Hot Dogs, Rootbeer, and WHAT?!

By: KLH and Saphire

Copyright November 22, 1997 KLH and Saphire, All Rights Reserved

This fic was created at a moments speculation at a time of utter silliness. This is intended to be a cute, little diversion. We make no profit from this, nor do we intend to. This is for reading enjoyment only. The Biker Mice From Mars is copyrighted and owned by the companies that produced and distributed them, as are all original characters. Travis is the property of KLH and Saphire.

It was a Friday night at the Last Chance Garage. Limburger hadn't tried anything that day, so the guys were more wound up than usual. Having nothing else to do they decided to watch Friday Night Football.

They had been watching football for some time when they realized that Charley still hadn't come down since they had arrived.

"Hey, whatcha doin' up there, sweetheart," Vinnie yelled during a commercial.

"I'm gettin' ready for a date," she yelled back.

Vinnie looked unsure whether or not to believe her. Deciding that she was kidding eh returned his attention back to the TV.

A few minutes later they heard Charley come down the stairs and they all turned to look. Upon seeing her Modo's eyes opened as wide as they possibly could, Throttle's jaw dropped, and Vinnie's face was a mask of disbelief. All three were too shocked to say anything.

Charley struck a pose in front of them.

"Well?" she asked smiling.

"I'm dreaming," Vinnie said,"it's a nightmare."

Modo swatted Vinnie.

"Mind your manners," he said.

Charley looked benignly insulted. "Thanks a lot!"

Charley turned to inspect herself in the full length mirror from the toes of her dark brown cowboy boots to the top of her wide-rimmed cowboy hat. She smoothed her light stone-washed denim jeans and fluffed the ruffles on her white denim blouse. She smiled as she admired the gold filigree on the ruffles and the standard country design across the front shoulders. As she turned to look back at the guys the light glinted off her pearly white buttons into Vinnie's eyes.

"Well, what do you honestly think?" she asked, resuming another pose.

"It''s different, Charley ma'am," Modo stammered.

"But, it''s...its...Country," Throttle stuttered.

"Exactly! I'm going to a barn dance."

"A barn dance," they exclaimed together.

"Yes, a barn dance," she answered just as a horn sounded outside, "and there's my date."

She walked by and patted Vinnie on the cheek, "See ya later." Then she walked out the door and they heard the vehicle drive off.

The three mice stared at each other.

"I'm not even gonna ask," Vinnie said, shaking his head.

"So, what're we gonna do now?" Throttle asked, the football game having lost its appeal.

"How about Chinese Checkers?" Vinnie volunteered.

"Sounds harmless enough," Modo said with a twinkle in his eye.

So the guys got the Chinese Checkers game out with the intent to play a nice, harmless game. (Intent being the operative word here.)

They had managed a few minutes of nice, quiet friendly jumping when the game took a turn. Vinnie realized that Throttle was beating him. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

"Oh yeah?" he said with an edge to his voice, "Jump!" He used enough force to cause a few of the pieces to bounce.

"Jump! Jump!" Throttle said, using more force in response to Vinnie's move.

"Jump! Jump! Jump!" Modo said, never one to be outdone, using enough force to knock all the pieces out of place.

Throttle and Vinnie glared at him, and from there the fight erupted. Not more than a few minutes later Vinnie was knocked against the wall. The force caused a small, sharp object to fly from its shelf and it landed in the open hood of a truck Charley had been working on. All of a sudden the horn began to blare. The fight stopped abruptly, the checker board balanced on Modo's head.

"Who ever said Chinese Checkers was a quiet game?" he asked with a tone of amusement.

Throttle looked at the truck and back at Modo. "Bro, with us no game is quiet."

Try as they might they couldn't get the horn to shut off, and they discovered that the truck also wouldn't start.

They all looked at one another. They knew they were in trouble.

"Uh-oh," they all said.

* * * *

At the dance Charley and Travis, her date, were having a great time. They were joining in with every dance on the floor. The Two-Step, Tush-Push, Slappin' Leather, the Alley Cat, the Swing, Boot Scoot 'n Boogie, square dances, and many others. They had been dancing for quite a while when a low roar was heard from outside.

"Oh, no," she said, dropping her face in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Travis asked.

"Nothing, nothing," she answered. Just then the band struck up a lively tune.

"Join me?" Travis asked, holding out his hand.

Charley took his hand and he led her to the floor.


Outside the Biker Mice had gotten off their bikes. At the sound of the fiddles and guitars all three cringed.

"We gotta do it bros," Throttle said with an air of bravery.

"Do we gotta?" Vinnie whined.

"We got no choice, bros," Throttle answered.

Grumbling, Vinnie followed Throttle and Modo, cringing now and then at the music and the occasional twang of voice that floated out. All three took a deep breath and then entered the building. When they reached the entrance to the dance floor al three dropped their jaws.

They saw Charley dancing with a young man. He was a couple of inches taller than Charley with dark brown hair. he was wearing dark blue jeans, dark brown pointed toe cowboy boots and a wide metal belt-buckle. He had on a light tan cowboy hat and medium blue denim shirt with a gold design across the shoulder and a string tie to match.

Vinnie felt like he was going to collapse.

"I'm not really seeing this," he said under his breath.

Charley and Travis were doing a different dance. Holding both her hands in his, Travis danced not more than four inches away from Charley and their feet moved in perfect synch. Occasionally they would dance side by side, never losing a step.

Surprise and shock kept all three floored until the next song began. Charley and Travis had moved closer to the entrance, Charley having forgotten the roar of bikes earlier.

"We gotta get her," Throttle said, breaking Modo and Vinnie out of their shocked trance.

"I'll do it," Vinnie said with an air of sacrifice and bravery. With a deep breath Vinnie crossed the scant 10 feet, making his way through dancing couples and hearing nothing but loud country music.

To be continued....