they part. Modo watches with tears rolling down his cheeks as Jacynda rides away on her midnight blue and silver speckled motorcycle.

(5 years later)

Jacynda stands ready to fight. Her long blonde hair is filthy and hanging in her face. She tries to keep her eyes from revealing how truly terrified she is as she faces the 3 Plutarkian warriors in front of her

"C'mon girl, we ain't gonna hurt ya much."

"Go to hell, Creep!" Jacynda shouts at them.

Jacy tries to break free and run for a near by door. She is stopped by the warriors. Pain shoots through her body as she is thrown to the floor and kicked, stomped on and beaten. Soon the pain becomes too much and the poor girl passes out.

(In another part of the building)

Throttle, Modo and Vinnie sneak through a crawl space in the ceiling of the Plutarkian lab. They are here to find some Plutarkian battle plans and find out if any new weapons have been made. They find an empty storage room and hop down into it. Throttle searches the wall and finds a light switch. The guys search the room and see a motorcycle in the corner. Modo gasps as he recognizes the blue and silver speckled bike.

"No..." he says to himself.
Sensing something is wrong, Throttle asks "Bro, you ok?"
"No, that bike belonged to a friend of mine. We have to find her!"
"Her?!" Vinnie's ears perk at the thought of another girl.

"Yes, her," Modo answers, "her name is Jacynda. I met her out on the sand dunes after that attack 5 years ago. We have to find her..."

The 3 mice leave the storage room and are glad to see that the lab is shut down for the night. Everyone is asleep except the outside guards. They search high and low with no sight of Jacy. Finally, they come upon a small, almost hidden lab. As they walk in they all shiver as they recognize some of the equipment in the room. Some of the same things were used to experiment on them. Modo walks, alone, to a examination table. There is something on it, but it is covered by a sheet. Modo pulls the sheet back and tears start to slip down his face as he looks upon his badly beaten love.

Oh, my angel...what did they do to you? Modo thinks to himself. He gently picks her up, wraps her in the sheet that had covered her and walks back to his bike.

Throttle sees Modo try to secretly wipe the tears off his face.
"Is she ...?" Throttle is afraid to finish the question.
"No, she's alive, but we've gotta get her back to the base fast."

Modo eases onto his bike with Jacy in front of him. The biker mice race back to the base and turn the girl over to Harley and Carbine to look after.

(Back at the base)

Harley and Carbine have finished cleaning and bandaging Jacynda. The poor girl is resting on Modo's bed. Modo is in a chair close to the bed. He runs his fingers through her hair. Harley has washed it so it shines like it did the first time Modo saw her. Modo doesn't see Carbine walk into the room.

"Hey big guy, why don't you come in here and tell us about your little friend there?"
Modo reluctantly leaves her side and walks into the base's meeting room. Throttle, Vinnie, Stoker, Carbine and Harley all sit watching Modo. Modo takes a deep breath and begins the story of how he and Jacynda met. When he finishes, he sits back and waits for everyone's reaction.

"Why didn't you tell us about her?" Throttle asks.
"I wanted to keep her a secret till the day she showed up. When she never came, I thought she had forgotten about me. I never thought something like this would happen to her..." His face falls at the end of the sentence.

Throttle can't stand to see his best friend hurting so much
"Bro," Throttle says in a cheerful voice, "she's here, she's in one piece and she's going to be just fine. Don't worry about it."
Modo smiles finally. Carbine gives Throttle's hand a gentle squeeze. Leave it to him to know just how to cheer someone up. Vinnie can't stand the silence and feels he must say something. "Yea! And plus, she's a babe!!" he shouts.

"Vinnie!" Both Carbine and Harley smack Vinnie on the back of the head.

(Later that night)

Modo is, again, sitting by his bed watching his only love as she sleeps.

"Please baby...wake up and be okay. Wake up and show me those beautiful blue eyes..."
As if she heard him, Jacynda's eyelids start to flutter

"Jacynda?" Modo says, almost in shock that she's waking up.

Slowly Jacy opens her eyes and looks around the room. Her face lights up as her eyes fall on Modo.
"M-Modo?! Modo, is that you?" Despite the obvious pain, she pulls herself up as Modo rushes to hug her. Modo gently kisses her and eases her back onto the bed.

"Modo, I've missed you so much. I love you." She lays a hand on his cheek and Modo leans his head into her palm.
"I love you too, baby" He kisses her again. "Baby, what were you doing in that lab?"

Tears well up in Jacynda's eyes and she looks down at the blanket covering her. Modo tilts her head back up and asks again.

"I was rescuing our daughter, Modo."
"Yes, love, her name is Angela and she's only 4 years old...Those Plutarkians caught her. She's beautiful, she's Martian but her fur is the color of my hair. I was going to save her and come here. But I was caught and..."
Modo pulls Jacynda close to comfort her, he is thrilled to have a daughter but worried about her safety. His eye glows bright red. He never could stand to hear of or see little kids getting hurt and the fact that this little one was his own daughter just made him madder.

"Don't worry, baby. Me and my bros'll ride out tonight and find her, ok?"

Modo stays with Jacy till she falls asleep again. He then walks out of the room and sees his friend, Throttle, sitting near the entrance of the base.

"I have to go back to that lab..." Modo breaks the silence.

Throttle jumps at the sudden voice. He turns and gives Modo a confused look.

"Why? We have Jacy and her bike. Why go back?"
"I have to rescue my...daughter"
"DAUGHTER?!!" Throttle almost falls off the rock he is sitting on.
"Throttle, chill! You're gonna wake Jacy up!"

Throttle tries to regain his composure.

"Daughter?" Throttle is still in shock.

"Yes, daughter. Jacynda had a kid, a girl, and it looks like I'm the father..."

Neither of them hear Vinnie walking up to them.

"Wow," Vinnie says, "you only knew her a few day and you were able to get into her pants! Why can't I meet girls that easy?"

Modo turns to face Vinnie, his eye is glowing and he takes a step towards Vinnie. Vinnie backs down and Throttle grabs Modo's arm to stop him and calm him down.

"I didn't mean it, Bro! I was just joking!"

Modo calms down and Vinnie takes a seat beside Throttle.

"Now, what was that about you having a daughter?" Throttle looks questioningly at Modo.

Modo tells Throttle and Vinnie about Angela. Both of them still find it hard to believe Modo is a father. They plan quickly and soon jump on their bikes and head for the Plutarkian lab.

A little Martian girl sits in a cage, crying. Her fur is golden blonde. She is scared and does not know what has happened to her mother.

"Shut up, you little brat!! You're giving me a headache!!" The creepy scientist Karbunkle screams from across the room. He walks over and kicks the side of the cage. The little girl, Angela, stifles her sobbing as much as she can. She's been given a sedative and can already feel her eyes closing. She fights to stay awake but soon falls asleep. Karbunkle reaches into the cage and pulls the young child out.

"You'll make a fine subject for this little experiment." He says to himself.

He straps Angela to a table and walks off to gather his equipment. Karbunkle comes back with a scalpel in hand he leans over Angela, and is about to cut her cheek when a hole is blasted into the wall. The Biker Mice charge through on their bikes. Modo sees Karbunkle leaning over the little girl and shoots him. The scientist falls back against a wall and doesn't move. The mice jump off their bikes and run to the table where Angela is. Throttle helps Modo unstrap her and Vinnie finds something to wrap her in. Modo gets a good hold on the little one with his good arm and wraps his tail around her to make sure she doesn't fall. They head back to the base. Throttle leaves a few gifts behind though. 3 grenades. They ride out of there and are a few miles away when the lab goes up in flames.

(Back at the base)

Modo is thrilled to see Jacy up when they arrive. She is sitting at a table, munching on some food and joking with Carbine and Harley. The guys are happy to see the 3 girls getting along so well. When Jacynda sees Modo carrying Angela she rushes to him.

"Oh my baby," She partially unwraps the little girl. "Are you ok? Modo?"
Modo nods and Jacy hugs him tightly. " I love you" she whispers to him.
Modo hands Angela to Jacy. She carries the little girl to Modo's room and lays her on the bed.

"Thank you." Jacynda says as Modo walks into the room.
"For what? Saving our daughter? Love, you don't need to thank me for that."
"No, not that," She replies. Modo looks at her, confused. "Thank you for not abandoning me as soon as you found out we had a child. Many guys wouldn't stick around if their girlfriend had a child. I was worried you would deny that she was yours and..."
"I love you, Jacynda," Modo interrupts her. "You are so much more than my girlfriend." He walks to her and looks into her eyes. "You are my soul mate. You are the only girl I ever want to be with. I would never abandon you or Angela, for any reason."
Jacynda is speechless. She hugs Modo tightly. Modo wraps his arms around her and almost lifts her off the ground while hugging her. Carbine and Charley help Jacy set up a little bed on the floor of Modo's room for Jacy and Modo. They don't want to have to wake up Angela and move her, so the two are sleeping on the floor. Modo, Carbine and Harley walk into the main room of the base and are shocked to see Jacynda and Throttle fighting! Modo is about to rush to Jacynda's side and stop Throttle from seriously hurting the girl when he sees Vinnie laughing hysterically at the two of them.

"C'mon Throttle! You gonna let a girl beat you?!" Vinnie shouts at the two of them.

By now, Modo, Carbine and Harley have realized that Throttle and Jacy are only sparing. Modo walks over and take a seat next to Vinnie.

"Man, Your chick can put up one hell of a fight!" Vinnie shouts.
Modo watches for awhile and notices that Jacynda is winning the fight!! She may be small, but she's much faster than Throttle. They watch as she used that speed for her advantage and grabs Throttle's arm as he rushes her and sends him flying.

"Ok! I give! Mercy!" Throttle shouts, half laughing, while trying to stand up again.
"I didn't hurt ya too bad, did I?" Jacynda asks with an angelic expression on her face.
"What are you two doing?" Modo asks calmly.
"Just playing around." They both answer.
"Playing? You looked like you were trying to kill each other! Why were you two sparing?"
"Mr. Macho over there" Jacy nods her head towards Throttle. "Was lifting weights and I asked if I could lift some, too. He told me to be careful! I was holding a 5 pound weight! And it just went on from there..."
Modo can't help but laugh. His cute, tiny, petite little angel...beating Throttle at sparing!
"Haha." Throttle gets an angry look on his face, but everyone knows it's just to tease Jacy. "That little thing is fast! Man, I bet she could out fight you too Vinnie."

"I could." Jacy replies for Vinnie, confidently. "But not tonight. That little workout with Throttle left me totally drained. So, Good night. Throttle, it's been a pleasure." She nods her head towards Throttle and walks towards Modo's room.

"I'm heading to bed, too guys. See ya in the morning." Modo follows Jacy.

Soon, all except the night watch is resting peacefully. Modo and Jacynda curl up together and drift off to sleep.

(The next morning)

Jacynda wakes up on the floor, Modo is not there. She looks on his bed to check on Angela. Angela is gone also. Jacy jumps up and runs into the hall. She crashes into Vinnie.

"Hey, babe! What's the rush?"
" is Vinnie, right?..Where are Modo and Angela?"
"Modo woke up this morning and Angela was already up. So, she's in the back helping 'her daddy' fix your motorcycle."
"Thanks Vinnie."

Jacy takes off towards the back of the base where the motorcycles are kept. When she walks in she sees Modo crouched beside Jacynda's bike. Throttle is sorting out some tools and throwing them to a towel beside Modo. Angela is on the other side of the bike, crouched down like Modo is. Jacy can't help but laugh.
"So, you've decided to join the land of the living again, eh?" Modo asks, imitating Jacy.
"Mommy!!" Angela runs to Jacy and jumps up into her arms.
"Hi sweetie, are you ok?"
"Oh yes, Mommy!" Angela does her best to sound very grown up. "Daddy and Uncle Throttle are teaching me how to fix a motorcycle! And later, Uncle Throttle and daddy are gonna teach me how to shoot and stuff!!"
"You're going to teach how to what?!?!" Jacy shouts at the two mice in front of her. Jacy is still a little mad when Angela, Modo and Throttle all start laughing.
"It was just a joke, love. Me and Throttle got her to say it." Modo explains.
"Yea, it'll be at least another week before we start teaching her how to shoot." Throttle shouts over his shoulder.
"Throttle, do you want me to throw you up against a wall again?"
"Not really"
"Then behave!" Jacynda says, joking. She walks towards the front of the base, carrying her daughter.

"Together Again"

"Modo, come here, we need to talk." Stoker motioned Modo into his room. Modo had just come back from and all day patrol with Throttle and Vinnie. All Modo wanted to do was go to his room and get a back rub from Jacy. But, it was going to have to wait. Modo walked in and sat down in a chair.
"Yea, Stoker?"
"It's about Jacy." He looked strange. Almost upset and angry and confused.
Modo had been out all day and by the look on Stoker's face, something had happened while he was gone. Modo started getting worried.
"What about her? Where is she? What happened?! Is Angela ok?!"
"Modo, calm down! Jacy is fine and so is Angela. We had a few problems today though."
"What?" Modo's voice had gone flat and Stoker knew he was getting exceedingly angry. Stoker was already planning to run if Modo's eye began glowing.
"Well, it would seem that Jacy did some damage while she was at that lab and there is something about your kid that has the Plutarkians really interested."
"Like what? Angela is just a little girl."
"Modo, your little girl is not just a little girl. She has some kind of powers. Jacy wasn't to clear on them, something about pyrokenetics. She can control fire and the Plutarkians are after her,"
"Stoker, where are they?"
"We decided to get the two of them off the planet."
"What?!?!?!?!" Modo was obviously furious.
"Listen! We sent her to Earth."
"To Charley?"
Why not?!" Modo was still trying to calm down.
"Modo, if the Plutarkians follow her to Earth, the first place they will look will be at Charley's house. Charley can handle herself, but if she has to watch out for Jacy and Angela... Only I know where Jacy and Angela are and it is going to stay that way. I'm sorry. I know you love her, and I know you've only been together a few weeks after being apart for 5 years, but I'm thinking about they're safety and ours. Ok?"
"Ok." Modo stands up and walks out of the room. Throttle heard everything and pulls Modo aside as he walks by.
"Hey, don't you think it's about time we went to visit Charley on Earth?"
Throttle asked with a smile. Modo knew that Throttle really meant. They would visit Charley, but they would look for Jacy and Angela, too.
"Sounds good to me. Let's go talk to Vinnie." Modo and Throttle walk towards Vinnie's room. After talking and planning, they told Stoker they were leaving. Stoker had a little problem, but when Modo's eye started glowing, he quickly agreed to giving the guys a vacation. The 3 Mice left that night for Chicago.

(Chicago, Earth: Last Chance Garage)

Throttle, Modo and Vinnie pulled into The Last Chance Garage.
"Sweetheart, we're home!" Vinnie called as they parked their bikes.
"Vinnie?" Came a woman's voice from the back room.
"Yea, and Throttle and Modo, too." Vinnie calls back, Charlie runs into the room and gives the guys all a big hug.
"I missed you guys soooo much! How ya been? How's everything on Mars?"
"Whoa, take it easy, babe!" Vinnie clapped a hand over Charlie's mouth.
Charley bit into Vinnie's palm.
"Why so sad, Modo?" Charley ignores Vinnie as he whines in pain.
"It's a long story Charley-girl" Modo starts. He tells Charley the story of him and Jacynda and about little Angela. Charley is shocked to find out that Stoker separated them again.
"Whatta complete JERK!" Charley shouted.
", we're here to try and find them." Modo tells her.
"K. Look, why don't you guys come home with me and stay at my house while you're here. I have plenty of room. I'll even get you guys all hot dogs and root beer you can possibly stand" Charley says with a smile.

(The next afternoon)

The guys are riding past a small park, they are going to a "hot dog shack" nearby. They stop and Modo watches as kids run around the park and soon leave. He can still the a single set of little feet running on the gravel and can't help but think of Angela. Throttle finally comes back with the food and the guys eat and talk as the day goes on. Soon they get ready to head back to Charley's house, Modo is climbing onto his bike when he hears a little girls voice shouting.
"Daddy!! Daddy!!"
Out of paternal instinct, Modo snapped his head around. He looked to the park and saw his little girl, Angela, running towards him.
"Angela!" Modo and the guys jumped off their bikes and ran to her, Modo scooped her up and tightly hugged her. He looked over his daughter's shoulder and saw Jacynda running towards him.
"Angel, go to your Uncle Throttle." Modo put Angela down and she ran to Throttle's side.
"Jacynda..."Modo caught Jacy in a hug and lifted her off the ground.
"Oh my god, Modo...I missed you so much."
"I missed you, too baby."

After much talking, hugging and kissing, Modo and Jacy finally came back to the real world.

"Are you two done yet?" Vinnie asked.

Jacy is even happy to see Throttle and Vinnie, so she gives them a hug too. They tell Jacy about Charley and tell Jacy they better get back to Charley's house so she doesn't get worried. Jacy climbs on her bike with Angela and they leave for Charley's house, with Modo and Jacy beside each other all the way.

The end.