IF Only

copyrighted 1998 by Samantha.

Chapter 1 (Set 15 years ago...Charlie's memories)

"Guys?!"Charlie yelled.There was no answer."GUYS?!"she yelled again.This time Throttle walked out of the back of The Last Chance smileing alittle bit."You bellowed Charlie-Girl?"He asked."Yes...would you guys please turn the music down..i can't think when it's up that loud."Charlie said not looking up from her paper work."If the Music's to loud!Then your too Old!Sweatheart!!"Vinne Yelled as he walked out of the back with Modo following behind him.Charlie just glared at him and went back to work."Vincent..hush..Chalie-Girl is working on something important i guess...leave her be."Throttle said as he walked passed Vinnie and to the back.He turned the Radio down and went back to working on his bike."Sorry Charlie-Girl"Vinnie said as he followed Throttle with Modo right behind.Charlie went back to wroking and around 12 o'clock she was out like a light on the papers she was working on.Vinnie walked out from the back and smiled at her then carried her up to her room.Charlie turned in his arms as he carried her up to her room.He just smiled.He layed her in her bed and softly kissed her on the forehead and tip-toed out of her room."Vinnie?"Charlie said slighty awake."Yea sweatheart?"Vinnie asked softly."Wht are you doing?"Charlie asked siting up in her bed."Putting you to bed...you fell alseep doing your paperwork around 11:30...so i came out and brought you up and put you to bed.Sorry if i woke you"Vinnie said walking back slowly to her bed and siting on the edge."No..I'm glad you did"Charlie said smileing at him."really?"Vinnie said kindda surprised."Yea...I am.."Charlie said.Vinnie just looked at her...then leaned forward and kissed her.Charlie kissed back..........

Chapter 2....The present

Charlie was jerked back to reality Sky's voice."Mom...you ok?"Sky asked.Sky was a Tall white mouse with long black hair and light blue eyes.She looked just like her Father."Yes...Hun..I'm ok....well..it's time to go..Charlie said to Sky as she stood up and put her arm aroud Sky's shoulders."Where Mom?"Sky asked.She had never met her Father.He went back to Mars befor she was born.He Doesn't know he has a Daughter.He hasn't seen Charlie in 15 years."To meet your Father.....and Uncles..."Charlie said with tears comeing to her eyes."You mean..go to Mars??"Sky asked looking at her Mother as they walked."Yes...to Mars.."Charlie said as the reached the Basement stairs...they walked down them and Sky's Jaw droped."What is it!?"Sky asked half yelling."It's our ticket to your Father..and Our New Home.."Charlie said,she had been thinking alot about going back and staying...and now she had made up her mind that they were going and never coming back."New home??..But Mom...what if....what if...he doesn't want me...and thats why he never came back."Sky Said with her tail twitching away."He didn't know about you Sky....and i know when he finds out...he's gonna wanna keep you in his life.."Charlie said as she got the transporter ready."But Mom....all my friends.."Sky protested."I'm Sorry Sky...but we're going and staying..I really am Sorry.."Charlie said as she finished with the transporter."ok Mom..whatever you say.."Sky said as she steped into the transporter and sighed. followed her in and then she shut the door...and befor they knew it they were on Mars.Sky bent down and touched the red dirt and breathed in deep."I'm Home Mom..i finnaly belong....."Sky said.Charlie breathed deep to and the words that Sky had said were true..she was finally where she belonged.Charlie tooks Sky's hand and stared walking to whrere the guys lived.Sky looked around and nolonger felt different.All around her were Mice like her....with Tails and fur..and hair...she wa where she needed to be. Charlie and Sky approched a tall building and looked up..Charlie smiledand Sky was in Ah.A tall Grey Mouse walked out and Ran into Charlie. looked up at him..and it was Modo."Charlie??"Modo asked."Mo...Modo..."Charlie stammered...with tears in her eyes...she hugged him and buried her face in his gray fur."Charlie Ma-Ma.I'v missed you"Modo said as he hugged Charlie back.Sky stood there and looked at them in amazement.Charlie stood back and wiped the tears from her eyes and put a arm around Modo's waist."Sky..this is your Unckle Modo... Modo...this is your Niece Sky"Charlie said looking at both.Modo's jaw hit the floor."Neice?..huh?..she's a Mouse...how could that be?"Modo asked as he looked at the teen.Charlie looked at Sky and then a Modo.."Modo..hun...look at her...she's white....and 15...."Charlie said softly.Modo lead her across the way abit and whipered."She's Vinnie's?"Modo asked softly.Charlie noded and smiled alittle.Modo was in shock.He looked at Sky and noded and smiled."Well..hey you guyd...come on in..so Sky can meet everyone.." odo said as she put is arm around Charlie's shoulder and lead her in the building."Throttle!!" yelled at the top of her lungs.Throttle walked out of the back of the Building and stop dead in his trackes and looked at Charlie."Charlie??"Throttle managed to say.Charlie noded and smiled a big smile.Throttle droped the part he was holding and ran to Charlie picking her up and hugging her tight"Charlie!...what are you doing here?"Throttle asked as he put her down and looked at her.Charlie took Throttle's hand and lead him into another room."I broght her to meet her Father for the First time.." said pointing to Sky,Throttle just stood there for a minute and then looked back to Charlie."SHe's Vinnie'"He said knowing he was right.Charlie noded and smiled."Where is the big Lug anyway?" asked as she walked back in the room with Throttle and stood by Sky."um..He's out but he'll be back in a little while...prolly real soon.."Throttle said as he looked at Modo with a 'oh no' look."Here.Charlie-Ma'ma..you can rest in my room if you would like.."Modo said she he took her arm.Charlie noded and Sky Followed them.Charlie laided down on the bed and Sky laided beside her...within moments they were both asleep."Hun's I'm Home!!"Vinnie yelled as she walked into the house with bag full of bike parts."Hush Vincent..we have compainy and their asleep in Modo's room"Throttle said as she meet Vinnie at the front door.Vinnie cocked his head and his tail twitched."Really?who?"He asked as he set the parts down in the back."Can't tell you...you are going to have to wait till they wake up."Throttle said going back to what he was doing.About a half hour later Vinnie had forgoten about the guests they had and was working on hid bike like the others.Charlie walked down the stair and to the back,but she stoped when she hit the doorway and looked around.She found what she was loking for.She saw the back of Vinnies head as he bent down to thighten something on his bike. walked up behind him and tapped him on the houlder.Throttle and Modo heard her and watched to see Vinnie's reaction.Vinnie looked and..then he slowly stood up and looked ather as if he didn't know who she was."Hello Vinnie...long time no see.."Charlie said with tears in her eyes."Yea..Long....time...no....see....sweetheart..."Vinnie managed to stammer throught his own tears.Charlie noded and stood there feeling stupid.Vinnie reached out and took her in his arms. whimpered and held back."I missed you Charlie-Girl.."Vinnie said as he pushed her backs o he could her her face."Ditto" said wiping the tears from her eyes."So what brings you to this neck of the woods?"Vinnie asked smileing that smile loved so much."I brought someone to meet you Vinnie...someone who you left along time ago...someone you never knew about,...someone..who is yo--" was cut of by Sky."Momma?"Sky asked alittle confused."Right here baby.."Charlie said as she walked over and put an ar around Sky's shoulders and lead her over to Vinnie.Vinnie stood there looking at Sky like he knew who she was."Vinnie meet Sky...you Daughter.." said as Sky walked over to Vinnie.."Your my Father??"Sky asked as she walked closer to him."...how..did..this..i mean...when..?"Vinnie asked as he looked at the furry girl that looked like him at that age only female."Remember 15 years ago..about 7 mounths befor you guys left..that night when you took me up to my room?.."Charlie asked as she too walked over to Vinnie."Yea i ....oh my god..she my baby..."Vinnie said as Charlie walked over to him.He looked at Sky"Sky...hello..IM Vinnie...you Father,,,"Vinnie said alittle out of breath cause he was now really nearvous.......

Chaper 3,three years later.....

Sky was walking home from school,she was about 18 now.She was going out with a Nice young Mouse named RimFire,none other than Modo's Nephew.Sky looked up at the afternoon sky and smiled to herself.They had been on Mars for about three years now and she loved it.She was with her Mother,Father,Unckles,and Rimfire.And thats all she needed."HEY watch it!"a big brown mouse said as he walked into Sky."I'm sorry,i didn't see you"Sky said as she walked on."Hey!...where are you going?"The mouse said."Me?I'm going home...why?"Sky asked as she turned and walked backwards looking at the mouse.He was a good looking mouse with three earrings in his left ear."No reason..I just thought that,that was really rude of you."He said as she walked closer to her."Look,I said I was sorry..what more do you want??"Sky said as she walked backwards some more."I don't know what more I want...but just try to watch where your going next time"He said as he turned and walked off."Fine..I will.."Sky said as she turned and walk foreward murmuring some words under her breath.Sky walked in the door about 6:30."Your late Young lady"Vinnie said with a smile on his face.He would always tease her about being late when there was no set time for her to be home other than she had to be home befor 9."Yea yea...I know ...Hey Dad.."Sky said as she set her books down on the bench next to the door,and smiled at her Father."Hey Hun...how was school?"Charlie asked as she came up bend Vinnie and pushed him out of the way playfuly."boring...as always.."Sky said as she walked up to her Mom and kissed her on the chech and did the same to Vinnie."Where are you going to night?"Vinnie asked as she walked by."Out with Rimy.."She said as she walked in her room and took her shoes off."How late?"Charlie asked as she leaned oin Sky's door sile."12..maybe 1...it's a friday..out late.."Sky said as she looked throught her closet for something to wear.Charlie noded in agreement and walked out of the room.Charlie and Vinnie were never married or anything eles.Mostly just friends..Sometime more..sometimes less.Charlie was the only human on Mars but she was treated like a Mouse."No later than 1:30 young lady!"Vinnie yelled from the other room."Yea I know!"Sky yelled back as she sliped into a black dress with a split clean up to her hip and her black high heels.She walked out and said her good bye's and walked out. "Vinnie......you bord?"Charlie asked as she got up and walked into the kitchen."Yea alittle....wanna do somehting?"Vinnie asked as he followed her in."Nah.just woundering."Charlie said as she laughed alittle."Fine be that way!"Vinnie said as he smiled and pushed her playfully."Hey!.meanie!!"Charlie said.Vinnie noded and laughed.Charlie smiled and walked out of the room."Hey!Charlie-Girl!where you gon'??!" Vinnie asked as he followed."Somewhere!!"Charlie yelled as she walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water."Hey no Fair!!"Vinnie whined and banged on the door."You don't bathe anyway so what are you whining about!?!"Charlie yelled throught her laughter."Hey that not nice!!"Vinnie said as she slumped against the door."Well you don't.."Charlie said as she opened the door and looked at him....He looked back and smiled.Charlie poked him in the nose and shut the door."Hey!!...your mean!!"Vinnie yelled as she shut the door in his face."Your Point?!?"Charlie asled as she opened the door again."Look..Vinnie..I'm in a towle..I want to take a shower...will you let me take a shower now?"Charlie asked as she opened the dorr alittle more to see his face.Vinnie noded and trune his back and walked away."Vinnie...I'm...sorry..I didn't mean to get that way..I'm sorry.."Charlie said as she wealked out of the bathroom and followed him.Vinnie turned around and picked her up caring her into the bathroom and placing her in the tube."There..now take you bath"He said then walked out with a big smile on his face."ok"..she said as she got out of the tube shut and locked the door and took her shower.Charlie walked out of the bathroom and was wearing her night gown and slippers."Hey...Sweetheart..I'm goning for a ride..you wanna come with me?"Vinnie asked.Charlie noded."Sure...let me change."Charlie said as she walked into her room to change.She walked out wearing her jeans and a blue top."Ready.."she said walking over to Vinnie smileing."Lets Go!!"Vinnie said as he picked her up and care her out to his Bike seating her softly on the back.Charlie smiled.He got on and road out of site.

Chapter 4,when things go Wrong

Charlie and Vinnie road for hours along an endless highway,loveing every minute of it.It was about 3 in the morning when they decided that they needed to get home.On the way home Vinnie hit a pothole in the ground and it sent Charlie flying over Vinnies head and into the ground in front of the bike.Vinnie stoped and got off,and wlkaed over to her.She was just laying here.Her body was lifeless.Vinnie picked her up with htreas in his eyes and rode back home.When he got there he cared her in the jose and layed her onn the couch."THROTTLE,MODO,SKY!!!!GET IN HERE!!"Vinnie yelled as he sat down by the couch and looked at Charlie's bloody face.Throttle,modo and Sky all came out at the same time.Vinnie was siting there covered with Charlie's blood and he was crying."Whats wrong Bro?"Throttle asked,But Vinnie didn't have to answer.When Throttle saw Charlie tears came to his eyes as well as al the others."What...What Happend?"Modo asked as he walked up behind Vinnie and placed a hand on his shoulder."I hit a pothole and she wasn't holding on...she wnet flying out in front of me."Vinnie said as he wiped the tears from his eyes and looked up at Sky who was in shock."I'm sorry sweetheart."Vinnie said as he walked over to Sky and hugged her tightly. The next morning around 6 am they placed Charleene Davidson in theground for her final resting place.

Chapter 5: Life is good

Vinnie held Sky tightly,muffling her soft sobbs.Modo and Throttle walked over to Charlie and took the blanket of the back of the couch and placed it on her then closed her eyes and placed the blanket over her head and walked over to Sky and Vinnie.Throttle placed a hand on Vinnie's shoulder and Modo did it also.Vinnie looked at them both with red rimed eyes and smiled weakly.'I'm sorry'he said softly.Throttle shook his head and closed his eyes.Modo walked over to Throttle and huged him as they both sobbed softly for Charlie.'h-mmmmmmmmm'Charlie mumbled soflty from under the blanket,Vinnie,Modo,Throttle,and Sky all looked at the couch where Charlie lays.Chrarlie moved slightly under the blanket and took it off her head and looked at the guys confused.'what happened?'Charlie asked holding the back of her head with one hand and trying to sit up with the other.'Charlie-Girl!,Mom!Charlie-Ma'ma!Charlie!'they all said in unison.'please guys,don't yell'Charlie said still trying to sit up.Vinnie ran over to Charlie and helped her sit up.Vinnie embraced her and kissed her hair.Charlie smiled and winced alittle.'I'm so sorry Charlie I should have been watching where I was going'Vinnie said still holding her.Charlie nodded slightly'Vinnie..it's ot your falt.I should have been hollding on,Not off in a day dream,But I'm fine...really I just have this horid headacke'Charlie said leaning on Vinnie some.Throttle walked in to the other room and came back with a bottle and handed some pills to Charlie.Then he handed her a glass of water to take the pills with.Charlie took the pill and layed down on the couch and fell asleep with in minutes.'I'm sorry Sky'Vinnie said as he walked out of the room and into his.Befor Sky could say anything Vinnie slamed the door to his room and locked it.Throttle followed Vinnni to his room and knocked on his door'Vincent,are you ok?'Throttle asked throught the door.Vinnie didn't answer.'Vincent!?'Throttle called again.Still no answer.Throttle banged on the door hard and yelled again'VINCENT!ARE YOU OK!.?'he asked again.Vinnie unlocked the door and swung it open and yelled back at him.'NO I'M NOT!'Vinnie yelled and slamed the door again.Throttle shook his head and walked back into the livingroom.'Whats wrong with Vinnie?'Modo asked when throttle walked back into the liveingroom.'I don't know'Throttle said with his head down.Charlie was awake now and was looking at Throttle.'I think I know whats wrong with him.'She said then got up and as she walked by him she patted him on the should and sighed.'Vinnie,let me in please'Charlie said standing out side of his room.'Go away!'He yelled and then he tryed to stop his soft sobs.'Vinnie...let me in'Charlie said hiting the door softly wtih her fist.'GO away!'he said once more then hit the door with a book.Charlie jumped back at the sound of the book hitting the door and hit the door with her fist'VINCETN!LET ME IN..please...'Charlie said tryng the door handle,it was still locked.Then a few seconds later the door unlocked and Vinie opened it slightly and look out at her with tear strecked fur.Charlie touched his face with her hand and he smile softly.'I'm fine...really..'Charlie said walking in to his room and siting on his bed.'I almost killed you tonight Charlie,I don't knwo what I would have done if I would have really lost you tonight,I really care about you Charlie,and I hope you know that'Vinnie said walking to the window and looked out sobbing softly.Charlie sat there for a moment and watched Vinnie's shoulder bob up and down with every sob then she walked over to him and turned him around so she cuold see his face.'Vinnie...I almost killed MYSELF tonight,I should have been holding on not daydreaming.I could have done the same you can't avoid those things as much as you would like,It wasn't your falt,I mean it.'Charlie said and placed her hands on each side of his face andkissed him on the nose.Vinnie laughed slightly and smiled.'I'm still sorry Charlie-Girl'He said as he hugged her tightly.Charlie laid her head on his shoulder and they stood at the window and watched the sun set.'I'm tired sweetheart...i'll see you in the morning.'Vinnie said as he gave her a goodnight kiss then laid down and feel fast asleep.Charlie walked softly and shut his door.'What was wrong with him mom?'Sky asked right after she had shut his door.'Nothing that you need to know bout...now go to bed young lady,it's after 4.'Charlie said sturnly.Sky nodded and went in her room.'Charlie..are you ok?'Throttle asked as he walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder.Charlie jumped when he put his hand on her shoulder then calmed down abit when she relized who it was.'I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you'Throttle said then walked around to face her.'I'm fine...'Charlie said avoiding Throttles eyes, and looking at the floor.'You don't seem it Charlie.'Throttle said in a worried tone.Charlie lost control and brusted into tears.Throttle huged her and comforted her as best he could.'Tell me about it Charlie..'Throttle said as he guided her to the couch and sat her down.'I could have died tonight Throttle,it just hit me that I was so close to death and all the people that I care about would have had to deal with it.And Sky,she's so young,and she needs her mother now more than ever.'Charlie said crying again.Vinnie came running out of his room'Charlie,sweetheart,what wrong?'He asked not hiding the worrie in his voice.'I'm fine Vinnie go back to bed.Throttle has it al under contorl.'Charlie said softly.Vinnie nodded sleeply and went back to bed.Throttle and Charlie sat there the rest of the night and talked about the good and the bad times that they had,had together.Most of them were good.They both feel asleep on the couch,Charlie leaning on Throttle.Vinnie walked out of his room and looked at them then picked Charlie up and took her into his room and placed her on his bed covered her up walked out and shut the door.Throttle had woken up by then and was watching him.'Vincent,what's the matter?'Throttle asked when he came out of the room.Vinnie just shook his head and went into the kitchen.'Hi Dad'Sky said when hse saw him.She was siting at the table eating some cerel.Vinnie smiled alittle'Mornin' Sky'He said then sat down at the table.Throttle walked into the room and looked at them both and smiled alittle at Sky.Then he got himself some coffee and sat down beside Sky .'unckle Throttle whats wrong with dad?'Sky whispered softly in Throttle's ear.Throttle just shook his head and sighed.Sky sighed too then placed her head on the cold table topVinnie placed his hand on her head'I'm fine sweetheart.Really.'Vinnie said softly.'ok daddy i believe you'She answed soflty.She had never called him daddy befor now.Modo walked in the kitchen and looked at was going on then walked out nowing that he shouldn't get into it.Charlie moved slightly in Vinnie's room then awoke slowly.She arose and looked round then rubbed her forhead and stood up.'Oh Vinnie...'Charlie said softly then walked out into the kitchen and sat down beside Throttle.She saw that Sky's head was on the table and VInnie's hand was on it.Charlie placed her hand on Vinnie's hand and smiled at him.Vinnie didn't even know she was there till she placed her hand on his hand.Vinnie looked at her and smiled weakly then looked at Sky and then shook his head.'Whats wrong with her?'Charlie mouthed to Vinnie.He hook his head."I don't know'He mouthed back.Charlie sighed deeply.Sky lifted her head and looked at Vinnie and Charlie,then she blinked and and sighed.'I'm have to go,I'll be back later'Sky said as she got up and walked out.'Sky?Where are you going?'Charlie asked as she got up and followed.'Out'she answed then slamed the door and left.'SKY!'Charlie yelled and ran after her.Vinnie grabed Charlie by the arm'Let her go...she'll be fine'He said as he pulled her back into the kitchen.


Sky walked down the back streets on her way to Rimfires house.She liked to stop and read the writing on the wall.She didn't know why she just did.This one writing on the wall caught her eyes,so she stoped and read it.It was in red spary paint.The wall said'Vinnie&Charlie'.Vinnie had writen it when he came back to Mars 18 years ago.It brought tears to Sky's eyes.She walked on.Then she stoped,she heard foot stpes behind her.She turned to he a tall white with a Black star over his right eye.'Hello'he said with a raspy voice.'h...hello.'Sky answed back.The mouse walked closer to Sky.Sky backed up slowly.'I'm Star'He said as he placed his large on her shoulder.She pulled her shoulder away and backed away.'I don't bite..Promise'He said then he held up his hand.She shook her head softly'I have to go now..'Sky said as she turned and walked away.She tunred the corner,she was only two blockes away from Rimy's house so she ran the rest of the way.She looked back and saw Star standing there watching her closly. She knocked on Rimy's door and there was no answer.She knocked harder.She looked back to see that Star was gone.She sighed a sigh of reliefe.A large hand droped on her shoulder she screamed and turned to see Rimy standing there'Rimy...thank god'she said as she hugged him tightly.'Whats wrong?'he asked flatly.She looked up at him and cocked her head'Are you ok?'Sky asked quitly.'I'm fine'..Rimy said flatly again.Sky let go and backed away.'Rimfire..whats wrong with you?'Sky asked soflty.'NOTHING!!'Rimy screamed at her and grabed her arms.'Nothing is wrong with me!"he yelled agian more harsh this time.Sky turned her head and crinched slightly.'Let me Go Rimfire!'She yelled back and tryed to pull away,but that only had him tighten his grip.Rimfire looke into Sky's eyes and she saw that he was scared and in pain.'lets go inside'he mouthed.She followed him inside and ran to the other side of the house and locked the doors.'I'm so sorry Sky'Rimy said when the doors where locked and so where the windows.'What in the heck was that all about Rimy?you hurt me...look..'Sky said as she pulled up her sleaves and showed that he had left some bad bruses.'That mouse...Star..he told me to be harsh with you or he would kill us both,Sky I think that he likes you,did you run into him in the alley?'he asked walking over to her.'Yes i did...'Sky said begging to sob.'No it's not your falt.....I mean it Sky'Rimy said walking over to her and holding her to calm her down.'I have to go home and tell daddy about this..maybe he knows who this guy is..'Sky said walking to the door and waiting for Rimy's answer.'I'm coming with you...'Rimy said then walked to her and held her hand tighly then they opened the door and walked home.'Hey!!'they herd someone call from the alley.It was Star.They just kept walking speeding up alittle bit.'STOP!'Star yelled.They keep on walking till they were only a few houses away from Sky's they hit a beat run and ran right throught the door of Sky's house and in to the livingroom.'Sky what are you doing??!!?'Vinnie yelled as she entered the livingroom.'m..m...mouse....ch..cha..chaseing....us.....Star.....you....know...him?'She asked out of breath.'Star?'Vinnie said in a sour voice.'yes I know him..why What has he done?!?!'He yelled as he walked over to Sky.'He..stoped me in the alley and he told Rimy if he wasn't harsh with me he would kill us both...oh Daddy I'm screred.'Sky said as she hugged Vinnie.'Throttle!!Modo!!..came here!!'Vinnie yelled as he held onto Sky.'Rimy...how nice to see you...'Charlie said as she walked into the livingroom.Rimy nodded a greeting.Throttle and Modo came down from the up stair wipeing the sleep of their eyes.'What is it Vincent?!'Throttle asked a little annoyed.'Star...that's what'Vinnie said as they reached him.'What did he do?'Modo asked as he sat down.'He told Rimfire that if he wasn't harsh with Sky that he would kill them both....I won't have it'Vinnie said then walked out and slamed the door behind him.'Vinnie!!Wait!!'Charlie yelled after him...then looked at Throttle and Modo for help.They shook their heads.'He'll Kill Vinnie!..we have to help!'Charlie yelled.'Charlie-Ma'ma..Vinnie has to do this by his self,He has to settle this score on his own.He has had this grudge with Star forever.Ever sence we were Freedom Fighters.He has to do this..'Modo said.'But what did this Star do to him?'Charlie asked,'He....he...'Modo looked at Throttle and Throttle noded.'He was with the the Sandraiders and when we had one of the biggest fights with them,Vinnie's parents were killed by Star's hand.He has wanted to even to scoer for the longest time,And i guess when he stared messing with Sky and Rimy,it was the knock of reveng for him.'Modo said then Throttle added'And he will be fine..'Throttle reaured her.'I don't know...I'm going after him'Charlie said and befor Throttle or Modo could stop her she was out the door and in to the street looking for Vinnie,Vinnie was only about ablock away when she got out of the house,so she just ran to him'Vinnie....are you crazy?'She asked'No...'He asnwered faltly'Get back to the house...now..'He said looking stairt ahead.'No I will not...'Charlie said standing her ground.She looked were VInnie was Looking and she Saw a perfect match to Vinnie but with no Mask and a Black Star over his right eye.'I'm guessing thats Star?'Charlie asked quitly.'He looks just like you'she added.'yea..thats him...and he is my twin...'Vinnie said with a sour tone.Charlie's jaw almost hit the ground.'Your Twin?'She asked just as quitly.Vinnie noded.'Hello Brother..'Star said with his raspy voice.Vinnie narrowed his eyes and grunted a greeting.'I see you brought an offering...for me..'Star said and grined an evil grin.Charlie glared.'No I didn't,...I came to settle our score.'Vinnie said looking at Charlie.'0ooo...reveng..Now Brother..thats not nice..'Star said waveing one fingre at Vinnie.Vinnie scowled.'Killing our Parents wasn't very nice either Dear Brother'Vinnie said with resentment.Star grined that grin that Vinnie hated so much.'Star let's get this over with,you messed with two kids today....do you remeber that?'Vinnie asked a s he walked closer to Star with his hands in fists at his side.Star nodded'Yea...a tall white chick with long black hair and beautiful light blue eyes,and a male about your height with brown hair with a stripe.your point?'Star asked.'The female is MY daughter.And you messed with the wrong girl.'Vinnie said and looked at Charlie.'00oo..threats...you gonna stand by those threats?'Star asked with mock fear.'yes i AM!'Vinnie yelled as he lunged at Star.Star geabbed him in mid leap and held him by the ribs.'now Dear brother...don't make me kill you...in front of such a pretty lady.'Star smiled and Charlie and she just rolled her eyes and scowled.'and with a temper...I like'em firey.'Star grined as he said 'Firey'. Vinnie was squerming and trying to get out of Star grasp trying to breath.Star just held on tighter.'Let him go.....Now'Charlie said stpeing closer to him.'No sweet lady,...I can't do that...Cause if I do tht...then he would surely try to hit me.'Star said.Vinnie shook her head and tryed to get Charlie to go get help.But Charlie didn't move from her spot.Star squezzed Vinnie a little harded til he heard alittle crack then he know that he had craked a rib or two and put him down and let go.'Feel better Vincent Brother?'Star asked as he grined.Vinnie breathed deep and held his side.Then slowly he grabed his gun at his side and shot at Star.Hitting him in the shoulder then then in the chest.Vinnie stood up slowly carful not to hurt his ribs.Then he looked at Star and groaned.Star was in a pool of blood and was stone cold.'Vinnie...you...killed...him'Charlie stamered.Vinnie noded'That was the point.He killed our parents and now he's dead..it's fair'Vinnie said coldly as he looked at Star.Then he simpley turned and went back to the house.'Vinnie..you can't leave him there'Charllie said running after him.'Yes I can...and I will'Vinnie said coldly then opened the door to his house and walked in looking around the room at the faces that watched him as he walked in.'What did you do Vincent'Throttle asked as soon as Vinnie walked in the room.'I took care of him.'Vinnie said then walked in his room and shut the door.'Charlie ...what did he do?'Throttle asked after Vinnie shut his door.Charlie shook her head and walked to her room.'Charlie...waht did he do?!'Throttle called after her.He answer was the sound of her door shuting.Throttle let out a small growl and walked back to the liveing room.Vinnie walked out of his room and looked at Throttle'I killed him....'Vinnie said as if he had only steped on a bug'Vincent!!!...You cant just..'Throttle started to say but Vinnie cut him short.'I can..and I did...now..I dont wanna get this big long story...just leave me be..'Vinnie said and walked into Charlie's room with out knocking.Then he shut the door befor Throttle could protest.Charlie was siting onher bed and she was crying softly.'Charlie..sweetheart..I'm sorry you had to see that..'He said placeing a hand on her shoulder.Charlie pullled her shoulder out from under his hand and stood.'Vinnie..if you could kill your own brother...I hate to think of what you could do to the people that are your friends..'Charlie said and backed away from him, wipeing the tears from her eyes.'Charlie...i would never..He..it..I would never hurt you or Sky..or Throttle or Modo..never'Vinnie said as he walked toward Charlie alittle.Charlie backed up'I cant' trust you...I'm sorry...but I can't..'Charlie said backing up.'Charlie..you can't...please...don't..Charlie..I can't lose you..'Vinnie said almost in tears.Charlie turned her head and held her face in her hands.'I can't...Vinnie..I just can't'Charlie said throught her hands and her sobs.'FINE'Vinnie screamed throught his tears and hit the wall.Making a hole in it.'See..thats what i mean..you can't control youself.'Charlie said cringing alittle.Throttle came in the room looked at Charlie then at Vinnie then at teh hole in the wall.'Vincent...what in the world?'Throttle asked walking over to Charlie and wraping an arm around her shaking shoulders.'I got mad..and I hit the wall..I didn't mean to'Vinnie said alittle ashamed.'You have to stop Vincent..you have to'Throttle said as if he had done this befor.Throttle had his arm around her shaking shoulder's and was guiding her out of her room to the liveingroom with Modo.Charlie sat down beside Modo and leaned on him.He put an arm around her to comfort her.Vinnie followed them out."I'm not doing anything wrong!!'Vinnie screamed at everyone in the room.'Yes you are..'Charlie said softly.Vinnie walked over to her and picked her up by her collar of her shirt and looked at you'No I'm Not'He said frimly and set her down.Teas rolled down Charlie's face as she buried her face in Modo's fur.'Vincent....I think it would be best if you went and cooled off alittle.'Modo said as he put an arm around Charlie's heving shoulders.'NO!!'Vinnie yelled again.'I'M NOT A MONSTER!!'Vinnie yelled.'Yes you are! look at yourself!!!'Sky chimed in as she walked into te room.She had been listing to everything sence they got home,Vinnie's eyes darted to Sky and his face was filled with anger.'No I'm not..'Vinnie said slow and steady.'Yes you are,look at what your doing to mom,you have to stop!'Sky yelled as she stood there looking at Vinnie as if he had on insane.Vinni ewalked over to her and slape her across the face.Sky uddered a low sigh of pain and held her face,then she said slowly,'I regret ever coming here,meeting you and liveing here,you are not MY father,nor will you EVER be'She said then turned and walked out.Sky's words hit Vinnie like a knife throught his heart.He closed his eyes to hide the tears bruning his eyes.Then he turned and walked out of the house getting on his bike and he left.Cursing himself as he drove.Sky was in her room crying at the what she had told her father and about him hitting her.Throttle walke din and asked if she was ok.'Are you ok Sky?'He askedd as he shut the doo to her room and at down beside her and placed an arm around her shoulders.'Yeah,I'm fine unckle Throttle,'She said softly.Her head was down and she had stoped crying.'You need to lay down,you've had a ruff day'Throttle said as he stood and began to leave.'Throttle,what's wrong with Daddy?'Sky asked in a childish voice.'It's a long story babe,I'll telly ou after tyou have gotten some rest.'He answered and walked out closeing her door.Sky did as Throttle said and she layed down to sleep.All she could think about was how her father could have lost it so badly that he would hit her.Then she cryed herself to sleep.Charlie had fallen alseep on Modo,and sleeping soundly when Throttle came out of Sky's room.'We have to stop him,he can't go on like this.'Modo said softly so not to wake Chralie,'I know...he's been this way sence we came back 18 years ago...do you think that he had grown hard hearted because we made him leave Charlie?you think that he is holding it against us all these years,and now when they are here,he is slowly comeing back to us?Slowly become the Vinnie we knew and loved?'Throttle asked.'Maybe,he was really depressed for mounths after we got back to Mars,and then after he got over that,he was mad or angery all the time,Throttle I think your right,He just doesn't know how to come back to us,so he lets out all the anger that he has been holding back inside for all those years to become the Free Loveing Fancey Free Vinnie we all knew on Earth.'Modo said noding his head as he talked.'He has had all that anger in him all these years becaue we took him from the Love of his life right after...That night,and now his is forgiving us because she is here and with him again.'Throttle said as he looked at Charlie and smiled softly.Then h heard the door open and saw Vinnie step in softly.He head was down.Modo and Throttle watched him for a few moments till he noticed them.Then he looked up at them slowly avoiding her eyes.'I'm sorry'Was all he said.Throttle and Modo noded.'You should go and see Sky'Throttle said nding toward Sky's shut door.Vinnie shook his head.'No..I can't,see doesn't wanna see me ever again,I'v lost me duaghter,and Charlie,and...'Vinnie stoped short when he saw Charlie was asleep besdie Modo.He slowly walked over to her and ran his hand along her jawline.She awoke slowly looking at him with tired eyes.She smiled at him.'I'm so sorry Charlie,please don't hate me'He said softly.Charlie smiled'How can I hate the One I love?'She asked softly,A smiles formed on Vinnie's face.'You love me?'He asked.Charlie nodded then she kissed him softly on the lips.Vinnie smiled,'You love m..but Sky...she hates me'Vinnie said sadly.'She doesn't hate you,she was upset,go talk with her,then she will feel better,'Charlie said as she sat up.Vinnie noded and headed to Sky's room.He knocked softly.Sky was awake now.'Come in'She said softly.Vinnie walked in slowly and looked at her and smiled slightly.Sky looked at him ten out thewindow she was standing at.'I'm sorry about hittin' ya Sky,I didn't mean to..'He said not moveing from the door.He was leaning against the closed door.She looked at him and noded.'You hate me,and I under stand that..I really Do'Vinnie said looking at the floor.'I don't hate you and you know that,so stop fishing'Sky said with a small laugh,Vinnie was glad to hear her laugh.He looked up and smiled at her.She smiled back.He walked over to her and huged her tightly.'I didn't hurt that pretty face did I?'He asked with a small laught.Sky laughed'No you didn't,and I'm sorry about saying that you weren't my father,and that you never would be,Iwas just upset,I'm really sorry'She said looking into his eyes.'No bigging...'He said and smiled.Tehn they walked out into the liveingroom where everyone else was at.Charlie stood and ran to Vinnie hugging him closely.Then she pulled back and placed both hands on either side of his face and kissed him deeply.Vinnie was surprised but he kissed her back.'Ew...gross'Sky said and made little gaging motions.Vinnie ended the Kiss and looked at Sky'Hush you...'He said and then smiled.Sky smiled back.Then Vinnie let out his famous Yell'OHHWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAA!!!!!'and grined his famous grin,Modo and Throttle looked at each other then at Vinnie.'He's back!'they said in unison.


The End.
Copyrighted by Samantha