HOME (Revised)


September 1, 1999

The time, the future, the date that doesn't matter, let's just say it's when peace was finally theirs. All the battles were fought; life was progressing as it should, families where together and love was found in many places.

What has become of everyone? Well the bros. were back home and trying to fit into some kind of life. Modo being a lover of children found solace in starting a shelter for the children left alone. One of many horrors of war is that even when the battle is over the scars are left on more than the landscape.

Vinnie, realizing that he and Charley were always going to be just friends, was able to leave earth and her to a life that would make her happy. He found that he was a mouse not ready to be tied down, not just yet. There were far to many ladies that hadn't the chance to bask in his masculine charm. So back on Mars he was still the baddest mama jama to ever set their tush on the seat of bike. Believe it or not Vinnie was quite intelligent so he started a custom cycle company and designed the latest and fastest cycles this side of the Milky Way.

Charley did find happiness in the arms of a young man, to be honest, not unlike Vinnie, well maybe just a little less ego. He was a handsome young man with just enough sparks in him to make their life together exciting.

With Limburger gone they put all their time in making the Last Chance into a very well known and successful garage, he being as crazy about machines as she was. Did she tell him everything about her adventure with her guys? On their 30th wedding anniversary, maybe.

That leaves us with the handsome unofficial leader of he Biker Mice, Throttle? He found it the hardest to find his hearts desire. Because of his natural leadership ability he was asked to take an office in the Martian government. Even though he would offer as much help as needed that was just a bit to confining. So he took a position as special advisor to both the military and peacekeeping forces.

He and Carbine tried to pick up where they left off too, much time had past so they parted as friends. That left him, feeling empty and alone a feeling that he had known too much of most of his adult life.


One of many settlements on Mars:

She got up every morning looking forward to being with the children. In fact, it's what kept her life going. They need her so badly and she needs them. She was grateful Modo had given her a chance considering her past. He had not only given her a job but she was thankful that he could keep her secret and it didn't bother him in the least. If only everyone could be so understanding her life would be so much better. Still she could not complain.

As she arrives at the shelter the children could be seen pouring out of the building to greet her. She parked the bike and they ran toward her almost knocking her down. All chiming in at once, she was barraged by ten or more little voices and what seemed like 1000 questions.

They were all chattering at the same time, all trying to get her attention and she loves it. They had all been through so much to be so young. Families killed, homes destroyed their lives all but shattered by the cruelty of the enemy. But in spite of it all they seemed to be thriving under the love and care of their new surroundings.

After giving the hugs and kisses Ember was able to walk inside of the building. A big airy place brightly colored with huge windows to let as much sunlight in as possible. As always there was the gentle giant with his arms filled with kids.

"Good morn Miss Ember ma'am"

" Morning Modo and will you please stop calling me ma'am. If you don't I'm going to start calling you Mr. Modo"

"Okay, okay you win, " he said laughing.

" The kids that are in rare form today, everybody needs everything."

Ember smiled "I'll be with you in just a minute. You know I have to"

Modo answered knowing what she was going to say.

"She is just the same, never says a word. She never smiles except when you talk to her. She is upstairs waiting for you.

Ember walks upstairs past the many bedrooms to one small dim little room. It has to be kept dark because the little one who stays there couldn't stand but the very smallest amount of light.

"Good morning Sweetie it's just me," she says in the quietest of voices.

Over in the corner sits small figures. From what they have been able to find out she seems to be about 6 or 7 years old. Long brown curls frame her little face and her big brown eyes always seem full of tears that she never shed. Her fur is also brown in color. The name Cocoa fit her so well.

"Cocoa, how are you feeling today? Did you sleep all right?"

The little girl let Ember come close, something not many could do. She picked the little one up in her arms and held her for a time. Cocoa rested her head on Ember's shoulder than slowly wrapped her little arms around Embers neck. Ember would go through this ritual every morning, she was the only who could feed her, wash her, or dress her.

When the war was over, they found many mice, child and adult, that had been horribly treated. They were in prison camps and caves all over Mars. Most had been able to recover but some like Cocoa might never be whole. Those were cared for, loved and hope was never lost.

Throttle had not seen Modo in a few months and was taking this time, there being short lull in his otherwise too busy life, to see his life long friend. After an hours ride he could see the big white house that was the salvation for many a homeless child.

As he pulled his bike up Ember caught his eye. A natural beauty, tall with an athletic build. Long white hair pulled back in a neat ponytail that contrasted nicely with her gray fur.

She was surrounded by kids and handling them quite well. As he walked up to the door she suddenly disappeared in the house. Modo interrupted his pursuit with hardy what's up bro. And almost breaking his ribs with a bear hug.

Throttle trying to catch his breath gasped. "Well I was fine, now I'm not so sure." He said with a chuckle.

After sharing the customary how are you and what is everyone doing Throttle wanted to know whom the shy young lady was.

Modo looked at him strangely for a minute then told him.

"She is one of the volunteers. She is great with the kids, but she is very shy and wants to stay away from people."

From the look on Modo's face Throttle saw he was very serious and backed off. They spent time together catching up on each other's lives, talking about old times and adventures. Before they knew it the day was gone and Throttle had to head back. They promised not to let so much time pass before seeing each other again hugged and Throttle left to head for home.

"You three have always been close?"

after the war. But Throttle is a very special guy and I worry about him sometimes. I would really like for you to get to know him, trust me it won't matter to him."

"Excuse me, but my Damon likes a little fire in his women thank you." And if you don't behave I just might not get the address", She winked knowing there was nothing he could ask that she wouldn't do.

"But for now my fine biker mouse do you realize that you have the army chief of staff waiting for you in conference room B. They sent me to see if the Plutarkian's transported you away or what."

"Oh man is that time already, Guess I do have it bad."

As Carbine grabbed him and pulled him by the arm she stated ever so sarcastically,

"Come on handsome let me escort you. I don't want you floating off again."

They both laughed and headed for the meeting.

Back at the settlement the following day:

Even though she loved the kids it was nice to have the day off. She had gone in to take care of Cocoa but the rest of the day belonged to her. Once she got back home there was a beautifully wrapped box waiting for her leaning against the door.

She eyed it suspiciously, and then picking it up she sat down on the porch and opened it to find an exquisite bouquet of Martian gem flowers. The blossom was small and clear like clusters of snowflakes. The fragrance was close to that of lilac but much softer. The long thin blue stems were as smooth as silk to the touch, inside was a card that read.

I would be honored if you would join me for dinner.
I will pick you up at twilight.

Ember didn't know what to do or think. She had watched the handsome mouse secretly the entire time he had visited. She felt something stir inside of her. Something that she had not felt or allowed herself to feel since the first time.

But she couldn't allow herself those feelings, it would just make things complicated, and for every reason she can up with to go she came up with 10 more why she shouldn't.


As she finished getting ready she kept saying to herself, "I must be crazy this isn't right, what am I doing?" Her thoughts where interrupted by the gentle knock on the door.

She took one last look in the mirror and went to answer it. With trembling hands she opened the door. She saw standing there the tall friend of Modo's with the beautiful smile. She smiled back.

He said softly,"I wasn't sure whether or not you would come. Modo told me how shy you were and wellI"

Throttle never one for being tongue-tied found himself overwhelmed by the site of Ember standing shyly in the doorway. She was dressed modestly in a white poet's shirt, black jeans and black boots. The outfit only helps accent her very nice figure.

"I wasn't all that sure I was going myself. Won't you come in?"

Throttle stepped into the small house that was very neatly arranged. Just enough room for one person to be comfortable. "I'll be just a minute."

Ember left the room but as soon as she was out of site she fell against the nearest wall to catch her breath. Part of her wanted to take off running but the other part couldn't stop wanting to be with him.

She took a deep breath, got her bag and walked back to Throttle ready for what ever happens or so she thought.

Part IV

The evening was starting off well. When she first sat on the back of his bike she felt a little unsure, only holding him enough not to be bounced off.
After a while she began to relax and held him full around his waist. Leaning her head comfortably on his back she could feel him breathing and the scent of his cologne was intoxicating. Throttle was also enjoying the experience, having a beautiful lady wrap her arms around him was something he sorely missed.
Knowing her discomfort with crowds he chose a quiet place on the outskirts of the city. A café called the Soft Note. It was small charming with great food and music. They walked in and she was delighted with the gentle atmosphere. They chose a table in the corner and found themselves talking and really enjoying each other's company.
After dinner they just sat enjoying the music, it sound much like the jazz that Throttle had come to appreciate while on earth. Their table had a lighting fixture mounted in the center which emitted a soft warm light and he could see deep into her cool blue eyes. He'd never seen eyes quite that color blue before, sort of an ice blue but still warm and gentle. Funny thing was she never mentioned the shades he was forced to wear. She just stared at his face like she could see right through them. Like she had seen them a hundred times before. But with that, I could drown in your smile, starry gaze. Looking back he could never remember seeing that look in Cabine's eyes.
Well as with all good things the evening was coming to an end. They left the café and headed for her place. Throttle planned on taking the longer scenic route. Ember realized it and smiled, not wanting for the evening to end either. She leaned against his warm frame but this time she embraced him with a tender fondness.
They stopped at a high spot that over looked the Martian desert. You could see not only the lights of the city but also the stars that filled the perfect Martian night sky. Throttle took a portable CD player out of the compartment in the rear of his bike. He had chosen a favorite song he'd loved while on earth. Always being sure to keep it a secret from his bros.
The music was lilting and tranquil. The words spoke of hope, love, and new beginnings. Of treasured moments and forever promises. All the things his heart longed for. As the air was filled with the sweet melody he sat close to her and almost timidly put his arm around her shoulders. Was he moving too fast? He prayed he wasn't. She didn't pull away.
Surprisingly she turned her face to his and delicately guided him into a faultless kiss that took them to the realms of Shangri-La and beyond. Suddenly an odd buzzing came from the watch she was wearing. It broke the spell and Ember the embrace; she looked as if her whole world had just collapsed.
"Please Throttle take me home! Please take me home now!" He could see her eyes where filled with tears.

"Ember what is it? I thought you.. I am sorry I"

"It's not you it's me. This was wrong I had no right toPlease don't ask me any questions just get me home."

As they sped back Throttle could feel her shaking behind him. She jumped off the bike and ran into the house slamming the door. The device getting louder and louder.

He ran to the door and begged her to tell him what was wrong. He could hear her crying on the other side.
"Throttle I can't explain I knew this was a mistake. Please I can't see you again. Just leave me alone."
He walked back to his bike and sat there confused. What had just happen?
Ember sliding down the door wipes her tears. She sits for a second takes a deep breath, gets up and walks into the bedroom. She knew what she had to do. As her hand touches the device on her wrist the sound stops. The familiar light fills the room. She can feel her body tingling not really hurting. After a few seconds it was over. As she stood there with her head in her hands she thought.
"After all you have been through you'd think you were all cried out. I guess there is never a shortage on tears."

The Next Morning:

Throttle left home early. He had to find out if Ember was all right. He headed for the shelter for some answers. Modo knew something and he was determined to find out what.
Modo had just finished speaking with Ember on the vidcom when Throttle came barreling to the front door.
"Just calm down bro. I've just talked to Ember, she told me what happened."
" So will you please tell me?"
Modo looked at his friend accusingly. Throttle gave a weak attempt to defend himself.
"Okay, I know you told me to leave her alone. But I just couldn't get her out of my head and being with her last night . for the first time in years I felt alive. There was something so special about her."
"I understand that Bro but Ember has her reasons, reasons she wants to keep private. Trust me it's nothing you did."

Modo put his hand on the shoulder of his friend knowing what loneness can do to a person. How it has tormented the soul of his almost desperate comrade.
"Believe me it's what she thinks she has to do and we have to respect it."
Throttle signed in frustration and reluctantly agreed.
"Come on you think you got problem let me show you something."
They walked up the stairs toward the bedrooms. As they got closer the sound of a battle raging could be heard. There in Cocoa's room two volunteers were struggling trying to calm the little girl from not only hurting them but her as well.
They were trying to be extremely gentle but Cocoa was out of control. Kicking, hitting, and biting doing anything to keep from being touched. In Ember's rare absence they were only trying to help. Modo ran into the room and asked the ladies to leave. They gratefully complied.
" Don't worry little darlin nobody is going to do anything that you don't want."
Cocoa retreat to a dark corner wrapping her fragile arms around her legs so tight that her nails dug deeply into her fur.
"What happen to her?" Throttle asked as they slowly backed out of the room. Modo told him as much as he could but his mind was on getting hold of Ember. She was the only one who could deal with the little girl now. Throttle shook with rage.
"Those filthy deranged, slim sucking monsters. We should have exterminated them to make them pay for things like this, every slim faced one of them."
Modo started to say something but thought better of it. Instead he got in touch with Ember; she was on her way as fast as possible. She arrived 20 minutes later and headed right up to the child's room trying to not noticing Throttle standing in the doorway.
She walked quietly over humming a sweet slow tune. Moving cautiously toward the corner where Cocoa was till sitting in her tight ball on the floor. Her voice seemed to relax the rigid shaken little body. Her movements were gentle but confident. Like a dance that had been rehearsed many times. Slowly, ever so slowly she embraced the little girl into her cradling arms.
Throttle had never seen a more beautiful site, then that of the tender care she had given the child. He watched as Ember's mothering care was able to bring the little one back from the place of darkness she has fallen into. He didn't know how it could happen so fast but she had embraced his heart just as completely. He watched for a second more than left them alone.
After sometime Ember came back downstairs.
"She should be okay for a while she's sleeping now. Modo I'm going to head back home for a bit."
She could see Throttle watching her. But if she didn't look at him her heart might stop beating so fast. The feelings that had forced their way to her heart would leave her in peace.
As she began to leave he touched her arm. That touch seems to go from her arm to every part of her being. It made her turn and look into his imploring face.
"Please let me see you home. I have to talk to you, Please."
She looked back at Modo and he gave her a slight nod of approval. They left riding silently back to her place. As they arrived they both headed toward the door. She stopped turned and looked at Throttle. She spoke in a little more than a whisper.
"Modo said I have to start trusting other people. He said you would understand, and I hope he's right because again you have found a way into my heart and I can't seem to push you out."
Throttle gave her puzzled look, "Again but we just."
She stepped a bit closer to him. Putting her fingers to his lips stopping him for saying anything before she could explain.

"Before you do anything or say anything I have something to show you. If after, you are still here then we will talk."
She opened the door and motioned he follow her into the bedroom. It was small and dark there being no windows. She walked away from him, watching his face as tears flowed down her. She raised her hand to the device on her wrist, touched it a low buzzing started. A light emitted from the devise then enveloped Ember. Throttle raised his arm to shield his eyes.
After a few seconds where the Martian Ember once stood was now another being. She had sea blue skin, snow-white hair that flowed to her waist and softly surrounded her face. Her cool blue eyes the color of ice focused on him.
He was astonished and couldn't utter a word. She broke the silence.
"Yes I am a plutarkinan. On my planet they consider ones like me cursed too ugly to be worth much."

Ember began to unravel the many threads of the tortured tapestry that was her life. Hoping that the beauty she saw in his face extended to his heart as well.
"My parents tried to hide me and for a few years they were able too. They were found out and killed, I was sold as a slave. I had many masters some not as cruel as others. Finally I was given to Lord Stilton for his amusement. He made me an assistant to Karbunkle. I saw what he was doing to the captured mice and at first I closed my eyes to it. All I wanted to do is survive after all it wasn't my war. I saw victims lying helpless as that maniac butcher on them, one face especially."
Looking up she made a slight motion as if she were going to reach for him but stopped herself.
"I was there when they took Modo's arm and your eyes. I refused to continue to have any part of it; No matter what they threaten or did."
Her voice brightened just a little.
"Your face did stayed with me, what do they say love at first sight. I never imagined I'd ever see you again. But just the feeling of seeing you in my mind gave me the strength to survive one more day. After a while they would put me in charge of the captured children. I did what I could to help them, get them extra food or what ever I could do. That's where I first met Cocoa she was little more than a baby, she was like my own. I tried so hard to stop that maniac from hurting her. I should have been able too."
Anguish now filled her voice. She closed her eyes refocused then continued.
"In time the freedom fighters heard about us and freed us. When the war was over my rescuers were very kind. They knew I couldn't go back to my own planet only death waited for me there and knowing most of your people won't except me they designed this device for me. I was given a new identity and after a little time, training and with Modo's kindness I was able to work with the children. I could be close to Cocoa she needed me so much. The transformation can only be held for 12 hours, last night I lost track of time and well you know the rest."
Not knowing what to say or even how he felt Throttle continued silent, staring at her. Ember's world was world falling into a sorrow few could comprehend.
"I understand. You don't have to say anything. I just thought that maybe this one timebut I guess I was wrong. I only ask one thing, that you please keep my secret. IjustI wanted.
She was devastated, snatching the device off her wrist throwing it to the floor she ran out of the room. Her mind screaming how foolish she was to hope, to dream that he was different. She had to get away from him from everything. She climbed on her bike and road off not even knowing or caring where.
Throttle didn't stop her, whether it was shock or what he didn't know. Then he saw the discarded device on the floor and realized what it would mean for her if the wrong people saw her. This was the sweetest gentlest creature he had ever known and Plutarkian or no he realized how much he really loved her, need her. He cursed himself as he ran after her.
Her bike flew down the road she barely able to see because of the tears in her eyes but she didn't care any more. Life was just too hard and Just then a large crowd spotted her. All having lost someone in the Plutarkian conquest, seeing what they thought was one of their hated enemies gave chase.
She turned and rode for her life back to the one place where she could find safety. As she came up to the building Modo came running out ushering the children inside. Ember flew off the bike and ran into his arms crying hysterically. He could see the crowd following her. The hate was strong on their faces. As he pushed Ember into the safety of the house he faced the crowd.
Modo couldn't imagine why she had exposed herself to the crowd, where Throttle was or what had happened between them. All he could do now was protect her. That he would do at all cost. Standing between her and the crowd of angry Martians he attempted to gain control of the situation.
"Is there a problem folks?" His voice focused and controlled.
The crowd wanting their prey yelled back.
Modo's eye flashed red but still trying to keep as calm as he could said in a low steady voice.

The crowd moving closer to the door. Modo not taking his eye off them issues his last warning.
"I wouldn't if I were you bros. Don't make me do what I will if I have too."
He raised his arm canon praying that it wouldn't come to the point where he would have to use it. At that moment Throttle rode up and broke through the crowd, taking a place next to his friend; he would do what ever he had to protect her. He tried pleading for her life.
"You are making a big mistake, she isn't the enemy. She's been tortured and imprisoned just like many of you. She's the one who took care of the children most of them would have died if it weren't for her".
But the crowd wasn't in the mood to be reasoned with all they wanted was revenge.
All of a sudden there was the sound of a child's scream, it was just enough of a distraction to catch both of them off guard and that was all the mob needed it pushed pass them to destroy the object of their hatred. Following the sound of the child's cry they broke down the door to Cocoa's room. They found that there on the floor was the blue creature they hated so much holding the small child in her arm rocking her slowly. Ember tried to reassure the little one that the large mob was not there to hurt her.
It's a funny thing about hate it makes the mind see only what it wants to, the truth rarely being the case.
Ember looked down into the child's face knowing her time was limited, "I love you baby," her tears falling in Cocoa's hair.
Then a sound filled the air that made every one stop. Ember could feel the pain rip through her. Her last thought was to protect the innocent she held in her arms
All Throttle could hear was the deadly silence. In a panic he got to his feet and struggled through the crowd dreading what he might find. He got to the bedroom door frozen looking at what finally stopped the mob's blood lust. Ember lay still, her limb figure still protecting the precious life of her Cocoa.
Modo followed looking at all the damage that done to his home. His heart ached when he saw what was left as a result of blind hate. Turning to the mob, so filled with anger he didn't care who had to pay he raised his weapon and aimed at his once comrades. No one made a move seeing the look on Modo's face. There was only dead silence for what seemed like an eternity
Throttle walked over to Ember, tears almost blinding him. He lifted Cocoa out of her arms and held the child close to him. You could hear the sound of her soft desperate cry. Cocoa cried for the first time in her very short and shattered life. All the pain and terror finally found their way out but at such a horrible cost. Throttle's voice at that moment could have chilled the sun as he chastised those who had just destroyed his world. He turned to the mob letting them fully see what their hate and ignorance had done.

"You explain to her what just happened. Tell her why the person who kept her alive, who loved more than life, is lying over there on the floor. Explain whywhy,"
Modo hearing the anguish in his friend's voice lowered his weapon saying to no one and everyone.

"It's gotta stop. Are we becoming as bad as the thing we tried so hard to free ourselves from. Because we have been through so much, do we have the right to inflict the same kind of pain on whom we think are our enemies? Then what was it all for? You are all going to have to answer to your own conscience."
The mob realizing the dreadful wrong they had done silently left with Modo's words to haunt them.
Modo turned to his shattered bro and took the crying child from him. Cocoa, somehow knowing the sacrifice that was made for her, accepted Modo's comfort. She wrapped tiny arms around his immense neck and they walked out of the room.
Throttle walked over to the beautiful being and preciously held her in his arms, she still had a flicker of life in her. She weakly but tenderly touched his face. Her hand shook a little but he clutched it to his face.

Her voice a mear hush.
"Loving you was the one of the precious few good things I've had in this miserable life of mine. I know I had no right to hope that you"
This time he put his fingers to her lips. He let his tears flow unashamed as he slowly lifted her face to his and kissed her.
"I love you more than anyone should be able to love." He whispered.
She smiled serenely, than resting her head on his chest; she took one last breath and closed her eyes.
He sat and held her knowing she had finally found her way home and in a way so had he.

The End