A Hopeless Romantic

Part of the Blood Ties series

By Hayden


Copyright Shaina Edmondson

This is something I started while trying to get over my case of writer's block for Blood Ties. Sorry it's in two parts but to be able to give you guys something this weekend!!

Valentine's Day 1998

It was Valentine's Day evening and Charley was stuck home with the flu. She and Vinnie had planned to go out, but then yesterday she started feeling real bad. And this morning when she woke up she started throwing up, not to mention her temperature was WAY above normal! So now instead of being out with Vinnie have a good time, she was stuck in bed.

Charley was snuggled up on her bed with a pile of blankets over her. On her nightstand she had a box of tissues and a cup of hot tea. She was lying there feeling sorry from herself and crying over Ghost.
Why can't Vinnie be that romantic?

Charley sighed. She wondered what Vinnie was doing right now. Damn, this wasn't fair. She'd been lookin' forward to this night for awhile and now because this stupid flu she was stuck home! Why'd these things always go and happen to her?

This was also supposed to their anniversary celebration. A year ago today they'd started going out serious. Vinnie hadn't told her he loved her yet, but she had hoped tonight.
Oh what's the use of doing this what if game? I'm stuck her at home watching other girls getting swept of their feet! IT'S NOT FAIR!!!

Just as Charley was feeling about as sorry for herself as one could possible EVER getthe power went out.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Charley whined. "This isn't FAIR!!!" That was becoming her favorite phrase of the night.

Charley sighed to herself. She had nothing better to do so she decided to go to asleep. A few moments later she was dosing quietly. Charley's door opened as she slept and a figure crept in silently. Well, silently until he ran into her nightstand.

After several moments of containing a cry of pain, the figure got to work setting up he's little surprise. It worked to his advantage that Charley had fallen asleep. This way he could get everything read without her knowing a thing!! It was perfect.

Vinnie looked at the figure in the bed and smiled. She was beautiful even when sick. Vinnie chuckled inwardly; he would have never thought himself to be the kind who could find a sick girl pretty. But then he'd changed a lot since meeting Charley.

Vinnie wondered if Charley real thought he was gonna let her be alone tonight of all nights. He might not be able to take her someplace fancy, but he was going to romance her to her hearts content. Hey, she was always complaining he wasn't romantic. Tonight he'd show her just how romantic a Martian mouse could be.

Vinnie lit to candles and sat them down on her nightstand and her dresser. He sat down on the edge of the bed and admired her in the candlelight. He still couldn't believe she was his. Vinnie couldn't believe that he could be so lucky to have a girla woman like Charley love him. He also couldn't believe he's waited this long to give her those three little words.

Slowly he bent down to her; he stroked her cheek tenderly.
Guess I'm gonna have to wake her up Prince Charming style. He grinned. Vinnie slowly bent to her lips. He kissed her long and slow. By the time he broke the kiss Charley was wide a wake and smiling up at him.

"Hello there. " Charley whispered. She smiled. "Would you mind tell me what your doin in my bedroom?"

"Would you believe I came to admire the view, beautiful?" Vinnie asked.

His answer was a pillow in the face. Vinnie scowled at her. "Was that really necessary?"

"Yep," Charley quickly grabbed a tissue. "ACHOO!!"

Vinnie handed her another tissue. "You know you have the cutest sneezes, darling."

Charley blew her nose and coughed a little. She looked at Vinnie. "Great, I'm dying and you think I got a cute sneeze!"

"Well, you do." Vinnie told her. "And you're not dying!"

"Am to!" Charley said weakly.

"Are not!" Vinnie said back.







Charley sighed. "Okay so I'm not dying." She coughed again. "But I do feel like it."
Her energy spent she fell back against the pillows.

Vinnie smiled at her. "Now I know you're sick, sweetheart. You'd never let me win otherwise."

"Very funny. Now are you going to tell me what I owe this honor to?" Charley asked.

Vinnie chuckled. "That's a surprise, babe. Now close your eyes."

"Not again," Charley groaned. "Last time you did this"

"Just close `em, sweetheart." Vinnie ordered.

Charley heard movement in the background. "What are you doing?"

She heard Vinnie chuckle. "Keep your shirt on, Charley"

To be continued in part 2

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