Disclaimer: I don't own the Biker Mice and am making no profit from them. Redspot is owned by me, Rogue is being used with her permission. The Ganglands Elf King and his assistants are being used with his permission. I wrote this for the enjoyment of others and my demented little mind. *grins*

A Helping Hand in a Strange Land

By Redspot with Rogue and Ganglands Elf King

April 6, 1998

Copywrited 1998 Redspot, all rights reserved

In Apokrypha, the Ganglands Elf King was engaged in a battle of chess with his assistant, Marty. The day had started out beautiful but by that afternoon the clouds were coming in and the storm could be seen on the horizon.

"Checkmate!" The Elf King said, triumphantly.

"Yes, m'lord," Marty said.

"That makes it two out o' three far me," the Elf King said, leaning back into his bean bag chair. Marty was about to say somehting when the King raised his hand an a glazed look came to his eyes. He felt a disturbance on the border of his Kingdom.

"Marty, ready me chargar, Bronwyn," he told Marty. "Somethin's happening on the Northwest bardar."

"What kind, m'lord?" Marty asked him, standing up.

"I donna know but I feel I should investigate," he said. He stood up, adjusted Serpentarius, his sword, while Marty ran to ready Bronwyn.


As he topped the rise, he saw a fight going on. He saw fish-like aliens firing on two other aliens. One looked like a giant female mouse. She had cream colored fur with brown hair. The other was a human who had red hair with a streak of white through it. They were fighting the fish aliens but he could tell that they were getting exhausted. The human had her left arm in a sling. They both were shooting.

He came riding up behind the females and called out to the aliens, "Hold! Ye are trespassin' into the Kingdom of Apokrypha. What be yar intentions?"

The fighting stopped when he called out.


"Oh no," the cream colored mouse said with dispair. She was trying to keep an eye on both parties to protect her friend.

"Don't worry," the human said, using her empathic abilities. "He's here to help." She leaned against the rock they were hiding behind, holding her left arm.

"I hope you're right," she told her, "because I don't have too much energy left."


One of the fish aliens stepped forward. "Excuse us, we don't mean to trespass but these two are escaped prisoners. They are wanted criminals where we come from."

"What be thar crimes?" The Elf King asked.

The alien paused. "We are not at liberty to say," the alien told him.

"That's because there aren't any!" the cream mouse shouted.

The Elf King considered this then said, "I am obliged, then, te assist 'em." He brought his hands up and began chanting. A golden glow enveloped him the the ground began to shake. The ground split beneath the fish aliens, swollowed them then closed back up. The two females watched in amazement. The glow faded and he dismounted. He walked towards them with his hands outstretched and empty.

The human female slowly came down. She held out her right hand and said, smiling, "Ah thank you for helping us. Mah name is Rogue." Her empathic sense sharpened as their hands touched and she knew, without a doubt, that he could be trusted.

"An honar to meet ye, Lady Rogue," he said then bowed. "I am known as the Ganglands' Elf King."

Rogue bowed to him then looked over her shoulder at the female mouse. "It is all right," she said, "he can be trusted."

The female mouse looked at him warily then came over. "Thank you," she said. "My name is Redspot but my friends call me 'Red'." She held out her hand and they shook.

"Might I also haf that honar?" He asked, bowing to her.

Red looked at Rogue, who nodded, and said, "If Rogue trusts you, then so shall I. Yes." She bowed to him. When she stood back up, she heard a noise behind them. She turned and staggered into the Elf King as something hit her shoulder. A three-clawed clamp had attached itself onto her. She screamed in pain as the clamp bit deeply then slumped, unconscious, as her energy was drained completely.

"Lady Red!" The Elf King said as he caught her.

"Red!" Rogue cried. She quickly turned to where it came from and shot the fish alien in the head.

""What happened?" The Elf King said. He gently laid Redspot on the ground.

"This thin'," Rogue said, kneeling next to Redspot, "drains her of energy too fast for her to compensate."

"Drains har?" He asked, down on one knee. "What de ye mean?"

Rogue had pulled the wire that was attached to the claw. "Red is able to absorb and channel electricity. This device," she showed him the wire, "is connected to a battery. When it is attached to anythin' electric it drains it of energy."

"They must haf had ye flanked befar I arrived then," he said.

She nodded. "Yes, they were tryin' to wear us down. Is your home near?" She asked him.

"Aiy, it's just a few miles away," he told her.

"Can your horse carry all three of us?"

"Not far very long but tisn't far," he told her. He gently picked up Redspot and they walked towards Bronwyn, who was eating grass near them.

The adreniline rush that she had been having was wearing off and she staggered as they reached Bronwyn.

"Lady Rogue," the Elf King asked, "will ye be able to stay up?"

"Ah hope so," she said tiredly.

He called to Bronwyn and she walked over to them. "Stand," he told the horse.

There was a rock near the horse so Rogue used that to help her. She grabbed the saddle and carefully mounted. Her face was a mask of pain and she was holding her left arm.

"Lady Rogue?" He asked, concerned.

"Ah'll be fine," she said through clenched teeth.

He placed Redspot in front of her then climbed up behind them. She held onto Redspot as they started for the Elf King's home.

As they rode toward the castle, he asked Rogue, "What happened te yar arm?"

"Ah tripped and fell down that hill while we were runnin' away from those Plutarkians."

"Those creatures that war shootin' at ye?"

"Yeah, we had just escaped from them when we landed on this planet," she told him. "After Red had splinted my arm they found us and it was too late to run."

"How did ye come hare?"

"Ah...Ah don't know," she said. "We thought it was Earth but as we flew over everythin' looked differen'." She stopped talking as her arm began to throb.

She began to breathe heavily and he said, with concern in his voice, "We'll be thar shartly."


The bridge swung out as they arrived. They rode into the courtyard and Marty was there, waiting for them. The Elf King climbed down carefully and called a couple of his elven guards.

"Alright, Lady Rogue, hand har down to me," the Elf King said.

Rogue slowly leand Redspot into his arms. He caught her then handed her to one of the guards. "Take har te a room and put two beds in it. Have Sadeera take a look at har. I'll be thar in a minute," he told Marty. He and the guard headed into the castle.

-Gods, Ah'm tired- Rogue thought as she sat there with her head hanging down.

"Lady Rogue?" The Elf King held his hand out to her. She began to dismount but jarred her left arm and blacked out. He caught her as she fell and said to the other guard, "Take Bronwyn te the stables and haf the stableboy clean her up."

"Yes, m'lord," the guard said and took Bronwyn away.

He took Rogue into the castle and found the room where Redspot was. Marty was there along with a female elf. They had Redspot sitting up with Marty holding her. The female elf was cleaning the wound where the claw had been. He layed Rogue on the other bed and came over to them.

"How is she?" He asked them.

"She should be fine in a few days, m'lord," the female elf said. She was wrapping a bandage around Redspot's shoulder.

"Thank ye, SaDeera," he said.

"M'lord, you may want to see this," Marty said, then lifted the back of Redspot's shirt.

He swore when he saw the scars on her back. "She can't be mar than twenty yars old!"

"Yes, m'lord," Marty said, "These are no more than five years old."

The Elf King shook his head sadfully. SaDeera was finished so they layed Redspot on the bed and covered her with a blanket. SaDeera then went over to Rogue and looked at her arm. She undid the sling and saw the splint.

"M'lord, her arm is broken and the splint needs to be redone," she told him.

Marty came over and helped her again. He held Rogue's arm while SaDeera undid the splint and put the bone back into place. She brought out a set of wood slats, woven together, and wrapped them around Rogue's arm.

"This should work on her as well," she told him. "The Pixie said it would work on any creature."

"Good," he said nodding. "It had warked on me quite a few times." He chuckled.

She finished wrapping it up and put it back into the sling. She stood up and asked, "Is there anything else, m'lord?"

"Not tenight, SaDeera," he said. "But I would like ye to help them while they stay."

"Yes, m'lord," she said and bowed. She gathered up the bandages and left.

The Elf King took a seat beside the bed on a wooden stool. He looked at the two females. They weren't from Apokrypha, that was certain. The one named Rogue had said something about Earth. He had nearly put the place out of his mind all together. It was on the other side of The Wall, for one. For another, he had too many bad memories stored up in that place.

He looked at the female that looked like a sort of mouse-humaniod. She surely wasn't from Earth. -But if not there, then where?- He asked himself this and many other questions as he drifted deep into thought.

He must have sat by the bedside for quite some time, because he finally stirred from his foggy thinking when Rogue suddenly shot up to a sitting position. Her flowing red and white hair a damp mess of tangles from her earlier fight. Sweat beads rolled down her forehead as she looked about frantically, the fear mounting in her widened, green eyes. Then, she set her eyes upon the Elf King, and her memory seem to return.

"Lass?" he asked gently.

Rogue stared at him, her breathing slowed, and her shoulder relaxed a bit. "Oh..." she sighed. "It wasn't a dream..." She sounded so disappointed that the Elf King almost wanted to tell her that is was indeed a dream.

"Are ye alright, lass?" the King asked her. "Ye war certainly dreamin'."

"But Ah'm alway dreamin'." Rogue had a glassy look in her eyes. "Even when Ah'm awake..."

"Yar tired, lass. Ye need yar sleep. I'll leave." The King started to get up to his feet.

"No, Your Majesty, you don't have to go." Rogue lifted her arm in weak protest. The she noted her injured arm had been replintered.

"Nay, lass," he smiled kindly at her from the door. "I haf some duties te see te, anyhow. Get some rest. If ye get hungray, the dinin' hall is just down the carridar an' te the left. My sarvants will attend te ye."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, but Ah don' think Ah could eat a thin'," Rogue meant it, even though she knew she was starving.

"Suit yarself, lass. I'll haf SaDeera check on ye and yar friend later." Rogue looked sadly down at Redspot --who was still deep in slumber-- for a flash of a moment. "Good eve, m'lady." The King bowed deeply and left the room. He had closed the thick, wooden door that reminded her of a dungeon door behind him. She'd actually prefered he'd have left it open, but she wasn't about to get out of that warm bed for the world.

Whatever world it was they were on...