AUTHOR'S NOTE. I don't own the biker mice. I only do this for enjoyment. Buck-Shot and the
others are propriety of the author. Thanx to my bros and sys, for be patients with me,
especially Foxfire, Racergirl and MarsW for all the help. If you found a mistake in the type,
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JULY 7, 2000

Copyright 2000 Ibuki Hoipoi, all right reserved

Part 1


Evening falls on the horizon. The last flashes of the sunlight touch the sandy surface. On the
solitary road, a vehicle travels calmly.

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Oh, baby, can't do this to me, baby!!
Just gotta get out, just gotta get outta get right of- - -

" Awh, men!!" says a male, sighing. "Now, what's wrong??"

The song continues in the radio. The male turns it off.
" G-15 zone... mmhh... let's see... " He says while consults a 3-D map in the vehicle's panel.
"... This dot is I... Hey!! I'm in the middle of the zone!!" he chuckles "I guess I'm in
The male speeds up and drives in the restricted area.
"I gotta back to home, before something nasty comes..." he says.
Suddenly, he looks at the mirror. Some Martian vehicles taking position near of him. One of
them, blocks his road. A mouse descends and approaching.
The male blinks. Certainly, that mouse has some of special. He doesn't a member of the Military
Martian Forces, but he has the artillery of one of them.
The male looks at him. On his right arm, he can look a tattoo.
FF??!! A Freedomfighter!! The male thinks.
"What are ya doing here, lad?" The FF asks.
"I try back to my home," He says.
" It's better you stay here... This area shall be a war field. If you try to go, those fishes
gonna attack you. " The FF says. The other male nods, and descends of his pick-up. The other
soldiers look at him.
"What's your name, bro?" they asks. The male blinks.
"I'm Buck-Shot Bakers. " He says.
Suddenly, a shout interrupts the conversation. The soldiers go to the battle.
"Okay, Mr. Bakers. Stay here, we gonna fight." The leader of the group says, and goes.
Buck-Shot looks at the battlefield. The plutarkians has many soldiers and vehicles than the
Martians. Without hesitations, takes a gun and runs. A soldier stops him.
"Hey! What are ya doing??" the soldier says.
"I gonna help ya. C'mon, let me go!!"
The FF looks at Buck-Shot. Then nods, and both begin the battle.
"By the way, ya know how to use that gun??" The soldier says. Buck-Shot nods.
"Yeah... My father teaches me. A distributor must know how protect his freight" Buck-Shot
answers, and prepares his weapon.

The battle developed in an incredible way. The soldiers fights with great courage, and Buck-Shot
isn't the exception. After a few minutes, the fishes retreats.

Buck-Shot descends of his vehicle. The soldiers give congrats to him. One of them approaching to
him, and stretches his hand.
"You're welcome in the FF´s if you want, bro". He says.
Buck-Shot takes his hand.
"Just say me where and when."
The soldier smiles.
"23 south area coordinates D-27 E-26."
"I'll be there..." He answers.
Buck-Shot continues his way, and smiles to himself.
"I knew it... I'm in trouble..."




"Be careful, Nick. Don't do any blunder."
"Yes, mum."
"You must to bey your superiors in any thing."
"Yeah, mum.... and where's my helmet?"
The mother gives the helmet to his son, and smiles to other young male.
"Take care of him, Jake. We don't know in what kind of troubles he gonna enter."
The other male chuckles. Nick protest.
"OK. Mrs. Miller. Don't worry" Jake says, smiling. " C'mon, 'baby', let's go."
"OK...." Nick says, and goes.
"Be careful, Nick!" The lady says.
Both nods and goes to he garage.

"Do you have the coordinates, 'baby'?" Jake says and chuckles. Nick glares to him.
"Awh, shut up, brat. Of course I have it." Nick says, and searches in a little notebook.
"23 South area, D-17, E-26, right?"
"Is this the FF´s South quarter, ain´t?" Jake says and rides his bike. "Isn't far from here...
Let's go."
"Good. Maybe we can arrive before the supper time, huh, brat?"
"Don't call me brat, my name is Jake."
Nick chuckles and Jake too. Then speeds up their bikes and leave the house.



"And they got it, son! Joe has been joined!"
"You think that I gonna let my little son goes to the dead?!"
The boy protest, trying to convince to his father. He raises the voice, annoying and tense.
The boy descends his glance. A friendly hand knocking his shoulder, softly.
"Don't worry, bro. You'll have your own war."
"But Joe...."
Joe smiles at him, takes her bag pack and looks at her family: her two sisters and her brother
that says goodbye to her, with his parents.
"Be careful, Joe!!" Her sisters say.
Joe raises an arm, and begins her way. Suddenly a shout stops her steps.
Joe looks at his brother that shakes his arms, far away.
"Kick their asses for me, sys!!" He says.
Joe smiles, nods, and continues her way.

A half hour after, Joe walks and thinks. Far away, a lonely way extends. Formerly, a city
raises. Now, only wreckage can be seen of that place called Slybird City.
Joe looks around, without stops her steps. Look at the debris that supposed to be her school
where she went when she was 15; the market, the videogame hall...
But there's nothing...anymore.
Joe stops in front of the rubbish of a bakery.
"The old Spark's Bakery..." She says and sighs. Then continues her way.
"The night is coming... It's better hurry up, Joe..."
Joe hustles, while hums a coordinates.
"23 south area, D-17, E-26..." She says, and sings.



"You gonna fight against the fishes?"
The child looks at a big figure, walking besides him.
"Yep...The soldier says that I can help..."
"Mommy and daddy let you go?"
"Hum... no prob, kiddo. Just they pled to me be careful..."
"Can I go with you?"
"No, kiddo...It's better you stay here, and take care of Meryl and mum."
"Okay..." The child says and bends his head. Buck-Shot sighs, and carries the boy.
"Awh, c'mon, Abel!! You're a little cub!! But when you grown up, you'll can fight with all the
fishes that you want." He says, and made tickles at the boy. Abel laughs, and made tickles to
Buck-Shot. He laughs, too.
"When you come back?" Abel asks. Buck-Shot sighs.
"Dunno, kiddo... "I wish soon..."
Abel looks at his big brother.
"You're very strong. I'm sure you can defeat the fishes!!"
Buck-Shot smiles, and closes his bag pack. Then goes to the living room. A little girl runs and
grips his leg.
"Don't go, Bucky!!" She says.
Buck-Shot carries the little girl.
"Don't worry, Meryl!! I'll be back!" He says.
Meryl looks at Buck-Shot, with a glance.
"Do you promise?"
"I promise, baby."
Then, kisses the girl, and then gives kisses to his mother.
"Be careful, son" The mother says.
"I'll be back, mum. On a stretcher, if is necessary, but I'll be back."
"Have you been smoking?" The mother asks. Buck-Shot smiles innocently.
"Calm down, mum! I can leave it, I promise!" He says, and both chuckles.
Then goes to the garage, and lights his vehicle. With a big smile, says goodbye.




"And why don't check it before??"
"I said ya thousand times, I checked it! I don't know why isn't works..."
"Give me a light."
"With what? With my hand?"
"Do you mean that you haven't a lamb?"
Sigh * "Honestly, Nick..."

While the males thinking, somebody approaching to they.
"Need a hand?"
The guys look at the female.
"We need a lamp, lady."
The female pulls out a lamp, and Jake takes it. Nick bends besides him.
"The switch's cord is broken." She says. Nick blinks.
"How do you know it?"
The female smiles.
"I learned a little of mechanic."
Nick checked the cord. Then repairs it.
"That's it!" Now it's ready!" He says.
"By the way...what are two misleader guys like you doing here?" She asks.
"The same..." the boys answers.
"So... who are you?" she asks.
"I'm Jake. He's Nick. What about you?"
"I'm Joanna. But you can call me 'Miss Joe' ".
"Nice to meet you, Joe ma-am. By the way, where do you go?"
"I go to the 23Southarea." Joe says.
"We too" Says Nick, smiling.
"Do you want come with us?" Jake says and offers a place in his bike. Joe smiles.
"Thanks, but I can't travel with strange"
Jake shrugs in his shoulders and continues his way.
"Thank you, Joe girl." Nick says.
Joe looks at they get away.




A pair of hours after
Buck-Shot travels calmly, when see somebody hustles. He approaches to her follows her steps.
Show his head from the window.
"Where do you go, miss?"
Joe looks at the driving male.
"At the South Quarter" She answers.
"I can carry you, I gonna go there, too"
Joe thinks a little.
"It's too late to a lady walks alone." Buck-Shot stops his vehicle and opens the door. Joe,
finally, nods.
"Ok, but don't try do something nasty to me, right?" She says.
"Okay, girl" He says and smiles. Joe climbs in the pick-up and both continues the way.
"I'm Buck-Shot Bakers." He says.
"I'm Joanna."
"You gonna join as a nurse?"
"No... as a soldier."
"Wow!! I guess you're a very strong girl." He says. Joe chuckles.
Far away, a mountain rises.
"The quarter is in that mountain, lady. Maybe we arrive in 10 minutes."




Ten minutes after
Joe descends of the pick-up and stares at the mountain.
"Is there, miss Joe!" Buck-Shot says, appointing a rock. Joe stares at it. Suddenly a hidden
door opens, and reveals an entrance. Buck-Shot drives his vehicle and enters, while Joe walks.
The door closes behind her.

Joe looks around and found some bikes, boxes and lockers. Surely, she stays in a big hangar.
The door opens again, and a bike enters. Almost like a standard FF´s bike, but it was black,
with a pair of silvered lines. It's armament was a little more strength.
The bike passes besides Joe, who stops her steps. He bike stops 6 or 7 meters ahead. The driver
comes down. Have a black leather jacket, white shirt, green pants, black boots and a belt. The
driver leaves the bike, and walks into the base, without look at the newcomers. Joe looks at the
driver, every movement, over all the movements of his tail...
This strange tail....
"What's up, babe?" Buck-Shot say. Joe looks at him.
"Nothing. I just thinking about that driver... Is good, ain´t?"
Buck-Shot shrug in his shoulders.
"Yeah... Not bad..."
They walk inside, and meet a soldier. Buck-Shot recognizes him.
"Hey! You're the leader of those soldiers that fight in the G-15 area, ain´t?"
The soldier smiles.
"Yeah. And you're the citizen that helps us... I knew it, we can count with you!"
The soldier begs that they follow him.
"So... she's your girl?"
"Nope... I meet her a moment ago... Her name's Joe" Buck-Shot answers.
"C'mon. There's somebody that want to meet ya."
Both follow the soldier to other passage, and enter in other room. Inside, more soldiers eat,
and lean. The leader talks with all.
"Bros!! Listen to me!"
The soldiers look at the leader. The newcomers enter. Joe, Buck-Shot and two males more.
"You?!" says Joe, and blinks.
"HELLO!!!" Nick and Jake says.
Behind they, one more enters.
That driver!! Buck-Shot thinks.
He (Or she, in fact) enters in the room, and takes off her helmet, revealing a beautiful
light-blue mane, and her greedy-reddish eyes. A long scar slides in her right cheek and eye.
The leader continues.
"I wanna present to ya our new bros. He's Buck-Shot, they're Jake and Nick, She's Joe, and the
other lady is..."
"Just call me Hybrid," She says.
The leader continues.
"By the way, by orders from our big bro Stoker, one of us must to go at the North quarter. They
need a hand there..."
All looks around.
"Any volunteer?"
Nick looks at the leader.
"Me. I'm sure I can help there."
"But Nick." Jake says, and Nick smiles.
"Don't worry, brat. I'll be fine."
"Are ya sure?"
"Yeah, I'm sure..."
"So... Nick goes to the North quarter. I take care of him. And I have something to tell ya" The
leader says, while looks at the newcomers " we count with you, ok?"
"Yes." All answers.

After the suppertime, Nick says good-bye to his friend.
"Hey, take it easy, Jake. I'll be ok. really."
Jake stares at his best friend. He smiles.
"No matters what happened. We shall be together. Always. Ain´t, brat?"
He says, and slaps playfully at Jake. He chuckles, and returns the slap.
"Okay, baby. But don't do any blunder."
"Yes, mum." Nick recites. Then, both laughs.
"Be careful, friend..." Jake says.
Nick goes out to the room.
Jake goes to his bed, and tries to sleep.




In the next morning, all wakes up.
Jake goes out of his room, quickly, and crashes with other soldier.
"Hey! Look out, bro!! What's the matter?" Buck-Shot says, and shakes his head.
"Sorry, bro... but it's a little late," says Jake.
"C'mon, mice, it's late." A grave voice says. They look at Hybrid. She walks besides they.
"Wanna training with me, girl?" Buck-Shot says.
"Forget it, Casanova!" She answers. Buck-Shot blinks and Jake chuckles.
"She doesn't like you" He says. Buck-Shot shrugs in his shoulders.
"No matters... I'm patient."
"Is pretty, but I think she likes the mature people."
"Like you?"
"Nah... I guess she needs a lot of time, that's all." Jake says.
Buck-shot nods, and pulls out a package of cigarettes. While, Joe appears in the corridor.
"It's too soon to smoke ain´t?" She says.
"Calm down, Joe-girl... I can leave it." He answers " by the way, wanna training with me?"
Joe looks at him and sticks her tongue.
"Forget it, gigolo." She says, and goes out. Buck-shot blinks and Jake chuckles again. Buck-Shot
glares at him.
"Hey! Where's the witty?"
"You're two!! Are so funny!!" Jake says, and laughs. Buck-Shot laughs too.
"Ya know?" Jake says, between laughs " I think I'll fell very good here!!"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Finally, I can type the second part to my fanfic. I must to give excuses and a lot of thanks at everyone of you. Now, I wish that you enjoy with this. Oh, yeah, I almost forget it! In this part, my dear sys MarsW help me. THANX, SIS!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Biker Mice. Only the Characters Hybrid, Buck-Shot, Jake, Nick, Freckles and Joe are of my creation. Enjoy!!





NOVEMBER 1, 2000 Ibuki Hoipoi, All rights reserved.

Two month after the part 1

The Southquarter was found in its last activities of the day. Some things have changed. Now, Jake manages the FF´s and Buck-Shot almost was the Joe's boyfriend. Others things remains equal. Two soldiers train.
"Whoa! It's okay, I give up!!"
"Awh, c´mon, Buck, it´s everything that you can do?"
"You have finished with my energy, babe."
Joe raised of the chair.
"Good, I guess I should be going to sleep. See ya, Buck!"
Joe gone, while Buck-Shot pull out a cigarette and began to smoke.
"I think that you must leave that, Buck" said Jake, coming out of one of the doors.
"Still awake, captain?"
Jake shrank of shoulders.
"Someone should do guard... but what are you doing awake?Something worries?"
"No, but nobody leave me to smoke in the dormitories." Said smiling."And you?"
"It thought that insanities would be doing Nick... but not you think about something?" Buck-Shot sighed.
"I though in my brothers." Said, pulling a picture.
" They are a pair of naughty cubs. .." his glance darkened " I expect to see them again. .."
"You will do him, brother. .." said Jake.
Both they remained in silence. A pair of minutes after, Buck-Shot slept deeply.

Fast footsteps can been listened through the dark corridor.Whispers.
Someone tried to flee. The prisoner ran through a dark room. His reddish eyes looked at backwards, toward their followers. It opened of blow a door, closing it after of itself. To save, by the moment.
Suddenly felt that something holded it strongly. Shouted, without to be listened. Fights, without success. Now it was inside a kind of cage, of walls of crystal, that was full of water. Through the walls of their prision, the prisoner saw how did two figures observe it. One of them, which had fins, pushed smething in a kind of console. Suddenly, the prisoner was not able to breathe. A strange knife cut its white skin. It bled. The two figures laugh upon seeing the scared glance of the prisoner. The other figure, smiled evilly; in its smile they emphasized a pair of large teeths, while agitated smoothly his tail. The prisoner can hear their laughs, while a great pain ran in its naked body.
"Your you do not belong here!" They mocked.
The strange knife slid cruelly upon its stomach, wounding him.
"No...... please.." the prisoner says.
The knife ran for its waist, rising to its chest. Tears ran in her eyes. Her long blue hair covered its face.
"No... no more. .." she says.
The knife sank mortally in its throat. Shouted.


Hybrid awoke abruptly. It looked at to its around. Only it was found in its room. It was thrown again to the bed.
"Dammit! Only it was a dream."
The room seemed it dark and large. Just as that corridor.
« ...or maybe not. .. »

Joe ran quickly to the room of Jake. He opened the door.

« Captain, problems ! »

Jake jumped of his bed, looking at Joe.

« But what happens ? »

«  Four Plutarkian's ships in the Esperanza's Lake, they try to take
it ! »

« When discovered them » ? did Jake Say, putting his boots.

« Buck-Shot detected them ago a moment. Let's go, Cap ! »

«  Call to Hybrid, Buck-Shot and you will also come. »

Joe went to the hangar. Hybrid left her room.

« I listened everything, Jake. What is the plan ? »

« Buck-Shot, Joe, you and me will take the ships, get
ready to leave. »

Hybrid agreed and ran to the hangar. Buck-Shot also got ready to leave,
while he watched over the course of the ships in the radar. His expression was
noticed calm, as it was usually. That was one of his qualities.

« Buck-Shot, are you ready ?

« Yes, bro. »

« Well. Let's go. »

The soldiers mounted in their bikes and they left.


Moments later.

The wind caressed the drivers. In the distance the Esperanza's Lake extended.
Jake observed the perimeter with its binoculars.

« And well » ? did Joe Ask.

« There isn't surveillance in the shore. The ships are only come, they are
like to 50 meters... »

« Any suggest ? » Said Buck-Shot.

« We must to approach ». Hybrid said, and she left running secretly. The
other ones followed her. Buck-Shot sighed.

« Oh, boy... They always make it to their way... »

« Well, are all ready ? » Jake asked. All nod.

« OK. Buck-Shot, you will go to the left and you will take them for surprise
together with Joe. Hybrid and me will take the ships to the right. BE SLY. »

« Hey !! Where is the amusement ? Without shots ?? »

« I told you thousand times, Joe, for surprise ! »

« Awh, spoilsport ! »

« Y' say ? »

« Oh, nothing.... »

« Well, move. »

The couple ran toward the objective. Moments later, The enemies were defeated.
The soldiers returned victorious to the base.

One year passed, but or less as this. The group rested in some rocks, after
another won battle.

"Man, that was so easy..." Buck-Shot says, while pulls out a package of cigarettes
"Gve me one..." Joe says. He shakes his head.
"Nope... ladies don't smoke."
Joe glares at him, and sticks her tongue.
"Stop that, you two, hehe..." Jake says, smiling.
"Do you want some, Cap ?"
"Lessee..." Jake says.
"And you, Hyb ?" Buck-Shot says.
"No Buck-Shot. `Ladies don't smoke, remember ?" She says. Buck-Shot chuckles, and Joe sighs.
" 'Kay guys let's go to the quarter." Jake says, and rides his vehicle.
"Okay, I'm hungry." Joe says happily.
"I want to call to my family.... " Buck-Shot says, softly.
"You can do it, bro. Just let me make a call first." Jake says.
"What `bout you, Hybrid." Joe says.
"That's no matters." Hybris says, without feelings.

The group leaves the place, while silence falls.

In the base, are noise and activity. The soldiers made things like eat or sleep. Outside, a silent soldier stays, seated on the rocks.
"Really the your origin place has some importance... ?" She thinks, looking at the sky, " I don't want remember it... that pathetic place... that pathetic people..."
A single tear rolls in her cheek.
Suddenly, a óbice calls to her.
"HYB !! Where are ya, sis ?" Joe says, searching for her.
"Here..." she says, softly.
"Are you okay ?" Joe says. Hybrid sighs.
"Yeah... it`s just a headache."
Both enters again in the base, where Buck-Shot talks in the comunicator.
"Yeah, mum... I leave the tobacco, I promise.... yeah, luv you !" He says, and turns off the screen. Then, looks at the females.
"Hi ladies !"
"Hi, Buck. Yo, where's Jake ?" Joe asks.
"In his room. He beg to be alone." He says.
"Really ? Why ?" Hybrid asks. Buck-Shot shrugs his shoulders.
"Who knows... it was after he recieved a message from the Headquarter."
Suddenly, the loudspeaker sounds.
"Hiya, soldiers. Meet at the hangar NOW." Jake says, in the instrument.
"What the hell is goin on ?" Joe says, and leaves the room.
"Hey ! Wait for ,me, Joe ma'am !"Buck-Shot says and follows at Joe.
Hybrid stays in the middle of the room.
"What happens with Jake ?" she thinks, and goes to the hangar.

In the hangar, the soldiers wait for their leader. Jake enters in the room, followed by a teenage red-haired male. All stays in silence.
"Bros : I've beg to you stay here because I have two notices to you. First, I want to introduce to you a new bro.
"Hi ! Name's Sean Reeves."
All looks at the young male. Joe raises a brow.
"FRECKLES !! What the heck are ya doing here ?!"
Jake looks at Joe.
"Do you know him ?" he says. She nods.
"He's my brother."
"Oh, I see.... OK. Second : I have a message from our big bro, Stoker. He wants to throw a massive attack, the definitive."
The soldiers acclaims the notice. Hybrid just smiles.
"Why now ?" Buck-Shot asks.
"Because the fishes almost wins the whole planet, and have too many prisoners. We can't just stay here and cross the arms, don't think ?" Jake says seriously. "Any comment ?"
"We need to destroy the plutarkian base near of here... just for distract at the fishes `til then." Hybrid says " I can do it."
"Well then.... it must to be tommorrow, in the night. Someone gotta go with you, it's dangerous for a single soldier." Jake says.
"I can." Buck-Shot says.
"Forget it, Buck, I'll go." Joe says.
"It's too dangerous for two firls don't think ?" He says.
"It's equally dangerous for a Cassanova like you. We'll be okay, don't worry" Joe says.
" `Kay, ladies. Be prepared when the time comes, OK ?" Jake says, and leaves the room.
Hybrid starts to prepare her bike. Then looks at Joe.
"Why do you wanna go with me ?" She says. Joe smiles.
"I want to prove to myself and Buck that I can do it. Just that. And you ?"
Hybrid sighs.
"Dunno... maybe I just want back to home..."






by: Ibuki Hoipoi

Copyright, nov. 15, Ibuki Hoipoi,

all rights reserved

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Biker Mice, I just made this for enjoyment. Hybrid, Jake, Buck-Shot, and Freckles are of my propiety, but if you want to use it for your storyes, just e-mail me, O.K?

Buck-Shot lights a cigarette, while looked at Joe. She was making some exercises with her strong arms. Geeze, incredible, to be a girl... he thinks.
"Hey Buck, wuzzup? You look terrible."
"Uh? Nothin, babe... just worried."
"Yeah? Why?"
"... is the mission... you know... you'll go alone, maybe that gonna be be dangerous for..."
"It's just that? don't worry, we can take care of it! I promise!" She said, and kissed his cheek. He blinked and smiles.
" 'kay, I can live with that." Buck-Shot said, and back to his work in the computers.
Freckles entered in the room.
"Sys, there is the ammo that you gonna use." The young male said and give her a bagpack with some weapons.
"And what about the new weapons to mi baby?" Buck-Shot said, talking about his pick-up. Freckles smiled.
"It's already now."
"Wow boy, you learn so fast! Maybe you gonna be a great FF if you continue like this!" Buck-Shot said.
"I just want fight as soon as possible." The boy said. Joe sighed.
" 'til you grown up, kiddo... but you're being like a baby." She said.
"C'mon, don't scold him, Joe... he just wanna help..." Buck-Shot said.
" I know it... but if something happening to him, I don't know what to do... he's my brother, remember?" Joe said "be patient, bro..."

Freckles sighed, and nods. Hybrid entered in the room.
"Ready to go?" She asked. Joe nods. Both rides their bikes and run to the plutarkian fortress.
Buck-Shot and Freckles looked at the females.
"Joe and you are a couple, don't you?"
Buck-Shot lighted an other cigarette.
"Of course we do, kiddo..." he said, calmly "the thing is.. I don't tell it to her..."


Joe and Hybrid manages to their mission. Hybrid seems serious, riding her black-silver bike.
"..... uh?"
"Why don't we talk about something?"
"About what?"
"Of you, curse. Not much people knows something about you."
"... what do you want to know?"
"Well, you can begin telling me your name..."
"... uh.. name?"
"Yep. We only call you Hybrid. What kind of name is it?"
Hybrid don't answered.
"So?" Joe asked, again.
"Norma Lee."
"This is your name?"
"I guess..."
Joe shrug her shoulders, and both continued the road.

The fortress extends far away of the desert. Hybrid looked it, with a strange glance.

Well... I'm here again... and when I think how hard was the escape... so... home, sweet home...

The females entered silently in one of the windows. After leaving two soldiers guards out of battle, the girls were directed to the places that they had marked in the mission, installing bombs of time in each possible corner.
"Look, we just need to enter to the laboratory. Put a bit of bombs and we finish. " Said Joe. Hybrid assented, sighing.
The corridors were long, almost endless, until arrived at a great metallic door. The laboratory. Inside, there was many computers, sensors and lockers. Moist notable in that room, an enormous tenant of crystal, that was found empty.
"what's this?" Joe said, and takes a little notebook. She began to read it.
"Don't touch anything." Hybrid said, and takes off the little book of Joe's hands. The red-haired female can read part of the notes of a strange entitie, with one picture of it. Same as her frien besides her.
Hybrid makes a face.
"Hybrid... you... are... oh, my..."
Hybrid changed her angry face to a sad face.
"It's a long story but we have't the time. We just gonna go outta here and---"

"The hell is goin on?!" said Joe surprised.
"Damn! I know that this gonna happen!!!" Hybrid said, listening the sound of the alarms "C'mon Joe, let's just get outta here!!"


Meanwhile at the general base
Jake walked around the kitchen
"What is going on, bro?"
"I'm worried" he said, carrying the table "this mission could be very dangerous for the girls..."
"You say that they gonna be ok, aren't you?" Buck-Shot said. Jake sighed and sits on a chair.
"Yep, I said that, but" ge said, looking at the radio "is just I have a bad feeling"
"Wanna go?" Buck-Shot said.
"Nah let's just wait"


"The hell!" Said Hybrid, while shot at the enemies "How much time we have?"
"Just 5 minutes gal! You have some idea?" Joe answered.
"We gotta find an exit, after this place urns a ton of debrish." Said Hybrid, taking the radio.
In the Base, the radio bipped. Jake and Buck-Shot run to the machine.
"Hi! How's that?" Jake said, almost without breath.
"mission complete, captain. We shall have some tons of stinky rocks in a sec. Would you like to come here and see that?"
" `Kay. You make us feel sick-worried girls. We arrieved here in a sec. Everything is ok?"
"we have some troubles but everything is ---- BBBBBRRROOOOOMM!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Hybrid!!! Still there?? Hyb!!"
"Hyb!!" Jake called again, despertaly.
"what's wrong?!" Buck-Shot asked.
"The girls are in trouble. I had a bad feeling, shit! C'mon Buck. Let's go!" said Jake, taking his lazer.
Buck-Shot nodded.
"Hey, where do you go?" Freckles asked.
"With the gals. She had a li'l trouble." Buck-Shot said. Freckles looked at Jake.
"Can I go?"
"No kiddo. Stay here, and wait for Stoke and Carbine. They bring us some visit."
"Uh?" Both, Freckles and Buck-Shot asked.
"Oh yeah? And who?"
"No time, smoke-guy. C'mon." Jake answered and the two males go out.


"you `kay?" Hybrid asked. Joe's leg was wrapped with the debrish of the explotions. Plus, they have much wounds, one of the worst, in Joe's chest.
"The hell is bleeding" Joe said while moved the debrish out of the leg."you `kay gal?"
"Fine, I guess better than them, say" Hybrid said, looking at some dead soldiers. "well the first explotion ended. We have 1 minute to go outta here"
"So let's go." Joe said, and both runned to one of the windows of the place, jumping outside. Seconds after, the other bombs been activated and the place was destroyed completely.

Swimming as faster as a mermaid, Hybrid helped Joe to go out of the lake that they falled. Both were tired.

"Still bleed?" Hybrid asked. Joe nods.
"Lessee" the light-blue hair female said, and use some strip of her shirt to make first aid to Joe.
"We made it, right sys?" Joe asked, with a low voice.
"Yeah we almost dead there but all is OK now so, be strong and let's just wait to the Captain, ok?"

The two females stayed in silence.
"What was in that notebook, sys?" Joe asked. Hybrid looked at the wet object in her pocket.
"This? Oh is a long story."
"I've read it." Joe said. Hybrid looked at her and blinks. Joe smiled.
"You don't have to give explanations. Isn't your fault" she said softly. The night was coming.
"Now I see why you're so different of us understand." Joe said, and sighed. Hybrid nodded silently.
"As a favor don't tell that to the guys, ok?"
"C'mon gal don't trust me?" Joe asked, raising a brow.
The girls laughed softly. Far away, a pick-up and a motorcycle approached.
Two males approached to them.
"Phew!! Girls you made me feel sick-worried!" Jake said, "Everything is ok?"
"Yep. But Joe need some help." Hybrid said. Buck-Shot bends besides Joe.
"Lessee that wound babe you feel oky?"
"I told ya we can take care of ourselves" Joe answered.
"I don't though the same by a moment" The black-haired male said and sighed. Joe touched his cheek tenderly.
"Men" she said.
Buck-Shot picked up her, and took her to his vehicle. Jake looked at Hybrid.
"And you, are ok?" he asked, looking at the wet little notebook. "what's that?"
"Is a personal item."
"it has a story, right?"
"Maybe but is most about me. I'll gonna burn it." Hybrid said with a low voice. Jake looked at Buck-Shot.
"Take Joe to the quarter, smoke-guy."
Buck-Shot shrug his shoulders and nodded. Minutes after, the pick-up goes far away.
Jake looked to his soldier. Hybrid looked to the raising moons.
"Can I know it now?" Jake whispered.
"Is a long story."
"Night is young." Jake said, sitting on a rock.
"Well" Hybrid began, searching the words "3 years ago, the plutarkians has been working in an ultimate weapon against the mice. In one of the intents, they mixed some samples of mice DNA and plutarkian DNA the result was a soldier with many skills of both races. The plutarkians called `bio-weapon' or `h-soldier' to the new creation."
Jake listened carefully at Hybrid. She looked to the horizon.
"but the new weapon had a defect. As a live-entity, had some basic feelings, specially one that the fishes don't knew martian mentality. So, when the first weapon waked up, escaped of the plutarkian lab. Then, began to search people like her, and found it. The people that she supposed would kill. Freedomfighters."
"Oh don't tell me" Jake said, looking at Hybrid "is that you?"
She nods.
"Yes. As you can see, you have the `bio-weapon' besides you."
Jake blinked. He felt confused.
"But why?"
"I'm trying to stop all this. I don't wanna fight. Not with them, because I'm not like them. I think that I'm more like you, the martians. But I try to keep distance between you and me. That's the reason, because I'm like an enemy or something"
"Understand" Jake said.
"I'm sorry told that to you, Captain, but you'll never understand me, even if you would want it"
" Yeah maybe but you don't have to keep away you're a great soldier, very intelligent. But you're a very nice girl. Even if you stayed in silence" Jake said, and looked at her, tenderly "C'mon, let's go to the quarter, or the guys gonna missing us" he said and takes her hand. Hybrid smiled shyly.
"No more `bout me, oky?" She said.
The soldiers began to walk to the place where Jake put his bike.
"And what you did before the war, Captain?" Hybrid asked. Jake smiled before answer.
"Well, stay in home and play the `good boy' roll."
"I though that you're a good boy. Aren't you?" Hybrid asked.
"Nope. In fact, if you met me you could hate me."
"Tell me."
"Well when I had 6, my parents divorced. My mother send me to a private school. I finished my studies when I had 15. Then, I began to stay much time on the streets, and, obviously, in troubles frequently. One of those days, I had a problem with a gang, and they wanted burn me. I felt scared, so I took a broken bottle and well, the result was a dead guy, and I wined 2 years in the jail. There, I met with Nick, and then both go out. Nick was a very great guy, very responsible, but his defect was that he can't stay quiet by 3 seconds hehe" Jake chuckled softly "When I back to my house, my parents was very ashamed with me, so I decided to live alone. Then, all this war began, and that was when Nick and me met again. He told me about the Freedomfighters and their great soldiers; so we decided enter with them."
"Kewl I'm not the only with problems I guess" Hybrid said.
"You said it, girl." Jake said, while both gone to the Headquarter.

"And that's it!" Freckles said, ending to give special care to Joe's wound.
"Thanx dwarf." Joe said, and tried to wake up. Freckles stopped her.
"Oh, no, dear sys you need to rest. I can just let you go yet. Take that as an advice from your superior."
Joe raised a brow.
"Would you like to repeat that to me, brother ?"
"I'm not your li'l brother anymore. From now on, I'm the doctor of the whole army. You got to treat my respectfully." The young mle says, seriously.
"AWH PU-LEASEEE!!! Well, let me tell ya something: the day I gonna treat you respectfully gonna be the day that you bring me a big sandwich made with whole the Plutarkian army, and you have 9 foots height! Got it?" Joe said, raising her arms and wave it.
"Kewl! I really love the united families!" Buck-Shot said, entering in the nursery. All the mice present there laughed.
"Sorry sys isn't serious." The young male says. Joe smiled.
"I knew it dwarf-guy. No prob." She said.
"How's your wound?" Buck-Shot asked. Joe shrug in her shoulders.
"It's just a scratch. I can back to the battlefield tomorrow. Right, doctor?" She said. Freckles scratched his head.
"Yeah I think so but by now, just walk calmly as a good young lady, ok? He said, while Buck-Shot start to chuckle.
"Men" Joe said, sighing.
"Now, c'mon. Let the little girl rest a little." Freckles said, while put the new uniform to Joe. "There use that shirt. Is better than those rapped clothes, sys."
"By the way Cap and Hybrid don't back yet, boy?" Buck-Shot asked.
"Uh no yet but I heard about a martian ship approaching here. They'll come here in a pair of hours"
"Maybe is Stoke and Co." The other male said.
"Ahem" Joe said.
The two males looked at her.
"So?" she asked again.
"Oh, yeah, let's go, Buck. Joe needs a rest."
"Just let me one minute with her, please?" Buck-Shot begged.
"For what?" she said.
"It's okay for me." Freckles answered.
"Thanx kiddo." Buck-Shot said, smiling.
"Hello?? I'm still alive, remember?" Joe said. Freckles chuckled, cause sometimes his sister wants all the attention possible. He goes of the room.
Joe looked at the male with black hair. He looked at her.
"You really make me feel worried, girl."
"Oh, c'mon. I can take care of myself, you know it." She answered.
The male touched her face tenderly. Joe takes his hand.
"Next time let us help ya, oky?"
"Ok, Bucky" she said, closing her eyes. Buck-Shot bends and gives her a tenderly kiss. Then, leaved the room.
Jake and Hybrid back to the Headquarter minutes after.
"Hello there!" He said. Rimfire approached to him.
"Hi, Captain McLaurent. Some news?"
"Not yet" he said, drinking some root beer "and what about our dear visitors?"
"They'll come soon. Stoke called a pair of minutes ago."
"OK. And what about my favorite soldier? How's her wounds?"
"Fine. She's sleeping right now." Rimfire said.
Jake sighed, more relaxed. He felt responsible.
Suddenly, a spaceship was detected.
"Jake, is the ship, they aproacching." One of the operators of the big computers said, calmly.
"Okay guys, lets stay here, and receive our bros." Buck-Shot said, while looked at the ship's door. Some silhouetes stayed inside.