Hidden Past

By Blaze

July 16, 1998

Copyright 1998 by Blaze

Disclaimer: I do not own the Biker Mice from Mars and using them without permission. Brakes and Skyliner are my creation and can be used with permission.

Vinnie knocked on Throttle's door. No answer. He had to ask a question. It was about Charley. Throttle had a way with women. Well not really. Throttle was shy but he knew how to treat a lady. Throttle was always honest. Vinnie knocked again. When there was no answer Vinnie decided to go in. Throttle had the tendency to be lost in thought and wouldn't here anything or anybody.

Vinnie went in. He didn't see Throttle. He turned to go when he saw something on Throttle's desk. A journal. Vinnie didn't know Throttle kept a journal. Curiosity got the better of him. He had to know what Throttle said about him. He came and started to read. What it said shocked him.

Dear Journal

Ever since coming to Earth my life has changed. I feel so complete. Charley girl knows how much I like to think so she got me this journal. Where to start. I have no idea. Keeping thoughts on paper is hard. Hmmm... Let me think. My bro's. Well eventually I'll get to them. AH! I know where to start. My past. My troubled past. *sighs*. If someone found out then I'm how can you say it, screwed. But it bothers me

Vinnie stopped reading. He was surprised. -Throttle has a trouble past. If someone found out he's screwed. It can't be all that bad can it? If my bro is in some kind of trouble he'll tell us. Wouldn't he. Vinnie started to read again.

It didn't bother me then. It was the right thing to do. So I thought at the time. But now it's wrong. I can't live with myself anymore. Not with this on my soul. So I'm trusting my journal to keep it in its pages. Well here goes.

Everything is a lie. Confused. Don't worry journal I'm getting there. Like I said Everything is a like. From the moment I joined the freedom fighters to this very day has been a lie. I'm Throttle that is true. But I'm living a lie and it bothers me. If I told the truth no one would believe me. *sighs* Where shall I begin? How about my age? If Stoker knew the truth he'll pull me so fast that I'll see starts. Well I'm not 22 as everyone would like to believe. Vinnie is 21, Modo is 24, and Charley girl is 24. Well I don't look my age that's because I put on the pounds, act tough, and I'm naturally tall for my age. Let's just say I haven't graduated high school. I should be a senior. My real age is 17. I'm only seventeen years old.

Vinnie stopped reading. He couldn't believe it. No way! Throttle can't be 17! He doesn't act like it. He doesn't look like it!_ Vinnie stared at the journal. He wouldn't lie on paper. This wasn't a story. He knew Throttle don't drink and smoke. He never did smoke. Disgusting habit. Now he knows why. Throttle was under age. But Vinnie needed proof. Then it hit him. Throttle's bike. His bike knows its rider. Vinnie took the journal. Vinnie knew Stoker was on earth. Throttle and Charley went to get a part for Throttle's bike. Throttle was too young to be in the freedom fighters. Eighteen was the age. Stoker made sure of that. Vinnie didn't know what to do. Throttle was his bro. He was torn between his bro and doing the right thing. He knew Throttle could fight but if he got hurt and now that Vinnie knew the truth he couldn't forgive himself.-Throttle must have ran away to help during the war. That did it. Vinnie thought that Throttle's parents must be very worried. He was going to do the right thing.

Vinnie left Throttle's room and went to Throttle's bike. He had to find out what Throttle said in his journal was true.